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I am currently 9 days post-op. Drains come out in...

I am currently 9 days post-op. Drains come out in a couple of days (my PS requires 2 weeks). I was awake, walking and had no pain and took no medication for the first 20 hours or so, then it was excruciating and I was taking them every time allowed. Take it before you hurt- if you wait, it will do nothing! The incision doesn't hurt, but my back is killing me! I have to stop every few feet when I walk, especially if I've been up a few times already. I am back to work but limited on mobility.

I had a ton of bruising on my back from day 3 on and it is almost all cleared up. My incision is very low, actually touching the top of my pubic hairline. I had tattoos on my stomach pre-op. Two were completely removed. The pair on my ribcage look fine even after being stretched out. I could not find a single person who had shared their experience with abdominal tattoos, and I want to say don't be discouraged if you have them! It was so worth it.

Day 2 I looked amazing, now I am swollen but took pics so I know what I will look like once I'm healed up, and I'm very happy although I am still quite hunched over. DO NOT LAUGH. Seriously. THAT is painful. It's finally starting to hurt less now.

One drain is totally dried up and looks like it...

One drain is totally dried up and looks like it may have a clog. On the phone, PS told me to try and squeeze the clog through but it is partially inside of me and just coming out of where the tube comes out, so I see him today. Maybe he will take the drains out while I'm there since they're due out Monday anyway! That'd be nice.
hi! I have stomach tattoos that were removed too. It was a very large piece that spanned across my stomach from hip to hip that I got at age 18 when I thought I'd never have kids LOL well, 4 kids later, including a set if twins, the tattoo was awfully sad looking and I was happy that most of it was removed during my tummy tuck! I will have to get something else to fill in the odd pieces that are left, but I'm not very worried about it at this point. Congrats on your new body!!
TheBabycake - You look wonderful:)

I do have a couple questions:

How many days off did you have before you returned to work?

Also, when did you start driving again?

I know each person is different but I was curious on your timing. Let me know when you have a chance.

Thank you:)
I had surgery on a Tuesday morning. I started working from home (mostly just making phone calls and emails) on Thursday.
I started driving on day 8 (wednesday) and went to work the following day for a few hours before my back couldn't take being bent over any longer. I'm doing a full day on Monday so I'll keep you updated.
My job is different than what most people have. I would have taken two weeks off if my boss didn't need help so badly. We just closed an office and there are 5 foot high stacks of filing to do all over the place.
Driving isn't so bad unless my back is hurting a lot. Having a very large chest and being hunched over are a bad combination. If you have this problem, try tight sports bras during recovery or if you're considering a reduction also, do that first rather than after the tummy.

Photo Update

Did dr a provide the silicone sheets or did u purchase those on ur own ? What do they do ?
I forgot about this page and just saw that I had some questions. I apologize for that. I hope your procedure went well!
Hi there. I'm getting my tummy tuck January 14th by same dr. What did u take with u to surgery ?

3 Years Out

3 years post-op and my scar has faded enough that it is not visible in a lot of pictures and nobody has any idea that I've had work done. I still have great definition and I don't even work out (I really can't- it turns out that I have some very serious medical problems that have caused muscle atrophy and extreme fatigue). I did not return for any follow up appointments after I think December 2011. I'm still very happy that I had this done and feel it was worth the money.
A few things to keep in mind:
Mederma didn't make any difference in the scar.
The silicone sheets may or may not have helped, but I saw a lot more improvement later after simply giving my body time to heal.
I have a condition that causes a huge delay in healing so I still had swelling for over a year, but most people should expect faster healing.
I did not return for a breast reduction and plan instead to just have a lift done with only enough tissue coming out for the sake of symmetry with Dr. Robert Cohen at a future time- I'm currently on chemo and some very rigorous treatment for a brain tumor, so my plans have been delayed.
I will try to remember to post some updated photos soon!
Hi I hope you are doing well. I ran across your question about an undrainable seroma. I am experiencing the same thing. The first time around my PS got out about 30cc's every attempt (2) following have yelled noting but I still have the lower abdominal water bed. How was your situation resolved?
Garey Simmonds

Although Dr. S can seem arrogant, he does a good job. I did have to wait about 3 hours before I was finally taken into surgery, but wait time in the office is very short. I plan to have a breast reduction done by Dr. S next year.

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