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Real Review With Real Abdominal Before & After Photos - Scottsdale, AZ

18 months ago I began researching Thermage as a...

18 months ago I began researching Thermage as a tummy tuck alternative. The reviews I read on this site scared the crap out of me, mostly because I did not want to waste the cash on a procedure that did not work. I obsessively read through pages and pages of reviews that really only made me feel more confused about what to expect. Eventually, I decided that I did not have too much to lose (besides $$$) and figured that my chances of seeing results would more than likely increase if I were smart about it how I approached it.

Background info on me:
I am 31 years old and have never been pregnant. I suffered from obesity as a child, then lost weight too quickly during the unkind teenage years - this resulted in loose skin in my lower abdominal region. In my late twenties I slowly started to put weight back on. I have never known what it feels like to have a completely flat tummy - no matter how much weight I lost (even at 120 pounds), the loose skin always made me look unattractive naked.

My approach:
If you have done your research, you already know that Thermage works best if you are within 20 pounds of your goal weight. If you are a fitness pro or avid gym-goer, you already know that diet alone will not usually be sufficient to make you look awesome naked (and lets face it, we all go through the agony of weight loss just to look good in our bday suit). The best thing anyone can do is lower their caloric intake while implementing cardio AND weights (weights are incredibly important if you want to get rid of the flabby grossness). I spent 3 months doing 60 minutes of weights (with continual sets and weight increased periodically) 3 times a week. I spent 20 minutes on cardio 3 times a week as well and consumed 1200-1500 calories a day depending on if it were a gym day or not. I gave up all processed and refined foods, dairy, and meat. I incorporated a vegan protein shake into my diet, made sure I took a multi-vitamin and an omega 3, and loaded up on other forms of non-animal protein. I stopped drinking soda and drank no more than one cup of coffee a day. I lost 18 pounds prior to getting Thermage.

The procedure:
The procedure look about 60 minutes to complete, and yes, certain spots were painful. I informed the laser tech that I wanted them to keep the setting as high as I could possibly tolerate and that I wanted them to focus on the lower abs the most. I also asked them to run it over my love-handles. Instead of using the body Thermage tip on my abs, they used the tip that is standard for the face Thermage. We talked about this at length and I decided I wanted them to do that because of how painful the other tip is for people. My goal was to get through the procedure, not stop half way through because I'm a wuss. I do not regret this decision.

The outcome:
We all know that it takes 6 months to see full results. I have not reached this yet - I'm 2 months post-treatment. I'm going to be completely honest when I say that the results you see in the picture may be a combination of few things. These things are as follows:
1) The lighting in the before and after picture are different. The before picture was taken in the morning with natural light. The after picture was taken in the evening - my ceiling fan light was on.
2) The before picture was taken one month prior to the treatment. I lost an additional 6 pounds between the before picture and Thermage treatment.
3) I vacationed to Boston 4 days after Thermage and did not go back home (Phoenix) for 2 months. During this time, no weight was gained or lost and I did not go to the gym. In Boston, everyone walks everywhere. In Phoenix, everyone drives due to distance and heat. Needles to say, I walked a lot on vacation. I did not do any other form of exercise while out of town.
4) From the time I had the Thermage treatment until the time after the picture was taken, I had a 3% fat loss. I have no idea if this is due to Thermage or walking. Again, no additional weight was lost after Thermage... and I am under the impression it does not cause fat-loss, just collagen growth... I could be wrong though.

That's it. That's all I can say about it. I'm posting this because when I read the reviews 18 months ago, I kept hoping someone would explain their before status, preparation, procedure, and results better. I was also thoroughly disappointed that most people did not post a before and after photo. I feel the purpose of this website is to help others make the best informed decision possible and I don't understand how that is possible without proof. So here is the proof. I am willing to post another picture when I hit 6 months (that would make it Dec 2012). If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I hope this was helpful. Good luck! :)

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Thermage is. It a fat lose solution. It is skin tightening device. It boosts collagen production

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I am 55, 114lb, 5'4" and have loose skin after haveing 2 babies and getting older. I am thinking of Thermage. I totally get the loose skin bit but others think you look fine. This site was most imformative. At my age I don't expect 18 year old results but hope for a 38year olds...haha

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Did you ever snap a pic after the 6 month mark? I cant see it, I am also computer challenged at times...would be super interested in seeing that as I have a consultation in two weeks for the same issues.

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Did you have stretch marks? Did they go away?

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My problem was crepey, wrinkly skin that appeared on my upper arms bicep area. I am 55 yrs old have always been fit and weigh 53 kilos. I was told I was a perfect candidate for thermage. I had the procedure done but it did not work.
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That's why I'm leary of spending the $one yo have it done :(
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My phone is nuts! Lets try this again. That's why I'm leary of spending the $ to have this done.
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Perfect Review.. Thank You! Extremely helpful & informative. Ps I SEE a difference & I know exactly what you're going for. Good news is there is definitely a differene in the before and after pic. I hope you get all the results you desire bc you've put in the work! Good Job & don't give up!!!
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Girl, I do not see nathing wrong with your body before, LOL. So, the after picture, can not tell the different. Please post you 6 months after. Thank you so much for sharing your story.
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I am interested to see your final result. I am scheduled to have this procedure in the next few weeks and am contemplating this or tummy tuck.

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I had one and it did remove my wrinkly tummy a bit just for one applications
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The 02 dec review is most helpful, as it does establish the "bottomline" for you: that it did create a more taut belly, period. You had great habits, but what I find most useful on initial posting is the honesty about the pain... all others seem to be a journal on your diet/exercise-- awesome, but..we all wanted to know the bottomline :)

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Vanessa was the laser tech who did the procedure, I didn't have this done by a doctor. I'll try to get a 6 month post-procedure photo to post, but it may take a few weeks or so (I'm in college; December = exams). I am happy with the results. With that said, it did not completely fix the loose skin issue (which is to be expected). What I notice the most is an improvement in the over all elasticity of my abdomen. Prior to having Thermage, my tummy was not nearly as taut. The lowest portion of my abs, where the most skin sagged, is not quite how I want it to look; however, it did improve. If you are looking into Thermage as an alternative to a tummy tuck, I would definitely recommend it as long as you understand that it will simply improve the elasticity and tautness, not give you pre-baby and/or pre-weight gain/loss abs. If I had to do it again, I would.
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Thanks for responding! Please post after pics when you get a chance.
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How do you feel about Thermage now? Did you see any significant difference after the 6 months?

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how are you doing with this? im very interested in the procedure, as ive had 3 kids and have some stretched skin. im not keen on the idea of a tummy tuck. im scared ill be wasting my money, though. did you see a big difference?
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You look good in both pictures. I personally prefer the before but that may be because the picture quality of both is pretty bad.
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It looks great! Thank you for posting this. It's very reassuring. I was worried that I was going to need a tummy tuck after my weight loss, but looking at these pictures, I guess I won't need to.
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Can you tell me the doctors name you saw? I would like my tummy tighten and had 4 preganancies and loose skin that I want tighten.
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Loved loved loved reading your experience with thermage! Very glad someone can actually explain and show details about it. Very helpful and makes me want to have is dOne! I am wanting my upper thighs done rather than my tummy! Do you know of anyone that has had their legs done? Oh and congratulations on your weight loss! Looks great!
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You look great! Thanks for posting. I am in a similar situation, plus one baby, and am thinking about trying it. Would love to see more pics or hear an update. No amount of diet and exercise (which I have been doing for 8 years) has affected this area, and not interested in surgery, so we will see!
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First of all congrats on your weight loss and amazingly healthy lifestyle you have adopted!! That takes a lot of discipline, so you should be very proud of yourself.

Your tummy looks nice and flat in both pictures. I'll be interested to hear if you see or feel any changes over the next several months. :)

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