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Clear & Brilliant Laser –The treatment. I was...

Clear & Brilliant Laser –The treatment. I was excited to try this bc there is supposed to be little or no down time and no sloughing like the peels I have gotten. It’s made by the company that does Fraxel and is a lower set wavelength. It should help with acne, pore size, more of a maintenance thing than dramatically corrective. It was recommended to numb first so I did for about 15-20 minutes. The treatment itself was short-about 10-15 minutes. Each area was done in small sections with one pass done vertically then horizontally. The jawline, upper lip & nasal fold area, and undereye/mid cheek area were the most sensitive. The pain wasn’t too bad but it does hurt, luckily only for a few seconds.
Immediately after-I looked like I had a bad sunburn-and it sure felt like one! I was red and starting to swell. I didn’t know exactly what to expect afterwards, I had planned on doing an errand or two but I just wanted to rush home to get some more moisturizer on and a cooling pad for the heat my face felt like it was emitting. I was told swelling and red should last an hour or so. Face was still burning at 2 hours post treatment and lip area was still overly numb from the cream. I gotta remember to avoid the lip area with that stuff! I attempted to put on some sheer Too Faced Foundation to be able to leave the house. It didn’t do much, the redness showed through and under eye area /upper cheek area looked pretty swollen. Later that night when I took the makeup off with some gentle makeup remover wipes, it seemed to inflame my skin again and I turned a little more red. My skin texture was looking a little grainy and the right lower side of my face had subtle vertical track marks where you could see where the laser hit and didn’t hit.

Has replaced my peels

I love this treatment, I have gotten 3 over the last few months and will likely continue to get them periodically. It is a great "refresher" for your skin clarity and pores. It doesn't have the annoyance of the flakiness from post peels and it gives good results. I highly recommend! I do wish it better treated spots but that isn't really its general purpose.

Photo descriptions

For some reason it is not saving my photo descriptions. You can see the first few post treatment days I have really tiny dots close up, my skin had a sandpaper feel to it. But weirdly my makeup was going on phenomenally on the rough I had on an awesome super primer!! Weird but true. Last pic you can see my spots didn't go anywhere but my skin clarity is improved as is the texture. The acne I had at the time of treatment turned a pink color but were jumpstarted into the healing process which may have helped in minimizing the scarring from them. This is a great treatment-make sure to give yourself a whole day for down time though. You may be able to go out w some makeup but I found I didn't feel like it with my face burning and all. It kind of tired me out honestly.
Ultra Smooth Skin

Allison did the treatment, she is great & has done a few of my treatments including Coolsculpting and peels. She is super friendly and very helpful with any questions or concerns.

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Ps what skin regimen did you use post procedure? They only gave me cortisone for skin. I been using Aloe Vera seems to sooth my skin. I got bad track marks face/neck/chest plus a blister on my face!
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How long did it take you for the laser track marks to go away? I had the resurfx laser and day 3 I still have tiny raised dots.
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It took about 6 days. The first 2 days I used aquaphor, then switched to a gentle serum which helps turn the skin cells over faster - Philosophy's Time in a Bottle. Followed this with Josie Maran's Argan Oil. I would highly recommend the Aveeno hydrocortisone as it seems to work better than all the rest, and as far as blistering goes, I would try the Neosporin with pain relief cream at night. All in all, I noticed a more even skin tone, less brown (sun) spots after. I do think it will take a couple more treatments to even out my skin totally. Hope this helps!!!!!
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Thank you so much for your reply. I will try it out and hope it gets better. I heard of good reviews of the argon oil, and right now I will try anything to make it look and feel better! :) Take care!
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I just had the Clear+Brilliant treatment last night. OMG. Ask for the numbing cream! None was applied to my face and it really did hurt. It feels sorta like every tiny hair is being pulled out of your face times 10. . . . for 40 minutes straight. By the end of it my eyes were watering. Today the redness is less but I am still swollen, especially under the eyes. I look a little like I have a sunburn, and a little like I've had an allergic reaction to something. Have the Aquaphor ready at home for this, as you will not want to run to the store immediately after! On the positive side, my face is already smooth like it was about 4 or 5 years ago. I can already tell that this has done an incredible job on the texture of my skin. Time will tell if the pain was worth repeating the process!
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This treatment ruined my skin!!!! In time it will give you orange peel ,blackheads,large pores,and rough skin. Don't do any more treatments. I only had two .The second one is when I notice the difference . Clear and Brilliant sucks.
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Is your skin still bad? Yours is first bad review of clear and brilliant. I've had it done and I see absolutely no difference. I am wondering if it's worth doing another one.
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Thank you for taking the time to share your story, keep us posted on your progress. 

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