3 Weeks PO *New Pics Added- Scottsdale, AZ

I am scheduled for a Tummy Tuck, Liposuction of...

I am scheduled for a Tummy Tuck, Liposuction of the flanks, outer and inner thighs, and Breast augmentation & lift on June 21, 2012. Although I am nervous, I feel like I am ready to take this on!

I am a Mom of two, a seven year old daughter and a six year old son. My weight has flucuated quite a bit in the past 2 years. In July of 2010 I competed in a figure competiton and reached my goal weight of 125. At that time, my breasts were severely deflated and I had so much loose skin on my lower abdomen. Luckily my posing suit covered the majority of it but not all. Since my competition, I have gained 30 pounds and I have been in a major slump in regards to my body. I am ready to turn it around once and for all and gain back the confidence I've lost!

We had our pre-op consult yesterday, I received my prescriptions and instructions for surgery day and I'm ready to go! I am very fortunate to have my wonderful husband and family close by to help out with the kids on surgery day and the weeks following. This site has been very helpful. I love reading about everyone's experiences. As soon as we take some before photos here at home, I will post them!

Ok, less than 2 weeks until my surgery! Can...

Ok, less than 2 weeks until my surgery! Can someone help me out with the "must haves" for recovery? I want to buy a toilet seat riser and we will be borrowing a recliner from my in-laws so I have something to sleep upright on. Is a walker really helpful? What kind of clothes do you wear at home? A robe? Thanks in advance for any advice!

I added some before pics. Man, after seing them I...

I added some before pics. Man, after seing them I am SO READY to get this done.

Surgery went well. Didn't wake up in too much...

Surgery went well. Didn't wake up in too much pain, just soreness and pressure. Soon after I was moved to my room my tummy started to hurt pretty bad. I gave it a 9 out 10. The nurse was alternating pain meds which at least helped me sleep. First time walking was beyond excruciating. They pulled urinary catheter 2 hours ago so I'm sure I will need to walk again soon :( would rather stay in bed. I haven't looked at my breasts or tummy yet. Breasts aren't too painful, mainly lots of pressure and tightness. Ab muscles SO sore.

PO Day 2- the night went ok last night....

PO Day 2- the night went ok last night. Alternating the Percocet and Valium. My husband has been wonderful...bringing me fresh water, food and all my meds when needed. He is also emptying my drains. All I need to do is sit, sleep and walk about every two hours. I have been urinating in a cup standing up. So much easier than lowering myself onto a toilet.I still haven't sneaked a peek yet myself. I do get to shower Sunday or Monday which was surprising. I figured I would have to wait longer. I'm still def in the most pain while walking around hunchbacked. Happy healing everyone!

PO Day 3 went a bit better. I'm mostly hanging out...

PO Day 3 went a bit better. I'm mostly hanging out in my recliner, sleeping & eating small amounts. Thankful I have not had any nausea. Today I was able to get out of the recliner myself, walk to the bathroom to urinate and brushy teeth and hair all by myself. I'm still walking slowly and hunched over but I'm doing it! The majority my pain is still from the TT. I was allowed to shower this eve so had to remove all my garments. I think I'm happy with my results but it's hard to see past swelling, stitches and bruising! I'm making it through, one hour at a time!

PO Day 4: I slept great last night, only waking...

PO Day 4: I slept great last night, only waking once at 1:30 and had a dose of meds & urinated. I've been taking Colace but still no BM, hopefully today that will happen. My breasts are hardly painful at all and the pain from my TT has gone down significantly too. Overall, it's starting out to be a good day :) I may even do some reading!

PO Day 5: my night didn't go as well last night....

PO Day 5: my night didn't go as well last night. One of my drains is pinching me pretty bad, making even sitting in my recliner uncomfortable. I'm also trying to cut back on the meds. Still occasionally taking a Valium and trying to stick to one Percocet every 6-8 hours. My goal today is to have a BM. I think I will feel better after that happens. My chest really doesn't hurt at all, just a little tight. My drains will probably come out on Sat. Really looking forward to that. So far I'm happy with my results despite the swelling and frankensteiny scars. Happy healing everyone!

Well I had my first BM today, so happy about that...

Well I had my first BM today, so happy about that and I had another shower and my Mom washed my hair. Feeling good right now. My stitches are getting a bit itchy but I can live with that!

PO Day 6- ok so last night that same drain was...

PO Day 6- ok so last night that same drain was pinching me again so badly. I think when I'm laying still for a long time it's trying to come out and a stitch is digging into me. It makes my nights very uncomfortable. It doesn't bother me during the day. Drains hopefully come out Sat. They really aren't draining much anymore. I'm hoping today is a good one. I'm starving now, just waiting for my breakfast. I have cooked my husband's breakfast for him every day pretty much for the past 10 years so having him cook for me now is nice :)

I will add an after pic soon! Just took one tonight.

I will add an after pic soon! Just took one tonight.

I am having my drains removed on Sat! I can not...

I am having my drains removed on Sat! I can not wait! I've been walking around more but in small amounts. It still hurts my lower back. Not much new to report. I've switched to just Advil for pain relief but it's not quite cutting it. I guess I need to grin and bear it!

What can I say, I can not wait to have my drains...

What can I say, I can not wait to have my drains removed!! Tomorrow is the day. I don't care if it hurts like hell, I want them out!! I'm feeling decent this am. I made my own oatmeal with blueberries this am. I haven't stepped out of my house for over a week now so I'm excited for my PS appt tomorrow. I would go outside here except it's been averaging 105ish and I don't need to be sweating! My bowels seem to be completely back to normal now so that makes me feel good. I basically think I will be feeling much better once the drains are out!

After a 2 hour wait at my PS office, my 2 drains...

After a 2 hour wait at my PS office, my 2 drains are OUT! I am sooooo happy. My PS is extremely happy with my results! I still obviously have a ton of swelling but it's all healing nicely. I saw a picture of the huge chuck if abdominal flesh that was taken away on surgery day. The drain removal was quick and painful ;) She removed them both at the same time and it took all of 4 seconds. It burned and hurt but not for long, that's the good thing. I had a really long and active day so I'm beat! Happy healing everyone!

So today is PO Day 11. My in-laws came and took my...

So today is PO Day 11. My in-laws came and took my kids for a day of fun and my husband just left for work. I plan on doing nothing but reading, playing on my iPad, taking a few walks around my house, watching a movie possibly and just relaxing. I think I totally overdid it the last 2 days. I've been participating in some housework which I know is a big no-no but it still didn't stop me. I need to slow down! Physically I am swollen, especially my breasts and abdomen. My CG is tight! Yesterday my stools were pretty black in color and after having a freak out about the thought of internal bleeding, I decided to just quit any kind of pain meds at this point. So no more Advil, Tylenol, nothing. I'm still taking my antibiotic and vitamins but that's it. My legs are still sore from the lipo but I'm handling all the soreness just fine. I tried on my bikini tops and some of my dresses bra-less yesterday and I am loving it! So is my husband. Doing that gave me such a positive outlook!! Happy healing everyone :)

Today I am 2 weeks post surgery and littlefizzer...

Today I am 2 weeks post surgery and littlefizzer was awesome and designed a side to side comparison pic for me!! Physically I am feeling good. I'm not on any painkillers or NSAIDS, just my normal vitamins & supplements. Most of my discomfort at this point is just soreness in my thighs & hips from the liposuction. I am still really swollen everywhere and anxiously waiting for that to go down! Otherwise, everything is going just fine :) I drove a bit 2 days ago and that went fine. I'm still sleeping in my recliner. Our bed is pretty high so it's just easier and more comfy in the recliner for now. I'm liking the new shape of my body so far, just not liking the swelling.

Exhausted today! Went out to buy some long summer...

Exhausted today! Went out to buy some long summer dresses that will cover both my bra and compression garment. I bought 3 and they look great! All the shopping wiped me out!! So tired right now sitting at my kid's karate classes...

I finally took the steristrips off my breasts last...

I finally took the steristrips off my breasts last night in the shower. They look SO MUCH better now. The steristrips had so much dried blood on them and now that they are gone, they look so much cleaner. I had to take a pic! I'm doing well. Still some soreness pretty much everywhere but it's not that bad anymore.
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Cute, you look way tiny"er". I see what your saying about your boobs though! I think they will get better. I asked my PS and he said usually by 6 weeks they even out, full results can be up to 6 months-to a year!!
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Oh come on now!! It's an improvement but I wasn't expecting Barbie!! Thank you, though. You are kind. And made me laugh a bit (and luckily it doesn't hurt to laugh anymore ;)
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The laugh pain-oh my that was thee worst besides sneezing!!! lol
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You look like a barbie doll figure-I absolutely love it and your boobs are so much sexier now! xo
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Wow you look amazing!
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Thank you! Now it's just a waiting game. Waiting for the swelling & bruising to go away and for my boobs to fall into place, scar treatments and all that fun stuff!
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Wow u look amazing! And only 2 weeks post op!
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Looking good! Happy healing
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Glad you got your drains out!
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ive been squating over with a cup but a funnel is even beter..happy healing
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I'm still most sensitive to by abdominal area although my breasts are giving some discomfort by not horrible. Mainly pressure and tightness. I'm pretty itchy from the bra and my compression garment. Wish I could fast forward a few weeks for sure. I'm still urinating in a cup standing up. I have quite a good method with this and I don't get anything on my garment that way. When I used the toilet, my garment got wet. When can you have a shower?
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Good point. You do have to lean forward on the toilet seat so that it doesn't end up on garmet, agreed! Im itchy as well. My PS would allow me to shower yesterday, but instead I just had myhubby wash my hair under the sink and sponge bathe me. What about you?
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Yes after reading your update and everyone elses TOILET SEAT RISER is the top priority. Omg, I can't wait until we can both be out of this post op period and up to at least 3 weeks post op. So glad we can follow each other and did the same thing right around the same time in the same state. It's pretty cool. What hurts the most on you?
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happy healing, i also pee in a cup much easier ora funnel hahahah, ive tried peeing sitting and the pee was going all over the friggin place,on my garment down my legs so
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Glad you are doing well! Can't waït until you sneak a peek and tell us how you look!:-) Happy healing
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Stexas, my breasts are not causing much pain, just pressure and tightness. Def pain from the TT and ab muscle repair. Walking is the hardest thing. I have found that urinating standing up in a cup is so much easier than sitting on a toilet. I had lipo done on inner & outer thighs which is painful when i sit down. I am in my recliner at home now and alternating Percocet & Valium.
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congrats best wishes n happy healing
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So glad you are ok!! It does get better. Healthy and happy healing.
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Just stay on top of your pain meds. And the more you move the less likely you will get a blood clot! Hang in there the first 24 hrs are the worse
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Sorry you are in pain. I hope it gets better soon!!!
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Did you get a pain pump for your TT? I don't want to be a 9 out of 10 pain scale. That scares me. I hope you feel better soon :)

Our bodies are very similar. I look forward to seeing your after pics when you feel better and get your bandages off.
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No pain pump. Not sure why. I've been getting morphine and Valium and now they switched to Vicodin and valium. It is painful to be honest. But again I think I have a low pain threshold. My PS just checked all my incisions and thinks everything looks fantastic. I got 500cc silicone implants and a lift. She sucked out about 6.5 pounds of fat in lipo and about 2.2 pounds from my tummy.
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You are going to look great! Are the breasts or TT more painful?
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Thinking about you today! Please let us know how you're feeling when you're able.

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