First and Second Degree Burns on Legs - Scottsdale, AZ

I have experience extensive first and second...

I have experience extensive first and second degree burns on my legs from this machine. I'm not recommending it - as a matter of fact I'd stay away as far from the Lumenis Lightsheer laser as you can. The Syneron works wonderfully. I have no idea why my office switched. My summer is over and what is worse I will probably scar. Terrible experience.

Thank you for posting your review of this treatment.  This look painful and I hope you heal quickly from the burns:(


I am now a month out and unfortunately 'fading' of...

I am now a month out and unfortunately 'fading' of the marks is not my issue. What was in the photos before were scabs from burns, not hyperpigmentation. Now that they are gone I have white barcode looking scars all over my legs. Two doctors have told me that there is nothing I can do. Based on the fact that I still have burn scars from thirty years ago from curling irons and a motorcycle exhaust pipe and of course the opinion of two other doctors it looks like these are to stay. It's important to say - I had not been in the sun for over two weeks when I did the treatment and the machine checked out fine so it was a technician errror.

It turns out that it was not the fault of the...

It turns out that it was not the fault of the machine but of the technician who put the wrong settings.

I am posting a before shot of my legs before I...

I am posting a before shot of my legs before I went to Dr. Geoffrey Leber's office for Laser Hair Removal and another photo as of today about 6 weeks later. My legs are RUINED. And to be clear, I was NOT in the sun for over two weeks before the procedure even though the tech said that this machine works on tanned legs. I'm saying this is what the office is resorting to saying at this point. I've had laser many times and I'm no novice. I know better!

I feel really self conscious and can no longer wear skirts or shorts. I'm also not enjoying the 100 + degree weather in long pants to protect my scars from the sun. Awful experience. :(
I've seen one dermatologist and two plastic surgeons. Unfortunately I cannot add pigment to areas without it. If it was hyperpigmented and there were dark scars I have lots of options but there is nothing that can add pigment short of a tattoo. I have a motorcycle burn that was 2nd degree that I got 25 years ago. Still have it. :( There is one doctor - on the whole internet - that mentioned that he has been experimenting with applying Latisse. I am certainly doing that even thought it's not so cost effective to 'experiment' with...I would do anything at this point!
Ya know - it really is a scary state of affairs. Incidentally, they didn't want to give me my money back so I said to please then just donate it to Michael J Fox Parkinson's and half to HEAL for Autism. He said fine then reneged. Really scary. And my legs are ruined. Ugh.
Regarding plastic surgery I personally think - without a doubt - that Drs. Albert & Michelle Carlotti are the best out there. :) And to think, I only used Leber for laser because of his proximity. So stupid. :(
once your skin has healed, don't you think medium level peels (like TCA) would be able to help with the scarring? i would check with a derm on that.

I think I overreacted at first. My legs are so...

I think I overreacted at first. My legs are so much better. Dr Leber recommended Latisse and I have been using it and it seems the scars are improving.
Hi, What is latisse? The product that makes eyelashes longer? How do you apply it on your legs, is it a cream ? Thank you
Hey there Esha1387, here is a link to a guide as well as some video's that will explain what Latisse is:

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