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21, Rhino/Septo/Turbinates. *cast off! :)* - Scottsdale, AZ

Hi everyone! My rhino/septo is scheduled for...

Hi everyone! My rhino/septo is scheduled for August 1st and I'm ecstatic! The stories on RealSelf have really helped me gain the confidence to go through with this, so hopefully I can pay it forward. :)

I have wanted rhinoplasty since I first noticed my nose was crooked in grade school. It's pushed towards the left side of my face - in terms of skiing, Dr. Hobgood described the left side as being a black slope and the right side a green. To add to the asymmetry, I have a hump visible from my 3/4 right side, and a straight nose from my 3/4 left side. Internally, my deviated septum prevents me from breathing well out of the right side of my nose, to the point where I have only managed to sleep on my left side a handful of times in my entire life. (Because when you're laying on your side, the nostril closer to the pillow swells, making you breathe predominately out of the other side. My right nostril is blocked, so if I lay on my left, I can't breathe enough to sleep through the night. Something like that.)
I got my hopes up when I was 18 and had a consult with a different PS/ENT, but received extremely negative feedback from my family. They supported the septoplasty for function, but not the rhinoplasty. I'd get comments like, "Your nose is beautiful! It's perfect for you!", and then I'd look in the mirror and see the perfect humped nose for a medieval fishmonger woman. I honestly have never felt that this nose was *my* nose. I'm always self-conscious of where I'm sitting at dinner tables, what angle pictures are taken at, where I'm standing when people are talking to me ... it's stupid. I have suffered from a lifelong, superficial despair of knowing that, regardless of if I put makeup on, or do my hair, or lose weight, I can't change my nose.
So, I am extremely happy to have this opportunity. I decided to look back in to rhinoplasty after learning that my cousin had it done several years ago in CA with fantastic, natural results. My skeptical mom came to the consultation with me, and by the end Dr. Hobgood had her laughing uncontrollably. I absolutely think he's the right doctor and love the results his other two rhino patients on RealSelf have had.

Looking forward to a not-large not-crooked not-humped nose!

Right 3/4 vs. Left 3/4 view

Holding a paper to my face for contrast.


Pre-op done and all paid for!

It's extra-official! I'll be getting surgery in two weeks!

My one worry with getting rhinoplasty has always been with the radix point. I feel like it looks strange when the nose just hits the face and goes up, or just slopes and looks like a continuation of the forehead. (Like the Target dog, or Avatar people). I know I'm going to be stressed out about the swelling after surgery. The doctor I saw in 2011 seemed skeptical about bringing it in, but Dr. Hobgood was very reassuring that it would wouldn't be a problem to deepen.

Woo! Next post will be post-op!

I have no idea

what I'm doing. I accidentally googled pictures of open rhinoplasty a few days ago, which really did not help. I'm pretty sure my nose is going to be flayed today. Like, in three hours.

This is something that I've always, always told myself I'd inevitably get done, but that has not helped me feel better. I've had a gnawing anxiety over the past few days and am really looking forward to two weeks from now.


I have zero energy.
My parents have been so supportive and I'm really glad they were both able to babysit me today. We got sonic afterwards, I got a slushie which really helped my sore throat.

I can already see that my hump is gone (no more looming in my field of vision!) and it's smaller overall, so I am happy. My tip pokes out the bottom of the cast and looks HUGE, but I'm sure it's just swelling. I got home, ate a bit, popped a painkiller, then took a nap, and now I'm feeling pretty good.
Overall, I had a very positive experience today. I just wish that I hadn't stressed myself out so much, that was the worst part.

Day 1 Recovery

Still have no energy today, even though I managed to sleep 9+ hours last night. I woke up around 5am and iced, and I'm really glad I did because I'm starting to get cheek and undereye color. My nose is stuffed with black blood crusties and still draining, I'm having this thing where half the time I swallow my nose gurgles and drips.

My biggest recommendation would be to invest in a bottle of biotene mouth wash and Vaseline lip balm. There's no reason to suffer dry mouth and chapped lips on top of everything else!

Day 2 & 3 Post

Yesterday was rough. On the first day post surgery I took a hydrocodone with breakfast, lunch and dinner, which was great for pain, but turned me into a zombie. I switched to just acetaminophen yesterday and had so much more energy, but frequently had uncomfortable body temperature shifts from being sweating hot to freezing. I also had bruising and swelling pop up, which I was hoping I'd miraculously not get.

I woke up today in the most pain I've been in, but it subsided an hour after taking an acetaminophen and eating. My eyes and cheeks noticeably don't feel as full or puffy as yesterday, so I'm hopeful that the worst is over. :)

Cast off in 9 hours!

I need this thing off my face! Now! It's gross! The tape is becoming saturated with a sticky oil and is starting to itch in areas I can't scratch. It also covers my stitches where there's been an impossible-to-clean scab for the past week. Very much looking forward to washing my face and hair.

Day 4 & 5 (today) update -
I only needed one acetaminophen yesterday. I wasn't in pain, but had an annoying pressure that felt like my nose was pushing against the cast. I'm pretty grateful that I didn't experience any of the headaches other people have described in their reviews. The bloody drippings almost completely stopped.

I felt great today and didn't need any painkillers. :) I went out to brunch with my uncle and grandma (

.... cut off.

Ouch! I wrote a much longer review, but it looks like it was truncated because I typed a left caret symbol. HTML problem?

It was worth it.

I wasn't expecting to immediately love my nose when the cast came off ... but ... I LOVE it! It's perfect! It's *my* nose! And it'll only get better! :)

Getting the cast off was a little painful. It was an uncomfortable amount of suction, like a toilet plunger was being used on my face. I also still have some of the nasty tape residue on my face -- but other than that, I'm SO happy. Today was better than Christmas.

I have a changed opinion of Michael Jackson.

"Do you look like Michael Jackson now?"
No. The dude had like twenty nose jobs. Nobody likes or wants his nose.

I used to resent him growing up for giving rhinoplasty a bad name, but if you think about it ... wow. It's really sad. I love my results, but holy crap I will not be happy if I ever have to go through this again. Can you imagine the self-loathing he would have to have experienced to do this TWENTY times? In addition to all of his other surgeries? To have that cast taken off and, again and again, hate your results? To not be happy with how you look, to the point where the tweaks outweigh this miserable recovery ordeal? That's horrible. I can't imagine being trapped in such a dark place. And because this guy suffered from an addiction rhinoplasty has earned a stigma.

Anyway. I still like my nose. It's surreal to not have a bad side. :)

I'm not going to get bumped in the nose, I'm not going to get bumped in the nose, I'm not ...

I got bumped in the nose.

It was the absolute most physically painful thing that has ever happened to me. I'd just showered, meticulously cleaned my nose, taped it, and was about to go to bed when I made the mistake of going downstairs to chat. My boyfriend's 6'4" 200lb little brother went to pat me on the head (WHY?!), and at the same moment I leaned back in my char. Wabam. His giant, hairy gorilla hand palmed me in the face. It was an instantaneous explosion of pain, I immediately screamed and sprinted into the bathroom. Blood started pouring out of my nose and I started hyperventilating. I was convinced he'd broken it, that I'd had the cast off for one damn day and now I would be back to having some crooked f'd up thing on my face. It's hard for me to say this, but I truly broke down emotionally and was sobbing, and shaking, and sitting on the floor while my nose drained blood into my mouth. The pain subsided and was completely gone about 5 minutes later, but it still took much longer (and lots of supportive words from my boyfriend) before I could actually stand and look in the mirror. It was extremely swollen, and full-feeling, but otherwise still looked centered on my face. It was around 2am at this point and I was extremely exhausted, so I miraculously passed out after calming down.

I called my PS immediately the next morning and he was extremely reassuring, that he'd never seen a post-cast removal blow to the nose significant enough to ruin someone's results. I also had been having some odd nostril swelling, and the sutures in my left nostril had peeled back and dried, which he assured me wouldn't permanently affect nostril shape.

All of this happened two days ago, my nose is fantastic and my nostrils are looking great. I don't think getting hit on the face did any lasting damage. My nose feels stronger everyday and is much less tender/painful to touch. I almost have my full smile back and am back to being able to eat everything. :)
Phoenix Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hobgood is a fantastic doctor. I have dreamed about and anticipated getting rhinoplasty since middle school and was still blown away when the cast came off. I love it so much! My dorsal hump is gone, my nose is centered on my face, and even my nostrils are looking cute. He's extremely personable, reassuring, and confident - I'm so glad he did my surgery and I love my new nose!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look wonderful! Dr. Hobgood did my nose too, and I am so grateful I chose him. He's the best, and has been incredible through the entire process. I just adore him!
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We have fairly similar before noses! I can especially relate to your photo showing the difference between the left and right side, mine looks so much different on each side :( so frustrating. You look beautiful and I'd love to have a result like yours! :)
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You look lovely! Your whole review had me laughing- you have a very positive outlook on everything and I love the words you used to describe yourself. That's exactly how I felt pre-op but couldn't come up with the words. I am so happy that you were able to set aside how everyone else felt and do this to make yourself happy. You look beautiful and I wish you continued optimal healing :) P.S. The ski-slope example was GREAT! I am still laughing because I was also in the black/green stage!
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:) Thanks, glad you liked it! Your results are awesome, that's such a huge difference and your nose is so much straighter! I did really like his ski-slope example, it's much more descriptive than just saying that your nose is pushed to the side.
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Love it! Congrats!
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Thank you!
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It does look great! And it will even get better. My nose never changed drastically once the swelling went down it just got more defined. Looking forward to watching your progress
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Thanks, and that's good to know! I like it as is and don't want it to shrink to nothing. :)
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Great results! Congrats.
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Thanks! I'm still in disbelief.
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Looking great! :) I emailed back and forth with Dr. Hobgood! A great guy! I also met with a few more surgeons and I chose Dr. Pryor who Dr. Hobgood recommended for my case! So glad you are happy! Keep the updates coming!
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Thanks, Dr. Hobgood is awesome! You should consider posting a review, from your post history it definitely looks like you have a story to tell. :)
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Looks GREAT!!
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Thank you! :D
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Im Jealous! I get my cast off on Monday and I am itchy, uncomfortable and waiting to be able to breathe normally! Your nose looks great and it will only keep getting better! I am terrified!
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I couldn't have made it another weekend with the cast! Hang in there, and know that you have an awesome shower to look forward to as soon as it's off. (My hair and skin was so gross, baths and pseudo-hair rinses just don't cut it). Excited to see your results!
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Ahhh I can hardly wait!! Can you breathe through your nose now?
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Yup! It's on and off, but today was the first day I woke up without a dry mouth. :) I started using the ocean spray around day 3 (with cast), which helped with the crusties. ALSO, very important, DON'T poke around at the inner lining of your nostrils. (Like if your nostrils are ^, don't mess around with the inner pointy tip part). I had a huge scab crusty in my left nostril there, after the stitches were removed it started swelling a little bit, and I can now freaking see that the skin around the suture is peeled back. So be careful!
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Yeah I'm not sure what to do with that because I tried to clean up some of the blood but it's now hard on there so I left it!!!!
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I am getting so jealous of everyone on here because you have already had your surgery and mine isn't until Sept 16th lol!! Be glad when mine is finished!! You look wonderful!!
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I'm so glad it's over with and I have my energy back! The anxiety buildup before the surgery was the worst part. I was able to schedule my surgery a month after my initial consult, I would have gone insane waiting any longer. Hope you have a fast recovery, it's a huge relief knowing it only gets better!
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Your are going to look so wonderful!! congrats for having it over with.
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Your new nose looks great!! I have also been considering Dr. Hobgood or Dr. Shapiro for my rhinoplasty. A few others on here have had awesome results from Dr Hobgood!! Can't wait to see your progress
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Thank you! I love it so far, hopefully mine turns out as well as the others. :) Dr. Shapiro would have been my next consult if the timing with Dr. Hobgood not worked out - I managed to get a somewhat short-notice op date before I went back to school.
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Good luck with recovery! You will be feeling great before you know it. Dr. Hobgood did my rhino, he's a great doc!
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