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I met with Dr. Remus Repta for a consult regarding...

I met with Dr. Remus Repta for a consult regarding my unhappiness with the appearance of my stomach. I had smart lipo on my stomach a little over a year prior. Unfortunately, that left my stomach full of scar tissue which looked very bumpy and uneven! I also had loose skin, that would show especially when I leaned forward. Being 50, I also had slight drooping of the skin above my belly button. I work out regularly and had a very strong core, but couldn't get the firm stomach I desired.
Dr. Repta listened to all of my concerns and after examining me recommended a full tummy tuck. I was very hesitant, fearing another procedure after my recent procedure leaving me looking worse than before. He reassured me that he would take good care of me and give me the smooth tummy I had been trying to achieve.
I was very nervous about the procedure, the recovery and the scar. Well, it's now been 8 weeks and I'm extremely pleased with Dr. Repta's work and care along the way! I have no regrets about choosing a tummy tuck and I'm very happy I found such a caring and meticulous surgeon. I will summarize my experience with Dr, Repta.
Scheduling: I worked with Brooke for all my pre-op paperwork and scheduling. She was professional and prompt!
Surgery Day: The surgery center staff was super comforting and caring. Everything was timely and smooth. Dr. Repta explained everything again and answered all of my questions. The procedure was about 4 hours long and I went home feeling no pain.
Week 1: Dr. Repta gave me Exparel, which is a slow release pain reliever injected right in the surgery site before it is closed up. I'm assuming that is the reason I felt very little discomfort following the tummy tuck procedure. I can honestly say the only pain I had was when I vomited following anesthesia, when I sneezed and when I coughed. Other than those times, I felt very tight but no pain. I was unable to stand upright for a couple of weeks and that does make your lower back sore from bending over. You might consider using a walker to take some pressure off of your lower back muscles. I slept in a recliner for three weeks, to maintain the bend at my hips. I have very little bruising (literally one small spot) and virtually no swelling. I'm amazed, considering the amount of scar tissue cut out, the flank lipo and the stretching of my skin that comes with a full tummy tuck.
Week 2: My drain was removed on day 9. I was afraid it would hurt, but didn't feel a thing! On day 12, I started having Embrace applied. This is a scar treatment "tape" applied by the Dr office once a week for about 8 weeks. It is an extra cost but I've found it made a huge difference in my scar healing.
Week 3: I returned to work and am able to stand much more upright!
Week 4: I started sleeping flat, back in my bed. Still wearing my binder non stop.
Week 5-6: Most days, I feel perfectly fine! Some tightness after sitting for awhile but haven't had any real discomfort since the first few days. I had my annual gyn visit. She was amazed at how fabulous my tummy and scar look. She stated mine was the best looking tummy tuck scar she's ever seen. She could hardly believe she was looking at me only 5 weeks post surgery.
Week 7-8; (today is my 8 week mark) I was cleared to restart my exercise routines. I'm not able to do abdominal work, but I've been comfortable doing my other yoga, weight training etc. I rarely feel any tightness anymore. I'm fully upright now without even thinking about it. I still sleep in my binder and wear Spanx type panties everyday. Just had my 6th application of Embrace scar treatment today.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Remus Repta if you are considering a tummy tuck! He is a very caring, thorough, skilled surgeon who takes pride in his work.

Photo journey

My photos did not appear, so here they are.

Week 9 update

Well, today is weeks since Dr Repta fixed my lumpy stomach and saggy skin. We decided the six weeks of Embrace was enough to smooth and thin out my scar. (The company recommends eight weeks, but at $100 each, I'm satisfied with the smoothness of it.). The color will fade in time and I am super excited to see my final result!
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

Excellent experience from pre-op to today (8 week mark). Couldn't be happier with ease of recovery, quality of his work and healing of my scar.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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Oh my gosh, I was emailed one of the RealSelf emails and I noticed you went with Dr. Repta. He was my third consult and I knew he was the one. I saw Dr. Shaw, whom I really liked, saw Dr. Shapiro, whom I also liked and met with Dr. Repta whom I loved! I think the other two PS are amazing, I just clicked with Dr. Repta. I am having my Full TT on Nov. 21-2014. I am having some lipo on my tummy and flanks and my lower back. Did you have a lot of soreness from the liposuction? I am worried about the pain from that. You look amazing and I too am going to do the full eight weeks of the Embrace treatment for my scar. He also told me I could go home after the surgery. I was surprised and he could see that on my face, but he said as long as I have help, there's no place like home to recover. I agreed. So excited I found your journey. :-)
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Hi Disney21, I'm so glad my post has inspired and/or helped you! I felt silly about doing it, thinking nobody cared. Anyway, I know you won't be disappointed in his work or care. He's right, going home right after surgery is not a problem at all! I really did not have much pain...period! Definitely do the Esparel though, he and I have spoken about it and that makes all the difference! He did some lipo on my flanks too. I had no bruising or pain from that. Amazing! Considering what is being done to our bodies during the TT, I'm amazed at how easy the recovery was. Don't get me wrong, you will feel that you've had surgery and you'll be really tight feeling but I didn't experience much pain. I was thrilled that my body responded so well with just six applications of Embrace since that is an added expense. Yesterday was my three month anniversary of the procedure, I still have some swelling above my pubic bone and my scar is still purple but I'm glad I did it. Feel free to ask me more questions. :)
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I hear the swelling can last up to six months, so I am kind of prepared for that...I think. My girlfriend who had one about nine years ago, described her tight feeling in her stomach like she did tons of sit ups. Would you say your experience felt like that? I had a surgical procedure in my twenties called a laparotomy to remove an ovarian cyst and my surgeon cut into my rectus abdominus (I think that's how it is spelled.LOL) and boy that was tough. I was hunched over for about three weeks, and had to have a pillow placed over my lower abdomen when I walked to feel like my stitches weren't going to burst, during the initial days of my recovery. In fact, my recovery was 4-6 weeks and I had to cancel my student teaching. I have a feeling it might feel similar, but how can I really know until I have it done. Oh yes, did you have to take any of the narcotic pain meds? Ugh. I can't handle them, and told him so. Sorry for bending your ear, but I can't help myself LovingLifeAt50!
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The tightness did not feel like muscle soreness from sit ups to me. It is like you literally cannot stand straight because your muscles won't stretch. In fact, you will and should hunch over while upright for the first week for sure. That is were my only pain came from was my lower back muscles became very sore from hunching. If you know someone with a walker, you might seriously consider borrowing it! My lower back wasn't used to supporting the weight of me leaning forward and was uncomfortable for a week or so. I did use the muscle relaxer and narcotics pretty faithfully the first few days. Not because I was hurting but because I was afraid if I didn't take them that I would hurt. I remember thinking, "This should hurt a lot more...the pain must be coming." My swelling is not bad by any means, but it's still there. I just look like I have a small belly pooch.
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I plan to start checking out walkers at garage sales. Hope I can pick up one there, before I have to buy one. My husband lives and works out of state (a drag, to say the least) but has made arrangements to be with me from the day of my surgery, Fri., Nov. 21st to Sunday, Nov., 30th. My 18 & 17 year olds will be home to help too. They are outstanding young people, so. I feel like I will be in good hands. My daughter has promised to wash my hair and help in the shower when Dad leaves. I know I can't tolerate the pain meds, I am going to ask Dr. R how much X strength Tylenol I can safely take for pain. Muscle relaxers, hmm, maybe I can handle those? Will they give you a list of things to purchase for the recovery? I have read from gals that they buy gauze pads, and the tight socks to prevent blood clots, etc. The following Thursday will be Thanksgiving, I will have to find an excuse to let my family know why I won't attend. I'll send my kids and hubby. ;-)
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His surgi-center will put the stockings on you before you wake up. I only kept them on until the following day when I did my follow up. If you are up and walking/moving as much as possible then blood clots are rare from what I understand. (It's immobility, laying down too much that increases the risk for them). You will be in good hands! My daughter washed my hair for the first week. I sponge bathed the first 7 days until my drain was removed. You're allowed to shower with the drain but I literally kept my binder on 24 hours a day the first week, trying to get my best results. With the esparel, extra strength Tylenol and Valium you should be comfortable. You will feel like resting all day but moving around really does help recovery in my experience.
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Thank you so much for the information. I think Dr. Repta told me he handles "the tissues delicately, as much as I can, so your recovery is better for you." I think your recovery is a real testament that he is gentle with the body when he is in surgery. Again, thank you!
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You look great! I went to Dr Remus Repta for a tummy tuck revision after having a tummy tuck two years ago.(in Canada) I also had developed a pseudo bursa. I'm just gonna start week 5 post op and you are so correct that Dr Repta is amazing, he listens and is very meticulous with his surgical techniques. I too am using embrace and cannot believe the difference in scar healing from the first time around. I am very happy with this 2nd time around and to have met Dr Repta.
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Congratulations, I'm sure your new tummy looks great! Are you doing the full recommended 8 weeks of Embrace? My scar is very smooth and thin, (with 6) but is still really dark pinkish-purple. I understand that Embrace doesn't help much with the color and that part just takes lots of time.
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Well I brought the full 8 week treatment of embrace back home to canada, so I probably will. The color of the scar fades with time. I posted another pic today on my profile page with the start of 5 week post -op and am real pleased with the results.
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You look incredible, and your scar looks amazing. I have been wondering how well the Embrace works. The PS that I will likely choose recommends it. I knew it was expensive but if it works, it's worth it. Keep posting your pics. I would love to see how your scar continues to heal.
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Will do! Thank you for the kind words. I believe the Embrace did really help with smoothing the scar so fast but my PS was also very meticulous with his stitching. Best of luck to you! It's an expensive procedure, but so worth it!
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Amazing results! So happy 4 you. Ur scar is almost disappeared
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I know! I'm so pleased with it. That was one of my biggest concerns going in. I'm getting married in two months and will be honeymooning for a week on the beach. It's totally hidden with a bikini.
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Congrats and the journey sounds remarkable!!
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