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Sun damage, wrinkles and leather saggy skin....

Sun damage, wrinkles and leather saggy skin. Hollowed, baggy cheeks and eyes. Fear of bad plastic surgery!!

I am an Arizona native and my skin shows it.  My greatest fear is finding the wrong surgeon after the fact. I've seen too many bad scars, gobbler necks and gaunt-looking old women with smooth cheeks.  Dr. Holden discussed a facelift and eyelid surgery. His solution to the hollowed out look I hate was adding fat during my surgery to fill in that "look". Skeptical as I am, I needed pictures because I didnt want to look fat or bloated.

He brought out his big book of before and after pictures and I was sold. Four minths post surgery and fat injections and I have the smooth skin and neck I wanted with the "apples" back in my cheeks and no hollowed out temples or eyelids! I am so relieved that he was able to offer me cutting edge techniques I hadnt heard of at other offices to avoid the tell tale signs of facelift surgery I hate and get the look and results I wanted!

Phoenix Facial Plastic Surgeon

Explained all options in a clear, respectful way. Answered all of my questions, provided a comfortable surgical experience, excellent work and followup. My experience and results ate better than I ever expected! You cant get a better facelift surgeon in Arizona!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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Paul Holden is a great guy. Very cool and down to earth. Excellent bedside manner and surgical skill. I know this first hand since he operated on a close friend of mine. He even offer a slight revision for my friend free of charge. He actually really cares about his patients. I used a different Dr. for a rhinoplasty before I met Paul Holden. Paul was so cool he even gave me a steroid injection for free on a nose he didnt even operate on.
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It was announced today on Channel 3 news that Dr. Holden was arrested for burglary. He allegedly broke into a clinic to steal narcotics. He lost his license to practice medicine which allegedly had previously been suspended on another narcotics charge, Channel 3 reported that patients were left without the money they had paid for revisions, deposits, etc. "Three On Your Side" was interviewing a woman who had paid him $20,000 and her face lift was awful and left her with scars, etc. She was waiting for revisions but just lost all her money According to Channel 3, he had also been arrested for domestic violence at some time.. His clinic is closed.
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I haven't seen the show, but this is very difficult to believe. His work is top notch, and I've only read the best reviews from other clients on this web site and well as many other web sites that review medical services. Very difficult to believe.
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Well I guess you don't have to believe it. It's all factual and I would suggest that you see the show, or investigate on your own but it's clearly your choice to accept the facts or not.
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It's easy to judge someone... it's harder to use your brain. Try to think about the possibility that doctors are just like everyone else and can suffer from addiction just the same. I don't think he thought about breaking into a pharmacy, I believe that all he was thinking about is his next high. Addiction is a horrible disease and it affects many people. He is a wonderful doctor and it's sad to see him go through this. I hope more people take time to actually think and form their own opinion... not something the media spoon feeds you. I wish Dr. Holden and his family the best.
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The previous issue he had I think was more of a domestic dispute issue.  Most divorces are rocky and tumultuous and the last time I checked, doctors were human too and have personal lives and issues like everyone else. It is very unfortunate that we are left without his talents and skill but I believe we have no right to judge anyone when we don't know the facts, only what the media chooses to report and portrays, especially since we have no idea what his side of the events are. He is a very caring and compassionate man and I only wish the best for him and his future endeavors.  I have yet to find a facial specialist that has the same skillful artistic eye and caring demeanor.  He was so reliable and great to me for 2 years, I came to depend on his attentive demeanor- I would still go to him to this day and in the future. I stand by my reviews of his procedures that I experienced.  It is very frustrating  bc I realize more than before how valuable he and his skills are/were now that he is not available...I have had some very unsatisfactory botox and filler treatments (and expensive, in order to fix their inaccuracies) from others since his disappointing departure  :(   
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He is still available, I believe. He temporarily closed his business, but is working at a different one at the moment.
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I prefer that Dr. Holden doesn't prostetute his patients pictures online. I am a private person and it took a lot for me, as a man, to get up the courage to have the surgery. I had open access to his before and after binder. I guess not all people who get plastic surgery want to be identified on the internet. And as a correction: there are pictures posted.
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I understand why clients of Dr. Holden do not post pics? i'm starting to wonder if he's writing these reviews himself/staff... the details of recovery are so vague and everything is so happy ending without any proof of the work done~ it's just ashamed because it defeats the purpose of writing a post on real self! no one customer of his has posted a before and after picture... very suspicious just saying!
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I cannot speak for anyone's reviews but my own, but I most certainly do not work for Dr. Holden. I would never post my face on Real Self or any other site for all to view. If requested, I would be happy to provide pictures to a private email address. Since I haven't had a facelift yet - just injectables - I'm probably not the best resource for you. If you live in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, why not schedule a consultation with the Dr.? I believe it is free if you mention Real Self. I can assure you that it is a pressure free environment and you will be provided many before and after pictures to review during your consultation.
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I am considering a facelift with Dr. Holden in January. I am impressed with your review. Would you mind sending a before/after picture to my private email?
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Hi OcotilloG -- Welcome to RealSelf and thanks for posting your experience! I'm happy to hear your surgery went well.

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