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Just the term Tummy Tuck grossed me out. As soon...

Just the term Tummy Tuck grossed me out. As soon as I created the new terminology I was more apt to move forward with investigating this procedure. When I heard that only about 6000 men had this procedure last year it made me think, then I looked around at all the dudes and realized they don't seem to care what their gut looks like. two years ago I weighed 225 pounds on a 5'11" frame (52 years old).
I hate dieting, even the word annoys me. I saw on some "Dr." TV show that reducing my daily intake by 500 calories and exercising 3 times a week would result in natural weight loss. I identified the 500 calories and went to a local athletic facility. I even changed that terminology from "working out" to "goofing off" 2-3 pounds a month started disappearing. After a little more than a year of nothing drastic I was buying new pants.

I was still drinking more than the average bear and decided to get active in a local 12 step group. Without 2000 calories a day from a bottle another 20 pounds literally fell off in a month. I weigh 175 and have maintained this weight for a year now. Since I didn't diet, or do anything drastic the "lifestyle change" stuff doctors and dieticians keep telling me turned out to be true, and permanent.
So how I got the idea to consult with a plastic surgeon about my loose belly skin and round abdominal physique behooves me but on the fly I made an appointment. I didn't even know the term tummy tuck at the time. I had heard of this PS office on public radio and went in. The journey thus began from that wow moment, I can look like I did when I was 12 before I became the fat kid!

This all started in January of 2012, and now my "abscape" surgery is scheduled for July 19, 2012. I consulted with 8 plastic surgeons and read almost every review on REALSELF.

I guess before a major surgery like an ABSCAPE the...

I guess before a major surgery like an ABSCAPE the patient wants something to do. I did find a few abdominoplasty websites that have different forums and information. I am searching for recovery supplies. I don't want to buy stuff I don't need and want to have on hand supplies I will need. I contacted some previous "abscapers' but haven't heard back. I would think my doctor would reply much quicker with my requests, but maybe they are so trivial a reply isn't warranted.

Researching wound healing and scarring was helpful at squidoo.com, (http://www.squidoo.com/tummy-tuck-scars) people basically blog about areas of expertise. I thought the article on medical honey for incision healing was rather interesting. I did a lot of reading on recovery, and of course scar care methods, treatments, and supplies. The easy access feature to Amazon.com is either an asset or a curse.

Make-Me-heal had a lot of information on binders,...

Make-Me-heal had a lot of information on binders, compression garments, pre and post-op vitamins. I did find some better pricing at amazon.com. PlasticSurgerySpot.com is also helpful but I felt a lot of the forums and posts were out of date and not easy to navigate. REALSELF is by far the easiest once you get used to how a search is conducted. I found a lot of the best reviews by clicking on the surgery costs link at the top. I also like on the right side all of the questions answered by surgeons.

Nobody except my personal doctor knows I am doing this. She said I would be honest in telling anyone that it is for a hernia repair, which it is, basically. My abdominus recti muscles are herniating out since I was pregnant with a beer gut for 30 years. My PS did comment that he wished his core was as fit as mine.

After parting with a lot of my hard earned cash savings, I have a new character defect: I have a very critical eye for protruding guts on other dudes. This must be some form of self psychology or rationalization for what I am about to do. Taking other peoples inventory is not something i usually do, but now it is rampant, at least in my thinking.

Here's some explaining on the irrational and...

Here's some explaining on the irrational and critical thinking part of the pre-op process. My surgeon (as most) will not perform the abscape procedure on a smoker. I have to be nicotine free for 30 prior to surgery and 30 days post-op. Quitting smoking was helped by accessing a cold turkey website called WHYQUIT.com. There was no way to do this quitting thing without cold turkey since it is nicotine that screws up the healing process. Nicotine constricts the blood vessels inhibiting circulation, which can lead to tissue death (necrosis) and a myriad of other nasty complications.

I knew I was addicted to nicotine and the withdrawal would be difficult but I "12 stepped" myself through it. One of the side effects (2 weeks now) since quitting is the mental stuff that goes on in the brain. One of those is short temper, irritability. That is probably the underlying reason I am critical of other people, especially protruding guts on other dudes. i have never been like this as a person and am being very conscious of my thinking along these lines. I also need to prepare for the inevitable mood swings I've read about before and mostly after the procedure is completed. I am considering asking my doctor for Wellbutrin to deal with all of the emotions I am going through. I do know, "this too shall pass" and it sticks with me that it's all "One Day At A Time."

*$7085.00 is the initial cost: surgeon fee,...

*$7085.00 is the initial cost: surgeon fee, anesthesia, surgery room (hospital), overnight stay (hospital), unlimited consultations, ab. binder, supplies.

Today spent $105.00 on labs: CBC, chest x-ray, and EKG. Yesterday spent under $200.00 for additional compression garments, pre/post-op supplements, silicone scar stuff, wedge pillow, and "recovery stuff to have on hand (i.e., Neosporin, MOM, etc).
CURRENT TOTAL: $7,390.00

Welcome to RealSelf.  So glad you found us and joined the community.  

You have definitely done some great research and this will pay off in the end.  This is quite the process so being prepared is the key here.  

Not smoking is very critical to the healing process.  You do not want to put yourself at any added risk.  Quitting is good for you all the way around.  

Keep us up to date on how you are doing every step of the way.  And congratulations on the weight loss.


The isolation feelings are creeping in; the mental...

The isolation feelings are creeping in; the mental stuff I have been reading about. When this happens I flex my abs and grab all of the loose skin on my belly and stare at it. Then I remember I might live another 20 years and I want a flat ab and not an old fart pouch.
Some reviews make recovery sound excruciating and some reviews make it sound like an uphill walk in the park. I am convinced I am going into this in the best shape possible; it's not like I am just jumping up off the couch and heading to surgery. I am exercising full tilt until the day before.

Thanks to REAL SELF I've read enough to know to follow the dr.'s orders no matter how I feel. My mind is focused on July 19, 2013, a year from now.

All of the Seroma questions are getting me edgy....

All of the Seroma questions are getting me edgy. The questions are posted on the question board, but I haven't read too much about seromas on the TT reviews. I am contacting my PS to see if I am getting overworked on this topic.
i figure so many people know I am recovering alcoholic, you couldn't miss my insanity when I quit smoking, the weight I lost taking care of myself; but as a man there is still some vanity in telling only my best friend. As far as everyone else is concerned it's a hernia repair. I did tell people that "well guess what, i was told by the surgeon that they could cut off the loose skin during the hernia repair." if they put two and two together it's the same thing as a tummy tuck. it's just that the term is associated with post pregnant women; not men who were pregnant with a beer gut for 30 years. I little part of me just wants to see the look on people's faces next summer when I take my shirt off for the first time in 40 years. I'm sort of like the mommies on here though, I fostered 17 severe delinquents for a long time, i could use a mommy make over for sure.
Good for you :) You deserve to be rewarded for your hard work. I do like how you described a "tummy tuck" a man's way!
It is wonderful that you are sharing this! I also commend you for you decision to enter the 12 step program and to quit smoking! I quit smoking cold turkey 4 years ago, and it is rough. I am SO happy now though. I am very excited for you! I know that you said that no one but your doc knows you are doing this, but you should share it with people. I wasn't going to tell anyone but the people who needed to know, but I ended up telling pretty much everyone. This is a great thing you are doing for yourself, remember that.

The REALSELF discussion forum on stopping smoking...

the REALSELF discussion forum on stopping smoking before surgery was helpful: http://www.realself.com/forum/quit-smoking-before-your-mommy-makeover?#comment-408662

I wish you good luck with this journey. You will look and feel good. I also believe reading other ppl stories will help you even more to be prepared. I will have my TT soon so I can't give you advises but I read your story and I'm really happy for you.
Hey Abscape, Good for you.... You have overcomes so many obstacle.. I also order the Medihoney Im waiting for my PS to call me and tell me I can use it.... What I read about it online makes it sound wonderful... Good luck on your surgery.

I was inspired by others experiences to see how to...

I was inspired by others experiences to see how to make myself comfortable with the wedge pillow, knee pillows, recliners, sleeping on my back, and all that stuff BEFORE I might be sore and have trouble moving around. So tonight I am going to "practice" that I am post op and see how all the fluff I bought will work out. I don't want to discover that the wedge pillow for the bed is nasty while I am laying there with no way to move it. i'll keep you posted.

This forum area: Calendar for Upcoming Surgeries,...

this forum area: Calendar for Upcoming Surgeries, is really cool. You can see who had different surgeries this week, last week/month whatever and "see into the future" is a sense.

I am looking at ways to stretch or exercise the...

I am looking at ways to stretch or exercise the lower back to help prevent some of the recovery pain from being stooped over. I am investigating if heating pads or ice packs are acceptable on the lumbar region. I know heat is forbidden on the abdomen after abscape procedure.

THE MENS ROOM; a place for guys to post their...

THE MENS ROOM; a place for guys to post their thoughts on plastic surgery, here on REALSELF (forums).

So far so good surgery went well abdomen is sore anesthesiologists was funny nurses are great this blessing was no catheter will keep you posted an interesting experience real happy with the surgery facility
Let us know how everything goes. Good luck :) ~Jessie
Hi Abscape, Wishing you all the best for tomorrow. Good Luck and see you on the flat!side!

On the flat side now. Just got home into a comfy...

On the flat side now. Just got home into a comfy recliner. I now have the answer to my biggest question: "does it hurt ?" the cycles of pain vary but it is tolerable if I take the medication early, don't cough or laugh and keep in mind this too shall pass.

The pain level I have is 4-6, so now I know to take pain Meds now before it gets to 7-9.
Glad to hear you are doing well, try not to sneeze either. Im 8 days PO . I sneezed a couple days ago and I have been avoiding to sneeze ever since. Is painful plus you feel you burst a stitch or something. Rest the most you can and move carefully. Happy healing :)
Dr checked me out ready for discharge. Very glad I did the overnight stay.
The night after surgery is much better with great nurses.
Before swell hell gets here ill say my abs look a lot like my profile picture. Sore but so far so good!
Good to see that you've come out the other side Abscape. Hopefully the pain isn't too much at present.

PODay 2: 1. Physical fitness is a recovery asset...

PODay 2:
1. Physical fitness is a recovery asset. I can leg squat to the floor to pick up a piece of toast. My shoulders and upper body help me maneuver in the recliner; ever mindful of isolating my abs.

2. Refrain from all comedy on tv and youtube . Sneezing, coughing are definitely laughing are prohibited at this point in time.

3. Keep the drain sites moist with neosporin. They burn when they dry out.

4, add baby wipes to recovery supply list. A little "freshening up" does a lot for self.

5.use a recliner, I lucked out with a power one and it is a blessing.

6. Drink water water water and then drink more water.

7. Dump feeling guilty about letting someone help out. It's not worth a painful setback doing something you should have asked your helper to do.

8. No matter what you read on here, your doctor is the only god you follow. It is your doctor who "looked under your hood" and based on board certified experience knows exactly what you need and are capable of. No one on this site had your flesh in their hands like your doctor.

9.sleep, rest, relax: HEAL.

10. Keeping an eye on the one year prize. A year ago today I had a loose flabby deflated beer gut. A year from now I will have endured pain, swelling, fluid, tenderness, and a myriad of other possibilities. A year from today that will all be part of the past and I will posses a torso unlike any other dude my age.

Magnesium citrate for constipation. Drink half a...

Magnesium citrate for constipation. Drink half a bottle and start the countdown. DO NOT stray too far from the bathroom.
Hello Abscape!! I must say reading your posts was not a good thing being all stitched up as you made me laugh in several areas. I love your witty humor, but I dont...lol. You asked me about my drains and the burning. Well, I am taking my drains and cleaning them with iodine 3x a day. I do not put neosporin on anything right now. My doc said dry, dry, dry. I dont even have a compression garment on and wont until my drains come out. I live in Hawaii and the slightest bit of moisture or humidity can be a breeding ground for bacteria and the infamous, disgusting staph. I am not going there in my mind because all I can see is my tissue dying and being eaten and I didnt have a whole lot to work with in the first place so I know there isnt anything else to work with if I start losing it from a stupid staph infection. OMGeee!
The burning is because the drains are moving. The best way to keep this from happening is to secure the drains. I lay the drains down in the direction they come out, place a gauze pad over them, place tape. With the tape though I do this: I put the tape on the gauze and right when I get to the drains I cut the tape in half and then put one side of the tape cross over, under the drain and put it on my body...then I do the same thing with the other piece. I then repeat on the other side. I will post a pic if you need me too. This helps keep my drain from moving in and out of my body, which makes me sick to me stomach just thinking that, and keeps all the bacteria from the tubing getting into the inside of the hole. Clean the tube with iodine as well as the hole site 3x a day. The incision itself, numb and has spasms. Weirdness. It doesnt hurt at all. I do not put neosporin on this either. My doc wants it dry and to breathe. I will ask for the specific reason on why no garment or neo on Monday and get back to you on that. Docs are just different from each other. Mine is a pediatric and microsurgery plastic surgeon and has 30 years experience under his belt so I am pretty much doing like you said, "he is the only one I am going to listen to when it comes to my healing..." He is the one that looked under my hood right?
Happy healing and welcome to the flat side! =)
Thanks I'll give this a try. It is odd having a foreign object protruding out of my flesh. Jiminy cricket, reading about all this stuff is one thing, having it all a part of my own flesh is a whole new world.
DAy 3 PO
I woke up in the electric recliner at 6 am. I was worried because my back was sore and stiff. Rigor morris was setting in. I had read several posts about TT back pain and took pre-imptive measures to avoid that post op malady.

After I groaned to life, pottied, emptied drains, took a couple slow laps around the dining room table, took vitamins and Rx, made a pot of coffee, then did several deep breathing cycles, I feel pretty darn good.

When I was writing all of the above on an iPhone it seemed rather tedious and mundane. I kept going as I remembered that I really appreciate the little details in other posts. I am seeking out the similarities which inspire me, comfort and motivate me.

I haven't used the medical grade honey since a lot of the surgical tape is stuck to the incision and it stings and creeps me out to remove it.
Right now I am slathering on Neosporin on all areas.

I might have been a little self-righteous when I...

I might have been a little self-righteous when I posted the response below to a fellow TT who was upset that the drains were still in, and there is swelling, while commenting about feeling too good to sit still and just recover but would rather the doctor grant " a miracle".

You won't need a miracle if you will listen to the person who spent many years in school, residencies, training, endured Board Certification, whom you probably paid several thousand dollars to, and held your life and flesh in his hands, that person, your surgeon told you to take it easy in recovery but now you feel too good to listen? I have been reading similar posts: someone will post " ...then I went to lunch, then shopping for a new bikini, then watched my kids soccer game..."
A few days later that same person posts about "swell hell, sore gut, seroma fluid..." we have to listen to and follow our doctor's orders. "if I was raising chickens, would I go around cracking the eggshells or just let the chicks hatch?" I am going to sit right here and incubate my new body which cost me cold hard cash saved 20 dollars at a time. I can see my surgeons blue eyes staring right at me and hear his exact words: "I don't care how good you feel in a few days; you have got to act like you felt on day 2 post op. for at least 2 weeks. THAT will be the hard part!"

Day 4 PO: Slept in a bed last night with the...

Day 4 PO:
Slept in a bed last night with the ubiquitous wedge pillow and myriad of assorted fluff. I am thankful the nurses trained me and practiced getting in and out of bed. I read on tummytuckman about a trick that feels like you are sleeping on your side but you are really on your back. It tricked my brain so well when I woke up at 3 am for potty I thought I was on my side.

Today the drain fluid is minimal (5cc each every 12 hours). My surgeon, John L. Williams of Scottsdale said he likes to remove the drains usually on the following Monday (day 4/5). He mentioned something to the extent that they become useless after a few days and a source for infection risk. Caveat that with "but each patient is different".

The pain is subsiding daily from ouch to nuisance. Magnesium citrate is the BM maker, the of the must have items for recovery.

I can see that in a day or two I am going to feel pretty normal, putting my recovery at risk by increasing activity resulting in a painful, ugly, uncomfortable setback.

I must hold dear to the advice to treat my body like I did on day 2 so in a month I can be ahead of the game since I won't have setbacks.

REALSELF has been such a first hand resource of information and experiences. Being a part of the same experiences others are going through vicariously promotes my own healing. I find myself caring and thinking about all the other people who are anonymous but still a part of my life at this place and time.

Took my binder off again this morning to check things out. "oh honey!" I cannot believe my eyes! A flat abdomen with a big dose of 6 pack added in. My core was there, it just took the skills of a talented, dedicated, trained, understanding, and board certified surgeon to reveal my results!!!

I can't imagine what this is going to look like a year from now when the healing process has run its course.

PO DAY 4 EXAM Dr. Williams removed the drains...

Dr. Williams removed the drains (2) and the bandage over the incision.

Instructed me to clean BB with Hyd.peroxide then a light coating of neosporin on incision and BB.

Shower every morning and wash everything with regular soap.

Clean up any old blood or scabs since bacteria like to live there.

Cover the incision with a light single layer of gauze to keep clothes from irritating it.

Keep the binder on but not tight for two weeks and I'll see you then. That's when we'll talk about scar care and other types of compression garments.
A new cordless drill unit (dealt) with extra battery. Every time I visit this need arises, it'll erase the drudgery of surgery care which isn't pleasant for anybody.
And what gift are you thinking of getting for him =)
Hi abscape I had the luck I can squat easily I exercise do that helped me a lot during those first days, but as soon as the back pain started I couldn't squat it my back hurt when I did. I had to go on my knees to pick up things. I didn't have much help at home. When I started sleeping on my bed my back pain got better. Sleeping on my side sometimes with a pillow in between my legs and a couple pillows for my head. Today is day 11 PO for me and I feel back to normal. Just the tightness of my belly and very swollen because the lipo on my waist and back but I'm doing everything now. It gets better. Everybody heals differently or it could depend on how fit we were before the surgery. Happy healing ;))

Day 5 PO mid day. That first half hour of the...

Day 5 PO mid day.
That first half hour of the day is rough, it's like a case of rigor mortis.
I forgot to mention something my doctor told me about walking straight up. He said my goal is to remain hunched over as long as two weeks. The reason for this is to give the triple layer incision time to heal. He pulled the skin down very tight. If I stretch it all out too soon I'll have a wide stretched out scar and looser skin on my abs.

If I wait until the incision is healed well then it will have the strength to pull my ab skin taute for best result.

PHANTOM nerve pain. I read about some of this phenomenon on various reviews and other TT blogs. Wether it's phantom or not it hurts. On my left chest, under my arm if I move a certain way or touch the area like scratch it it feels like I am being bitten by a red ant! It lasts 15-30 seconds then passes. I keep looking for red welts and gave up the 10th time this happened.

A lot of neuropathy comes into play with this surgery and this must be one of the effects. I do hope it's temporary.

My surgeon gave me a heads up on upcoming odd sensations like:
As the nerve and nervous system regrow and repair I'll feel ants crawling on me, phantom sharp pains, deep itching, aches that migrate, and the really weird one is electric shocks!

I was told about this at consult and pre-op
And now that they are here it's reality.

When dining out early in recovery a MUST AVOD:...

When dining out early in recovery a MUST AVOD: black pepper!!! When you choke on it after surgery while in a fine restaurant you will never look at it the same again. What used to be a little cough is now a scarey event on par with lightening near by. (I'm sure you already know to avoid comedy clubs; laughing with tears in your eyes will also take on a whole new meaning).
I just submitted picture updates. I didn't realize I had swelling until I looked at the photos. I know I'll look like Post Op Day 1 pictures a few months from now. It's time to sit back, relax, rest and heal. There is a side effect I am experiencing: a very sharp nasty nerve pain on the left side of my chest, a few inches below left axillary area, lateral to left of chest. If I scratch or bump this area the nerve response feels like I'm being bitten by red ants! This area is not near the surgery site. Wow it's odd and hurts like H*** when I accidentally scratch the area if it itches. It also "zaps" me when I reach my left arm across the front of my body. It happens so much I get used to it but it is very unpleasant. i know there are several side effects neurologically but this one hasn't been on my radar until now. i will be passing this on to my surgeon but am open to responses from the community.

abscape, i had weird feelings everywhere, i think it was from the muscle repair and the nerves getting feeling back etc., glad you are doing well, i saw the pic you posted and looks like a great job, and good for you taking your health seriously and doing something about it, good luck with everything.............kathy

also i am hearing about all the neosporin, i never used anything, my doc said the less i mess with it, less i touch it, less i put on it the better off i will be and i had to keep area dry for a couple weeks and they always changed my bandages, but like you said he was the one "under my hood". i had surgery may 9th this year and thank god no complications etc and am doing well and happy with my results.  i am using NewGel+ silicon strips on my scar, they are supposed to be best for healing, my doc gave me samples, i got lucky, they are not cheap, they are reusable however for about a month, gonna get more samples when i go back next week, that is if they have them, if not i will break down and buy some.
ABSCAPE, it is great reading your journey, thank you for sharing. I had my tt and lipo 6/21, I write in June tt.
The sharing, caring and concern shared on real self is priceless. Of course our doctors know best but having so many unknown friends is above and beyond. Reading that I am not alone puts me at ease. Happy healing and remember to take it easy.

My doctor replied to my email inquiry as to why I...

My doctor replied to my email inquiry as to why I had "fire ants" nerve pain on my left side under my arm. Knowledge is great medicine:
The nerve pain is a common temporary side effect. It will go away. The reason it hurts so high up is because the nerves that supply sensation to the abdominal wall come from the spinal cord, wrap around the body and descend down the abdomen. It will go away, but in the meantime some people find relief with warm, moist heat to the area.
Dr. W

The first blog review I had read was this one...

The first blog review I had read was this one before I discovered REALSELF . This guys story was almost identical to mine.

It was helpful reading in the decision making process in the beginning.

Here's the link to tummy tuck for men:
Thank you for your review and updates. I like your "matter of fact" view of this process and it makes sense what you say about taking the advice of the person who looked "under your hood" lol. That made me laugh. I plan on following his/her advice. Besides, I have a "matter of fact" kind of man in my life that will prevent me from doing too much. Thanks again. I look forward I hearing more of your recovery process. Good luck and swift healing.
Abscape you look great. You say there is swelling but I can't tell.
Wow abscape, I really enjoyed your story as well 1 thru 10 suggestion/experiences you went through. I hope you continue to have a smooth recovery. Please continue to keep us posted. Good luck.

I only had TT and was really glad my surgeon did...

I only had TT and was really glad my surgeon did the work in an accredited hospital's op surgery center that had a ten bed unit upstairs. I relaxed, watched movies, and learned how to get in out of bed, chairstoilets etc. they had great pain Rx too. Total cost in Scottsdale, az was $642.00.

Today is day 8 PO : sleeping in bed is an uncomfortable nuisance . Can't toss turn cuddle nothing. The surgery is sore, the incision burns, the drain sites are closed but burn at night. I forgt to take Tylenol got very uncomfortable had to lift myself out of bed to get Meds.

During the day my binder gets damp and steamy which worries me about infection. I now wear a cotton tshirt under the binder. There is a light layer of regular gauze over the incision and bb. This is very comfortable.

One thing I didn't think about is belly hair (I'm a guy if you didn't know). Of course the incision traversed through my belly hair which had been shaved. Now it's growing in an odd pattern and in through the incision. I'm just going to keep it "manscaped"(shaved) until further notice.

I'm generally stiff and sore but it's low level (except when I sneezed yesterday OMG!!!!!!)

The best part so far? MY GUT IS GONE!!!!
Last week early in recovery I swallowed some water the "wrong way" which initiated a sudden coughing fit. It felt like I was undergoing a live autopsy.

I have to be so mindful of drinking, eating almonds, swallowing water, black pepper and bright sunlight, and funny stuff. None of this was in my surgeons post-op guidelines
Abscape, I wanted to comment on compression garments & binders for men. Most online sources have a men's section. I like marena group, which is the brand my PS uses, and plan to purchase my wireless bras from them. Sorry! TMI Contourmd is another source, along with designveronique, and compressionwear (not sure of that name). Anyway, thought I'd throw that info out there! btw kudos to you for having the balls to do this & I'm not talking drains! ;) Happy healing!
Thank you. Those are vendors I was not aware of for compression garments; heck, a year ago I wouldn't have even known what they were.

July 30, 2012 PO day 11: this is my reply to...

July 30, 2012
PO day 11: this is my reply to another male " Abscaper"
Who wanted to know if a hospital stay is a good idea since he might be required to stay 4 days.

Most of the time patients go home the day of surgery. Thank God my surgeon insisted on an overnight stay.
I was very comfortable, relaxed, and pampered by nursing staff who are used to taking care of PS patients. I felt guilty asking for this, that, help me here, etc. until one nurse grinned and said "sir, if you and others like you had not chosen to have this surgery, there are four of us who wouldn't be working tonight!"

They told me about and taught me about all the things a patient like me would need to know.
One overnight was plenty though. I am a believer in the philosophy that the longer you stay in a hospital the sicker you get. I had a Ziplock bag filled with sanitary wipes and when no one was in the room I sanitized every surface and device I came in contact with.

I did have some pain of course, I had my gut amputated; and hospitals really know IV pain mgt.
I stayed at a friends house and it was great being able to ask someone to fill the water jug, fix food, etc. if push came to shove I could have handled it by myself; since the dr. Required me to get up and walk around every two hours, plus I was pissing like a kid in a pub (unlike in the hospital my bladder was full, all the way full and I couldn't piss. I didn't want to tell the nurse or they'd shove a rubber hose up my wanker.
I just got that little jug, relaxed,visual imagery, all that and started off loading pee a little at a time. Pretty soon (couple hours) it was "nurse, the jug's full again").

Anyway, I'm PO day 11 now and the mirror used to be my enemy is now my friend. Everything is healing nicely, progressing quicker than I expected. I can only attribute this speedy recovery to 3 things: Gods grace and blessings are abundant, Dr. John L. Williams the surgeon of Scottsdale is excellent, and I went into this thing hot out of a year in the gym (not fresh off a sofa).

I am so happy for you!   Thank you for the awesome updates.  

Glad you are doing so great! It is indeed a roller coaster and I can relate about your pics as far as the swelling. I am day 14 and still have one drain but it is very active still. I have really had very few complications at all and tried to lay low only venturing out twice in 2 weeks 30min the first goaround and an hour the sec. I felt so good early on I was surprised by the level of fatigue that I still have. I have to go back to work tomorrow...sigh..gonna try to take it very easy. ultimatley very happy with my results just patience needed now congrats!

Being discreet about this procedure is no easy...

Being discreet about this procedure is no easy task. mention surgery and people immediately ask "what for?", "what kind?". I was ready to write Dear Abby and set the world straight that I am having the NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS kind!

So when I spoke with my primary doctor about this, I'm a guy and she's a she, the look on her face was worth a couple extra quarters in the slot. She said I should spend the money on travel. I told her I have traveled everywhere and lived in 3 foreign countries, speak 2 languages but I travel to the bathroom mirror everyday and it's a trip I hate.

After I picked her up off the floor she said well, your muscles are all stretched out so basically you have a mild hernia which you should always have fixed before it gets worse and becomes emergency surgery. The matter was settled, I am having a hernia repair (had). I really wanted to tell people I am having my beer belly amputated, maybe I will now that I heading into PO week 3.

I did think of a few other answers when people got nosy:
"Surgery? What kind?" answer:
The Painful Kind.
The kind where a doctor takes a scalpel and cuts the flesh, reaches inside the body, and fixes stuff.
The kind where your asleep and have no idea what happened.
The kind that cost a lot of money...

"Surgery? For what?" answers:
A brain transplant with a Mormon so I can learn to behave.
The Plastic kind, take a good look cause you may not recognize me when they're done.
Penis reduction, wanna look?
There's something odd under my belt buckle, it might be an alien.
My favorite one:
A hysterectomy, I was feeling left out.

I have decided though not to tell anyone that I had an abdominoplasty. I did elude to a couple friends that "one surgeon who looked at my hernia said he knew a board certified surgeon also certified in plastics and for a few extra bucks could remove all the loose skin from my 50 pound weight loss while doing a hernia repair ( little do people know but that procedure is called a TUMMY TUCK, ha,ha,ha).

Any way, I did this for me and am HAPPY. Thank you for being there for me.
Very timely re: your latest post ABSCAPE. I decided this week, after being asked so many times about what I was doing on my leave, that I needed a cover. So I contacted my PS and they suggested the Hernia explanation which is what I was also considering.

So now I'm telling people that Hernia surgery is why I'm taking leave. In most cases, if you just say I'm having surgery people will back away. But some people are so inquisitive, it's like they won't be happy until they know every detail. Maybe this week I'll just say it's for a sex change...see how they respond to that.
HTT: In the for-what-it's-worth-department, there were several reasons I opted out of using the hernia option: (1) I knew a fellow who had one a while ago and said it was no big deal--they put a patch on him like fixing a flat tire and he was back to work fairly quickly; (2) I knew another fellow who had one more recently and was taking it easy only for a couple weeks, after which I gathered he was back doing all the gang-buster stuff he was doing before; (3) I've never met a gal who had hernia surgery; (4) I was afraid of getting tangled into a post-op conversation with someone who had one and wanted to compare notes; and (5) the big reason is that I think TT recovery needs will exceed that of traditional hernia repair, based what minimal research I've done on the subject. I guess for a fellow, there aren't too many other options. Gals, on the other hand, have loads of "female trouble" options. Lucky us. Woo hoo. : )

i used the hernia theory also, no problems at all

Tomorrow August 8 I see Dr. Williams for the first...

Tomorrow August 8 I see Dr. Williams for the first PO follow up. We'll discuss healing, garments, scar therapy, acupuncture, lymphatic massage, exercise, and what the next month has in store. I have no issues outside of the little recovery steps I was told about. I looked at the surgeon profiles of other RS reviewers. If you are still considering this, consider traveling to Scottsdale, AZ. And seeing Dr. John L. Williams.
I can't believe my current positive outcome
and attribute a lot of it to him.

POST OP WEEK 3 Seated in front of me standing, my...

POST OP WEEK 3 Seated in front of me standing, my doctor looked at my torso and said Wow!!!
Dr. Williams seemed very happy with the outcome so far. I asked him when the swelling is going to happen and he said "this is it. When this goes down with time you are going to be even flatter than you are now".
He asked what was on my mind and I first mentioned the odd sensation of touch at various places in the area. He explained that the new nerve growth is like "newborns" as in they are still reacting to everything around and each sensation is new and they haven't been able to send the proper stimulus to the brain as to what feels soft, hot, cold, rough, dry, etc. When he used to do hand surgery the nerves in peoples fingers would respond with excruciating pain when the patient touched a soft velvet cloth. The nerves have to essentially be de-sensitized through repeated exposure to a variety of tactile sensations. Using any oil or lotion I prefer begin the gentle massage in a circular motion over the entire area. Some areas will feel strangely sensitive but keep at it until the nerves get reprogrammed that this sensation is good. This will reduce the swelling and provide the scar therapy.

Patients want to spend money on certain oils, lotions, and silicone for scar therapy all of which have one thing in common: the massaging of the product onto the scar. You could use a $2.00 bottle of vegetable oil and get the same result as long as the circular massaging of the tissues is involved. The surgeon said if it makes me feel better spending money on expensive cocoa butter over the Walmart lotion, go for it. The key is the massaging, it reduces the scar, breaks up the adhesions and connective tissues, and reprograms the nerves.

Tomorrow I am going to have a consultation with an acupuncturist who spent 10 years in a hospital providing post surgical acupuncture treatments. On the telephone she described prior experience with abdominoplasty. I had an acupuncture treatment for a chronic arm pain that no doctor could fix. In one session, on a whim, I was healed of the nagging sharp pain that I had endured for several years. I would like some acupuncture treatments to improve lymphatic flow, nerve regeneration, and reduce swelling (which I didn't even know I had). I am more than willing to stick with my original plan of keeping my abdominoplasty eye on the ONE YEAR prize. but if i can have just a little boost in there somewhere I am open to it.

I posted 3 week PO pictures. The scar looks a lot more menacing than it really is; I believe it is the shadow of the overhead light making it look dark and very raised. The scar is nothing like that in reality.

This process is everything I expected, and I am still happy I did it. My gut is GONE!
For 3 more weeks I'll wear the binder. I don't have to sleep in it if I don't want. I find it comfortable during the day albeit sorta hot and sweaty (I wear a cut cotton tshirt under it).

No stage II garments, spanx or anything else since I didn't need lipo.

I use the silicone ScarAway strips since they are so comfortable and soothing, especially during scar massage without the oils.

Doctor is adamant that at the gym there is to be NO torso twisting activities(even outside the gym).

The most discomfort I have is the sensation of touch above the scar area; feels like a sunburn sensation. I'll just follow doctors orders and continue reprogramming the sensitivity to a "good feeling"

Acupuncture. I had a session with the post surgical acupuncture specialist in town. One session reduced the hard belly tissue by 50%, and the swelling is noticeably reduced. I'll be seeing her once a week for six weeks. She detected by touch the tenderness in my right hip area. She did some acupuncture work in the area and the soreness is gone.

She also reaffirmed what I was doing for my lymphatic massage. I told I learned the technique on YouTube; and it's in line with what she would instruct her own patients to do.

I planned for a full year of recovery and at this rate by January this will all be a blur.

I am happy with the decision to do this and the surgeon I chose.

One more update: my BB is healing to perfection, I neglected to take the time to notice it; wow it's not a hairy cave anymore!
Your looking great ABSCAPE. I only have two days now until my surgery on Monday of next week. I am looking forward to the wait being over and being on the other side of it all.
There is no adventure like paying good money to have someone make it look like you were sawed in half.
If anyone notices my scar the reply will start "Well one night the magicians assistant didn't show up so The Great Mystico asked for a volunteer from the audience..."

CURRENT 3 week Post Op Regimen: I followed the...

CURRENT 3 week Post Op Regimen:
I followed the instructions from my surgeon as I wrote above. When one of my kids became quadrepeligic we had to be careful with h- peroxide because it can destroy healthy cells. There is a point where the amount of nasty dead cells are creating a breeding ground for bacteria to thrive; which in that case some healthy ones get "sacrificed".
I am 3 weeks PO and my navel has no red tissue, oozing, scabs, at all. There is no need for HP anymore. I am using a modified ear plug to shape my navel ( its really tiny, perfect for a chick, not a dude) and I use an antibiotic ointment during this process.
During the day I have on the binder, silicone ScarAway strips on the incision (more for comfort on clothes rubbing), and bb shaper in place with micro tape.

After showering at night I massage cocoa butter oil on the incision and and do a lymphatic self massage over the abdomen, groin, hips, chest and incision area.

At bedtime I am free and clear of all products and recovery related supplies (no binder at night after 3 week po since i didnt get lipo) .
In bed I lie on my back and do the lymphatic deep breathing techniques before sleep, and upon waking.
We all recover differently for a variety of reasons. Everything I am doing now are things my surgeon advised on or is permitting. Next week is my 2nd acupuncture treatment; performed by an experienced post-surgical practitioner. My first visit yielded a great reduction in swelling and tenderness!
Thanks for posting, very informative. I was also curious about "ghost pains" and whether or not they were temporary. Your ps did an excellent job in providing you with a male tuck that highlights a dude's body. It's nice to read a review from a guy's perspective.Great results and great job!!!
I learned some basic lymphatic self-massage on a YouTube video. I have found these techniques have prevented and/or reduced any swelling and tenderness. It was my acupuncturist who recommended additional lymphatic massage in the groin and arm pit areas. If a stranger walked in the room and saw this it would be shocking. My advice, get a partner to learn and do this for you, except they don't know which areas are uncomfortably sensitive. Anyway those vids are at
Parts I and II
Please share your lymphatic massage youtube link =) And you are looking good...

4 WEEKS PO: Had a third acupuncture treatment...

4 WEEKS PO: Had a third acupuncture treatment yesterday, and it seems that the healing process is accelerated by comparison reading other reviews. Technically since I didn't have lipo I only used the binder but did buy a SPANX compression shirt when wearing different clothes since the binder can be obvious underneath. The compression shirt from SPANX squeezes the S%$#@ out of me. I cut off the top part with the v-neck and short sleeves and just use the abdominal part by stepping into it rather than tearing my shoulder joint trying to get it on. Good Lord it's like removing skin getting it off at night, I almost have a panic attack when it's around my head. Spanx, Spanx, no thanks, Jiminy Cricket.

The incision is healing great with silicone strips and they are so comfortable under the clothes. Nightly I do the Cocoa Butter porn star massage inches away from ruining furniture with all that oily crap; geesh my hands are covered in Palmers oil then I can't get out of the damn recliner without herniating the doctors work. Should be a warning label on the bottle about that.

The healing pains are ever present but shifting and subsiding. The newest weird pain is the placation of the muscles just below the sternum; just want to scratch that itch but it's way down deep inside.

I can exercise for over an hour and since I've been massaging the entire area with what feels like cooking oil then paying a Chinese medicine witch doctor to put pins in me like a voodoo doll there is little to no swelling, and the firmness of the abdomen is reducing at a noticeable rate.

Yesterday I read a review on here that was just updated about THE BIG PICTURE (my mantra), posting comments eight months PO. It was very interesting reading her posts over the course of that much time. That was a very enlightening review, my eye is on next March when the desert is in bloom and while the Midwest is still scraping ice the Arizona desert is shorts weather.
I love the mirrors in my house now, they are really handy now I have something cool to look at.

Ladies this next bit is just for guys, sorry, go read another review.

I guess some men are concerned that abdominoplasty will affect the "size appearance" of certain favorite body parts that can go un-named. Well, what you heard is true and I am here here to tell you that the "male enhancement" side effect was not listed in the sales pitch, but had it been my doctor could have charged me double!
The lifting of the pubic flesh from it's years of sagging create shall I say a "sip from the fountain of youth (wink, wink, nod, nod)"
For some reason the functionality of a marginally operating "engine" has been restored and I have no idea how.
My pants were snug when I had the binder on. They weren't tight on my waist, just tight over the binder. Abdominoplasty does not drastically change your waist line during the first few months. I am now 6 weeks PO and will have to have another hole added to my belt soon. I did not experience a lot of swelling. I didn't even think I had swelling until the 2 week PO visit with doc and he said yes this area is swelling and will be even flatter in a couple months. Now next summer after everything is healed and the sensations of touch in that area are back to normal I'll probably be looking at pants with a reduction in waist size of an inch or two.

Most men wear their pants over their hips and not the waist. The circumference of the waist is what changes after surgery, the hips don't change much. Now that I have had the surgery I don't have to wear my pants like tubby dude, I can wear pants that actually fit my waist like they are supposed to. Believe it or not this has a drastic effect on overall appearance. I look slimmer and taller because by pants are being worn where they are supposed to, not down low like some teenage kid in order to accommodate by gut.

I am also experiencing a side effect of the surgery which I am sure is fueled by the critical thinking I developed after quitting smoking. I notice everyone's gut! Thank God I don't say what I am thinking. I am not this type of person, but from somewhere somehow I can't stand the site of people's guts sticking out under t-shirts, over too tight pants, whatever. I guess it's a result of all of the hard work and dedication it took to get in shape, then to work and save the money for the surgery. I look in the mirror and still cannot believe my eyes.
My scar is real red now just as I was told would be a stage in the healing process. The circle around my BB is red too, and if I had not read all of the posts on this website I would be devastated, but I am comforted knowing I am on the road to an awesome recovery; redness indicates blood is in there healing the tissues.

Just the past two days I haven't worn the binder. Yesterday at the gym I wish I would've had on the binder or my cut up SPANX t-shirt around my middle. I can do a lot at the gym now but will make it clear that anything that requires core work hurts which is a sign I am not to even attempt those moves until at least 3 months out.
Thank you for your reply ABSCAPE. Another question, are you being able to use your same Pre Op clothes?
Hi ABS! How are you?

I've just been reminded about an interesting side...

I've just been reminded about an interesting side effect of the Palmers E oil and all that other goo I have been putting on my scar: a planters wart on my thumb for 15 years is gone! One day I was walking to the store and usually rub the wart out of habit and like" holy sh## that wart is gone! (I gave up freezing, scraping, cutting, burning this wart years ago).

Not even a scar there. I can only think it was the Palmer E Oil, Palmer Tummy Butter, or straight Vitamin E oil from Walgreen's. In a few months the surgery scar will be hardly noticeable if it keeps healing like this. I do use silicone strips on it when its not all slimy from that cocoa crap. That smell is not on my list of car fresheners for sure. If someone walked in on me with all those products laying around during the massage process and my pants down...their minds would go right into the gutter before I could get a word out (IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK!!!!).

I have said it before and will say it again, this surgery is a life changer. Each day is something new about me I never realized before. This is not just vanity, it's something else I can't put my finger on. I have looked at a fat gut for over 40 years and still cannot believe what I am seeing (not seeing) in the mirror. "Is that really me?!?!"

I eat right and exercise right because it's as if I have been given a second chance to do the right thing. I have received something precious and it's my duty to be mindful in caring for this gift. I had no idea a deflated sagging beer gut affected my life so much until now. WOW. Thank you Jesus!
Hiya ABS!!! Well, I went and saw my doc this past Tues and I do have a dog ear on my left side. OMG!!!! He did say he would fix it. As far as my tummy button goes...nothing to be done. He said thats my button and what it looked like when he did the surgery. I am trying to get past the point of disappointment here. I mean, he is a freaking plastic surgeon right? I mean he can make it look better than it does right? Maybe it doesnt look as bad I think it does and I am being picky? I dont know. I am trying to accept my tummy button for what it is. *sigh!
I am 2 months PO as of the 18th of Sept and I still have swelling. Its mostly mild but I have had a few days where it was full on! I have been cleared to do exercise but not overdo it and I need to listen to my body. I figure I will workout at night, so if I swell I will already showered and in bed resting instead of walking around all day with swelling, and I am hoping it helps me to sleep better at night. I am not sleeping good at night because I am still in a semi-upright position. I am not comfy on my side because in my mind I am thinking all my skin is going to slide down...is that weird? LOL. I will post some new pics in the next couple of days and will have one of my tummy button. If you take a peak please give me your honest opinion...I am already looking at getting it "fixed" even tho I am trying in vain to "just accept it for what it is..." A little butt sitting in my tummy....
G'day ABSCAPE - I am not 1 day P/O and doing well. Wanted to ask, how long did you have off work after the procedure? At this stage I am taking 17 days off (from procedure day). Cheers!
Congratulations on your results ABSCAPE. Mine is in three days and am setting my expectations close to your experienced so far, I rather be optimistic than pessimistic. Thank for sharing, It has helped me and I'm pretty sure will help others as well.

2 mos PO. I remember looking forward to healing...

2 mos PO.
I remember looking forward to healing and this morning it dawned on me "Oh yea! I had major surgery 2 months ago."
The sensations around the surgery site I would not describe as pain but a type of "sore" that is tolerable and subsiding.
There is migrating numbness and odd sensations come and go.
If this progress after 2 months is a good indicator of things to come
Next summer is going to be fabulous. I still don't know if the firmness is residual swelling or presurgical conditioning.
This surgery is a life changer for sure.

Tomorrow I am 4 weeks post op and today I have an appointment for acupuncture. You were my inspiration to try acupuncture. How many treatments have you done? What recommendations do you have about it based on your experience?
I started once a week for 6 weeks, then went every other week for 3 more treatments. just today i was realizing how normal the area feels now and i had planned to wait a whole year to have normal sensation to return. i would say it's 90%-95% normal sensation. Ab workouts don't sting anymore. I think the acupuncture really got healing going on both sides of "the border." One of the odd things of acupuncture is some of the nedles go in the ankle and foot and opposite wrists of the surgery site. the acupuncturist doesn't have to ask many questions, with touch she can 'feel" the areas that are "upset" and not in a balance 'chi." this is all terminology that i raised eyebrows at but thought, what the heck, she's the doctor. I put faith in her skills and hospital/surgical background. it turned out real well. I still haven't gone back to the surgeon for any followups, all systems normal.
Hey ABS!!! Just stopping by and seeing how you are! Post an update or something =) Would love to hear about your journey since the last time you posted! I will be posting my 5 months with pics sometime this week...interesting times. I have a small dog ear on my left side....sucks...but the doc is fixing it in Feb....not so sucky. =) Katt

Pictures 6 months post op. All healing is great,...

Pictures 6 months post op. All healing is great, the scar looks redder in the photos than it does to the naked eye; probably because I'm wearing tight jeans and decided to jump up and take pictures. The scar has gone from deep red to deep pink. Nerve sensations are 95% back to normal, with just some very slight numbness at certain times in certain areas.
I do believe that the acupuncture really expedited the healing process.
I'm also sure I said this before but it bears repeating that I wasted more energy thinking and worrying pre-op than I did post-op. I knew that was one of the uncontrollable phenomenons of the surgery and it was all true. I look back six months and remember some of the soreness and inconvenience related to the recovery but in all actuality my brain just kept the good stuff. I laugh now thinking about the whole thing. It really was a lot of fun; saving the money, shopping for doctors, asking for discounts, pulling my pants down in front of men, nurses, surgeons, cash discounts at hospitals. The overnight stay was too much fun. I look at my physique now and am amazed at the transformation. It has been one year since the idea of a tummy tuck popped into my head. By the time I am one year out (July 2013) I am sure the scar will have disappeared; which is really no concern anyway because it is well hidden by underwear or swimsuits.
Good for u
HEYA!!! Me again! Just stopping by to check in with ya and see how you are doing =) Doing good here. Just updated my review and put up two new pics...still get swollen and not really there with the tummy exercises...not sure what to do about that. Hopefully you have some tips for me. I LOVE bodyrocktv. com...or something like that...Lisa is freaking awesome and has these amazing workouts that are KILLA!!! Thought I would share this with you...lol. Really tho, I hate that I cannot do ab workouts like I want too. Let me know how you are and whats up and how you are healing....and all that jazzz =) Katt
Im happy. I can do all ab workouts now,but I get a sting once in a while like maybe a subdural adhesion in the lower right quadrant. if I overeat I can feel the pull on the plication of the abdominal fascia; it's kinda cool since I really know my doctor corseted my sagging gut nice and tight. i wish I had thought to do flanks all the way around.


It's been a year and I love my flat belly. The core workouts have paid off. I hoped after a year the scar would have faded completely but thus not the case. It appears darker in photos too.
Still have numbness or very slight pinches in certain areas when working out, just my body reminding me that a year ago I underwent major elective surgery to have my beer belly amputated.
It just fascinates me very day to see most men my age (53) have some sort if gut over their belts and I don't.
This site was very helpful but I remember my doctors advice that too much information is not always a good thing. I was certain I'd get a seroma since I was reading about them so often.
Folks I did not get a seroma nor swelling nor phantom pain nor weight gain ( except lean muscle) nor torn stitches nor infections nor any of the other scary things I read about. All positive experience.
Loved reading your amazing story and so grateful for sharing with us every step of your recovery. I read Gods word was refreshed then I came across your review I gotta say God is so gooood!! Thank you for the inspiration you brought to me this morning. I'm on my 10 dpo and stressing over not being able to hit the gym or treadmill at the least but after reading your post I'm a look ahead and extend my view to 3, 6, 9 & 12 months from now instead. Thank you and congratulations on them awesome abs :)

Time for butt lift?

After seeing these 1 year post op pictures I took after abdominoplasty I got a good look at my rear end. needless to say a butt lift is in order.
Abscapes. How are you doing?
Thank you so much for sharing your story! I wanted to share this post we did on ab etching as it might be interesting to ya: http://www.realself.com/guide/liposculpture-pack-abs-without-working
Wonderful results thanks for sharing so detailed in your blog btw you look fabulous!

Almost 2 years post OP

I used this picture for my gynecomastia review and thought it good to show what my abdomen looks like 2 years post tummy tuck. I also posted a review on SCARAWAY silicone strips today. Also notice in this photo that my love handles are gone. I had liposuction and rear belt lipectomy done October 2013. What you cant see is my awesome butt which I will update that review with pics when I can find someone willing to take the pictures.

The mud on my body is because I had just finished an 8+ mile Spartan Race obstacle endurance event in Las Vegas.

As I read your review, I went from, wow, this guy sounds negative, a bit arrogant, a lot arrogant, really pissed at the world to honest, humbled, positive, determined and down right informative and funny! Thank you for an excellent journal. Love this comment: I told her I have traveled everywhere and lived in 3 foreign countries, speak 2 languages but I travel to the bathroom mirror everyday and it's a trip I hate. Also loved point #8 about the surgeon. It's good to talk to people and read other's journeys, but ultimately, we need to listen to our surgeon. Thank you for your honestly and sharing.
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

One day I was in a lab office getting a blood draw for my doctor who cannot believe that she is taking me off all medications for cholesterol and blood pressure, when there lay a magazine about all of the top doctors in Phoenix. I had already had a consultation with a local plastic surgeon and there is only one in this area. I started researching all of the PS in Arizona on the web, chose 2 days when I would be in Phoenix, and set up appointments. The doctors were all very helpful, and the doctor I chose after thinking about it for a couple weeks was the one who talked to me man to man. I did find it strange that the liposuction clinic said that was the only procedure I needed, but I probably wouldn't be completely satisfied. All of the Board Certified Plastic Surgeons commented on my core muscles and were very clear that abdominoplasty would benefit. Dr John L Williams is calm, straightforward, open minded, and exudes a natural confidence. A few of the nurses commented at the hospital that if they were to undergo a PS procedure, they would use Dr. Williams (I found that bit of info very comforting)! If you schedule a consultation with Dr Williams you will immediately see what I am talking about. He is such a cool guy that his staff have been with him sense he started his practice.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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