Nose Job Recovery - Not a single pain pill - Scottsdale, AZ

For as nervous as I was to go through with this.....

For as nervous as I was to go through with this...I can't even believe the recovery is going so smooth!

I haven't taken a single pain pill yet!!!

I will say that I have more swelling today and may be slightly bruising, but, NOTHING compared to what I thought I would be experiencing!

I'm getting a little ancy and have my mom helping out with the mess of laundry I've left in my bedroom. Both my mom and husband have been my "post procedure helpers"...I am getting bored not doing much...

I will post some pics soon from right after surgery to today and then again WED after I get home from getting my split changed out.

Please let me know if there is ANYTHING I can help you out with in "calming" your nerves!!! My experience has been incredible!

Day 5 - Post Surgery - Stitches Out Can you say...

Day 5 - Post Surgery - Stitches Out
Can you say OUCH? Getting my stitches out and my nostrils cleaned out has been the most painful part of this whole process so far...I am just excited I was cleared for a glass of wine on Thanksgiving!

I get my cast off next WEDNESDAY!!! Let the countdown begin!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Still feeling stronger...

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Still feeling stronger every day...a little dizzy from the cast still on my nose...I think it must be throwing off my line of vision!

Had to run to the store for my family who is cooking this was good to go "solo" on an errand!! I did it!

The check out guy couldn't believe how "good" I looked! He was shocked I didn't have any bruising...just still a little swelling!

Hope you are all doing well!

Washing your hair after surgery - Best way is to...

Washing your hair after surgery - Best way is to set on a step stool with a couple pillows underneath you in front of your kitchen sink...make sure you have some "press n seal" wrap on your nose and covering your forehead...a couple layers. I like to tape mine down to my forehead to!

Make sure the person washing your hair is very careful not to hit your nose...I have a super aware husband and he even accidentally "grazed" my nose a couple times.

I like washing it in the kitchen sink a lot better than trying some unique ways to get it done in the shower...much easier!!!

Changing my Status to "Unsure" I feel as if my...

Changing my Status to "Unsure"

I feel as if my nose is bigger now than before and definitely wider on the bridge...I feel like an Avatar!!!

I hope the swelling goes down and down and down and down.

Posting a pic from day of Cast Removal and then Day 13 Post Surgery and Day 15 Post Surgery.

Wish me luck because I can barely stomach the fact I spent over 8k on something I can't stomach looking at!!!
And also...I went back to work on Day 13 and was SO TIRED the next day...I stayed home again.


ONE MONTH POST SURGERY! WOW...what a difference...


WOW...what a difference a month makes! I am exercising again and feeling SO much happier and better about myself. My swelling goes down more and more every day! I'm starting to appreciate my new nose! Everyone at work is also commenting how much better it is looking...FINALLY! I guess the key would be not "revealing" your new self until you are ready. IF ONLY I COULD'VE TAKEN A WHOLE MONTH OFF WORK!!! HA!! It would've saved me some grief. I will wait again another month to post pics, but, I guess I wanted to apologize for being so nervous and negative at first...It's going to take time and will only get better and better!! Good luck to everyone!!! xoxo Happy Holidays!!! Heidi :-)
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Congrats, thanks for sharing- especially the bits where you feel unsure of how you thought it was turning out, reassuring to know to give it some time. The photos looked lovely!
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Looks good! :)
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It looks great!! So happy for you!
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Heidi, omg, you are SO cute girlfriend !! You're right, your nose looks TOTALLY different now than it did when your cast first came off. You must be so happy, and I'm happy for you! No apologies needed for any negative comments... your post has been great to read, and this site is the best place to express nerves and fears. I do have an important question though... Is your hair highlighted? And if so, how do you keep it so healthy looking? Between your hair, your doe eyes, and your a-dor-a-ble new nose, you are a stunner!
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You are too kind gift! And yes, I definitely highlight!! I also have noticed losing TONS of hair since my surgery!!! I actually decided to have my hairdresser add some layers around the front to make it look a little fuller...He said he's seen other people lose a little hair after other surgeries too and thinks it will take a good couple months until I stop!! HA!! So, your comments are very appreciated!! You are too kind! Too kind!!!
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I know you know this but do try to remember the largeness is swelling. The suggestions are: keep sleeping elevated for a few weeks, tape your nose when you are home and at night, drink plenty of water and avoid sodium and alcohol. What things are you trying? Hope you see big improvements soon. Oh, and you look gorgeous! :)
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I am trying to be patient with the swelling! My PS didn't mention taping, but, I'm up for anything!!! Especially with guests from 3 states coming for the holidays!!! Any instructions on taping would be great!!! The only things I've tried are avoiding alcohol and sleeping almost sitting straight up still...even at 3 weeks. I'm suppose to tape my cast on my nose nightly for about another week, but, am growing very tired of that...I wonder if it would be better to tape it down instead when I sleep! Please let me know!! And thanks for the comment...just taking longer than I thought it ever would!! :-) TGIF!!
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I hope this works for you. My PS was adamant about continuing to tape. There is a good clip on YouTube who shows clearly how to do it, search "How to tape nose after rhinoplasty". All the best!
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Hi Heidi! how's going? i hope you're doing better each day! my cast if off and l look really nice and natural line of the nose, of course a but swollen but nothing like i was worried of! i just have some dull feeling in my head and get so tired of being up after an hour. i have to work from Tuesday i hope i make an 8 hr shift! looking forward to hear from you!!
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I'm sooooo happy you are pleased with your results!!!! I also hope your energy levels come back!! Once your energy is back, you'll be so happy with how normal you feel!!! Please let me know how your first day at work goes! I'm sure you'll do fine!! I'll be thinking about ya!!!
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Heidi you look soooo beautiful!!! you see, each day getting better!! i never been so happy in my life, i added Dec 4th as my 2nd birthday when the cast came off!! i hardly have any swelling by now and getting back to normal, i went out twice and everyone telling me i look so beautiful, what happened haha! cuz i kept it in secret. but even my doc said it took off 10 yrs from my age. but you look like a Barbie and it's just getting better!!! we won our battle. if you want i can send you some pics to your personal email but cannot post here since it's a public site who knows who else can see me from work! you can email me : and i can return some pics! have a great holiday season, talk soon!
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Heidi, you look stunning! like a Barbie, i can tell amazing results! and i feel the same!! I've been living very healthy lifestyle and always looked much younger than my age but now i even look younger, i get second looks everywhere i go, pple smile at me, even strangers on the street or in a mall...i think it must be the happiness we feel with the new, confident looks! way to go, keep in touch!
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you look amazing! congrats on the new nose :)
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I pressed the enter button accidentally so there's an empty comment sorry! But hey Heidi i think you look really great and your nose looks better each day!! it was so swollen and red right after cast removal then day 13 and 15 better each day! i don't think it looks any swollen and it has a nice shape, straight!! i give anything that the hump is gone!! i had my surgery the 28th lasted only 1hr 20 min apparently i got very cute nose i wish i could see it but the shape of the cast follows it and really it's shortened somehow and so far no hump but i've had very swollen and puffed up face the next day after the procedure. Also i had black eyes under both eyes, i had to ice it every hour, just disappearing now slowly. my cast will come off on the 5th and im very scared as i see near the nose my face is swollen but we have to understand this is how it goes - it's a huge trauma for the nose and the face! my surgery started at 8:20am and i was picked up at 10:30am from the waking room. I'm scheduled to go back to work on the 11th so its 6 days to see how it goes but if i'll be too swollen i will get a note for a month i cannot take the embarrassment with huge puffy nose!!! but your nose is nice and narrow and doesn't look swollen at all??? Just one more thing: about 6 weeks ago i saw on Dr Oz a girl just had it done 2 weeks prior to the show and the plastic surgeon brought this patient of his to show how perfect she looks after two weeks and really she looked amazing that's when i booked my surgery thinking it will take only two weeks to become perfect. but maybe she was heavily masked up, who knows? Would be anything on the market to cover up swollen nose?? any good foundation just for this reason? i will research on it. I really wish i had just that much swelling like you, which is hardly any at least from the pics!!! keep in touch, i will let you know after the cast comes off i hope i don't pass out!!! You look really great and can tell the positive difference big time.
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Thanks for the positive feedback! I CAN'T wait to see your nose! As for coverup...a gal I work with had really bad black eyes even a couple weeks after surgery and she put a ball cap on and headed for the MAC store...I forget what they gave her, but, she swore by it and suggested I get some...I personally have success with the Garnier BB cream and throw some BARE Minerals Mineral Veil over it...seems to do the trick! I must admit, my nose is a little less swollen today again, so, I know it's just a matter of time! Of course I POKED it by accident a couple times and now have some pain on the opposite side of the bridge of my nose...called my PS and they said it isn't anything to worry about since it didn't bleed...I iced it a little bit, so, hopefully I didn't do too much damage!!! As for the DR Oz can anyone look so perfect after only 2 weeks!!! Maybe it was non-invasive? Or was it actual surgery??? Everyone heals different though, so, I guess anything is possible!! Cheers to getting your cast off in a couple days! Please stay in touch!
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The best cover up I have ever tried is a concealer by Makeup Forever. I have gone through just about everything to try to cover up my scar on the bridge of my nose from an accident and that is the only thing that worked. You need a very thin layer of it and in the pictures it doesn't show up as makeup on the area. It is used for picture models and to cover tattoos. I used that same thing while I was very bruised from this nose job too. Great stuff, highly recommend it. You can only buy that at Sephora.
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Thank you so much for the info!!!! i'm buying it tomorrow!!! great to have this site and we can help out one an other. my cast comes off and i'm so scared what will i see?
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Hello Heidi, thanks for the great advice!! although my black eyes almost gone, it's swollen near the nose bridge and just so scared if the cast comes of what do i see? it's coming of Tuesday , a day early cuz the doc got booked up w surgeries for Wednesday!! and i have so many XMas parties coming up i cannot go with puffy nose for sure. me too POKED my nose few times! i had to vacuum and as i pulled the cord it got stuck and i pulled a strong one and it got out and hit me in the face, well hit my nose in cast i hope it won't be cracked?? You know this surgery is a pretty big trauma for the head as well, that's why we feel so tired! i mostly in bed i can't be up too long, my 4 cats bully me since im home so much, demanding stuff all the time! The way we have to look at it is imagine even if we go to the dentist for example they did a temporary bridge for me two months ago (i broke two teeth with biting on a sharp seed!) and now have to wait 3 months for healing enough for the permanent bridge - so if we were able to live with that hump for decades, now we can manage a few weeks discomfort! i try to be positive, i will show you pictures soon, i made a lot here of myself each day's recovery!!
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Hello Heidi!! my cast came off today and i've never been so happy in my life!! as much i was so scared of a big puffy nose, nothing like that!!! like the dr oz girl except i still have tiny black eyes but my nose looks amazing yes a bit swollen but nobody could tell , an outsider!! i feel definitely my doctor is an amazingly skilled plastic surgeon i told him today is the happiest day of my life, i reborn again, my second b-day!! i'd love to show pictures but not on this page since a lot of pple browsing and i don't want anyone see me by mistake! if you give me your email i will send some before and after pics. how is your nose going i think you also loked great from beginning, only you can tell if it's swollen! looking forward to chat more, bye now!
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Hi Heidi! I think you look great...I can, however share your frustration regarding people who say they can't tell anything was done. Only 1 person said to me that my nose looks exactly the same but I am still annoyed about it! I haven't yet showed her the before and after pics but don't feel like I should have to. Anyway, my nose swelled up big time right after the cast came off but not I'm 7 weeks post op and it's much, much smaller. Just be patient:)
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Thanks!! Even today more people at work noticed...the swelling had come down tons since last week...again...just being patient!!! :-) Thanks for commenting and stay in touch!!
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Hi Heidi! I think you look great... I can, however share your frustration regarding people who say it looks like nothing was done. One of my girlfriends said she can't tell one bit of difference and I am still pissed about that comment! I haven't showed her the before and afters but don't really feel like I should have to. Anyway, my nose swelled up big time right after the cast came off and now 7 wks post op it looks much smaller. Just be patient:)
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Actually, it's gorgeous already. I do NOT think you look like an Avatar at all.!!
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Your nose looks great and VERY swollen. You look awesome I think give it some time. And I love how straight it is. You look beautiful and I bet in the next 30 days you will love your nose. :)
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