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5 weeks po new progression pics :)

Hi Everyone, the good news... after waiting more...

Hi Everyone, the good news... after waiting more than a decade for my tummy tuck I am finally scheduled, bad news I am sick. After a nasty case of the flu I was starting to recover, then came down with bronchitis. Does anyone have any home remedies or advice on how to clear this up? After a week of this I am still coughing like crazy. I am so scared of having to re-schedule my sx date.

A little about me, I am 44 years old and the mom of five (one c-section). I am 5'4 and 143 pounds, I'm okay with my weight, I wouldn't mind dropping 10 pounds, but my stomach is what really bothers me! I have diastasis along with lots of extra skin and stretch marks. I look like I'm about 5 months preggo so I walk around sucking in my stomach at all times. I had my first baby at 17 which left me with tons of stretch marks and a BB that looks like a raisin so I really don't remember having a "normal" stomach. I have been hiding my belly for the past 26 years. After the birth of my last child I decided it was time for a tummy tuck, that was 11 years ago. It took 9 years to convince my husband that this is something I really wanted. It was a sore spot in our marriage, I knew I couldn't go through it without his support so I put it off. He finally came around 2 years ago and I have been saving since. He still makes comments like I will look hot after my tt and guys will be hitting on me, or he thinks I will leave him. He says I look okay the way I am and he is okay with it so why worry. He still doesn't grasp the concept that I want this for MYSELF just to feel comfortable in my own skin. I am so looking forward to not hiding behind behind my clothing. Most of my tops are babydoll/maternity style. I can't imagine throwing on a tank or a t shirt and being comfortable in it. Or getting out of the shower and seeing myself in the mirror and not wanting to cry. I have wanted this for so long I just can't believe it's happening! That is if I get over this cough!!

I am looking forward to following your stories and sharing mine.

Feb 5th is now the day! I can't believe I am still...

Feb 5th is now the day! I can't believe I am still sick, it's been 3 weeks. I was on antibiotics and was starting to turn the corner, then Sat starting feeling sick again. This time a sore throat and body aches.

I am trying to stay positive and hope it all works out for Feb. In the meantime I have managed to get a few things ready. Ordered a toilet riser from amazon, my husband got a big laugh out of that one when it got here. Bought some granny panties at Walmart. They are super soft and comfy. I only bought 3 pair, but I am going to go back and pick up some more since I like them so much. They are the Hanes boyshorts. Also picked up some sexy new lace panties ;) I have antibiotic cream, gauze, tape, heating pad, baby wipes and dry shampoo. I still have some more things to shop for but now I feel a bit more prepared. Any ideas on what to wear to surgery? I was thinking some pjs with a button up top. I don't want to have to change when I get back home. I am staying overnight in the recovery center, do you think I should bring anything with me other than a toothbrush and some chapstick?

I am working up the courage to post some before photos. ugh...

So, I am hoping the 3rd times the charm. I am...

So, I am hoping the 3rd times the charm. I am finally feeling human again. I still have a slight cough so I'm hoping I won't be sent home on Tues. I am starting to get really nervous now, when I think about surgery I get butterflies big time. 5 more days to go :)

Finally took some before pictures. Bad muscle...

Finally took some before pictures. Bad muscle seperation makes me look about 5 months preggo. I will be so happy when I don't have to suck it in all the time. The worst is sitting, even sucking in there is a huge puddle of skin in my lap :(

So, this weekend I'm going to pick up the last of my supplies and go shopping for a recliner. I am getting so excited!! Yesterday I was scared and today I'm feeling great, so happy to finally have this done. Been doing a lot of "window" shopping online looking at cute clothes I could never wear. Wondering what it's going to be like to have some confidence again and wear the things I want to wear versus what will hide the belly.

Hope all you lovely ladies are doing well.

Hi Ladies, well here I am at 10dpo and feeling...

Hi Ladies, well here I am at 10dpo and feeling pretty good :) Surgery went well, my PS removed 4lbs of skin and fat! - My first week was hard, I'm so happy to have that behind me. I would say the first 4 days were the worst. I was extremely nauseated and had a fever from fluid in my lungs. I had to do breathing exercises to clear it out and would cough like crazy, ugh it hurt so bad. Each day it gets better and easier though. Drains were removed on day 7 and I have been off pain meds for a few days now, my biggest complaint would be the tightness of my abs along with some muscle spasms. I am having a heck of a time standing upright, my abs just feel so tight. I hope that it will loosen up soon. I'm still hunched like a granny which my family finds hilarious. My first grand-baby is due in April (super excited) so the granny jokes have been flying for the past few months already :)

Loving my results so far even though I'm very swollen especially on the sides and my butt and thighs are huge! I guess a lot of that is from the lipo, my PS told my hubby that he took out 2 liters of fat, gross. I love my BB and my scar is nice and low so it will be easy to hide under panties or a swimsuit. I guess that's about it for now. I hope all of you beautiful ladies are doing great!

Just added some new pics. I am so happy I have my...

Just added some new pics. I am so happy I have my before photos for comparison. I was feeling a bit down since I am swollen like a puffer fish. Looking at my before photos side by side really puts things into perspective. Patience it's not one of my best qualities! lol

Hi ladies, so happy to have reached week 3! This...

Hi ladies, so happy to have reached week 3! This has been a week of milestones...
-I'm sleeping back in my own bed and sleeping through the night comfortably.
-Starting wearing a compression tank during the day, feels great to be out of the binder. I now just wear it to sleep in.
-Back in my jeans as of yesterday! They not only fit, but are loose!
-I haven't weighed myself since the day before surgery, since my pre-op jeans fit I decided to get on the scale this morning and I am down 9 pounds!! :) My PS took 4 pounds of fat and skin so I have lost 5 on my own even with the swelling, I was 143 and now am 134 woo hoo! Oh, and my waist is down 6 inches, crazy.
- And the biggest one, hubby has been full of compliments. I was standing in front of the mirror in the morning taking my binder off and he looked over and said dang you look hot! Yesterday he called me his skinny minnie. I haven't heard anything like that in years! He has been wonderful through all of this. Even though he wasn't really on board he stepped up and took care of everything.

I am grateful that everything has gone pretty smoothly. I am still sore at night when I overdue it during the day. I had a busy weekend Sat. Sun. and Mon. I hardly sat down all day and was really feeling it last night. Life is back to normal which is crazy busy! So, all is good and I'm feeling damn hot for a 44 year old mama soon to be grandma! lol... My PS is a miracle worker!

Time is really flying! I posted some progression...

Time is really flying! I posted some progression photos, I hope it helps the ladies who are in those first couple of weeks of "swell hell" is does get better! I still have swelling especially at the end of the day but it's so much better now than weeks 1-3. At 5 weeks I am pretty much back to normal, though my stomach still feels tight at the end of the day. Going into this at my age and not having worked out in years, I thought my recovery would be a lot worse. I am surprised by how well I have bounced back! I wanted to update you with some stats too, before surgery my weight was 143 now It's 131 (PS removed 4lbs of skin and fat from lipo I dropped the rest on my own) My relaxed waist was 38" pre-op and now it's 29 1/2" which blows my mind! My scar is doing pretty well, I have an area about 2" across right above the pubic area which was slow to heal. It's almost there, just waiting on about 1/2" scab to fall off and I will be ready to start my silicone scar strips. My confidence is back, this is the BEST thing I have ever done for myself!!! Ladies if you are on the fence and worried about the pain like I was, it is so worth it!
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You look amazing! I am 8 days post op. Sore, bruised, the normal. I am keeping the "girdle" on, so I only get to peek when I take a shower. My wardrobe is ready and waiting. Very excited
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You look great.. I hve upcoming in 3 days.. How did you feel after YOU woke up
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Thank you for this post. I am 3 days post op and just like to hear how others dealt with the initial pain and swelling. At day 3 I already feel so much better than days 1&2!
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Wow you look great! I'm 49 and having my tt in 3 weeks... so nervous!! I feel like the oldest one here! :) I have to ask you where you got your cute cami/bra's? They look so comfy. I'm too endowed on top to lay around comfortably without a bra, but want to be super comfy during recovery.. no digging underwires! Congrats and I hope my surgery goes as good as yours.
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We are only a few years apart, once you have this surgery you will feel 29!! :) I picked up those little bras at Wal-Mart, only 4 bucks each. I loved them during recovery, nice a comfy with some support. They are great to sleep in too. Best wishes with everything, it will be here before you know it!!
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Thanks for sharing, you look fab!! I am about to pay my deposit Monday, excited and nervous!
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Good Luck too you!!
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Beautiful!!! How do you feel?
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Thank you, I feel great!! Muscle repair still bugs me at times, it's worth it though :)
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Looking good Kristin
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Thanks! Good luck to you and get the pain pump if you can!
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Lookin' hot, sista! lol So inspiring! I can't wait! Thank you for your updates!
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LOL Thank you!!
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Thanks ladies! I'm telling ya though it was getting TINY! Posted a pic of my new bb plug, I like the pink..maybe I should glue a rhinestone to the center...;P
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Kris!! I think your bb looks fine..your results look awesome.
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Wow! You're looking fabulous! LOVE ur bb. :-)
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You look awesome!
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Wow, u look great!!! Things have been going well, I am 12 days post op and am happy to say I was in my pre op jeans on 7 days PO. I never thought they would fit but thought what the hell, let's try......boy was that a great feeling!!!! I still have my tape on. How long have u waited to start scar therapy?
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Wow 7 dpo is quick, congrats! It took me until week 3 lol...My tape was on for 2 weeks. I had a small area on my incision that was slower to heal up. Dr Leber removed the last of my scabbing at my 6 week follow up so I am just starting my silicone strips. I am happy with the scar already though, it's low and pretty thin. I think it should heal up nicely. Keep me posted on your progress! :) Are you going to post any pics?
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Wow you look HOT!
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Wow you do look amazing. You give me alot of courage and info since I'm 4 days from TT. Thank-you so much for the encouragement.
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You are so welcome! :) Happy healing to you!
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Kris you look great! Your photos side by side show how much progress you have made and you can really see the difference. You look amazing!
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Thank you! We have an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G PS! :)
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Thank you so much for all of the positive comments ladies!! =)
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