61 year old woman who after 20 Years is finally Doing This for Me! Scottsdale, AZ

I am 60 years old (for 1 more week). I never had...

I am 60 years old (for 1 more week). I never had kids or gained/lost a lot of weight. I have almost no excess skin and no stretch marks. However, I had a hysterectomy in 1987 at age 34. Ever since, I have had a poochy stomach from loss of muscle elasticity. I feel like my insides have fallen and are protruding.

I have a pretty serious auto-immune disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis. Basically, it causes spinal fusion. It is also a systemic disease, meaning it can affect tissues throughout the body, not just the spine. Accordingly, it can cause inflammation in and injury to other joints away from the spine manifest as arthritis, as well as to other organs, such as the eyes, heart, lungs, and kidneys. I am on some pretty serious medications for this disease.

I've always been extremely self-conscious of my stomach that is out of proportion to the rest of my body. My ex-husband even told me I looked pregnant while having an orgasm. yep.

I've always wanted a TT but never really investigated it. In the last few months, I've met several women that have had them and would do it again in a heartbeat. So, I bit the bullet and saw two surgeons that did friends.

I liked them both, but each had a distinct difference.

Surgeon A: Very highly rated and good. My friend said he was an artist. My concerns with this doctor is he looks at it as an artist. He wanted to do a breast lift along with the TT. He said I was not a candidate for an implant due to extremely dense and conical breasts. I did consider that even thought I do not want my nipples cut. He didn't discuss my medicatons or how my disease might cause problems. Procedure would be done in his operating room at his office, which is certified. I would be transferred to a recovery center for one night.

Surgeon B: Again very highly rated and good. Both doctors agreed about implants and how dense my breasts are. B said he absolutely would NOT do a lift at the same time as the TT. He said that as tight as my stomach is with no loose skin, etc that pulling down for the TT would affect the lift. He also spent a lot of time talking about my medical issues and medications. Procedure would be done at a well known breast cancer hospital with 2 nights in the hospital.

I decided on Surgeon B. I know that A is an excellent surgeon but I felt B looked at it more medically than artistically. I believe 2 nights in the hospital is better as well.

I'm nervously excited!

Interesting reactions.... mostly positive

I'm very open and just tell things like it is. I went to lunch with my dad, stepmom and aunt for my dad's 85th birthday last week. I told them I was having a TT. Of course, I got the "you don't need one" comments. Now keep in mind we were at a busy very LOUD restaurant and non of the three hear well. But they were supportive and said if I want it, I should go for it.

Then my dad says " I want smaller boobs and a bigger dick". omg... Could you say that any louder? My aunt says; "I couldn't hear you....what do you want bigger??". My dad: "A bigger dick" in an even louder voice! The waitress is laughing her ass off!!! As she serves his salad, she says "I heard that!". I really wanted the floor to open up and swallow me!

My cousin told me that she didn't understand why I was having one and she works hard with hers with diet and exercise. I told her I wasn't her and I did need it.

My mom was like: If you want it go for it. So was one of my sisters.

Friends are supportive but some don't understand why I need it. Well, it's because they never see the "real" stomach. Since I have no extra skin, I can suck it in and look ok. Just can't breathe!

I'm obsessed with this site and really enjoy reading all the journeys. The tips and recommendations are awesome!

I'm going to call on Monday and see if they can move up my date if they get a cancellation. There are probably a ton on that list ahead of me, but it's worth a try.

Have a great Sunday!

Bed and leg lounger - Anyone heard of or used?

I found this product on line and it looks interesting. Has any one used this?

Stole this from a male tummy tuck review.

So when I spoke with my primary doctor about this, I'm a guy and she's a she, the look on her face was worth a couple extra quarters in the slot. She said I should spend the money on travel. I told her I have traveled everywhere and lived in 3 foreign countries, speak 2 languages but I travel to the bathroom mirror everyday and it's a trip I hate.

I LOVE this response!

Bought the Bed Lounger

I took the plunge and bought the bed lounger and leg/knee support.

61 years old now!!! My wishes.....

This is me in the orange dress at our birthday Happy Hour with friends. I do love the dress and can clean up well. But....I so can't wait till I don't have to wear dresses to hide my stomach. These are some of my wish dresses!

RealSelf has been such a helpful and informative site. Thank you so much for posting tips, lists, good wishes and of course, your journey's.

Bed lounger

Received the bedlounger. I like it. It's light weight and can be positioned for what makes me most comfortable. The leg lounger is good too.

Guilt and shallowness just hit me!!!

My husband's wife fought breast cancer for 5 years and was then diagnosed with ovarian cancer and lost that battle after 6 years. 11 years of fighting cancer.

A couple of years before her death, she was struggling to keep her hair for their son's wedding. One night, hubby took her hand and led her into the bathroom. He shaved her head and told her she was beautiful with or without hair. He offered to do the same. She said not to, but he shaved his pubic hair.

That night, they cried and laughed together, each sharing a new baldness. That is the kind of man I was blessed to marry. She was an amazing woman. No one noticed her baldness... only her personality and the love she gave.

I was relating that story to a friend and it hit me. She lost her life to cancer. Suddenly, I'm feeling very shallow about my desire to have a flat stomach. I can't seem to stop crying. wow.

Cost of TT vs dental bridge

My hubby lost a 3 tooth bridge. The cost to replace is $5500. The cost for dental implants is $8800. HOLY COW!!! Makes a TT seem like a bargain!

That's all I had to say today!!!

Incisions and Scars.....

As I read reviews, I see over and over how so many expect their scar to look better than it does at 1-4 weeks. Remember, it takes up to 2 years for nerves to regenerate.

My hubby just had full knee replacement and his scar took 5 weeks to heal. I had major jaw surgery in march of 2013. It took a year for it to almost disappear and even now at 16 months, my jaw still feels a bit creepy.

I've attached some photos of my jaw just to show how it looked after surgery and now.

So, even though I have not had my TT, I do have some experience with incisions and healing. Be patient, give your body time to regenerate nerves. Be good and kind to yourself. It will pay off in the long run.
Dr. Lawrence Shaw

I know others that have used him. He has a great reputation and I know will do a great job! As I tell friends what I'm doing, every single friend says they've heard how great he is. Hubby and i were so comfortable with him and I look at it like a wedding dress. When you put it on, you just know that no other one will do. Dr. Shaw is my wedding dress!!! Ok, maybe not exactly, but you know what I mean!

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OH! Love your style... we have the same taste in clothing... LOL
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Oh! I did look up that bed lounger. It looks like just the thing you (we) need for after the surgery. I figure I can then past it on but my back sometimes get tight and need to be massaged so, I might just still use it.. I like because of adjustments, sides, and head rest. This is great no one thought about this but I love it.. because doing this procedure you cannot lay down on side or flat.. Thanks so much for sharing and your right it is worth it.. You can always sell it on Criags list too they buy everything on it. Just to get some of your bucks back... but I will probably keep mine..LOL
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Wow thank GOD, I thought I was the only ELDER, LOL that wanted this procedure. You are so pretty, and love the color of that dress, I am saving, and pone rings, and selling everything I can to get this done. Pray by October I can at least be setting up and finish paying... Pray.. Pray... your husband is a blessing.. thanks for sharing such a beautiful story.....
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Thank you! Good luck to you too! I am blessed to have him.
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I just finished reading all your posts. You sound like a funny,smart,warm lady and you are very pretty. I wish you luck and happiness with your tt. I think you will be very pleased. I did it too,I'm 56, and it's amazing how much better clothes fit. The whole time I'm reading,I'm thinking," she'd make a great friend!"
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me too! I was thinking @ Beachy56 how transparent she was most people always think they need to hide testimonies and act like life and trials just don't exist. Love realself, it really helps me stay focus because sometimes I get discourage because my husband thinks its foolish, and not necessary. I am 61 years old and all my life struggled with weight and never liked my stomach even when I was young and had no children. So I have no help in trying to do this, but God has always supplied all my needs and been merciful to supply my desires. I really love you guys all are AWESOME THANKS SO MUCH...
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Thanks! That is very sweet! I think I do make a good friend. Kind of like a dog...loyal and there for you! lol
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Thank you! It's a good think we are all here for each other! Even if we have a support system, unless that person has had a tummy tuck, they can't really understand what we are going through.
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my husband thought I was crazy too,but then he came around. convincing him to let me spend the money was my main obstacle. he took great care of me after the procedure. im so glad I finally had it done. I really hope you can accomplish this. go for it!
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Thanks so much, I am, this is my goal, on my BUCKET LIST LOL this is the first on the list. Next Buckeye Arizona for Nationals Senior Pickleball. Love this game. I am selling and pawning everthing I can. I will NOT give in or up.... thanks so much for the encouraging words. One reason I am glad I found these amazing supporters. wow you guys are awesome....
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Thanks so much, I am, this is my goal, on my BUCKET LIST LOL this is the first on the list. Next Buckeye Arizona for Nationals Senior Pickleball. Love this game. I am selling and pawning everthing I can. I will NOT give in or up.... thanks so much for the encouraging words. One reason I am glad I found these amazing supporters. wow you guys are awesome....
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I just got done reading everything you have written and I understand the feeling of spending so much on this procedure. My husband often reminds me that time will pass whether or not you decide to follow through with this and if in 6-8 months your self worth sky-rockets because you DO have this procedure done, than it will be the right choice to make. Good luck!
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Thank you! I know I will be glad. After 20+ years of wanting this, I booked my date within two days of meeting with both surgeons. Once I decide on something, I want it done!
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You are a beautiful women and deserve it. I am 58 and just scheduled my tt with lipo of thighs ,back ,and hips for sept 24. Can't wait. I too feel vain and self centered but life is short and we should like what we see in the mirror , I have always had a "pot belly" and want to be flat .wish you a painless speedy recovery.
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Thank you Cindy! Good luck to you too!
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Wow, you are beautiful! I understand the shallow feeling! My mother in law is fighting cancer right now, after she has already beat uterine cancer 5 years ago. It is back in her lung and spine. She is bald now and I felt so shallow for having part 1 of my Mommy Makeover done 2 weeks ago. I called her first and told her I booked the operation and she said, "As long as it makes you happy, I am a happy." I love her so much and respect her, but we all have to walk the path in life that makes us happy! Live HAPPY!!
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Thank you! I'm so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. She seems like a wonderful person!
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Your mother-in-law is wise and loving. Telling you not to do what you had planned would not change her situation and would cause stress and more sadness for your and her son. She is definitely a very,very special mother-in-law. Hope she has been able to beat this hateful disease. xo
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Thank you!! I pray she does too!
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How touching. What a wonderful man you have. I'm so sorry for the loss he suffered when she died. You cannot live your life according to anyone else's story. Your desire to have a flat tummy has nothing to do with her having suffered and succumbing to cancer. You have a right to be 100% happy. I'm certain you are making yourself feel guilty. It's a big expense, plus you will need to be taken care of after....it's amazing how as women we have no problem doing anything or paying anything for others but when it comes to ourselves we question over and over and make ourselves feel guilty. Don't! Your husband will love you even more after because YOU will be happier with yourself! We all go through a range of emotions before our surgery. If I were her up in heaven looking down I'd be telling you to "go for it!" :)
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Thank you. You are very right! Intellectually, I know that but my heart sometimes feels differently.
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Absolutely understandable!
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Bc you have such a loving heart you even love your wonderful husband's first wife. Even more reason for you to do what you need to do. Also, because you endured the most appalling comment from your prior spouse. I thought it was pretty bad when my 1st husband said I looked "matronly" at 43 yrs old. Yours takes the cake. I'm so happy we are both so incredibly fortunate with our "forever" husband now. xoxox
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Just read your review and your restaurant conversation with your hearing impaired relatives had me laughing hard!! You are a gorgeous woman and after your tuck you'll be perfect!! Wishing you well!!
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