61 year old woman who after 20 Years is finally Doing This for Me! Scottsdale, AZ

I am 60 years old (for 1 more week). I never had...

I am 60 years old (for 1 more week). I never had kids or gained/lost a lot of weight. I have almost no excess skin and no stretch marks. However, I had a hysterectomy in 1987 at age 34. Ever since, I have had a poochy stomach from loss of muscle elasticity. I feel like my insides have fallen and are protruding.

I have a pretty serious auto-immune disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis. Basically, it causes spinal fusion. It is also a systemic disease, meaning it can affect tissues throughout the body, not just the spine. Accordingly, it can cause inflammation in and injury to other joints away from the spine manifest as arthritis, as well as to other organs, such as the eyes, heart, lungs, and kidneys. I am on some pretty serious medications for this disease.

I've always been extremely self-conscious of my stomach that is out of proportion to the rest of my body. My ex-husband even told me I looked pregnant while having an orgasm. yep.

I've always wanted a TT but never really investigated it. In the last few months, I've met several women that have had them and would do it again in a heartbeat. So, I bit the bullet and saw two surgeons that did friends.

I liked them both, but each had a distinct difference.

Surgeon A: Very highly rated and good. My friend said he was an artist. My concerns with this doctor is he looks at it as an artist. He wanted to do a breast lift along with the TT. He said I was not a candidate for an implant due to extremely dense and conical breasts. I did consider that even thought I do not want my nipples cut. He didn't discuss my medicatons or how my disease might cause problems. Procedure would be done in his operating room at his office, which is certified. I would be transferred to a recovery center for one night.

Surgeon B: Again very highly rated and good. Both doctors agreed about implants and how dense my breasts are. B said he absolutely would NOT do a lift at the same time as the TT. He said that as tight as my stomach is with no loose skin, etc that pulling down for the TT would affect the lift. He also spent a lot of time talking about my medical issues and medications. Procedure would be done at a well known breast cancer hospital with 2 nights in the hospital.

I decided on Surgeon B. I know that A is an excellent surgeon but I felt B looked at it more medically than artistically. I believe 2 nights in the hospital is better as well.

I'm nervously excited!

Interesting reactions.... mostly positive

I'm very open and just tell things like it is. I went to lunch with my dad, stepmom and aunt for my dad's 85th birthday last week. I told them I was having a TT. Of course, I got the "you don't need one" comments. Now keep in mind we were at a busy very LOUD restaurant and non of the three hear well. But they were supportive and said if I want it, I should go for it.

Then my dad says " I want smaller boobs and a bigger dick". omg... Could you say that any louder? My aunt says; "I couldn't hear you....what do you want bigger??". My dad: "A bigger dick" in an even louder voice! The waitress is laughing her ass off!!! As she serves his salad, she says "I heard that!". I really wanted the floor to open up and swallow me!

My cousin told me that she didn't understand why I was having one and she works hard with hers with diet and exercise. I told her I wasn't her and I did need it.

My mom was like: If you want it go for it. So was one of my sisters.

Friends are supportive but some don't understand why I need it. Well, it's because they never see the "real" stomach. Since I have no extra skin, I can suck it in and look ok. Just can't breathe!

I'm obsessed with this site and really enjoy reading all the journeys. The tips and recommendations are awesome!

I'm going to call on Monday and see if they can move up my date if they get a cancellation. There are probably a ton on that list ahead of me, but it's worth a try.

Have a great Sunday!

Bed and leg lounger - Anyone heard of or used?

I found this product on line and it looks interesting. Has any one used this?

Stole this from a male tummy tuck review.

So when I spoke with my primary doctor about this, I'm a guy and she's a she, the look on her face was worth a couple extra quarters in the slot. She said I should spend the money on travel. I told her I have traveled everywhere and lived in 3 foreign countries, speak 2 languages but I travel to the bathroom mirror everyday and it's a trip I hate.

I LOVE this response!

Bought the Bed Lounger

I took the plunge and bought the bed lounger and leg/knee support.

61 years old now!!! My wishes.....

This is me in the orange dress at our birthday Happy Hour with friends. I do love the dress and can clean up well. But....I so can't wait till I don't have to wear dresses to hide my stomach. These are some of my wish dresses!

RealSelf has been such a helpful and informative site. Thank you so much for posting tips, lists, good wishes and of course, your journey's.

Bed lounger

Received the bedlounger. I like it. It's light weight and can be positioned for what makes me most comfortable. The leg lounger is good too.

Guilt and shallowness just hit me!!!

My husband's wife fought breast cancer for 5 years and was then diagnosed with ovarian cancer and lost that battle after 6 years. 11 years of fighting cancer.

A couple of years before her death, she was struggling to keep her hair for their son's wedding. One night, hubby took her hand and led her into the bathroom. He shaved her head and told her she was beautiful with or without hair. He offered to do the same. She said not to, but he shaved his pubic hair.

That night, they cried and laughed together, each sharing a new baldness. That is the kind of man I was blessed to marry. She was an amazing woman. No one noticed her baldness... only her personality and the love she gave.

I was relating that story to a friend and it hit me. She lost her life to cancer. Suddenly, I'm feeling very shallow about my desire to have a flat stomach. I can't seem to stop crying. wow.

Cost of TT vs dental bridge

My hubby lost a 3 tooth bridge. The cost to replace is $5500. The cost for dental implants is $8800. HOLY COW!!! Makes a TT seem like a bargain!

That's all I had to say today!!!

Incisions and Scars.....

As I read reviews, I see over and over how so many expect their scar to look better than it does at 1-4 weeks. Remember, it takes up to 2 years for nerves to regenerate.

My hubby just had full knee replacement and his scar took 5 weeks to heal. I had major jaw surgery in march of 2013. It took a year for it to almost disappear and even now at 16 months, my jaw still feels a bit creepy.

I've attached some photos of my jaw just to show how it looked after surgery and now.

So, even though I have not had my TT, I do have some experience with incisions and healing. Be patient, give your body time to regenerate nerves. Be good and kind to yourself. It will pay off in the long run.

My "goal" dress.

My pre-op appt is this Friday. I am 4 weeks away!

I have been away for 10 days to Vegas for a business trip. 12 hour days and no fun. But Hubby joined me on Friday and we moved to Mandalay Bay for the weekend.

I have followed the advice here and have not bought any new clothes. BUT!!! I walked by a store and a dress jumped off the rack and screamed my name! I had to look at it. I loved it! Then I looked at the price! OMG!!! I have never spent that much on a dress so I walked out. My wonderful, loving hubby told me I should try it on. I resisted! I kept saying not before surgery, I won't know what size I'll be, etc.

The next night we were walking around again and he told me to try it on. Ok, a couple drinks later and I did. I really, really loved it except for the pot belly sticking out. The sales gal brought 3 more as well. I kept saying I was not going to buy one because I don't know what size I'll be.

Then when I tried on the 3rd dress she brought, I caved. It was amazing like when you try on THE WEDDING dress, you know, you just know. Needs to be shortened but still amazing. I still hate the pot belly, but know that will be gone. The look and smile on hubby's face said it all. He said I needed to get it and it's my "goal" dress for after my surgery. I so love that man.

I'ts black and white. Elegant, Audrey Hephurn type dress. Mmmmm, you young kids may not know who she is. lol Fit's like a glove! I would never wear one like it now. I actually bought a size smaller as the size I usually wear was too big.

I have sooooo much to be thankful for and sooooo much to look forward to!!!

Today is Pre-op Appt!

I read all the paperwork again today and my pre-op is this afternoon. After reading the paperwork, I am even more ready but got a little emotional.

I'll let you know how it goes!

Pre-op appt.

It went well. He just got a Vectra 3D machine and took images of my body. Then seeing my body on the big screen, he showed me how I'll look after surgery. If it goes like that, I will love it!

He said he will pull up the Mons area and my labia will be higher. He said he had a patient that after the TT said she had her first orgasm during intercourse in her life. I don't have a problem with that, but more is always better!!!

My belly button will be in the same spot and he does most the stitches from the inside so I won't have an incision around the new one. I think I remember that correctly.

The scar will be very low, below my hyst scar and only inches higher from start of labia opening.

One of my friends that was with me had her boobs done by him a year ago. He asked her how she was. She said great except for a scar. He said let's see. She whipped up her top and showed him. He said it was an easy fix and to call to set an appt. lol 2 for 1 appt! He's a great guy and a great surgeon!

Everything is all paid for, I am ready and soooooooo stoked!!!

Belly button

I met a woman on Friday that had a TT in the early 90's from my doctor. She had nothing but praise for him. I asked how her BB is and she showed me. It's beautiful! I hope mine is half as pretty as hers!!!

I've lost 15 pounds since early June.

2 weeks, 2 days left!

A suggestion... wax your pubic hair

I've read a few reviews about how itchy and irritating the pubic area feels with the hair growing back. I know what that feels like from my hysterectomy. It was worse than the incision. I recommend getting it waxed before your surgery if you usually shave or leave it natural.

When waxed hair grows back, it's finer, softer and does not itch at all. It's the stubble that itches. I lost all my pubic hair in front after my hyst due to no testosterone, but have been getting the rest waxed off for 10+ years.

I think it would make a big difference in comfort.

Be good to yourself and be patient!

This isn't an update about me as much as it's an observation and gentle reminder.

We all think we are capable of doing more than we probably should. I read a lot of reviews where someone thinks they can do things 5 or so days after surgery because they are feel so good. Then they realize that there are consequences like swelling and soreness. Even a friend of mine who had her TT 2 years ago said a doctor could tell she tried standing straight before she should have based on how her scar looks.

I've also read where those that don't do too much seem to not swell as much or are as sore.

Sometimes,it can be from guilt, whether conscious or not, that the kids need us, hubbies need us, family needs us, work needs us, etc. So we feel guilty laying there not doing anything. Other times, boredom sets in.

Remember, beautiful ladies....your body needs you to put it first. Please don't try to do too much too quick. Your kids, hubby, family, work will be there after you heal. You've invested lots of research, money, emotions and physical pain in this.

Be kind to yourself! This is YOUR time and YOU deserve it! Let others do for you! There will be plenty you can do after you are all healed.

Following my own advice!

So yesterday, I met with my boss. I told him about the surgery but didn't go into a lot of details. As we were parting, he asked when I was going to a particular town. Here we go.... MY guilt set in and I'm thinking of how quickly I could go there after surgery. I told hubby and said there is no way I can go for at least 4 weeks, especially since I have heavy samples and things to carry. So...I am going to follow my own advice and NOT stress about it. I will make sure I"m healed before going.


I am nesting! I have a zillion things to do before. I want everything neat and clean. So today, it's the garage. yes, I even scrub the garage floor!

We are having a pool party on Saturday as a last blast before I'm out of commission for a while.

Have a great day!


Yesterday I got waxed and had a pedicure and manicure. I left off all polish. Figured it was a good time to "let them breathe".

I went to several stores to get stuff for the party tomorrow. Today I will prepare for the party.

I'm definitely nesting!

I've done a lot of stuff around the house this week. Why do I feel the need to get certain things done because I'm having surgery when I wouldn't if I wasn't having it??? lol

We have an upstairs that is not used because the kids have moved out. So why did I find it important to wash all the sheets on beds we don't use? Plus all the sheets in the linen closet? Not only did I wash them, I put them in clear plastic zippered bags like they came in from the store and labeled them "queen fitted", etc. Seriously. I'm sick. Oh, I washed all the towels as well. So! My upstairs is nice and clean and organized and no one will be up there!!! lol

In addition to all the food I'm preparing today, I'm marinating pineapple and watermelon in pineapple vodka for the pool party. lol... Probably won't be checking in tomorrow but I will be having fun!

Have a mammogram (not surgery related) in an hour and afterwards will get my car washed. Then home to prepare the food, set buffet table, clean the patio, patio furniture, backwash the pool. vacuum the hot tub and basically get the yard ready for the party.

Wish you all were coming to the party!!

A dose of reality...

As I sat waiting for my mammogram, a friend texted to tell me her biopsy was positive for breast cancer.

I am so sad for her. It also reminds me how blessed and lucky I am and grateful for all I have.

Oh crap, as I am writing this while I wait for results, the radiologist wants more shots and maybe an ultrasound. There is a small nodule on my left breast.


Whew!!! They did the ultrasound and it turned out to be dense overlapping breast tissue! I feel so much better. I was so scared. I kept thinking that I didn't want to cancel my TT.

I believe God is watching out for me!

Onward, ladies!!
Dr. Lawrence Shaw

I know others that have used him. He has a great reputation and I know will do a great job! As I tell friends what I'm doing, every single friend says they've heard how great he is. Hubby and i were so comfortable with him and I look at it like a wedding dress. When you put it on, you just know that no other one will do. Dr. Shaw is my wedding dress!!! Ok, maybe not exactly, but you know what I mean!

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So glad your ultra sound came back ok! Sooooo close to the big day!!! ....enjoy your party! I'm sure you will recoup well....
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Good news for you...so sorry for your friend. Stay calm and rest. All will be well. HUGS :-DSuzy
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I'm getting everything in order as well. Unfortunately my 3 small tornados will make sure it doesn't stay that way for long. At least school starts next week so they won't be home all day destroying the house all around me! Good luck to you. So excited to see your results!
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You are BLESSED! Thank God you don't have breast cancer. :) TGIF! Cheers!
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Darn you work a lot! No wonder you look so great! My idea of 'nesting' would probably be make my bed! Another reason I'm going out of town to get the surgery...don't have to LOOK at my house! lol Have fun at your party!! Hope your surgery will be EASY!
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Thank you! It will now!!!
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You are definitely nesting! I've done the "washing linens that haven't been used" thing myself. Like before company comes at holiday time...even though EVERYTHING was washed and put up and beds made clean after the last visit! Guess it just seems "fresher/cleaner" right? Lol. Anyhoo, whatever makes you feels good...and takes your mind off surgery. Have fun at your party. Can't wait to hear from you after surgery. HUGS :-DSuzy
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Hey Sunshine! Thanks for being the first 'comment' on my journey! Your butt and legs DO look great...like they belong to a 28 yr. old! I'm so glad you have a loving husband. I really have no one to help me thru this....I'm trying to find SOMEONE to stay with me the first week! Since I'm traveling to Florida...i would think it would be EASY! lol You are so close....take care...and i will be following your journey also!
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Sunshine, time for countdown. I'm just checking in on you. Just remember, we are here for you if you have any questions or just because. Sending prayers your way.
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Thank you! I am so ready! I appreciate all the support!
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Just want to Thanks for sharing you journey : )
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You are welcome!
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Same to you!
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Thanks so much I will try.
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Glad you're going to take your own advice! At my pre op yesterday the nurse really stressed the importance of just resting! For the first week especially. Just walk around the house for circulation but do nothing for anyone no matter how good you feel!
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thanks! i got my call today. She said the same thing.
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You're a week out and I'm so excited for you! Do you like the back recliner and knee rest you purchased?
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I think I will. Haven't really used it much except to test it. I sure hope so as it wasn't cheap! It gets a lot of questions when people come over though. A customer that came to my home saw it and asked me about it. I said I was having a TT and thought it would help. she proceeded to tell me she had on in the early 90's and it turns out the same doctor as me!!!
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Omg, that is incredible! How does she look all these years later?
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Hi Sunshine! Just found your review. Thank you for sharing. I am 55 and had a FL followed some months later by a TT. Do NOT worry about scarring, you will love your TT too much for that. I had both a appendix scar and a C-section scar, and now I have only one scar that is fading nicely on its on after only 4 months. With my FL I have no scars. Check out my reviews. What a funny thing for you dad to say! Love it, and what your mom said sounds like what my mom would have said if she were alive. 2 nights overnight is great! I only had 1 night, but a 2nd night and I'd have come home feeling much better, especially since I had no one at home to help but my 16 yr. old (not much help there lol! ) I look forward to following your review!
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Thank you NewMe! I am very excited!
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if you think it will make you feel better about your self > GO FOR IT !!!!!! it made me feel better . no more bikini underware rolling over when i bend down . and fat jigling
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Best of luck to you! You will be so happy :)
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Thank you Ann!
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