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When I was a kid, I thought it was fun to be able...

When I was a kid, I thought it was fun to be able to move my eyebrows separately because of my brow muscles. Then in my late 20's, the "11's" appeared. Not so fun.

I'm talking about the wrinkles in between your brows you make when you get mad - and botox is awesome to eliminate them. My first time after botox, I waited impatiently for 3 days for it to take effect but when it did I could not stop admiring the incredibly smooth plane of my forehead-and I was hooked! In fact, I can't find any good pre-botox pics. It made more of a difference than I thought it would! I just do little amounts and also some in my upper forehead, it is minimal pain. Just a few quick pricks then some temporary swelling. It could be my imagination but I think I feel more tired than usual on the day I get injected. I work out a lot so I guess I process it faster than normal. I find that I need touch ups about every 2 months.

Hi Scottsdale, 

The Botox looks great and you are very pretty, I'm glad it worked out so well. You probably are more tired on days you have had Botox. A number of community members mention the same thing. I know you had a positive experience which is awesome, but here is some info in our forum "Flu like Symptoms after Botox" where they mention being tired after. 

Thanks so much! 

Hi Britt,

I noticed the tiredness more when I first started getting the Botox. I have probably gotten used to it because the tiredness is slight now and plus I get it in such small increments at a time (anywhere from 10-20 units). Either way, it's way worth it and would never deter me from getting it. The swelling is minimal now that I go to a facial plastic surgeon and I get very accurately placed and precise shots. You can tell when you get a not-so-accurate injection-with previous injectors, I would sometimes leave the office with HUGE swollen knots on my forehead!!

Oh wow, I can't believe you were brave enough to keep getting Botox after the huge swollen knots! I think I would have gotten scared off from it.

You mentioned in your review that you think you process it faster due to working out. I work out also, and had no idea that affected how long the Botox would last. 


After I had my wisdom teeth pulled in 2010, I had...

After I had my wisdom teeth pulled in 2010, I had noticed that my jaws looked so squared and bulky afterwards. I had heard about botox helping with this bulkiness by preventing the "clenching" action. When I asked Dr. Holden about it, he said he has seen it greatly improve this issue with continuous treatment. He carefully injected 15 units into each side. This is an area I would only recommend a facial specialist do since you have to hit certain jaw muscles. He did it in the perfect spot as always and I love the results! The first week they bulked out awkwardly because of the muscle being so thick, the botox starts working differently then on the rest of your face. I wasn't sure that it would help that much but I notice a huge difference, it totally worked!

Thanks for posting the pictures, I can definitely see the difference you are talking about. Has it felt any different when you chew or drink?

No, not at all! You would think that it would but my doctor carefully targeted just the muscles that bulge out a little bit by feeling the corners of my jaw when I made a clenching action so the appropriate muscles were injected so chewing wasn't affected. The only thing I noticed was my jaw jutting out awkwardly for a few days while the botox was kicking in. As another positive effect of the botox, I have noticed that I clench and grind my teeth less during the day so I would assume that it has also helped my night grinding (that is starting to really wear down my enamel).

That's a great side effect! I'm a night time teeth grinder too, so I hear you about how much it can wear down the enamel.


So a few days after the botox started working in...

So a few days after the botox started working in my jaw muscles, I noticed one side was protruding a bit more than the other when I bit down and was still able to clench slightly so I had 10 more units and it was just the right amount. Not sure how long it will last in comparison to my forehead but will let you know when I figure that out!
I think it has nearly eliminated it, too bad I didn't know about it sooner though, I have areas on my teeth where you can see the results of the grinding! -I hear there is a topical botox cream in the works but don't think the results are nearly as strong.

Glad you were able to get the touch-up you need so things would look/feel symmetrical. Will be interested to hear how it affects your teeth grinding!!


I noticed the last few days when I woke up, I was...

I noticed the last few days when I woke up, I was clenching my jaw enough to feel some strain, guess it's time for a touch up! I figured the jaw muscles would need more bc they are bigger anyways-surprised it lasted this long...about 2 months (including the touch up shortly after initial injections though).
do you think the jaw botox was worth it?? did it make your face look slimmer?
It really was! by keeping me from my habitual grinding day and night, the muscles appear less bulky from less use.  I notice a HUGE difference in my before and after pics that I take now.  Also it is obviously better for my teeth plus I don't wake up with the tension on my temples from feeling like I was chewing gum the entire time I was sleeping lol.   It hardly even hurts either!
Hi there, I am wondering if you are still getting these injections and if so could you recommend someone in the area? Thanks!
Phoenix Facial Plastic Surgeon

Was going to a nurse practioner which was alright but then I met Dr. Holden. His specialized and very extensive knowledge of the facial muscles proved to give me much more precise and accurate injections. Never have any unwanted muscle movements after he injects me (which I have had happen to me in the past). Besides that, he is just a great and caring doctor. With him, your face is in excellent hands!

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