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I have been using Juvederm and Perlane for various...

I have been using Juvederm and Perlane for various areas for the past few years. I heard the Radiesse lasts much longer (supposedly a year?) bc it is a different kind of filler so I am wanting to try in in a few spots - nasolabial area, upper cheek bones, and possibly in an area of my chin that is asymmetrical due to an old injury from blunt force trauma. The tip of my nose would be great too but not sure if the provider does that area. I was told that bruising is more common with this filler but we will see. I typically only bruise in the lip area as it is so sensitive so hopefully won't have any issues.

Thank you for sharing that! I have been thinking about eye surgery for about 2 years, but there are so many horror stories. I hear ya about the maintenance with fillers and it helped a little with the bags, but they were still there...that's why I didn't do it today. I figure, if I'm spending almost $1000 every 8 - 12 months, I minus well save that for the surgery. Good luck if you decide on the Radiesse...my brother thought I looked younger but didn't know why!!
There are horror stories but there are for everything, you know? You just have to try to do everything possible to prevent that starting w choosing a dr that you are really confident in. Don't let the bad stories keep you from doing something that you want to do and could possibly change your life. Read all the good stories too! It is crazy that in the long run, filler maintenance is so much compared to paying for surgery and doing it in one shot! I chickened out today and cancelled (ended up having a sched conflict too so that helped). I may go to my facial plastic surgeon bc I do trust him and know he has a skilled hand. I had a lot of 2nd thoughts today and it's always good to go with your gut!

You are so right about going with your gut. If something just wasn't feeling right, I'm really glad you decided to hold off!!


So I chickened out and the timing was conflicting...

So I chickened out and the timing was conflicting with work anyways so I cancelled. I did however get a chance to talk to my facial plastic surgeon about it and have an appt to have him do it. He told me a little more about it so I am more at ease getting a long term filler (and one that is a different kind than I've ever had). He says it works well when it is injected near bone bc of what it is composed of (calcium based microspheres) which is good since my areas desired to treat are my cheekbones and chin.

I originally was going to go somewhere else bc I didn't want to bother my surgeon with my filler appts all the time when he is busy reconstructing and surgically beautifying people's faces (he's a few wks booked out!). But I am relieved that I asked him about it bc I was really nervous about injecting something new into my face and I always feel confident in the work he does since he is a specialist.

Did you ever end up getting filler in the tip of your nose? I have a more of a bulbous nose, and I've always been curious about this. I wonder if filler could give me a more defined tip without being too obvious..? You are gorgeous, btw :)
I have gotten a tiny bit in the tip but it is a hard place to try to fill (and painful).  I do like it but find that getting just the bridge filled is usually sufficient enough to make a difference in my profile.  I have been contemplating a little nose work in the future along with some other subtle enhancements to get my features a little more symmetric. That's actually one of the reasons for holding off on the radiesse (in case I get a little chin implant instead to even it out).

i've been exploring the options such as radiesse; also, i've heard of gortex implants, which last forever, unless you have them taken out.. anybody know anything about that?


Still plan on trying in the future

I have recently gotten a little bit of restylane in my nasal fold area, but it doesn't seem like its enough so after it fades out a little the Radiesse will likely be my next filler in this area (plus still want to use it to even out chin).
If u haven't done it yet please from my heart I beg you not to do it . Not only damaged me physically but mentally as well . I'm struggling and suffering for 6 months so feel free to contact me will send u pic and videos what happens to my face .
I meant to say I advise AGAINST this filler. I've also heard that massage could break up the scar tissue left by Radiesse, has anyone tried this?
I second Arman.Kayeh. I had two rounds of Radiesse injected into my cheeks a over the course of a year (about a syringe and a half). I feel like my face is over corrected since the Radiesse dissolved. Not too much, but I notice it evertime I look in the mirror. Looking back at pictures of myself, I never really needed any to begin with. Just my OCD manifesting in tiny "flaws" in my face. I would advise getting this filler. If you still want to get something done, I suppose I would go with Juvederm since it is reversible. For everyone out there, do you know how long it will take the scar tissue from Radiesse to go away? Ever?
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