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I'm a 34 year old stay-at-home wife and mother...

I'm a 34 year old stay-at-home wife and mother of three ages 10, 4, and 1. I can't wait to get my tt and lipo done!!!! After having my kids my stomach did not go back to the way it was before. I have so much extra skin it looks like pizza dough. YUCK!!! Anyway...I never do anything for myself. I'm always making excuses but this time it's different. My husband and I decided that the kids we have are enough so I started toying with the idea of having tt and lipo. My husband is very supportive and says if it'll make me happy then he's happy. After researching (which by the way became sort of an obsession) I decided that I deserved this. There is still a little part of me that is trying to justify spending so much money on myself but I figure that if doing this will make me happier then that could only benefit not only myself but my husband and kids too. After calling the PS and scheduling my appointment I couldn't believe I did it. I'm still like "Holy cow this is really happening!!!" I also find myself wanting to diet and exercise a lot more. I guess it's kinda like cleaning before the cleaning lady comes....Well that's what I hear since I'm the cleaning lady at my house lol. What's crazy is I'm not really nervous about the actual procedure but about my kids and my husband. I have a lot of family and friends that are going to help me during my recovery so in my heart I know everything will be ok. I guess I'm just used to taking care of everything and everyone. I'M SO EXCITED!!!! Oh and I'll get some before photos up soon....not looking forward to doing that but I know it helps. I love reading and looking at everyone's photos. This site has helped me so much!


I'm June 18th good luck!
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Don't let my review scare you. Most women are very happy with their results and think the procedure is worth it. I am doing about the same, maybe a little flatter, hard to say but I do look much better, just not nearly as flat as both my PS and myself thought. She is a top ranked/rated doc so I dont think she did anything wrong, it simply is what it is. I did have a 4 inch muscle seperation which is pretty bad so yours may not be as bad. Also, I bruise easily so you shouldn't expect to look as bad as I did. Follow your docs advice, many docs have different advice but you selected your doc for a reason so go with what he/she advises. Its great that you will have a second set of hands to help you during the summer. You can still cuddle with your kids, just can't pick them up for a month or so.

If you doc offers an overnight stay, I highly recommend this. I did stay one night and my PS comes in to see you the next morning while you are still there so it was nice to see her one day post op without having to go anywhere. Read up on the forum, maybe April and May and that will give you a great idea as to how things are going for those right before you and what to expect.

My advice would be to exercise and eat right beforehand to be as strong as possible, do any spring cleaning projects you want to get won't feel like doing that kind of stuff for awhile and write down any questions you have for your PS so you don't forget them during your pre-op visit. Have your doc define areas to be lipoed, what does he/she consider the flank area, if that is what you are having lipoed, discuss shape of belly button, EXACTLY where the incision will be, a few girls have been very bummed about incisions that were too high, what the revision policy is, etc.

I am sure you will do great. Even though I am not thrilled with my results, overall, I look much better and would still do it again. :)
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Well I was very lucky that my husband could take 3 weeks off. You want to go as long as possible without lifting your kids if you are having muscle repair. Two weeks is the absolute minimum but most docs prefer 4-6 weeks of no lifting anything. I also had help from my mother in law and my mom after my husband went back to work. Even in and out of the crib you are suppossed to wait for that period of time. I know some women don't have that much help but if you can get at least 2 weeks covered you should be ok. We also used extra daycare when needed. Is your 4 yr old in preschool? My kids go to Valley Childcare and many locations have daily rates so that helped. We put our little one from time to time so we used that help as well. Best wishes. :)
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So 5 more days until my pre-op appointment. I'm...

So 5 more days until my pre-op appointment. I'm still really excited about my tt and lipo but am also getting a little scared. I noticed that I've been dwelling a little too much on what could go wrong instead of the positive. I'm assuming this is normal. It's like I go thru waves of being so stinkin excited to thinking what the heck am I doing. One of my questions for the PS is how soon can I start taking diet pills after the surgery? I've read several different comments about people wanting to eat a lot at a certain point of their of their recovery. I want to try and prevent that if possible. Has anyone else thought about this? Also, are you supposed to shave your VJ completely before or is that something that the PS does? I just want to be prepared I guess. LOL

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Well I have 3 more days until I see my PS about my...

Well I have 3 more days until I see my PS about my tt and lipo on June 11th. I have so many questions for him. This site has helped me so much! I'm getting really excited and nervous. I really wanted to lose more weight but found myself nesting and getting things ready for my kids and my husband. I know I'm gonna be out of commission for awhile so I want everything to be done so I won't have too much guilt for being laid up in bed. My husband and son are great! They are excited for me and are ready to take care of me. I'm worried about my little ones. They are 4 and 19months old. I know it's going to be tough but I want this sooo bad. Hopefully, time will fly by and I will be looking back telling myself how crazy I was not to do this sooner. I plan on posting some before pictures soon once I muster up enough courage. LOL

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Hi All! I made it to the other flat side! I'm 4...

Hi All! I made it to the other flat side! I'm 4 days post op and I feel great so far. Everyday I can feel a great deal of progress being made as far as pain and mobility. I'm still super swollen but not enough that I can't see a difference. My back is tender from the lipo and burns a bit at times but nothing to complain about. In fact, I'm sort of nervous that I'm feeling so good. Part of me is like did the dr not get everything cuz a lot was there. LOL I just think it helped that I expected the worse and am pleasantly surprised. The Dr said he took off 8lbs of skin and fat from my abdominal area. I didn't realize how heavy my stomach felt until it was gone. Sort of a weird sensation. I want to thank everyone for all of the love and support. I see my ps on Tuesday and will update then.


Hi Lee. I am just checking in to see how you are doing. We both had our surgery on the same day. I love my results so far but it's been a rough week. I hate sleeping in the recliner and wish for my bed every night. I have a lot of swelling so it's hard to know what my final result will really look like but so far I am pleased. How did your surgery go and how are you feeling? I hope all is well and happy healing!
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