6 Weeks Post Op Appt Today New pics!

I am getting a full tummy tuck, breast...

I am getting a full tummy tuck, breast augmentation and breast lift. I am 38 years old and have 3 kids - a 19.5 year old son, an almost 15 year old daughter, and an 8 month old son. I was pregnant with my oldest son at 18 and gained too much weight too quickly and, well, I got stretch marks. Yes, a healthy baby boy too (can't imagine my life without him!), but at 18, stretch marks on my belly was a tough pill to swallow! I never got any new stretch marks with my daughter or my youngest son (I gained a reasonable amount of weight with both of them), and with my oldest kids I managed to always regain the muscles in my abdomen so that they were flat ... but after this last pregnancy my muscles separated and I now have a pooch that will not go away no matter how much I diet and exercise (I've tried, I really have!) I consulted with Dr. Cohen in April and since his first available surgery date wasn't until August 15, we paid the $500 deposit to hold the date. I've thought about it off and on since that date but now that I'm down to under a month and my pre-op appointment is just 5 days away (Friday, July 27), it's all I can think about.

Sometimes I get really anxious when I think too much about it. The fear of the unknown is certainly my biggest fear (does that even make sense?). I am beyond excited to finally be getting this done but so nervous! Dr. Cohen said it will be about an 8-hour surgery ... I hope I wake up from that (one I my biggest fears for sure!) The last time I was under anesthesia was when I was 4 and had my tonsils out. Obviously, I don't remember a thing! So that part scares me. I am worried about the recovery, the drains, the not being able to care for/interact with my 8 month old son. We have a nanny who will take care of him during the day while my husband is at work and she is really good with him so I guess I shouldn't worry but I just wonder how long I will be "out of it" to where I can't even sit on the floor and play with him (never mind picking him up). I don't know how I even stumbled on this site - and I debated creating a profile at all (and just read instead) but if nothing else it might prove therapeutic for me ... and may be interesting to read over when I'm all done and healed up! Soooo yeah ... 25 more days and counting!

Sorry for the sideways pics ... I didn't know how...

Sorry for the sideways pics ... I didn't know how to fix that! :(

19 days post op. I feel depressed, sad, lonely,...

19 days post op. I feel depressed, sad, lonely, bored. So tired of sitting around and doing nothing. My 6 week post op appt with my PS is Sept 27 ... 24 more days! Anyone else so over their recovery? I want my life back!

I am 3 weeks post op today. I stepped on the scale...

I am 3 weeks post op today. I stepped on the scale and was surprised to see the number - 113.8. I am 5'6" so I am happy with this number :)

Yesterday I drove for the first time and I was absolutely fine ... I'm sure most are driving long before this but I have been extra careful because I am paranoid of hurting something and setting myself back. I also was out and about for several hours yesterday - including a trip to Target and getting my hair cut and colored. I feel like now that I am ok driving, I will go out and about a little each day in an attempt to get my life back! I didn't take Percocet all day yesterday and for the previous week before that, I was taking 1 or 2 a day.

My newest "pain" has been the sharp, shooting pain in my breasts. My PS assured me this is normal but wow can those pains hurt sometimes! They really catch me off guard and it feels like someone is stabbing me. I am looking forward to that going away!

I am standing up about 90 percent straight (see my side pic from today). My abdomen is still tight from the muscle repair and all the pulling he did, but it's certainly better than it was a week ago.

My biggest frustration is that I'm still sleeping in the recliner. I am just not comfortable on my back or my side in bed. I never would have thought I'd be sleeping in a recliner 3 weeks out!

Counting down to my 6 week post op appointment on Sept 27 ... only 22 more days!

I'm 25 days post op and am so swollen it's...

I'm 25 days post op and am so swollen it's depressing! Suppose I am not drinking enough water or maybe not eating as light as I should be. We've had alot of family events that revolved around food, of course, and another one tomorrow! I keep looking at my intra op pic and my belly IS flat - so I know that I will get there but I think I need to do something drastic to help my body along. Perhaps a few skipped meals is in order.

I am standing almost entirely upright but the upper center of my abdomen is tight and by the end of the day hurts after standing up so straight. It definitely still pulls!

Sneezing hurts ... My abdomen goes into spasms! Ouch!

I'm wearing a sports bra and high waisted Spanx 24/7. Kinda over those but it feels weird without the Spanx on. I'm ready for a real bra though!

I've been overly cautious about doing too much so as not to pull or strain anything. My 6 week post op appt is Sept 27 ... I'm counting down the days!

I am 4 weeks post op today. I don't feel a whole...

I am 4 weeks post op today. I don't feel a whole lot has changed since last week, especially with regards to the swelling. I am seriously over the swelling and don't feel it will subside anytime soon (according to several other reviews on here) Ugh ... Frustrating. The nerve pain in my right breast (the only one I was experiencing this in) has subsided. The only thing I do feel, which is weird, in my right breast only, is a strange sensation when I lay on my right side - it feels as though the implant is shifting to the side - or when I bend down to pick something up - it feels as though the implant is moving forward. It's a very odd sensation and it only happens in my right breast. It has been happening for awhile and I called my PS yesterday and she said it sounds like the muscle contracting. Has anyone had this experience? I sure hope it doesn't last long because I miss sleeping on my right side. I typically flip from left to right all night long so I'm having a hard time getting comfortable and usually end up back in the recliner ... damn thing, I thought I'd be rid of it by now!

I am standing almost entirely straight but by the end of the day my upper and middle abdomen is really sore. I have still been taking it pretty easy so as not to hurt anything and set myself back. Only 15 more days until my 6 week post op appointment.

Hope everyone is doing well.

I forgot to mention that I went to Victoria's...

I forgot to mention that I went to Victoria's Secret yesterday and got measured for a bra (my PS said I can wear a non underwire bra now instead of a sports bra). Anyway, she measured me and I was a 32DD (sister size being a 34D). I was surprised by this as I don't feel I LOOK like a D (which sounds big to me as I was barely an A before surgery). My PS said that Victoria's Secret has a tendency to be sized larger than other bra manufacturers. Makes sense as that makes for good marketing and feeds our confidence, right? Having said all of that, I am 100 percent happy with my breasts and wouldn't want them even a tiny bit bigger or smaller ... they are perfect for me! :)

I am 5 weeks post TT, BA, BL (tomorrow). I am...

I am 5 weeks post TT, BA, BL (tomorrow). I am going to Mexico in 3 weeks and want to start tanning before I go. I asked my PS and of course they are so against tanning beds and just said I should spray tan. Well, I am not a fan of spray tans and so I am going to tan a little bit before I go otherwise I will fry as the sun is so HOT there. So here's what I was told: don't expose your scars to the sun as it affects how they heal/fade. I have been doing a bit of research and I found Mederma for scars that has SFP 30 in it. If I use this in the tanning bed, is this enough or should I wear a bikini as well? Also, I have heard that the skin on the tummy is really sensitive to sunlight as well so I'm thinking about putting sunscreen on it (or maybe covering it with a towel). All thoughts and opinions greatly appreciated!

Today I am 5 weeks post op. I feel about 80...

Today I am 5 weeks post op. I feel about 80 percent back to normal. I say 80 percent because my mid/upper abdomen is still sore, especially at night after being active throughout the day. And when I say active, I really mean lightly ... going to the mall, out to get Starbucks, errands, etc. Nothing crazy! I really try to take it easy still and am not out all day, everyday. My stomach hurts like CRAZY when I sneeze, cough or laugh. I am pretty much used to my breasts and absolutely LOVE them! They are very sensitive though so putting on a bra in the morning (and sports bra to sleep in at night) I have to be so careful.

I tried to take my 10 month old out of his high chair yesterday but it really pulled in my abdomen area. I had the nanny take over. Speaking of, we still have our nanny full time from 6 am - 6 pm everyday. I really couldn't do this without her. Originally we told her we'd need those hours thru 6 weeks, but we are now going to extend that to 8 weeks. After that week we go to Mexico for a week (she's coming with us, of course) and hopefully by the time we get home (I will be almost 10 weeks post op) I should be 100 percent better!

I am wearing a non underwire bra most days and a sports bra to sleep at night. I am supposed to use an Ace bandage (in lieu of massaging the breasts ... and this is because I had a lift using Strattice). I only wear the Ace bandage when I'm hanging around the house. I wear my Spanx 24/7. I have gone without them a time or two and I notice by the evening I am more swollen and even sore. I really like how they hold me in.

I start out sleeping in my bed at night - on my left side (my right side isn't comfortable for some reason) - but halfway thru the night I usually end up in the recliner. It really is just more comfortable for me. My poor husband! haha

My scars are healing well I think. I have my 6 week post op next Thursday (9/27) and I'm anxious to hear what he has to say about my healing. I bought New Gel scar sheeting but haven't used them yet, pending my PS approval. I do feel that the bruising near my belly button and the look of my hernia repair looks worse in pics than in person. Hard to believe but true ... perhaps it's the lighting as the bruising looks bad in pics but really isn't that bad.

I am not sure that alot has changed from last week to this week, but I posted new pics. My scale is still hanging in at my regular pre-op weight of around 113. Fine by me. I was so worried about gaining (my PS said to expect anywhere from 1-15 lbs) I didn't gain anything.

I hope everyone is healing well. I find myself reading more stories on here lately and enjoy watching everyone's progress!

I am officially 6 weeks post op today. I am...

I am officially 6 weeks post op today. I am feeling about the same as last week and I'm going to say 80 percent back to normal. I took care of my 10 month old son by myself all day yesterday and I was really sore by last night. Our nanny was back at 6 am today to help out. I guess I'm not ready to do it all yet! I admit I still sleep in the recliner (I really find it more comfortable than my bed these days!) I have been wearing my Spanx 24/7 still so I think that helps with the swelling. I do feel the swelling has been very minimal these days and I couldn't be more pleased! I am 100 percent satisfied with everything!

I have an appt with my PS tomorrow so I suppose I should have waited until tomorrow to post this (curious to see what he thinks of everything) but I will post again after my appt.

Today was my 6 week post op appt. I do have one...

Today was my 6 week post op appt. I do have one small divet (about the size of half a pea) on a stitch on my left breast but he said to put Aquaphor on it 2x a day and it should heal on its own. He said my scars are very clean and flat which is amazing at this point. He is very pleased with my healing. I do still have some bruising around my belly button but he said that will surely fade within a month or so. I had bought New Gel scar sheeting and I asked him if I should start using it and he said that I don't really need it. Well there was $175 wasted. He said I could use it if I want but my scars are so flat that it most likely won't make much difference as scar sheeting is for raised scars. I was cleared to exercise again and he said to start out with 15 minutes a day and increase that time each day based on how I feel. 15 minutes? ugh ... my legs and butt need at least an hour a day! I know it's a process but man, it sucks!

I asked my PS about the tightness I feel in my abdomen when sneezing or laughing too hard (yes, this STILL is happening 6 weeks post op!) and he said it's totally normal and may stay that way for several months. Speaking of my abdomen, it is still very numb and I was told it may take 12-18 months to have full feeling again. It's such a strange sensation when my 10 month old son leans against it!

All in all, I am feeling pretty good (I just posted yesterday so see that post for more info). I can't wait until I can post 6 MONTH pics! :)
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So how has the workouts been going ??? Let me know what you have been up to at the gym : )
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Thanks for asking! I just started walking this weekend. I am walking for 20 minutes in the morning with my 10 month old son and then go to the gym later in the day and do the elliptical for 20-30 minutes. For now that's all I can handle. I am hoping to increase that to an hour soon but I am pretty tired and sore by the time I'm done!
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Your results look awesome! And you don't Look too swollen from your pics! I read that you had 400cc implants, what cup size were you before surgery? Has it been hard getting used to them? I'm only a 32AA right now and I worry about feeling like I am constantly carrying around a load that doesn't belong there!
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Thanks! I am a bit swollen at times but it has been minimal and for that I am glad. Before surgery I was a 32A and am now a 32DD/34D (according to Victoria's Secret, which my PS said is exaggerated so in another brand I may be a C - I haven't tried another brand yet to know). My PS said cc size isn't a great way to decide which size you want, rather you should look at pics of others with similar body types (height/weight/build) and see what look you want. I am 5'6" and weigh 113 lbs and am fairly thin overall (although in my eyes my problem area is my thighs - they are too big - but they won't ever get too thin even with exercise so I'm learning to accept them! haha) But I digress ... as far as my breast size, I am extremely happy with the size as I feel they fit me just perfect. They don't look fake yet they look as though they are a little bigger than what someone may have naturally :)
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You look great! Your surgeon did a wonderful job. Enjoy!
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Thank you! I am very pleased with my results! :)
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Looking fantastic! The bruing isn't even mvisible the pic anymore are I see your still sleeping in the recliner I wonder how long I will sleep in mine it's only been two days and I miss my husband already he said he would sleep next to me
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Thanks! I first tried sleeping in bed after 2 weeks but it was so uncomfortable. Even with my Spanx my stomach felt so weird sleeping on my side (hard to explain the feeling). Also, it wasn't comfortable with my implants either! I CAN sleep in bed now and start out there but I end up in the recliner half way thru the night. I don't know what it is about it but it's just a more comfortable position for me.
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I think you look incredible. You certainly should for $27.000! That' the most expensive I've seen on this site. Were there more surgeries than you mentioned in your intro? You really got a great result. Enjoy your new body!
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Thank you! And yes I suppose for $27k I should have expected to look like Barbie! LOL I had a full tummy tuck, breast augmentation and lift - that's all. I didn't feel I needed lipo and am in fairly good shape. I have struggled not being able to work out for the last 6 weeks but I know I will tone up quickly once I begin again! :)
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Which Spanx did you get? Wow, jealous of your trip to Mexico. How fun and be careful about the tanning. Have fun wearing your new bikini!! You look great!
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I don't think the bruising looks bad at all and your breast look awesome!! You really look great!
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If you are going to use a tanning bed use the mederma SPF 30 cream and wear a bikini my friend sunbathed too early after a breast augmentation surgery and she said her scars are a lot darker from the exposure it's best to wait 1 year after surgery for sun exposure I'm dreading it because I love to sunbathe
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I would not advise the bed at all. We still get significant sun on areas covered up, especially those healing. The skin on the tummy itself is fresh for burn so sunscreen Is a must. I have tried several spray tan places, airbrush seems to be the best and stays on quite long. But that's my opinion! Good luck and have fun in MX!
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Im just past 6 weeks PO ans still feel swollen, and think I look it too. My PS did not pull me too tight, so I never had that "cant stand straight" problem. I had little muscle repair so my recovery was shorter I think, I did have some sutures internal from it. Im seeing either swelling or the beginnings of "dog ears", ill wait till Oct. Youll get there Newmommy, just be patient. I too want to go get a new bra and Ive just begun to nurse myself off of the abd binder..woohoo :)..you look good BTW
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It sucks that 6 weeks post op there's still swelling. I have read other reviews and it seems like there is swelling MONTHS post op ... ugh ... so discouraging for me. I've always had such a flat stomach (before my last baby, who is now 10 months old). So all of this swelling really sucks. I am just now standing up straight - 27 days post op today - and by the evening, after standing, moving around all day, I am really sore in my upper and mid abdominal area. He pulled me tight ... and I can feel it! How often are you wearing your binder now? Do you find you get alot of swelling without it on?
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I had my surgery two days before yours and I am swollen too. Doc told me I can ditch my binder for 6-12 hrs. Swelling hits me in the evening, about 1/2 inch+ above my incision. I get so frustrated its almost depressing.

Doc told me I can start running and I've tried it once, with my binder. He said i could do light ab work also but I'm terrified!!

You and I are almost at our month marks so lets hope this swelling goes down stat!

Do your boobs hurt?
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I have been wearing my Spanx around the clock. I'm so over them but the day I decided to NOT wear them, I had alot of swelling! Boo :(

I want to start doing something at the gym. I am going to call my PS tomorrow (when I'm officially 4 weeks post op) and see what they say. I can't imagine doing any ab work ... what is considered "light ab work"?

My left boob bothers me. I swear I can feel the implant (or something) moving around when I lay on my side or lean down in front of the sink when I'm brushing my teeth. It's a creepy feeling I don't like. I have also had what my PS said was sharp, shooting pains from nerves regenerating. Again, only on my left side. My right side *knock on wood* hasn't bothered me once. They both LOOK the same too so I don't know what's up with my left.

I am a bit discouraged with the whole swelling thing as I have read other reviews and it seems like the swelling continues for ever! I mean like MONTHS post op :( This bothers me and I will definitely be tweaking my diet and cardio in order to keep this to a minimum.
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You don't look that swollen to me but I'm sure you feel it. You look great though. I'm sure by your 6 week post op you will be back to normal. I can't wait for that. I just want to be able to stand up straight LOL.
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You look fantastic! I'm sorry you feel like crap. I'm 6 weeks with a few bumps in my road, but it could be worse, at least I Love my results!! I'm still chilling in the recliner, so yes.. I totally get it! All I can tell you is that your feelings are normal and will pass quick, especially with how great you look!! 400 cc is perfect, so much fun :). I promise it gets better fast. Nice reading your post.
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Thanks mak46. I am just so not used to this "lifestyle" ... albeit a temporary one. I feel like such a slug! Glad I'm not the only one still in the freaking recliner! Counting down the days until I have permission to lose the Spanx, sports bras and go back to the gym. Oh ... and when I can walk 100 percent straight (I'm 90 percent there but it's still tight).
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I know this part of recovery, where it seems to be dragging on forever is really rough. But you'll get through this. And what a gift to have that surgery shot. You look amazing!

(I fixed your photos for you!)

Hoping you move beyond this plateau soon so you can enjoy your new bod!

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Thank you! For fixing my pics and your kind words. I guess my added PMS right now isn't helping! I'm normally so active, go to the gym everyday, and do most of the care for my now 9-month old son (I'm a stay at home mom) so having a nanny here 12 hours a day doing my job and even making ME lunch is just tough for me! Trying to keep perspective ... It's such a short period of time when compared to the rest of my life! Sometimes though, like now, my emotions get the best of me.
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I think your boobs look fabulous so far. Nice but not too big. I hear you on the stripper look. Yes, some women can pull it off but I am a stay at home mom in suburbia so don't want to attract too much attention and get dirty looks at the PTO meetings LOL. I initially wanted very natural but the more I look at pics of other ladies, teh bigger I want to go. But I'm very petite at 5' so I don't want the Dolly Parton look. But a little more than natural sounds perfect!
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I wanted to ask what size implants did ya get?
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