I am 60 years old (for 1 more week). I never had...

I am 60 years old (for 1 more week). I never had kids or gained/lost a lot of weight. I have almost no excess skin and no stretch marks. However, I had a hysterectomy in 1987 at age 34. Ever since, I have had a poochy stomach from loss of muscle elasticity. I feel like my insides have fallen and are protruding.

I have a pretty serious auto-immune disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis. Basically, it causes spinal fusion. It is also a systemic disease, meaning it can affect tissues throughout the body, not just the spine. Accordingly, it can cause inflammation in and injury to other joints away from the spine manifest as arthritis, as well as to other organs, such as the eyes, heart, lungs, and kidneys. I am on some pretty serious medications for this disease.

I've always been extremely self-conscious of my stomach that is out of proportion to the rest of my body. My ex-husband even told me I looked pregnant while having an orgasm. yep.

I've always wanted a TT but never really investigated it. In the last few months, I've met several women that have had them and would do it again in a heartbeat. So, I bit the bullet and saw two surgeons that did friends.

I liked them both, but each had a distinct difference.

Surgeon A: Very highly rated and good. My friend said he was an artist. My concerns with this doctor is he looks at it as an artist. He wanted to do a breast lift along with the TT. He said I was not a candidate for an implant due to extremely dense and conical breasts. I did consider that even thought I do not want my nipples cut. He didn't discuss my medicatons or how my disease might cause problems. Procedure would be done in his operating room at his office, which is certified. I would be transferred to a recovery center for one night.

Surgeon B: Again very highly rated and good. Both doctors agreed about implants and how dense my breasts are. B said he absolutely would NOT do a lift at the same time as the TT. He said that as tight as my stomach is with no loose skin, etc that pulling down for the TT would affect the lift. He also spent a lot of time talking about my medical issues and medications. Procedure would be done at a well known breast cancer hospital with 2 nights in the hospital.

I decided on Surgeon B. I know that A is an excellent surgeon but I felt B looked at it more medically than artistically. I believe 2 nights in the hospital is better as well.

I'm nervously excited!
Thank you for posting your review:)

First I have to say that I don't believe that you are 60.  No way....you look like maybe 45.  
I am so excited for you and can't wait to see your results.    Your ex husband.......well totally his loss!  He will be eating crow for the rest of his life.
Thanks Kimmers! I'll take 45!
And you definitely pass for that:)

Interesting reactions.... mostly positive

I'm very open and just tell things like it is. I went to lunch with my dad, stepmom and aunt for my dad's 85th birthday last week. I told them I was having a TT. Of course, I got the "you don't need one" comments. Now keep in mind we were at a busy very LOUD restaurant and non of the three hear well. But they were supportive and said if I want it, I should go for it.

Then my dad says " I want smaller boobs and a bigger dick". omg... Could you say that any louder? My aunt says; "I couldn't hear you....what do you want bigger??". My dad: "A bigger dick" in an even louder voice! The waitress is laughing her ass off!!! As she serves his salad, she says "I heard that!". I really wanted the floor to open up and swallow me!

My cousin told me that she didn't understand why I was having one and she works hard with hers with diet and exercise. I told her I wasn't her and I did need it.

My mom was like: If you want it go for it. So was one of my sisters.

Friends are supportive but some don't understand why I need it. Well, it's because they never see the "real" stomach. Since I have no extra skin, I can suck it in and look ok. Just can't breathe!

I'm obsessed with this site and really enjoy reading all the journeys. The tips and recommendations are awesome!

I'm going to call on Monday and see if they can move up my date if they get a cancellation. There are probably a ton on that list ahead of me, but it's worth a try.

Have a great Sunday!
LOLOLOL omg you just made my day.  I laughed so hard picturing this conversation in the restaurant.  
My ex-husband said I looked "matronly" when I was 44. LOVELY. I wonder if we ever recover from such comments. Anyway, I am remarried to the dearest man, and while I absolutely KNOW I look as bad as I ever have in my life, he still calls me "sexy" at 64 yrs. There are men and then there are "real men". xoxox
MVPT....You are so correct!!!

Bed and leg lounger - Anyone heard of or used?

I found this product on line and it looks interesting. Has any one used this?
LMAO, your dad's a trip! As for your cousin, she doesn't live in your world. My 23 year old daughter said the same thing, that diet and exercise would make me flat. WRONG! With or without having kids, age and menopause do a number on the way fat is distributed on our bodies. I'm happy for you! Good luck with the surgery!
Hi, Azsunshine! Thanks for your insights. Ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've had quite a few surgeries too, but NOTHING to rival your rough experiences. So sorry. Please explain about your jaw surgery. I am having a TT/Lipo on Wed (7/02!) and then have scheduled a facelift, chin augmentation, brow lift, bletharoplasty (upper and lower lids) and chin tuck/neck lift. Please tell me what your doc was trying to do with your jaw. Do you have temperomandibular joint pain (TMJ)? Or was this "simply" plastic surgery? Thanks for getting back to me. I may just forget about the face stuff if it is that awful. I don't look THAT bad. Just tired of my whole life having a setback chin. I'm 64, btw. MVPT

Stole this from a male tummy tuck review.

So when I spoke with my primary doctor about this, I'm a guy and she's a she, the look on her face was worth a couple extra quarters in the slot. She said I should spend the money on travel. I told her I have traveled everywhere and lived in 3 foreign countries, speak 2 languages but I travel to the bathroom mirror everyday and it's a trip I hate.

I LOVE this response!

Bought the Bed Lounger

I took the plunge and bought the bed lounger and leg/knee support.
How did the bed lounger work for you? This is definitely a product I could is pre and post op.
Futureme27....I do Enbrel injections and methotrexate as my main medications. I'll have to stop the Enbrel 2 weeks before surgery. I was able to resume 2 weeks after past surgeries but not sure about this one. I will be needing it for sure by the time I can resume them. I won't have to stop the Methotrexate. RS'ers....Enbrel is an injection that I give myself to ease the joint pain and increase mobility. Methotrexate is a cancer drug that in small oral doses slows down the progression of the disease. Thank you! Good luck to you! Looking forward to seeing your photos and reading about how you do.
Hi! I just read your review and I wanted to ask about your AS and what you are doing for treatment. I have psoriatic arthritis and am currently on Remicade infusions every 8 weeks. My rheumatologist has said that I should recover fine from the surgery as long I space out my infusions but I am nervous about getting an infection or something because it lowers your immune system response. I just had an infusion and I am 6 weeks from my TT, and I won't have another one until 4 weeks after my surgery (so I'm spacing them 10 weeks now instead of the normal 8). I'm hoping this will be okay but I guess we'll see. By the way, you look amazing at 60! Can't wait to see your results.

61 years old now!!! My wishes.....

This is me in the orange dress at our birthday Happy Hour with friends. I do love the dress and can clean up well. But....I so can't wait till I don't have to wear dresses to hide my stomach. These are some of my wish dresses!

RealSelf has been such a helpful and informative site. Thank you so much for posting tips, lists, good wishes and of course, your journey's.
Does anyone know how to put paragraph spacing in the replies? It makes it so much easier to read long replies.

Bed lounger

Received the bedlounger. I like it. It's light weight and can be positioned for what makes me most comfortable. The leg lounger is good too.
Just read your review and your restaurant conversation with your hearing impaired relatives had me laughing hard!! You are a gorgeous woman and after your tuck you'll be perfect!! Wishing you well!!
Thank you! Gotta love family!!!
You are absolutely beautiful! As long as your medical dr is ok with you going ahead with the surgery, then I say go for it! You are smart to go with the ps that is willing to address your medical history from the beginning. I will say that for me, it was a harder recovery than I expected. I blame that on my age. And I wasn't in great physical shape since it was winter. I've been walking a lot more and trying to build muscle this summer. I need a revision and I want to be stronger this time around. Your story about your relatives is hysterical! I laughed so hard!

Guilt and shallowness just hit me!!!

My husband's wife fought breast cancer for 5 years and was then diagnosed with ovarian cancer and lost that battle after 6 years. 11 years of fighting cancer.

A couple of years before her death, she was struggling to keep her hair for their son's wedding. One night, hubby took her hand and led her into the bathroom. He shaved her head and told her she was beautiful with or without hair. He offered to do the same. She said not to, but he shaved his pubic hair.

That night, they cried and laughed together, each sharing a new baldness. That is the kind of man I was blessed to marry. She was an amazing woman. No one noticed her baldness... only her personality and the love she gave.

I was relating that story to a friend and it hit me. She lost her life to cancer. Suddenly, I'm feeling very shallow about my desire to have a flat stomach. I can't seem to stop crying. wow.
You are a beautiful women and deserve it. I am 58 and just scheduled my tt with lipo of thighs ,back ,and hips for sept 24. Can't wait. I too feel vain and self centered but life is short and we should like what we see in the mirror , I have always had a "pot belly" and want to be flat .wish you a painless speedy recovery.
Thank you Cindy! Good luck to you too!
Wow, you are beautiful! I understand the shallow feeling! My mother in law is fighting cancer right now, after she has already beat uterine cancer 5 years ago. It is back in her lung and spine. She is bald now and I felt so shallow for having part 1 of my Mommy Makeover done 2 weeks ago. I called her first and told her I booked the operation and she said, "As long as it makes you happy, I am a happy." I love her so much and respect her, but we all have to walk the path in life that makes us happy! Live HAPPY!!

Cost of TT vs dental bridge

My hubby lost a 3 tooth bridge. The cost to replace is $5500. The cost for dental implants is $8800. HOLY COW!!! Makes a TT seem like a bargain!

That's all I had to say today!!!
OH! Love your style... we have the same taste in clothing... LOL
Wow thank GOD, I thought I was the only ELDER, LOL that wanted this procedure. You are so pretty, and love the color of that dress, I am saving, and pone rings, and selling everything I can to get this done. Pray by October I can at least be setting up and finish paying... Pray.. Pray... your husband is a blessing.. thanks for sharing such a beautiful story.....

Incisions and Scars.....

As I read reviews, I see over and over how so many expect their scar to look better than it does at 1-4 weeks. Remember, it takes up to 2 years for nerves to regenerate.

My hubby just had full knee replacement and his scar took 5 weeks to heal. I had major jaw surgery in march of 2013. It took a year for it to almost disappear and even now at 16 months, my jaw still feels a bit creepy.

I've attached some photos of my jaw just to show how it looked after surgery and now.

So, even though I have not had my TT, I do have some experience with incisions and healing. Be patient, give your body time to regenerate nerves. Be good and kind to yourself. It will pay off in the long run.
Loved your story and can't wait to see your AFTER photos! What a beautiful woman you are in seems as much inside as out. I felt tears, heartache and joy reading about your husband's wife (now deceased). The joy was that he was able to fund love with someone new, you. What a powerful point of view from the gentleman, isn't it so true? I used to cry when I saw myself in the mirror naked. And btw good riddance to mister sensitivity! Peace.
Thank you Yogagirl! I am blessed and so thankful to have him.
I had my TT in October 2013. And I was 57 at the time. Everything went fine. And I felt good pretty quick, I'm sure the pain pills helped at little! You will do wonderfully! And you're going to be so happy you did this for yourself! You already seem to know what to expect.....just let someone take care of you. I'll be checking in on you to see how you're doing! Good luck & welcome to the sisterhood! :)

My "goal" dress.

My pre-op appt is this Friday. I am 4 weeks away!

I have been away for 10 days to Vegas for a business trip. 12 hour days and no fun. But Hubby joined me on Friday and we moved to Mandalay Bay for the weekend.

I have followed the advice here and have not bought any new clothes. BUT!!! I walked by a store and a dress jumped off the rack and screamed my name! I had to look at it. I loved it! Then I looked at the price! OMG!!! I have never spent that much on a dress so I walked out. My wonderful, loving hubby told me I should try it on. I resisted! I kept saying not before surgery, I won't know what size I'll be, etc.

The next night we were walking around again and he told me to try it on. Ok, a couple drinks later and I did. I really, really loved it except for the pot belly sticking out. The sales gal brought 3 more as well. I kept saying I was not going to buy one because I don't know what size I'll be.

Then when I tried on the 3rd dress she brought, I caved. It was amazing like when you try on THE WEDDING dress, you know, you just know. Needs to be shortened but still amazing. I still hate the pot belly, but know that will be gone. The look and smile on hubby's face said it all. He said I needed to get it and it's my "goal" dress for after my surgery. I so love that man.

I'ts black and white. Elegant, Audrey Hephurn type dress. Mmmmm, you young kids may not know who she is. lol Fit's like a glove! I would never wear one like it now. I actually bought a size smaller as the size I usually wear was too big.

I have sooooo much to be thankful for and sooooo much to look forward to!!!
Can't wait to see you in the "goal" dress....so exciting. Soon, lady, soon.
Thanks! me too!
wow! you are youthful and beautiful! sounds like you are also lovely on the inside! i aspire to be like you! congratulations! and cant wait to see the dress on you!

Today is Pre-op Appt!

I read all the paperwork again today and my pre-op is this afternoon. After reading the paperwork, I am even more ready but got a little emotional.

I'll let you know how it goes!
You are absolutely beautiful and I commend you for doing this for yourself in spite of the naysayers. They are always going to be around - just gotta grow deaf to their voices. :)
Thank you!

Pre-op appt.

It went well. He just got a Vectra 3D machine and took images of my body. Then seeing my body on the big screen, he showed me how I'll look after surgery. If it goes like that, I will love it!

He said he will pull up the Mons area and my labia will be higher. He said he had a patient that after the TT said she had her first orgasm during intercourse in her life. I don't have a problem with that, but more is always better!!!

My belly button will be in the same spot and he does most the stitches from the inside so I won't have an incision around the new one. I think I remember that correctly.

The scar will be very low, below my hyst scar and only inches higher from start of labia opening.

One of my friends that was with me had her boobs done by him a year ago. He asked her how she was. She said great except for a scar. He said let's see. She whipped up her top and showed him. He said it was an easy fix and to call to set an appt. lol 2 for 1 appt! He's a great guy and a great surgeon!

Everything is all paid for, I am ready and soooooooo stoked!!!
It's getting close now. So happy for you. As for the "big O's" lol, well I'm with you, never had any problem with those. But I must say, I feel sexier and our romantic life has picked up since surgery...so, BONUS. All sounds very well planned, you are gonna do GREAT! Can't wait to see your after pics. :-DSuzy

Belly button

I met a woman on Friday that had a TT in the early 90's from my doctor. She had nothing but praise for him. I asked how her BB is and she showed me. It's beautiful! I hope mine is half as pretty as hers!!!

I've lost 15 pounds since early June.

2 weeks, 2 days left!
The story about your dad almost made me laugh, I said almost because I;m only 2 weeks post and I still refuse to laugh or cough. And the story about your husband and his late wife almost made me cry. Again, crying means runny nose which may cause the need to blow. Can't do it. Anyway, you are beautiful and don't look a day over 30. Can't wait to see your hot Mamma after pictures.
Thanks! I sure I will feel that way too.

A suggestion... wax your pubic hair

I've read a few reviews about how itchy and irritating the pubic area feels with the hair growing back. I know what that feels like from my hysterectomy. It was worse than the incision. I recommend getting it waxed before your surgery if you usually shave or leave it natural.

When waxed hair grows back, it's finer, softer and does not itch at all. It's the stubble that itches. I lost all my pubic hair in front after my hyst due to no testosterone, but have been getting the rest waxed off for 10+ years.

I think it would make a big difference in comfort.
The time is getting closer and closer, how exciting! Good tip on the waxing, I had mine lasered several years ago and had no itching problems from recovery. My ps didn't even have to shave me. Congrats on the weight loss. =)
2 weeks! It does make a difference! I couldn't laser as the hair is too light. Thank you!
azsunshine, I'm a 31 yr old mother of two and I want to say that your stories are inspirational and touching to me. I've wanted a TT and breast lift ever since having my two beautiful children, because the only thing not beautiful about my pregnancies were the stretch marks, hanging skin and now sagging boobs from inflating and deflating twice (from DD to I both times). I went through a hysterectomy (due to endometriosis) early last week and now some new scars from that will be added. Your husbands story about his late wife had me teared up. It was sad and beautiful. Your out look on life is so positive as well it makes me smile. I love it. I can't wait to see your pictures after surgery and your goal dress, so exciting! Also, you my dear, do NOT look 61! (I'd say no older than 48 would you look)

Be good to yourself and be patient!

This isn't an update about me as much as it's an observation and gentle reminder.

We all think we are capable of doing more than we probably should. I read a lot of reviews where someone thinks they can do things 5 or so days after surgery because they are feel so good. Then they realize that there are consequences like swelling and soreness. Even a friend of mine who had her TT 2 years ago said a doctor could tell she tried standing straight before she should have based on how her scar looks.

I've also read where those that don't do too much seem to not swell as much or are as sore.

Sometimes,it can be from guilt, whether conscious or not, that the kids need us, hubbies need us, family needs us, work needs us, etc. So we feel guilty laying there not doing anything. Other times, boredom sets in.

Remember, beautiful ladies....your body needs you to put it first. Please don't try to do too much too quick. Your kids, hubby, family, work will be there after you heal. You've invested lots of research, money, emotions and physical pain in this.

Be kind to yourself! This is YOUR time and YOU deserve it! Let others do for you! There will be plenty you can do after you are all healed.
So beautifully said, thank you! We all, especially as women, need this reminder. Your date is getting closer and closer, excited for you! I will be traveling with my fabulous husband across country when you go in so I will have to remember to check in to see how you are. Take care.
Thank you! I am excited! Had call from hospital yesterday. It's so close!
You are absolutely stunning! I hope to look like you when I am 61! I wanted to comment on your statement about "being good to yourself and being patient." I think it is beautifully written and well said. I know at times, we may feel as if we are being judged or feel selfish. However, no one really understands to look in the mirror and feel "not quite right." I swear, having this surgery changed my life. It brought confidence out that I never knew I had. I feel like a new woman and that is priceless. I just wanted to say thanks for writing that little reminder. Are you excited about your upcoming procedure? Tip: stock up on some coconut water. It was the only thing I could ingest for the first 3 days and it is full of great nutrients.

Following my own advice!

So yesterday, I met with my boss. I told him about the surgery but didn't go into a lot of details. As we were parting, he asked when I was going to a particular town. Here we go.... MY guilt set in and I'm thinking of how quickly I could go there after surgery. I told hubby and said there is no way I can go for at least 4 weeks, especially since I have heavy samples and things to carry. So...I am going to follow my own advice and NOT stress about it. I will make sure I"m healed before going.
Hi Sunshine! Just found your review. Thank you for sharing. I am 55 and had a FL followed some months later by a TT. Do NOT worry about scarring, you will love your TT too much for that. I had both a appendix scar and a C-section scar, and now I have only one scar that is fading nicely on its on after only 4 months. With my FL I have no scars. Check out my reviews. What a funny thing for you dad to say! Love it, and what your mom said sounds like what my mom would have said if she were alive. 2 nights overnight is great! I only had 1 night, but a 2nd night and I'd have come home feeling much better, especially since I had no one at home to help but my 16 yr. old (not much help there lol! ) I look forward to following your review!
Thank you NewMe! I am very excited!
if you think it will make you feel better about your self > GO FOR IT !!!!!! it made me feel better . no more bikini underware rolling over when i bend down . and fat jigling


I am nesting! I have a zillion things to do before. I want everything neat and clean. So today, it's the garage. yes, I even scrub the garage floor!

We are having a pool party on Saturday as a last blast before I'm out of commission for a while.

Have a great day!
Hey Sunshine! Thanks for being the first 'comment' on my journey! Your butt and legs DO look great...like they belong to a 28 yr. old! I'm so glad you have a loving husband. I really have no one to help me thru this....I'm trying to find SOMEONE to stay with me the first week! Since I'm traveling to Florida...i would think it would be EASY! lol You are so close....take care...and i will be following your journey also!
Sunshine, time for countdown. I'm just checking in on you. Just remember, we are here for you if you have any questions or just because. Sending prayers your way.
Thank you! I am so ready! I appreciate all the support!


Yesterday I got waxed and had a pedicure and manicure. I left off all polish. Figured it was a good time to "let them breathe".

I went to several stores to get stuff for the party tomorrow. Today I will prepare for the party.

I'm definitely nesting!

I've done a lot of stuff around the house this week. Why do I feel the need to get certain things done because I'm having surgery when I wouldn't if I wasn't having it??? lol

We have an upstairs that is not used because the kids have moved out. So why did I find it important to wash all the sheets on beds we don't use? Plus all the sheets in the linen closet? Not only did I wash them, I put them in clear plastic zippered bags like they came in from the store and labeled them "queen fitted", etc. Seriously. I'm sick. Oh, I washed all the towels as well. So! My upstairs is nice and clean and organized and no one will be up there!!! lol

In addition to all the food I'm preparing today, I'm marinating pineapple and watermelon in pineapple vodka for the pool party. lol... Probably won't be checking in tomorrow but I will be having fun!

Have a mammogram (not surgery related) in an hour and afterwards will get my car washed. Then home to prepare the food, set buffet table, clean the patio, patio furniture, backwash the pool. vacuum the hot tub and basically get the yard ready for the party.

Wish you all were coming to the party!!
Darn you work a lot! No wonder you look so great! My idea of 'nesting' would probably be make my bed! Another reason I'm going out of town to get the surgery...don't have to LOOK at my house! lol Have fun at your party!! Hope your surgery will be EASY!
You are definitely nesting! I've done the "washing linens that haven't been used" thing myself. Like before company comes at holiday time...even though EVERYTHING was washed and put up and beds made clean after the last visit! Guess it just seems "fresher/cleaner" right? Lol. Anyhoo, whatever makes you feels good...and takes your mind off surgery. Have fun at your party. Can't wait to hear from you after surgery. HUGS :-DSuzy

A dose of reality...

As I sat waiting for my mammogram, a friend texted to tell me her biopsy was positive for breast cancer.

I am so sad for her. It also reminds me how blessed and lucky I am and grateful for all I have.

Oh crap, as I am writing this while I wait for results, the radiologist wants more shots and maybe an ultrasound. There is a small nodule on my left breast.


Whew!!! They did the ultrasound and it turned out to be dense overlapping breast tissue! I feel so much better. I was so scared. I kept thinking that I didn't want to cancel my TT.

I believe God is watching out for me!

Onward, ladies!!
You are too funny. I did exactly the same things that you did... The nesting the manicure/ pedicure, You will do great! I am so excited for you. Such a beautiful lady! Keep i touch!
Just around the corner. Mine is the 4th. I will watch your profile to see how you do. Best of luck. You sound like a wonderful person- you deserve this!!!
Good luck to you too! We'll be able to compare progress! Thank you!

35½ hours!!!!!

The party was a huge success!! Lots of friendship, food and fun!

We are tired today!! I have 6" bedrisers that we don't use. I put them under the legs of my recliner because it's small. But I have no idea how I'll recline back because it's a push-back recliner.

I'm not really nervous. Maybe I'm too tired.

Tomorrow I will get all my supplies together and the stuff I'll take to the hospital. My friend who is an RN is coming to stay with me on Friday when I'm home.

I'll update more tomorrow with last minute stuff!

Thank you all for your support. That means so much to me and I know it will help me recover. You all the best!!!!

Hugs to all of you!
Good luck! Will be thinking of you and looking forward to your first post op post! You are going to have amazing results!
Thank you! I can't wait to post "flat side" photos!
Will be thinking of you tomorrow. Good luck! It will all be worth it.get plenty of rest but short walks inside frequently to prevent dvts. Wish mine was tomorrow but earliest appointment was sept 24 so pave the way for me.

It just hit me....

Quick update, more later with photos.

I'm getting my room ready and doing stuff around the house. About 1pm it hit me and I got nervous. My hands started getting shaky and I was dropping things.
Peace & no fear, that is my prayer for you! Everything will go great!!:D
You will be nervous&excited. We get such a mixed bag of emotions going in&coming out. Prayers for a successful ps.
It's all going to work out! You are going to do great and look fabulous! Enjoy this day and look forward to the flat side!

I am ready!!!!

I think I'm all ready. If I'm not, it won't matter! I have hubby and friends to help me. Here are photos of my room. I have black out fabric covering the doors to make it darker. I put the recliner on 6" bed risers. Not sure it will work but we'll see.

I thought I'd model the amazingly stylish and sexy recovery clothes! lol I showed my husband and his reply was "oh baby baby"!!! lol I'm thinking a call from the Lane Bryant modeling agent is eminent! lol Ok, I can't even say that with a straight face.

I am going to enjoy a glass of wine and relax now. See you on the flat side!

mmm.... I'm getting error messages trying to upload the photos. I'll post this and keep trying.


Finally was able to upload them.
Love the fashion show. Prayers. I can't wait to see the post-op pics. :)
Thank you!
Your sparkling personality bubbles right off the screen :) Was a joy reading this, will be thinking of you and sending healing energy your way... as MVPT said... see you on the flat side XO

This is it!

I am at Piper and waiting to be taken back. I am calm and neither nervous or excited. Just ready.

See you later ladies!
Keeping you in my thoughts..
You are in great hands with ur surgeon and u r at a top notch facility. But above all u r in the greatest hands of all, God's Hands. You r going to recovery amazingly. I can just tell u have a super positive personality!
Good Luck with your sx...and hope you bounce back quickly! (with a super flat tummy and cute BB!!)

Made it!

Quick update. surgery went easy and not as long as anticipated.. Had a hard time waking me.

Pain level is low from all the meds. . Just put dilaudio pain med in IV.

Doc even has bed adjusted to how he wants it.

Said he successfully did what I wanted to look like. Lol
Glad it went well!!! So happy for you!! Wish me luck I go in tomorrow.
Good luck! It's over quickly or so it seems. I'll be thinking about you!
Yeyyyy!!! Woot!! Woot!!

So glad I'm in the hospital!

The pain meds are flowing as often as I need them. They make me sleep too. But I slept in 2 hour in increments.

I accidentally coughed a small one while asleep. HOLY CRAP!!! Felt like a chain saw cut me open! Now I have the hiccups!!!

Forgot to add:

I am so glad I am in the hospital! I can't imagine being home. If you can stay 1-2 nights, do it!

But even with that, they just showed me how to get up and sit. They help minimally but want me to to do it on my own. Laying down is the hardest.

They take the catheter out his morning.

I had a headache all night. I'm itching all over either from the anesthesia or pain meds. The pain med is Dilaudid which is stronger than morphine.
Congrats on a successful surgery! Now, happy healing and rest! Can't wait to see results!
Thanks for the update, you're a trooper! Bet you're so relieved to have this part over :) Now you just heal and have that lovely tummy to go with the rest of beautiful you, very happy for you XO
You look fab for just having surgery! So glad it went well and that you mammogram was good. Rest well.

Post-op pics

They started me on Percoset to see if they work. If so, the IV can come out!

My day nurse changed the dressings and I got a look.
Oh my! Congratulations....you are on the flat side. Am sure you love having a 1-2 night stay in the hospital, wish my PS offered the same. Good to see you up walking around also, thanks for sharing, wish I had found you earlier, but will follow now.
Thanks for the updates. You are looking so Happy :)
Great to hear that your surgery went well! Congratulations to making it to the flat side. Wishing you a smooth recovery!!!

Saw the doc.

Said my separation was 4" and the biggest there is. Said I was a model surgical patient in terms of how the surgery went. Said my waist will be smaller. Was very happy with his work!

Said I can go home after he sees me at 7am and the nurses can get me out of here.
I hope you're feeling great! Looking good!!:)
Not feeling great. This is tough. Have had a headache for 2 days. Killer headaches. Can't eat or it comes back up into my throat, So I sleep, breathe, pee, and repeat!
Yea! So happy that you are on the flat side ad moving forward in great fashion!!

Thank you !!

Keep falling asleep so can't post. You are woo great and I appreciate it!
Get your zzzzz's Beautiful.
You look like a super model! Wow fantastic and good for you and going ahead and doing what you wanted to do. I hope your doing well and wish you a speedy recovery x
Where did you purchase your white pillow and knee pillow?

I turned the corner!!

First of all, please forgive me if I don't personally respond to all the comments below. My mind is still a bit fuzzy and the stuff that comes out of my mouth is pretty funny. Oh and if I keep repeating myself, just laugh and ignore it!

Doc said he removed about 660 grams or 1.45 pounds of "stuff".

On Wednesday in the hospital, I had a turkey sandwich for lunch and a little soft stuff for dinner. I got so bloated that I couldn't breathe and was hyperventilating. I was in so much pain and got a killer headache. The night nurse finally gave me some iv pain meds that they were trying to wean me off of. The next morning at 7am the doc came in and was not happy that I ate. He said to go back to liquids which I gladly did. But he released me to go home.

I got home about 1pm. My friend came over and once hubby got me settled he had to go to a meeting. My friend was awesome. I kept her laughing with what came out of my mouth!

The Bed Lounger pillows I got did not work because I could not move enough to get into position so I have been in the recliner the whole time. Honestly, it was the headache that hurt more than anything.

I slept most of the after noon. I see I posted but have no recollection of it! lol I do remember telling my girlfriend that I needed to make sure I sent steak to my mom in Mexico! lol

My Friend was with me all day. She gave me foot/leg, hand/arm massages. She also gave me a 45 minute head and neck massage that was wonderful even though I fell asleep. omg...I've had so many friends text me and I'd try to reply but I'd fall asleep in the middle and send just nonsense.

My body and lower back and sides were soooooooo itchy. She rubbed my lower back, butt and sides with benedryl cream which was heavenly!

I didn't eat anything all day. I drank Gatorade and water till last night when she made me some cream of wheat that was very thin. I could get that down.

I didn't have any nausea or dizzyness.

Hubby got home and took over. I am so blessed to have her for a friend.

My last percocet was at 9pm. At 2 am I only took some tylenol and slept till 7:15. My headache was gone!!!! What a great feeling.

My belly button looks good. Incision looks good too.

I can't imagine anyone doing anything after surgery. As I type, I'm watching my husband change the sheets and straighten the room . He is THE BEST caretaker and I love him so much! Oh, my kitty is helping with my recovery too. She lays on my lap on top of a pillow. Right now, she is on the recliner between me and the arm of the chair.

My best advice is rest, drink fluids, walk, use the breathing device. Let others do for you!!! Don't force yourself!

I will post some photos as soon as I get them on my computer. `I'm rambling, so I'll sign off and work on photos.

thank you all for your caring support!
Good to hear from you :) Sounds like you're doing it exactly right! You are going to look so GOOD! XO
You sound great, can't wait to see your pics. Glad you are feeling better and have such a good friend and sweet hubby.
ALL good news. How lovely to have all that love and support. Keep up the good progress. Happy for you. :-DSuzy


You know the feeling when you finally potty train a toddler and they say "mommy I just pooped"? LOLOL Well, I do now!!! Didn't hurt a bit either!
This is too funny. I remember falling asleep while eating. Glad that you have a good friend and wonderful husband. Continue to rest.
I fell asleep with a glass of water and ice and it went all over me. lol

Pics from today

So swollen but I think it looks good! My BB looks great!
You do look good, welcome to the flat side. Thanks for posting!
Hi, I too am on the flat side. I am still having trouble with BM. I can feel coming but nothing happens. Hey I am in recovery as well. I have not looked at my belly yet but my husband told me I look thinner in the waits. Glad you made it thorough happy recovery!
Your bb is perfect! You look absolutely incredible! I'm so happy for you! Hope you're feeling better! 24 hrs for me! Woo hoo!

One happy camper!

I have so much to share. Hopefully, it's not boring and will help you along the way.

First of all, I can't not emphasize enough to NOT DO ANYTHING!!! I really believe that is why I am doing so good. I am letting hubby and friends do it all. If something doesn't get done, then so what. I'm more important than laundry or a clean house. Is life going to end if you don't exercise for 2-3 weeks? No. But your body will heal better if you don't. I have some, but not much swelling and I intend to stay that way. Is it the end of the world if you are bored? No. Better to be bored than suffer the consequences of going to mall, or taking the kids for a walk. This is YOUR body and you just spent a ton of money on it so protect your investment.

I decided that the granny robes and big underwear were not necessary for me. I found that wearing just a soft tank top was the most comfortable for me.

I also discovered that taking too much laxative isn't real smart either. I won't go into those stories either! lol

Wow...what an amazing 24 hours this has been. Some funny, some not so funny and some just plain emotional.

I'm off the strong pain meds for the most part. Last night about 8, I had a pillow on my lap and my cat was laying on the pillow. Well, the drain sites are starting to come "alive" and she moved and I felt it pull on the drain. I tried to push her off and she hunkered down and then when I pushed harder she sprang off when I yelled in pain. She jumped onto the TV tray next to the chair and knocked it over. There was a big glass of raspberry iced tea and red Gatorade which went EVERYWHERE!. Hubby comes running, I'm a mess trying to pick things up. It was pretty comical. He makes me sit as he cleans everything up.

So we get everything settled. Cat is banned from the room. I fall back asleep and have a bad nightmare and start screaming. Hubby comes running again. I have no idea but it was like I was having a seizure in my dream and no one could hear me telling them so I started yelling. He settles me down again. Then he goes to bed and is snoring like a freight train and I am dreaming that a train is heading towards our house and I can't get out of the way. lol omg... All this from about 8-11pm. Finally fall into a peaceful but wild dream sleep. I wake at 2am and was very uncomfortable. Can't pinpoint any one thing, just uncomfortable. The slightest noise from me wakes him. Remember, he spent many years as a caretaker for his wife when she had cancer so he's very in tune with what's going on. He immediately gets up and asks what he can do for me. I decided I needed a pain pill and took one that wasn't as strong as the others even though it had been well over 24 hours since I had one. We all fell back asleep till 7:30am.

This morning after we woke, I needed to walk so got up and walked around a bit. Honestly, the worst part is the left side of my back that is all messed up from the disease I have and has been spasming a lot. I've been using Arnica cream and it really works. Then my sweet, sweet hubby got the kitchen sink set up to wash my hair and give me a sponge bath. He takes such good care of me. On the other hand, I will owe him forever!!!! Kind of a private joke between us.

We head to our bathroom where I sit on a stool and he cleans the drains and my new bellybutton. For the first time I got a full naked view of my surgeons handiwork. I burst into tears. It is amazing. I never, ever dreamed I could look like this. I am swollen but it's not that bad. My incisions are not read or inflamed at all. They look great too. Love my new BB!! What an emotional moment for me. Basically, a 26 year old dream just came true!
So happy for you!! Your bb is PERFECT!
Thank you!
You are looking great and your BB looks awesome. You know that you are pleased. My husband emptied my drains but wouldn't dare get that close to looking at my incision. You have a brave husband. Continue to rest.

First post-op visit

My first post-op visit was today. Dr. Shaw was very pleased. I have a small area that is "stressed". He said I need to make sure that I stay hunched over and not put any stress on it. It's where my old BB and an old incision from another surgery all come together. He wasn't overly concerned but wants to make sure I don't stress it more.

The drains are still in. Maybe, hopefully Wednesday, but we'll see. I don't want to do anything premature.

As we were leaving, I picked up my small purse and he took it from me and handed it to hubby. That again reinforces that WE all need to make sure we don't do anything to hamper healing. I'm being a good patient and following my own advice to let others do for me! All of you should too. If you are bored, get online and write a review or send me a note!

My girlfriend came over and washed my hair and gave me a sponge bath today. She also massaged my back muscles. That felt so good.

I'm back in my recliner, hunched over, resting. Friends are bringing dinner tonight. It's amazing how little I can eat.

So, I'm happy that he's happy!

Don't have any photos right now but will post some when I get them.
Happy your post op went well, you look so good! Thanks for sharing,
Thank you!
Happy you got a good report! Continued good vibes/well wishes for complete & total healing!! :)

Incision and Bed Lounger

I've had some questions about the bed lounger. It's not working for me because I feel very confined in it and it's just too difficult to move around in bed to get it positioned. The recliner is much easier. However, my friend that stayed with me loved it. I'm 5'9 and weigh 160. She's 5'3 and weighs 115. I think it's sized better for more petite people.

Here is the photo of my incision from today. Looks good except for the area of stress. So we are to keep anti-biotic ointment on it. Doc was not overly concerned and I am darn sure going to make sure there is no stress on it. That area is where my old belly button was and an old incision from where another surgeon took fat to make a new disk for my jaw. That was a difficult place to make it all come together. Over all I think it all looks good for 1 week.

Friends brought dinner from Maggiano's tonight. It was good but I could only eat a tiny bit. It was nice to see them and visit.

Photo didn't post

Try again.

Forgot to tell this about my Dad....

So my dad has been checking in every day to see how I'm doing. He's not seen any photos so he really doesn't understand. I asked him if he wanted to see photos. He said sure. I sent him some before and some after. Then I called him. He answered the phone "hi my hot daughter" lol. We talked about the procedure and then he said "I have a tummy. Could I get a tummy tuck? " omg.

I said "Dad, you have thousands of blood clots in your body and no surgeon will touch you, you're 85, and you'd need to lose about 75 pounds." God love him!

On August 12-14th he and I went to to our home town of Chicago to revisit our past. We did 85 years in 2½ days. It was an amazing trip of memories. I am so glad I was able to give him this trip. So here are the photos of us going and coming home dead tired or pretending to be!
Looking so great azsunshine! Glad to hear that all was a success!
Thank you!!
What a sweet story. You are both very blessed to have each other. :)

My temporary Home Sweet Home!

I figured as long as I was confined to my recliner, I'd post a photo. See? I'm being good! I also posted a photo of the incision and the bad spot.
Thanks for sharing. You look beautiful, and way younger than your years.
Thank you!
You look great! What's your secret to looking so young???? You're two years younger than me but look about twenty years younger! Now you've got a youthful looking body too! Lucky you!!

Drains and stitches are OUT!!!

Yea! Drains came out and that hurt! Stitches came out and that was no big deal. I can't believe I have ZERO bruising!

I saw Dr. Shaw's nurses today as he is in surgery and they are awesome!

Next appointment is Friday. I'm hoping he'll give me the go ahead to sleep in bed laying down in the fetal position as long as I keep tension off the bad spot. But if not, no biggie but I am tired of the recliner.

My friend came over and she washed my hair an dried it straight. I look more "normal" though normal for me is very subjective!!! lol I feel so good but tired.
I have been following you, and sounds like you are doing fantastic! Congratulations!
Thank you!!!
Yip, it's amazing that you have NO bruising!! I looked like a train wreck for close to a month. LOTS of bruising with both tummy tucks! It seems that our incisions actually look worse on a photograph than in reality! I slept in bed in a fetal position from day one both times. I couldn't possibly have slept in a recliner as that would have been too hard on my back. I also walked around the house every couple of hours from day one. I did feel fatigued quickly but that the norm. I didn't buy or need any assistive devices (shower chair, commode etc.) The only thing I purchased for my recovery was some analgesics for pain control and I didn't need many of those pills. I had a shower (standing up and alone) on day three and that was no problem either. I guess I just recover well from surgery and am one of the lucky ones.

I get it now.....

Every woman I know that is a friend and had a boob job have no problem showing the off. I didn't quite understand that. But I guess if you paid good money for them you want to show them off. Ok, I get it now.

Friends came over last night to see how I'm doing and just visit a bit. She is the one who had a TT and Boob job from the doctor I did not use. Anyway, I couldn't wait to show her! I took off the CG and as hunched over as I was, showed off my new flat stomach! lol She couldn't believe how amazing I looked.

So now I get it! Well, it's not like I'm going to get naked and show strangers or anything but my girlfriends? Yep!! I hope anyway. lol No, don't worry, I'll wear clothes!!!

Yep, So now I get it!

I'll try to post some more photos later. I still have that yucky spot but I think it's getting better. I'm still staying hunched over and just chilling in my recliner. I'm not going to do anything to hinder the healing.
I totally agree with you on that subject, I can't wait to show off my flat belly at our next vacation. I am 6 days post op! You go girl!
55 days till we arrive at our favorite resort in Mexico!!! 55 days till I get to ahem...strut my stuff! Thank you!
Hilarious! I NEVER used to even want to be naked much, much less flash my TATA's etc. But now, well, I'm proud as heck. Not strangers either, but anybody else that wants to see em, lol. Feel rather proud if them and myself...another "gift" from having had these surgeries. ENJOY! :-DSuzy

Whoa Mama!!!!

I am taking photos every day of the stressed spot in my incision to compare them. Today I got more than I bargained for! Without the drains, I got a good shot of the front of my pubic area. Holy Moly!!! So THAT's where it's all supposed to be! Hubby is going to have to learn some new territory! I love it! I showed a friend and she wants me to ask my doctor how much he'd charge for a pussy lift!!! And we're not talking about taking her cat to the vet!!! I sure wish I could post the photos but I do have moments of "mmm.....maybe I'd better not". Amazing!
You just keep getting better and better! Congratulations! I think that the knowledge that the fat is really gone is just about the most uplifting (haha - literal and figurative) thing one can do. Soooo many folks have said "I don't know why you want to do THAT....you look great." Very kind, but quite honestly, no one knows the internal battles we face when some of our feature change and become unrecognizable. I expect to NEVER regret having both the face lift, augmented chin, cheeks and lift. If I turn out better in some ways, but worse in others, so be it. So far my tummy tuck is magnificent. Still some swelling at the base below new belly button. No lower legs swelling, either. Possibly the lipo and TT freed up the lymphatic drainage?? VERY best wishes, ALWAYS! XOMaggie
Thank you! I believe that just because I may not agree with something someone does, if it's important to them, I will support them with all I have.
Hahaha!!! Tell it girl!! and because it has been repositioned a little higher is more accessible and sensitive. That's a plus and hardly no one likes to mention it here. Intimacy gets way better so eat your Wheaties and get ready!! Lol ;D take care

A Banner Day!

Had my 3rd post-op today and 2nd with surgeon. He told me I looked great, that I could start standing up straighter (thank you God!), sleep in bed and drive! I still have the compression garment for another 2.5 weeks but after that it's up to me. He wants me to keep putting Triple Antibiotic Ointment on the not so great spot but it's really looking pretty good.

I tried on my "goal dress" but was so hunched over, I took it off. It will have to wait. BUT....I had to try on a bikini. Same yellow one in the before photos but without the stomach. Remember, I'm still very hunched over, tire and had to sit on a stool but no belly! I'm a little swollen but not bad.

We went out to happy hour with friends to celebrate and I am one happy camper. Now, remember, I'm still going to rest and take it easy. I don't want the swelling to start or to backslide.
You look Killer!!!! Congrats! Any issues with the AS so far?
Ok, seriously…did you say you are 61 or 31??? That yellow bikini looks fantastic! I can't wait to see the goal dress! Congratulations!
WooHOO girl you are rocking that bikini! You look fantastic :) Annnnddd, I'm pretty sure it's just gonna get better. You must be thrilled! XO

Ok, overdid it a bit!

After the doctor's appt yesterday, hubby and I went to Happy Hour with friends. I think the being up more than usual plus the standing up straighter was a bit of an overdo for me. I was asleep by 9:15pm and not in my bed. I tried, but ended up in the recliner.

My stomach muscles are a bit sore today so just relaxing and taking it easy. Swelling doesn't seem to be real bad either.

What I've learned.....

I've been thinking about the realities of my TT versus what I heard or thought about it.

I always heard it's the most painful of surgeries, the scars are horrible, you're down and out for months. There was nothing that encouraged me to even think about it. I also didn't know anyone who had one.

The realities are so much different. Is it an easy surgery? No, but it's not near as bad as I expected. Why was that for me? Or course, all this is just my opinion and may not apply to others. Everyone’s experience is different and circumstances are different.

1. I've had 2 other surgeries that were horrible: jaw and hemorrhoidectomy. So I was used to post-surgical pain. This was uncomfortable and my stomach felt tight, but I really had zero incision pain.

2. I did not have a lot of fat or loose skin. I believe, mine was mostly muscle repair. Dr. Shaw may disagree and he’s the expert! From what I've read here, lipo is really painful and I didn't have that. Being at ideal or close to ideal weight makes it easier as well.

3. I followed doctor's orders. I gave into the fact I needed to do nothing. I did not do anything I wasn't supposed to. Ok, maybe the turkey sandwich the next day at the hospital wasn't smart but that was a short lived bit of uncomfortableness. I took pain meds as needed. I stayed hunched over. I walked. I slept. I really believe that doing too much too quick slows down healing. They tell us what to do for a reason. As I sit here and type this, my wonderful hubby is doing laundry, dishes, went grocery shopping, brought me flowers and is taking care of me. Do I feel guilty? A bit. Am I going to give in to it? No. I'm resting and healing. lololol...ok, I know I'll owe him plenty when this is over!!!

4. I do not smoke.

5. I am realistic about what I wanted. My doctor wouldn’t do a TT and breast job at the same time. There is a reason for that. Our bodies can only handle so much.

6. I went to the best. Were there less expensive doctors? Yep. Are they as good? Maybe but probably not. This is my body and I only get one. If I felt I couldn’t afford the best, then it would be in my best interest to wait and save until I could. I don’t mean for this to sound snobby but I won’t sacrifice my body to save money.

7. Spending two nights in the hospital was so worth it. I feel I came home 3 days ahead of the game. I can’t even fathom going home the same day from this kind of surgery.

8. Have a friend to help. My hubby was awesome but he did have to work. So when he was at work a friend spent the days with me. She washed my hair, gave me sponge baths, massaged my back, cleaned my drains, fed me, dispensed meds, laughed at my funny comments, took me to the doctor twice for post-op appts and was just there for me. I do love her!

Here is what I learned that worked or not:
• Raised Toilet seat. Absolutely essential.
• Walker: It helped especially when spasms were bad but really didn’t use it that much.
• Recliner: Absolutely essential. I could not lie in bed regardless of how many pillows I had and I had plenty (10+).
• Oversized Granny under panties: Never wore one. Anyone need any? Lol I found that just wearing a soft tank top with the CG was all I wanted. I put a hubby’s t-shirt on the seat and back of recliner. I had a knit twin bed flat sheet to cover myself and a throw if I got cold.
• House dress (robe): Only wore one home from the hospital. Have two unworn ones hanging in my closet. Same reason as the panties.
• Arnica cream: I believed this helped with the back spasms more than the prescription.
• Arnica sublinguals: I am not sure about this.
• Laptop/ipad/cell phone: yep. These kept the boredom at bay and me connected to the world. Although my friends say I sent some pretty humorous texts the first day or two. Have chargers set up and ready for when you come home from hospital.
• Grabber: A long thing with a handle you can squeeze to pick things up. This was great so I didn’t have to reach or get something that had fallen to the floor. Also good for hitting the bed next to the recliner if hubby was snoring. Ok, I really didn’t do that.
• 36” high Stool: Absolutely essential so I could sit when brushing my teeth or trying to groom myself.
• TV trays or something to set things on next to the recliner. Command central, if you will.
• Waste basket next to chair. No explanation needed??? Lol
• Bed lounger/Leg lounger: I think this may help some but not me. I felt too confined and I could not move enough on the bed to get into it. Also, I’m 5’9. My friend that came over to help me is 5’3 and she loved it. I think I’m too big.

Ok, I’ve gone on long enough. I hope some or any of this helps at least one person.

Oh my...hubby washed CG and I looked outside and he hung it from our umbrella to dry! It made me laugh!
I also think pain level tolerance has a lot to do with how fast we heal and our discomfort level. This past week I had a burn scar removed from my face with z-revision surgery. The worst part was the shots. When the Dr gave the first two shots she asked if my face was numb, I said no. She then asked if I was OK, again I said yes. She then stated that most patients winch, mourn, jump, or have some reaction to the pain/stinging of the initial shots. I explained to her that she had told me to be perfectly still and had just done so. My point is that if u go into anything with realistic impressions ur are not surprised and can cope. It sounds like u did just that. Besides, u look absolutely lovely.
I agree. Your face thing reminded me of when I got juvederm in my upper lip several years ago. That was 100x more painful than this surgery. I broke out into a cold sweat, got dizzy, nauseated and really thought I was going to throw up. It was so horrible. I will NEVER do that again!!! Thank you very much!
I agree wholeheartedly with what you've said!

Updated incision photos

Here are some updated incision photos 10 days post op. The part in the center that looks bad really looks worse in the photo than it is. It's healing nicely but was a tricky spot.

I am tired this weekend! I can feel my body healing and after HH Friday evening and having friend over for several hours yesterday, even though all I did was move from recliner to sofa, I am beat.

I think the skin at the top of my thighs were also stretched upwards and that feels sore. I feel more of an overall soreness now. More so now that I am standing up straighter and moving more

It still wasn't near as bad as other surgeries though. I am a very happy at how thin the scar is on the sides.

My hubby calls the drain sites "evil eyes"!!! lol
If I had the nerve when I had lipo I would have had tt but everyone said recovery was so long I did not think it would be a good decision for me. You story gives hope to others considering the procedure. Thx.
Yes, this was part of the problem for me, but how long should you allow yourself to be unhappy??? AZsunshine is helping me a lot.
Thank you!!!

Glad yesterday is over!!!

It wasn't a real bad day, but I was tired and my body was telling me sleep was my best friend. Hubby was sweet and wonderful as usual. He always makes me feel so loved and cherished.

I took a Percocet about 8:30pm. I was kind of testing it too. I hadn't had anything in about 30+ hours. But my stomach felt like it had done hundreds of crunches. lol... In reality, I have never done one! Moving on.... I was so tired but the Percocet did not let me sleep. It put me in the LaLa Land between sleep and wake. I know I did sleep because I dreamed. But I woke a lot all night. So NO MORE Percocet for me at least at bedtime.

I feel much more rested today. Hubby dressed my wound before he went to work. He asked if I wanted breakfast. I said not yet. When I got up to eat something, he had set out the Raisin Bran, bowl, sweetener and 2 different sized spoons so I had a choice. Is that sweet or what? I am so blessed!

I also thought I'd share a pic of my sweet cat, Missy. She loves to lay next to me in the recliner. Well, more accurately, she lets me sit next to her!!! I love her softness and warmth.

I weighted this am with the CG and a tank on. I'm 2 pounds lighter than surgery day. YEA!!! I do feel swollen too so I'm very happy. I think my bad spot is getting better too.

My whole agenda today is my girlfriend is coming over to help me shower, wash and dry my hair and give me a massage. Otherwise, I'm resting! It's all about me!!!
It does look like you are healing nicely, good pink skin around the 'bad spot', and what a sweet hubby to leave the cereal out. Enjoy your afternoon with your GF, she will pick up your spirits and maybe with the massage you will sleep better tonight. Thanks for the update
Thank you! It was awesome!
Sounds like an excellent plan ;) Your incision is healing up nicely. Sorry you're not sleeping real well, maybe tylenol and chamomile tea? (has worked for me in the past) Thanks for the updates, I really enjoy them :)

1st Shower!

I can't believe I had my first shower since surgery. I have a huge seat in the shower and 2 shower heads: 1 is a hand hel that adjustable up and down a bar and the other is fixed to the wall. I sat on the seat and used the handheld. My friend washed my feet, lower legs and back for me.

Then I dried my hair! WHEW!!!! That took it out of me. But it's clean and semi-styled.

Then she gave me close to a 2 hour massage. I laid on the bed on my side hugging a big firm pillow. She worked my shoulder, neck, back butt, legs arms and hands. I zoned out a few times it was that good. Then I had to get up and change to other side of the bed for her to do the other side.

She also did some lymphatic massage.

I am jello! So nap time here I come!!!
I had surgery same day as you so have been following your recovery closely. I've been taking it easy too. My only problem is a sharp pain in my left groin. It may be a nerve or muscle. I've felt it all along- but seems pretty painful--it's really the only reason I keep taking Tylenol. I see my PS on Wednesday so anxious to see what she says. I, too, have a small area (where old bb was) that is black. My PS doesn't seem worried about it and it's small so I'm not obsessing about it. Keep posting--your cheerful and sensible attitude is a pleasure to read.
Thank you! Funny that you say that. I know when he lifted the mons area, he also lifted the skin on the top of my thighs. The skin there feels a bit like a rug burn. Better today but I could tell it was stretched. Could that be it for you too maybe?
You've got a great friend there...great recovery there girl.

Something weird has come up...

Two nights ago, my labia felt dry and irritated, probably from the stretching. So I put organic coconut oil on them. I felt some lumpy bumps inside the right outer labia. It's pretty noticeable when palpating the labia. I think it's better today but not sure. I bet it's fatty tissue or maybe a hematoma from the surgery. I sure hope it goes away.

Otherwise, I need to tell my PS on Friday that I have a Lumpy Labia. lol

No photos, sorry!!!
Hey Sexy60...do you have a review?
Hi Sunshine -- Yes, my PS lifted the thigh area which I LOVE!!! However, this is a sharp pain in the left groin. I think it is a nerve -- hoping it's not a muscle or tendon. I was doing weights and pilates like mad before surgery and wonder about the muscles!!! I've read posted that there is a nerve in that area that is sometimes affected and can be treated with a shot to take away pain. I hope so because I think I could get around fine (not like before obviously) if it weren't for this sharp pain. I'm so envious of your massages but happy for you! Continued happy healing. I haven't left a review because I haven't told many -- I've had implant removal and breast lift with same doctor and I think some of my friends think I'm getting addicted so I have not shared this journey!!
Gotcha! I hope it goes away too!

My friend...

My wonderful friend that has been so good to me went to see a colorectal surgeon (mine) today and called to tell me she's having a hemorrhoidectomy tomorrow!!!!! Yikes! I will not be much help to her during this surgery. I'm glad she's getting it done quickly though. I had that surgery in 2011 and it is awful.

I am much better today. No pain pills or even Tylenol. My skin feels very sensitive. I've been resting in the recliner almost all day.

I know I'm healing well, my scars look great but bouncing back? I'm 61. It's takes us oldies longer. Would some of you "less than" 40 something's send me some energy? Many thanks!

You are a true inspiration. I'm 37 and freaking out about recovery and you seem as calm as can be! You are doing recovery the right way! Hugs to you:)
Thank you! Don't freak! I know...easier said than done. But it is what it is. We choose to alter our bodies so we have also choose to respect that our bodies are going to need time to heal and find a new normal. Wow... where did that piece of philosophy come this am? lol Hang in there.....remember....be calm and let your body do what it needs to do.
You are beautiful and you look great. Your dad said it best, "hot". I've enjoyed reading your posts especially your family shenanigans. LOL. You and your dad are adorable.

Bed and Organic Coconut Oil

First of all, thank you to RealSelf support staff! I emailed them about using the "less than" sign and got an email back within hours that brackets are not allowed as they could signal a HTML code. They fixed my review that kept deleting the text.

I rubbed organic coconut oil on my tummy last night. I hated touching my tummy. If felt so raw and creepy feeling. So I used a very light touch.

Best news is I slept in bed till 4:30 am! First time since surgery. Then I dreamed that I had to pee really bad and that woke me up because I think I was ready to!!!! So I got up and just didn't want to disturb hubby getting settled in bed again so back to the recliner it was.

I think my tummy skin feels better. I'll try to rub some more OCO on it in a bit. I can't take off CG because I can't get it on myself and no one is here with me today.

Have a great day! Hugs to all!
Happy Wednesday! Get your rest :)
Great idea about the OCO! Glad you're healing well albeit not as quickly as you'd like. :)
Thanks! I just need energy!!! I get so tired when I'm up.

Body photos

Here are some photos I took today. I'm swollen but I'm so very, very happy! I think my butt looks flatter which I hope is just from the being hunched over still and that it gets rounder as I heal and the swelling goes away. It could also be the way the panties fit. Oh well....I have a flat stomach!!!


Even though I'm still a little hunched over, I had to take these!!! I also know this dress may be too "old" for "you youngsters" but for me? I love it!!!!! No more dresses designed to hide my stomach!
Looking rocking hot in that dress! Makes me want to buy a dress, although I rarely wear dresses.
Thank you!!! go for it! I love wearing dresses!
You look great in that dress !!!!! Love it ! Love it ! ...... : )

Took a walk....

I walked down the block to our mailbox, got the mail and back home. Then had to talk a nap. I was able to sleep on my side pretty comfortably. My cat, Missy decided she needed a nap too.
I can not wait to sleep on my side .....omg can you say sore back too!
Me too! Keep the CG on and knees bent with a pillow between them. I had a pretty firm memory foam pillow that I had between my legs and hugged it tight. One company I worked for made pillows. I have about 10 different kinds of foam, memory foam, poly/foam pillows of different sizes that were samples. They came in handy trying to figure which worked best.
Memory foam perfect , I will use the ones in our guest room and try it tonight. Thanks!

Not a good night...

I went to bed about 9:30 and played a few games. Turned on my side, got settled and bam....wide awake. Eyes wide open kind of awake. I could not sleep for anything. Finally about 12:15 am, I moved to the recliner and dozed off sometime after 1am. Woke at 6 am and moved back to the bed and slept on my side till 8. Why could I not do that last night?
Aww, what a sweet kitty! :) I know how you feel re: sleep deprivation. Glad you were able to doze off finally. Not being able to rest fully can get maddening. Have a wonderful weekend!
Thanks! Same to you!

Doctor appt update

I showered and dried my hair and felt much better. It took me about the normal amount of time with almost no discomfort. I actually put makeup and jewelry on! I took a pic and sent it to my hubby and told him his wife was back home!!

Saw Dr. Shaw. I didn't realize it but my upper abdomen was full of fluid. He took out 45cc's of redish fluid!!!!! Have to go back on Monday for recheck.

Said I could sleep in any position I find comfortable.

I told him I felt like I could use my stomach muscles without pain. He said a little is ok, but not too much.

That's about it. Oh, keep ointment on the bad spot. Looking better every day but may take up to 6 weeks to heal.

OH, OH, OH....I sneezed 2x today! Didn't hurt near as much as I thought it would.

That's all I can think of today! Have a fun and safe weekend!
45cc's! That's an ounce and a half. A small seroma. Very common. I had a couple of fluid aspirations after my first tuck as well as after my second tuck. So now you're probably 45cc's flatter!! The flatter, the better! Awesome!!
Yep! Doc said after he aspirated it "NOW you look like you did when I was done with you!" Flatter is better! Except in pancakes and butts!!!
Wow! 45cc's is a lot! Glad it wasn't painful. Being flatter is a good thing! I can't wait to be able to put make up on. Right now I just don't have it in me. But I think I'm doing pretty good for 11 days out. Sneezing with minimal pain a definite sign of healing! So happy for you. I have to say when I engage my tummy muscles they don't hurt. But I know we need to let them heal. ...your husband must've been so happy to get that picture! And it must've felt even better to send it :)

I always have more to say!

Ok, thought I was done. It was a big day. After the doctor, I got a pedicure and manicure. That felt wonderful! I texted hubby and told him since I had make up on, we were doing Happy Hour at one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants. He came back and asked how he would recognize me? lol Isn't he just the cutest thing ever!!!

I'm still a little hunched over. Need to work on my posture!

It's been a long day. I'm taking an Ambien and hopefully going to sleep 8+ hours in the recliner.
Good night all!
Awe That was so cute what your hubby said. :) Love the Maxi dress and your Beautiful Smile WoooHooooo!
He is cute! Thank you!!!
Beautiful! Love the dress, and the color fits you well. Nice cleavage . Looking good

Good morning!

Amazing what an Ambien and 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep even in the recliner can do! Woke at 6am, feeling great! On the patio having coffee with hubby now!

Binder feels tight but ok. I'd love it if the fluid doesn't come back. We'll see!

Happy Saturday everyone!
Sleep does wonders...glad you got much need rest!! I think we are going out to dinner tonight havent done that in awhile. Happy Saturday!!
Have a wonderful time at dinner!
You look fantastic! Today my parents are taking my kids to my sister's in NY and I'm going to take a valium and take a guaranteed nap! I already overdid it this morning! I feel like I'm further along than 12 days but then my body reminds me that I'm not!

Went out for dinner....

SO!!!!! I bought one of my wish dresses and it delivered today! I wore the CG underneath which made it a little bulkier. I can't believe I wore it. The old me would NEVER have even considered buying it. www.venus.com stikes again!!! I have to say that 2 hours after being out, I was ready to come home. My PS made the binder so tight over the area he aspirated fluid from and then 2 drinks and food, my skin was on fire and felt like it was being stretched till it was ready to explode.

I am so thankful that I was able to have this surgery. I can't believe this is me!

Back in my recliner and ready to sleep!
Love reading your story!! You look amazing!! Thanks for all your honest tips and candidness. Hope everything continues to go wonderfully for you.... Sending healing vibes :))
Thank you!
I've always loved Venus. You look fabulous! So happy for you. I said the same thing in my review ...Can't believe I had the surgery and my belly is gone! It's awesome!

Good night!

I had a pity party today. Doesn't happen to me often. But. I got so tired of the recliner, bored, my stomach skin feels yucky and was weepy. I know I need estrogen and that will help with the weepiness.

Hubby is his amazing self. .... Just does stuff to make me laugh at him and myself. So, I'm trying a new place to sleep tonight. It's a chaise in our bedroom. I thought he was going to suggest the back yard, but he didn't.

Good night sweet friends. Tomorrow is another day and the sun will shine!

Pleasant dreams!
azsunshine when u hurt we hurt. Take it easy and I bet lots of ladies who have gone through this have experienced the same sensations you are. The lack of not being able to sleep in your bed and limited to being on your back during the night is taking its toll on you. Rest up azsunshine.
Thank you!
Hope today is a bright sunny day!

The SUN is shining today!

I have to tell you all here because I can't tell anyone else except a few chosen friends and I want to tell the world!

Hubby was stung in his hand the first couple years of his first marriage back in the middle 70's. Yeah, yeah, long before many of you were a twinkle in your parents eye! He discovered he is deathly allergic to stings. He was in the hospital and his finger was swelling up over his ring. Paramedics were trying to get it off. The doctor came in and told them they had 10 minutes or he was losing his finger. So hubby said to get to it boys! He has never worn any kind of jewelry again.

When we were married the minister wrote "I give you my heart" in place the words where I would say I give you this ring. A heart necklace was the first gift he gave me.

Soooooo..... I have decided he is getting a wedding ring. I don't care if he hardly ever wears is. We are having a get together a few days before our Anniversary in October. He has NO idea that I am doing this. A friend of our is a minister and is going to write a short ring ceremony and I am going to give him the ring. I am going to wear my wedding dress. We got married in our back yard and our bedroom door is off the backyard. He walked me down the aisle at our wedding from the door to the area we got married.

This time, I will disappear and change into my wedding dress and a friend will tell him I need help in the bedroom and point to the door. When he opens it, I'll come out. Then we'll walk to the grassy area (lol fake grass - it's AZ) with our friends around us and do the short ceremony. Then it's PARTY TIME!!!!!

The best part is I found and bought the ring today! I LOVE IT! I'm am so excited!

Not bad for an old lady, huh!!!

I actually walked through Target today. I was leaning on the cart, but I made it!!!

Back to subject at hand! Saw the doc today. He took out 20'cc's and said it all looks great!!!! See him on Friday.

I don't have any stomach photos but I thought I'd post a few of our wedding. Just remember, all you youngin's.... We may be old, but we ain't dead!!! lol
Geez...you standing by that blue flag...you look like a YOUNGUN'! I bet you were a pageant girl. I use to work with lots of pageant girls years ago....did their hair! lol Anyway, you sure have 'that look'....elegant. Hubby I'm sure is proud.....and just think....you will even ROCK your wedding dress even BETTER than the day of your wedding! I am so in awe...congrats!!
Thank you! Believe it or not, before I started hormone pellets for menopause 11 years ago, I looked OLD! I was old. I thought old, acted old, dressed old, had helmet hair (seriously). I should post a photo here.
Yes you should! Then we won't be sitting here being totally JEALOUS! lol I looked into that Hormone pellet thing you do! I had never heard of it before!! I think young...act young, dress young....just look like CRAP! lol

Incision photo

Here is an updated photo of incision and my belly button. I love how both look. The bad spot is healing great, just takes time. PS said he can fix that in the office down the road. The incision is pencil thin, no rippling, even, and I am thrilled! I'm really not near as swollen as I expected. I probably still have some fluid but no worries.

I got my legs waxed today and once again, only my hairdresser only knows for sure if I'm a natural blonde! So all I did was lay on a table and sit in a chair but by the time I got home 5 hours later, I was beat! I took off the CG and chilled.
Your bb is beautiful! You are doing so well!
All is looking good. Scar line is amazing. Mine is flat but still pinkish purple in color. I'm fair skinned though, so it will take time to lighten. My c-section scar took over a year to lighten. I don't care though, I'm just so glad to have my "flap" gone and flat tummy, right?! Keep taking good care beautiful lady. HUGS :-DSuzy

I'm exploding! Ok, not really.

My dad (yeah, that one) came over so I could help him with his "massive computer problems". Three hours later and I'm still not sure what the problems were. Oh, how do I post in FB? Where did my contacts go? lol.... Anyway, we sat at the kitchen table and I got up frequently. But he left and for the first time I feel like I'm going to explode. I am miserable! This is strange. I just some photos and yep, I'm swollen.
It happens! Just rest and keep ur feet up. It will go down. U still look beautiful!
Thanks! I am in my recliner with feet up!

Weird sensation

The muscles in my tummy just to the right and below my BB are twitching like crazy! Like an eye twitch!!! WEIRD!!!
You're always telling us to take it easy and don't overdo??? Hmmm....lol. You still look great.
Yes mam'! I am!!!! She says like a petulant little girl!!! I was just sitting in a chair! lol
That weird sensation is likely nerve regeneration. It can tingle, feel itchy, or even feel like little electrical shocks (I call them zingers). It's a good sign. The more zingers, the more feeling you'll have when all is healed.

HORRIBLE night and non-TT related.

The valve that keeps everything in my stomach doesn't work. So acid reflux has been a problem for 20+ years. It's under control during the day and most nights. I know to eat early and sleep with my upper body elevated. I have also trained my body to wake before it gets too bad when it happens at night. It's called Nocturnal Aspiration (no, not that!)

We ate about 8pm and not smart. Meatloaf and mac and cheese. I really wanted comfort food. I actually fell asleep with upper body elevated in my bed about 10:30. Around Midnight, I woke to some stomach contents getting into my lungs and was choking, coughing and extreme pain. The pain goes down my arm, up my face into my head and all my teeth and of course my chest. It's far worse than any TT pain.

I got into a sitting position as fast as I could. The ONLY resolution is to retch. It's the same thing as someone who is drowning and has to get the water out of their lungs. I need to get the stomach contents out of my lungs. But it's not a throwing up like when we are nauseated. It's mostly dry heaving to get it out of my lungs. It took about 30 minutes of violent retching and I knew it was out.

The pain goes away almost immediately. I'm left with a sore throat and my lungs and esophagus hurt. Here is the most interesting part to me with this episode. Through the whole retching part my stomach muscles never hurt! They don't hurt today either!!! I always felt like someone tore my stomach muscles apart.

I knew better but slipped up.
Oh lord how awful, sorry you had to go though that....but glad it didn't hurt your muscles. My tummy is twitching too feel weird like little shocks, but the more shocks the better the nerve endings are coming alive.
You know you were naughty eating that late. If I eat past 6:30 I'm in big trouble. 6 or 6:26 pm I eat but has to be something soft. It can't be rice , pasta or any meat :-( ...so be a good girl or pay the consequences, specially with your condition. I love your blog :-)
Yep. Can I blame hubby cause he got home late? No? ok. I did get a false sense of security after being treated for the SIBO. I even went to sleep with my upper body elevated. Thank you!!!

Doc update 24 days po

Saw my PS today. He removed 17cc's of fluid. Getting less and less. They gave me a new longer compression garment and it feels soooooo much better. The original one hit me about an inch above the incision after he moved it up to cover where I was collecting fluid.

Steri-strips stay on for a total 6 weeks. Then we change to scar treatment and he's not sure yet what we'll use. Depends on the incision and what is best for me. I think my incision looks so good. The marks are from the steri-strips.

I told him we were going on vacation to Mexico on 11/6 and would I be able to get in the water in both the ocean or pool. He said yes. If the center part isn't totally healed, they have a waterproof covering I can use.

I find it interesting the differences between doctors concerning incision healing, compression garments, scar treatments, etc. I read where some of you are buying your own compression garments and choosing what you want within a few weeks. He only wants me wearing the compression garment that he gave me. I also have read where scar treatment is being used as soon as 2 weeks. So many differences and all interesting!

I was up 4.5 pounds yesterday morning. This morning, I'm down 4.7!!!
Healing nicely and Congrats on the weight loss.
we are going to mexico 11/5 for my son's wedding. can't wait!
Have a great trip! Congratulations!

Turning a corner....

We went out with friends tonight. I expected to be able to stay a couple of hours. Took a nap this afternoon and made it 3 hours!!!! Didn't dance but couldn't stay still! Great band! Home now in the recliner. I think I've turned another corner. A small one but joining life again! Had a great time! I love this new compression garment.
How nice :-DSuzy
Each week it gets better.

Good morning!

I moved to my bed about 4am and slept on my right side till 7:30. But before I fell back asleep, hubby woke andwe started laughing because we couldn't sleep. He kept telling me to go to sleep. I would say, if I could, I'd already be asleep. We really had a fit of the laughs. Guess you had to be there. Lol. It's not near as funny retelling it!

Can't sleep on left side because of a rotator cuff issue and after 3+ hours on my right, I had enough.

I have my CG off for a bit, we are sitting on the patio having coffee, a cool breeze with 6-8 hummingbirds flying around. It's a beautiful day in AZ!

Have a great day RS sisters!
hey, azsunshine, I noticed that your TT was a little more $11,000. It's good to know that someone else paid that much for a TT. My P/S charges $12,500 and another $12,000 for B/L. However, I paid $19,180 for the 2 procedures. I saved about $5,000 or so by doing both at once. But, the recovery is pretty intense...lots of swelling! Ya, for sure many P/S don't like doing B/L &TT's at the same time.
The other consultation I had was for a b/l and tt. It was close to $19,000. Dr. Shaw said he would not do both on me because of my medical history and issues. Also, there is a very dangerous genetic blood clotting factor that is very prevalent in my family. I'm negative, but I have 10+close family members who are positive, including my dad, sister and niece. So he was very worried that doing both would cause problems there. Plus the fact that I had very little excess skin and was worried that the stretching would cause too much stress. I think that's how he put it. The $11,400 also included 2 nights in the hospital. I knew he was expensive but I simply wanted the best. I was not going to compromise my body to save money. He is considered the best in Scottsdale.
Wow...i agree with you about the hospital stay. The 1st 2-3 days after surgery is pretty critical.

Another corner is turned.....

Good morning!
We went to a party last night. I did really well. The hosts had a padded chaise on the patio and several of my friends were making sure I didn't over do. They propped my knees with pillows, made sure the back rest was adjusted. I felt like a queen! Most of them have had either TT's or boob jobs.

I thought I'd be really tired and sore today. But I feel great! I don't want to sit in the recliner. I'm not ready to get back in it after being up for 15 minutes. I don't hurt. I feel the tightness but that's good! My skin does not feel yucky. I feel like doing things. Not big stuff but stuff.

We have a lime tree. We got about 180+ limes off of it this year. Not a huge crop but it's only the 2nd year producing limes. I juiced about 40 limes today and I freeze the juice. It is sooooooo good! I did the dishes. I straightened up stuff.

I am getting back to living!!!!!!!!! It feels great!

And yes.... all you mom's out there, I am not going to over do it today. I'll still be good. :)
Just read your whole blog at once ... took a while but I enjoyed it immensely! So very happy for you! You are such a sexy beautiful woman at the age of 61!!!! I am 50 and wished I looked as fab. as you! You are a blessed woman for having such a great husband and I am sure he feels just as blessed. Thank you so much for your story and I love the way you look in your new dresses. Oh and hot in your bikini. Glad you are doing so well!
Wow! thank you so much! I look forward to following your journey too!
/You are amazing and so very pretty! Thank you for your detailed account of recovery. I am close in age to you and getting my MM surgery on 10/16/14. Your husband is so sweet! My hubby of 33 years will be my caregiver. Your new dress is amazing on you! I'm so looking forward to losing my lose skin and lower ab pooch. Ha, I loved that your girl friend wants a lift down there, and what the doc said about the patient whose mons was lifted. Hahaha, I stand in front of the mirror and lift everything up and wonder how mine will look. Thanks for the list of what you used and didn't use. You had a few things on there that I hadn't thought of. Best wishes moving forward!! hugs!

Great news!

Boy, it only kept getting better after I posted yesterday. I almost felt like I hadn't even had surgery. I slept in my bed for the first time all night! Part on my back and part on my side.

But now I have a different problem and quandary. Unfortunately, people that have ankylosing spondylitis get stiff, have muscle spasms and lower back pain when not moving. My mattress which is a memory foam mattress is so comfortable, I don't move much. So when I got up this morning, my lower back was killing me. My back never hurt in the recliner because I of the position of my spine. This really has nothing to do with my surgery though. I had just forgotten how my back would hurt sleeping in bed.

It's just amazing how good I feel! Enough so that I might even try to see a couple of customers on Wednesday. I am a happy camper!!!

Hugs to you all. I'll take some photos after my shower and post them.

Updated photos

Did I miss it? What is ur height and weight. By the way, it Dr did a wonderful job. Congrats
I have been following your recovery. You look fabulous!! I am on day 6 post op ,just sore ,mot much pain.get drain out tomorrow. Walking around house a lot .ready to be out tomorrow even if it is just to ps office. Hope I have great results like you did, looking forward to your vacation pictures. Happy healing
You are such an inspiration, and I can't thank you enough!


I want to bring this up again. I have lived with chronic idiopathic constipation for all of my life and ended up having a hemorrhoidectomy in 2011. Before my surgery, a friend told me about a certain brand of magnesium that is taken daily as a supplement. I have used it ever since and it is the best stuff. I have not been constipated at all.

It has worked so much better than stool softeners. I was on 3 stool softeners every day for years plus a prescription drug. I ate lots of fiber and used Metamucil as well. I do not take the prescription med or stool softeners any more.

A couple women from here have told me they've started it and love it too.

It comes in 125mg tablets. You take what your body needs. If you travel, increase the 3 of tablets to keep you soft. It does not have a laxative effect. It is slow release so you don't get gas or bloating.

So, you can start taking it before surgery to soften poop. Increase it after surgery to get you to a soft but still formed stage and pooping should be easy. No "omg I need the bathroom NOW".

It can only be bought on line. When I first started, I took 8 per day. Then I was able to cut it back to 1-2 per day. After my surgery, I was upped it to 5 till I pooped and have lowered it back down to 2 per day.


P.S. I do not work for them!
Just wanted to thank you for the recommendation. I tried this brand and it works amazingly well. Have you used any of Jigsaw's other products? I am so I impressed with the Magnesium, I may try the Complete.
I totally agree with mommy pet!
There is no way you are 61! That is all. ..

Non TT related but so embarrassing!

Do you have any idea how awful it is when you accidentally pour diet Dr. Pepper on a piece of sushi instead of soy sauce? I do.
Thanks for sharing info about Magnesium. I just ordered a bottle of high potency 400 mg gel tabs. If they don't work, I'll give these a try. How large are the pills?
My pleasure. They are not large. About the size of a Tylenol. I'll take a photo and post it.
You can't get tired of hearing you look GREAT, so I'll tell you again YOU LOOK GREAT! Thanks for your post. I just came across it today as I'm just 2 wks PO TT.

Good and not so good

Hi beautiful ladies!

I am doing really well. That being said, I am very swollen today. I have fluid pockets and you can see them in the photo. They look like rolls of fat. My lower tummy is really swollen too. Doc will aspirate them on Friday.

ugggg....up 4+ pounds from 2 days ago. That is not unusual for me, but it makes my skin feel crappy and burn a lot.

I slept in bed again last night. My lower back hurt so bad this am, hubby had to help me stand up. So, I guess it's back to the recliner.

It's not so much the TT that is causing me to have an off day but the crap I deal with having Ankylosing spondylitis. On the other hand, I don't have cancer and it's not going to kill me. I cherish every day and focus on the positives. Someday's are just a little harder than others.
Awe....please rest and take things easy. It seems like TT surgery is all about baby steps.
Aww sweet lady, sorry your feeling yucky. I think you might be having a little "swell hell"...it's not too bad, comparatively speaking...have seen lots worse. Hang in there and keep drinking LOTS of water...believe it or not, the water helps flush out the fluids. BIG, gentle HUGS :-DSuzy
Agreed Miss HappySuzy...drink lots of water Miss Sunshine and the water will gently wash you out internally. Measure out 8 glasses 1st thing in morning...and begin by sipping all day long. Aim to finish by 7pm...so you may have a restful night. Fluid also aids in lubricating stiff joints. Eat an extra serving of chopped Kale this week, with a little olive oil, pumpkin seeds and 1oz dried cranberries. Keep us posted :)

Another beautiful day in paradise!

I am feeling a little less swollen today. Tired. Hubby went to a concert last night and I was up late. Slept in recliner all night which is just so much easier for me than the bed right now.

Not doing a thing except driving his son home and back. 1 hour. Otherwise I'm just resting.

Hugs to you all. Thank you for caring and sharing!
Love reading your updates, and how well you are healing. Thanks!
Thank you!
Hang in there! You. Look beautiful.

Lots to tell!

Had a great visit with Dr. Shaw yesterday.

My friend who is the massage therapist had an app with the muscles of the body and was interested in talking to him about what or if he did anything to other muscles. He was just great and spent quite a bit of time with her going over the muscles and how they all interacted.

I felt very swollen and had the fluid pockets. He really manipulated my lower tummy because it was hard and swollen and he wanted to make sure there was no fluid. It didn't hurt but man, did it feel weird and yucky! He said it was just the normal up and down of swelling. He removed 15 cc's from upper belly. So it's getting less: 45, 20, 19, 15. He said I have to wear the compression garment until there is no more fluid. He pretty much cleared me for life except for high impact stuff (uh, what's that?, lol) and said to rest when I can and don't overdo.

He decided to take off the scab in the middle section of my incision. I am to do a wet/dry treatment. I soak a small piece of gauze in saline, crumble it up and put it on that spot. Cover with 2 pieces of gauze. When it's dry 8-10 hours later, I'm to pull it off and it will debride the area.

The steri-strips are off and the incision looks amazing! It's so thin. I now have silicone strips on. They stay on for a week before I change them. The brand is Mepitac. 1" x 36" was $27. I was surprised. I thought it would be a lot more expensive. It will last me a long time.

Then after my appointment, my friend gave me a lymphatic and relaxing massage. That was awesome!

I really believe the reason my incision is so good is because he left the steri-strips on for 4 weeks. They protected it and kept it from stress and tension. Now the silicone strips will do the same and more.
My doc told me to change the silicone strips every 4-6 hours as they can potentially cause a yeast infection in that area. I am going to read up.
Yup....your incision looks awesome! As good as mine (except for the open spot in the center) and I'm almost five months post op! Good work, Dr. Shaw!!
Did he or his nurse tell you where to buy the Mepitac strips? How long do you need to wear them? Your scar looks paper thin and flat. You look amazing!!!

Scar Treatment

So for an exciting Saturday night's entertainment, I did some online research an scar treatments. Not sure I really learned anything new but I did find something interesting!

Here are some sites with information:


This blew my mind! They have the exact same product "on sale" for $143 that I paid my doctor $27 for. Mepitac. I also found it on Amazon for close to what I paid.

Wow....we really need to do our homework!!!
You are radiantly beautiful!
Thank you!
I think the $143 is for a case of 12 so it is actually a bargain should you actually need a case of 12.

ugggg.... Allergies

Hi ladies....

I have a raging case of allergies! I have NO voice, though I think, no I KNOW hubby is enjoying the silence! My eyes itch and I've been miserable all day.

Not much to report on the TT.

Remind me to never search the net for info when I don't feel good and have allergies!
You look really good, the ring ceremony is emotional, God Bless you marriage, keep the fired burning, lol, drink a lot vitamin C to build new skin and tissue.
Thank you! I am and Yes!!!
Yes, allergies in Arizona are no picnic, that's for sure! Sorry sweet azsunshine.

Doc appt 10/6

Saw the PS yesterday. I didn't think I had fluid build up but he knew immediately. He took out 17cc's which is a little more than last Friday. It was lower cause he went in deep and wiggled the syringe! But he was happy with what he got. He said If I want I can take off the CG for a couple of hours or if I'm going out for dinner. YEA!!! I still wear it most of the time though.

A wonderful woman from RS and I had side by side appts at his office yesterday and we went to happy hour! I wanted to take a photo but forgot! Probably best since I look so crappy! I enjoyed every minute at happy hour with her! Cool, huh?
That's awesome! How fun! Does it hurt at all to have that fluid taken out? I feel like I might end up having it done :/
That is cool!
Oh Dazz....you could NEVER look crappy! Glad you enjoyed happy hour! :-)

I am so happy!

Went to happy hour with five girlfriends. Wore skinny jeans and NO CG! It felt great! I put it on when I got home. I can see I'm a bit swollen BUT swollen is still eons better that I was before!
You always look so gorgeous! I want everything in your closet!
Thank you!! :D
Oh my gosh I'm sorry miss sunshine I got so confused! Please ignore me!!! Lol

Allergies and bad spot

Allergies are so bad I can hardly lift my head off the pillow. The TT was nothing compared to this! I did cough up a bunch of whitish/clear stuff so no infection. That helped. My nose feels like a water spigot! I wish I felt 10% as good as you all say I look!!! This too shall pass, but it's taking it's own sweet time! I started on Singular yesterday and am also taking MuscinexD and Allegra. Took a big gulp of Niquil last night.

I've been doing the wet/dry dressing on the bad spot. Yesterday it bled when I took out the dried gauze. It bled a bit more today. So I called the doc's office and spoke to a nurse. She said bleeding is good as it shows it's all alive. I feel better after talking to her, but really wish this thing would heal. I've also developed an irritation to the paper tape. So she said to not use any tape at all and let the CG hold it in place.

And so it goes....
Yo have to be ontop of that spot, make sure your skin wont died, what the dr daid, send good vives and prayes, God bless you
Hi Sunshine, Wow, you look amazing. I am reminded by one of the other 'girls' that age is just a number, - how true. I can't believe how low your scar line is, it really couldn't get any lower could it? Hasten slowly is the secret motto for this recovery and I am glad you are following all the given advice. Hubby is obviously proud of you and although you have non surgical problems at the moment, these too shall pass. Live and love Life again. Thanks for your support of me as well.

Allergies and Life

As I sit here feeling sorry for myself, thinking that if I had had this TT without anesthesia or pain meds, I couldn't be more miserable than I am right, now, I watched a video about a little baby boy that only lived a week. Know what? All of a sudden my allergies are not even worth mentioning.
Aw! I hope you feel better soon... It sounds like you have a handle on the allergies with the meds but vitamin C 1000mg every couple hours (to bowel tolerance) and Quercitin is very helpful for allergies (and many other things!) .. It prevents the mast cells from releasing histamine (the enemy!) Eating foods like apples, pears, onions and other foods high in these nutrients help too. If I get a symptom of allergy I take those two nutrients, eat an apple and avoid sugar for the day (which slows down your white blood cells).... Good luck, sending happy healing vibes pretty lady!
Thanks! I wish I could eat apples, pears and onions, but sadly can't. Am doing high doses of Vit C. It will get better.
Hi, You sound a bit down at the moment which is not like you. Think nice thoughts about some upcoming event, dinner or outing and get excited about it. Get dressed up and have a nice dinner at home in your new fitting clothes and give yourself a lift. I am expecting big things from you as you overcome each hurdle. Stay positive.

The good and a little bump in the road.....

The good.... fluid was down to less than 5cc's. Bad spot is doing exactly what it's supposed to do and he said I'm doing a good job with it. I think I am actually a little better today. Finger's crossed!

The bump.... there is a red area under my belly button. He numbed it and started poking around. It did not hurt at all but man, it felt weird. Kind of felt like someone was thumping it on the inside. I've never had a baby and I wonder if that's how it feels when you feel a baby kick. He finally found the stitch that was working it's way out. He knew it had to be there and it was. He put anti-biotic ointment on it and has me on a week of oral anti-biotics. On the off chance, that I have an infection and it's not just allergies, this should do double duty.

What's amazing is I'm kind of afraid to push and poke on my BB and whole stomach. He sure isn't! It's not as fragile as we think.
U look amazing!!! Thanks for sharing ur story and giving so much advise.. it really helps knowing other people's experiences in detail! Congratulations and keep putting these 20 year olds to shame!!
Thank you! I'm glad my review helped!

It's a brand new day!

Believe it or not, I am sitting on the patio having a cup of coffee with hubby. Birds are singing, the sun is shining, there is a light breeze and I am much better!

Now I'm wondering if I had an infection after all. I took an anti-biotic about noon yesterday and last night about 10 was feeling much better. Oh the other hand, allergies can go as quickly as they come. All I know is Thank God, I feel better!

In a bit, I am going to take off off the silicone strips and shower this gross body! After I'm done, I'll take some pics of my incision. BB is still red but I know that is temporary.

I slept in the recliner till 4:30, then moved to the bed. I have no problems laying down anymore.

In fact, you know you are healing when you no longer think about the surgery when turning or moving.

Later, cuties!
So happy for you Miss Sunshine!
Thank you! Me too!

Photo updates

Wow, do I feel better! I showered and life is good again!

I am pretty swollen today. However, I'd take the swelling any day over the old me! In a couple of photos, you can see the imprint from my hand on my stomach.

I am so, so happy with my incision. The right side looks a little better than the left but I'm more swollen on the left too. Not sure why.

My BB is red and irritated but that will get better. You can see where he dug around looking for the elusive stitch.

My "bad" spot looks gross but PS said that it's doing what it's supposed to do and it looks good. Ok then!

It's interesting trying to find freckles and marks to compare where on the body they are after vs before.

Have a great Saturday!
I really enjoyed reading your journey so far. You are beautiful! I never would have guessed your age! Your results are amazing! Work it hottie!
Thank you!
Love the pictures.. thanks you look AMAZING. And your scar looks awesome already!

Not much new!

It's 6 weeks today! Can't believe how fast it's gone. Not much new happening. Just keeping bad spot wet/dry dressed. Doing work from home. I am at my lowest weight this am in 5 years!

I did have a little issue yesterday with relaxing and sucking in my stomach muscles and how much it pooched out there when relaxed. A RS friend got me off the ledge and said not to panic, it's most likely swelling. mmmm....not sure but I'm not going to stress. I will ask the doc on Friday.

I feel so much better and pretty much over the allergies.

The spot on my leg that was biopsied last week is NOT cancer. Yea! It's Lichen Simplex Chronicus. Jeeze...

My friend is coming over to give me a massage in a bit.

Hope you all are having a great week so far!
You are a ray of sunshine!!! I'm so happy for you! You look amazing! Keep up the good work:) I love all of your helpful tips, my surgery is in 18 days!!
Thank you! Good luck with your surgery! I am looking forward to following your progress too!
Thank you!!! :-D

Brain vs Emotions.....

I mentioned that I could see a difference in my after stomach letting it relax or sucking it in. I don't think I've ever been aware of either from surgery until this week.

Intellectually I'm not stressing. However, my emotions, vanity and ego are putting up one heck of a fight!

The first two photos are taken within seconds. Sucking it in and letting it relax. I didn't think it was supposed to pooch out like that when relaxing. If it was swelling, then sucking it in or not would not make a difference. So there goes my brain vs emotions. I see my surgeon tomorrow and am going to "show and ask".

On the other hand, I put the sucking it in with a before photo and well, it's a no brainer! I am loving the new me!

My hole is coming along. Still looks like there is a long way to go and only 3 weeks till Mexico. Fingers are crossed that it's healed by then.
I think these TT's are a long.long process as far as the healing department goes....I think I'm going to head to work on Monday...miss my clients soooo much! Plus, it'll keep my mind off SWELLING! Maybe, going to work can be one of the steps of a "step away from the mirror" program...he...he...however, I work in a GYM....ohhhh no...mirrors EVERY-WHERE!
Gym??? What's a gym? lol I have no problem staying away from there! I work at home. That doesn't help with staying away from mirrors and cameras. I'm, no, we're both doomed!
I just went back and you are only a month! -.- that swelling Will get better, so step away from the mirror lol ^_~ ....long way to go before that goes down and stays down :-)

hole in tummy update - 6 weeks and 2 days PO.

Here are 3 photos of the wet/dry treatments.
Acork.....funny, you will enjoy Mexico no matter what!
I always enjoy Mexico! This will be our 5th time at this resort which is truly my Mexican home away from home. The resort is amazing, but the staff makes it home.
Ouchie, ouchie... Poor you! Goodness, that hole is a stubborn one! Well, it looks "drier" these days... Keep your fingers crossed. Ask your PS for a "plug" for Mexico! ;) Hope it heals soon...

Chiklet3....this is for you!

So the plug got my mind going. I couldn't help it. Not just any plug, but a champagne cork with matching bikini. So...RS'ers new career for me? Or a trip to the loonybin? lol
Thanks! I do have a warped sense of humor!
hahahahaha... ok, kinda gross. But I think your PS would get a kick out of it. ;P

6½ week update at PS

So, what a great appointment!
1. My hole is healing. Keep doing what I'm doing.

2. He only aspirated 7 cc's of fluid!

3. Said I could stop wearing the CG! WOOHOO!!!! But he put a breast band and the foam pad over where I'm getting fluid. That I have to leave on but it's so much better than the CG. I am FREE!!!

I know a lot of you love the CG's and wear spanx, etc all the time. Not me! If I get really swollen, I'll put it on but I am so glad I can go with NOTHING!!!

4. The big question about my tummy. He said my core needs to be strengthened. Just because he stitched the rectus back together doesn't mean all the other core muscles are strong. He said anyone can relax and let their muscles and guts fall forward or be pushed out. He said it's totally normal.

He even got on the floor and showed me some beginning core exercises. The I got on the floor with him and did a few with him. Can you imagine? lol.... it was pretty awesome and funny. He and his nurse said it was the first time he's ever done that! But it really shows what a great guy he is in addition to being a great doctor.

He said that contracting/tensing/sucking my tummy muscles won't hurt me and are even a form of core strengthening.

I feel soooooooo much better!

Every time I meet with him, reinforces what a tremendous surgeon and person he is. He does what it takes to have a successful outcome for every patient. He can't do it alone though...it's a partnership between him and I. I have to follow his rules, which I do. And because of that, I am loving the new me!

I also want to thank you and every single RS member. You all are so amazingly supportive and friendly. I am so happy and blessed to have found this site. I wish you all happiness and successful healing!

P.S. I had a baby woodpecker fly into my house today or my cat may have brought it in. It took forever to get it out. It was so stressed and scared. I got it in a towel and held it for a bit. I tried to stroke it's back but it was too fast for me. Poor thing. It flew off and was not hurt.
So glad to get to read your comments. Make sure you keep that scar out of the sun. It can go through your swimsuit too. Have fun in Mexico!!
I plan to. I'll have the strips on it and they block the sun too. Thanks!
Hugs to you too! RS rocks!!


Just got these from Venus and couldn't wait to show you. There is absolutely NO way I could have worn or even considered wearing these before my surgery. I am so thrilled!
You look amazing!! Love this dress on with the lower back on you... would never have guessed you were 61 just by looking at you! So full of life and vitality... work it Lady, you deserve it!! xoxo
Thank you!

What is going on with the site today?

Comments are not at the end of the reviews. They are mixed in with the review updates. Anyone else have that issue?
At least it's sorta "working" now, guess the changes were interfering with being able to access at all for a few days. Not a fan of this, but I guess we will get used to it? Meh..
It is crazy, what is the email address for RS to complain ??

Random thoughts....

I am so not happy with this site change. It's so messy now. Impossible to just read a review and updates are easy to miss. I will never understand why developers have to mess with a good thing.

So if I miss replying to one of your comments, I apologize.

I've not had the compression binder on since Friday except for the narrow band over where I collect fluid. I am loving it. I was pretty swollen last night but even that didn't bother me. I slept pretty good too.

I love not having a "shelf" to rest my laptop on. lol
My hole is pretty goopy today, but I think it looks shallower on one side which is good.

It's a beautiful sunny day in AZ. I have big beautiful blossoms on my hibiscus bush. I've chuckled at a big woodpecker hanging from the hummingbird feeder getting his drink.

You know... life is pretty darn good and I feel so blessed!

I love reading about the emotional excitement of those women who are just 1-2 days from surgery. I get excited for them all over again and I've not even met them!

This is another new top from Venus! It's a halter and you can tie it up higher for a more modest look or not as tight for a sexier look.

Have a wonderful Sunday! Hug and kiss those you love....cherish them and let them know!
Oh man, I hear ya on the site change, I am so confused :/ Don't you just love Arizona, it's like spring here :)

white bikini - 7 weeks po

Another Venus purchase!
Hello, I am new to RS and just wanted to say, you are ROCKING the bikini. I am scheduled for my TT on Nov. 4 and I am VERY nervous!!!!!!!!!!! But your posts have been informative and helpful!!!!
Love the bikini... enjoy that tummy, you look sensational!
Looking good

Update on not wearing CG. 7 weeks PO

I only wore the narrow breast band all weekend. I just loved not wearing the big one. I got swollen at night, but that was ok. I was fine sleeping without it. As soon as I stop producing fluid, I can lose the small binder. it's only about 4" wide. All is great!

My hole looks like it got a lot better over the weekend too. I see new tissue growth!
That is a praise the Lord on the healing of wound, so glad you are feeling so wonderful, you deserve it! Come on Mexico, hugs from TX!
Thank you!
Good on seeing new tissue growth! I always worry about open wounds. But was that where your BB was? It just looked like it had gotten worse before it got better! ((hugs)) you look Phenomenal btw.

Site is even worse.....

I really try to be positive about changes. I have been so appreciative of this site and every woman or man on it.

However, if RealSelf thinks they helped by now hiding ALL the comments, they are sadly mistaken. Now we can't see ANY comments without clicking the arrow? That makes it completely impossible to see if we have new comments.

I do understand that developers who decide to make these changes (and those on any site) do not want to admit they are wrong. Therefore, it probably won't get better. They still have not responded to my email.

I am very disappointed and am losing interest in posting and commenting. They are just making it more difficult and much more time consuming.
i agree with you 100% where the heck is the arrow to find the comments ? i wonder why i havent heard any ? i was about to give up on this site as well
Oh that's awful ): I haven't been on in a while and a lot has changed! Not good
Totally agree. Or I will get an email that I have a new comment and then it puts it up in an old post of mine. So frustrating!

Incision and hole update 7 weeks post op

I am amazed and so very happy at how quickly my hole is closing up. I can tell a difference even from this morning. The picture shows it on 10/19 and 10/23.

Also, I am so happy with my incision. This is what I expected it to look like at a year, not 7 weeks. The incision photos were from Saturday when I had the scar tape off.
wow! your incision and bb have healed so nicely! I hope mine follow the same healing path and time frame! At the moment it's kind of blowing my mind that the belly button I'm looking at isn't the belly button I was born with lol (on the outside anyw