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I try to get a peel when I have pms my acne wants...

I try to get a peel when I have pms my acne wants to flare up. It does help but I hate the sloughing off period that starts 4 or 5 days after. The peel leave you shiny looking the first day and you try to leave it on at least 6 hrs before washing your face. Water will kind of re-activate it so it will sting a little if you get it wet. You can also get retinoic acid applied, I get it spot applied bc is strong and makes you peel more and longer. The skin came off in patches and made me want to peel it off. It looks like your peeling off dried elmers glue but should be left alone. The skin under will be pinkish red and raw feeling especially if you peel it prematurely. It does help brown spots subtley and you get more noticeable results if you do it monthly. I have sensitive skin and seem to peel for a good week or so. Btw, I would recommend requesting the peel not get into your hairline or anywhere under your chin (upper neck are) as it is very annoying to have these areas peeling!

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They have incredible monthly deals and this is one of them that they have often. Alison, who applies my peel is awesome, very caring and sweet and always has the best interest of the customer in mind. She is good at remembering regular customers and what they have had done and what they like/dislike. Lisa Williams is the NP and she is great, always quick and precise with her injections.

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what percentage of glycol acid peel did you use for keeping it for at lest 6 hours before washing it?
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what % of glycolic acid did you use and you kept it for at least 6 hours before washing it?
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I love your skin but you are right -- NO PICKING is what they tell you. Also, just curious -- did you shave your eyebrows and draw them on? Also are your lashes real? It's very pretty (the lashes I love) and I am dying to know how you got them to look like that! Wow.
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Thanks! I finally got my acne in control, not sure exactly what did it but the combination of new makeup and some light retinol treatment has improved it to where I don't get the huge painful, cystic acne that made me want to pull the skin off.  I no longer use any drugstore foundation-I gave up after trying almost all of them and it was good that I did.  I use  Makeup forever Mat Velvet Matifying foundation for heavier coverage, Too faced for medium, and Peter Thomas Roth unwrinkle foundation for light.  I am convinced this change is a main reason to my skin improvement.  I do not shave my eyebrows-I don't have much hair being Asian (I hardly have any lower lashes!)  but I have them tattooed in.  It's an amazing timesaver, I wish I'd done it sooner!  I have eyelash extensions (individual lashes bonded to each real lash-kind of like hair extensions) and use Latisse to make my lashes strong and long enough to support the extensions.  They take a bit of maintenance (first pic you can tell they are all crazy lol) but also worth it!
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Yeah, it is not pleasant to have your hairline peel and under your chin is just an inconvenient place to try to make sure there aren't any pieces of skin flaking off.  That is a good way to describe the after feel, just a little fresher.  I dont remember them using alcohol specifically-some kind of cleanser maybe.
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Ah, ok. I've read in some of the other peel reviews that they get wiped down with alcohol before, so I've wondered how much of the acne clearing had to do with that as opposed to the actual peel, haha!

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Yea, alcohol can be an irritant I believe right?  Ugh, my skin is still breaking out although no bad cystic acne the last few weeks (fingers crossed!).  I did have one that wanted to turn into a volcano on my forehead 2 weeks ago and I had my facial plastic surgeon give it a steroid injection ( I have heard of celebrities doing this before  awards shows in care of a last minute zit) and sure enough, a few hours the inflammation was almost gone and it shortened that little sucker's lifespan lol!  It was amazing and surely saved me from the scarring!  MAGIC lol!!  You gotta love it.
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Alcohol will actually irritate your skin...the peels will definitely help clear your skin. Asian women have the most sensitive skin type. I do peels every ten days.I do a 70% glycolic for 4 minutes followed by a minute rinse then spray with a neutralizer . I have had many peels over the years. I am an esthetician. She is correct about the makeup change. If you tend to break out its better to use gel cleansers. I personally use dermalogica.I wash my face with a clarisonic brush for several minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at night. I would only do one minute if you have sensitive skin or are dealing with a major breakout. For me personally.I do not do peels when I am broken out.I steam my face and put on proactives repairing mask. I personally use proactive after every face washing. I rarely break out.I used to suffer from cystic acne and tried every medication out there. Proactive works.After a month I saw clearer bothered my skin at first but that subsided after a few months.I have been using it for 10 years now. Its my must have! I dont wear makeup so I never worry about skin irritation from ingredients. I would never use alcohol on my face! If you hold it on a blemish for a minute or so it will dry it out temporarily but it may trigger a future breakout. Good luck with your skin ladies and gents...
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Good tip to request it not get into the hairline or under the chin. I had a very, very light Glycolic peel a long time ago and really liked it. I remember my skin just looked a little fresher. Do you happen to know if they wipe your face with alcohol before applying the Glycolic?

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Hey Megan!  Sorry, I don't know how I missed replying to you!  So I did not get anything on my face pre peel.  They ask you to not have makeup on - I have had light daily lotion on my face going into the peels though.  They never said it had to be purely clean skin. I haven't been keeping up with them regularly but have been periodically using glycolic pads which I think help a little if you ever want to look into some mild peel maintenance pads.  You don't really peel from them, maybe just a very light sloughing. 
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Yeah, it seems sometimes a light sloughing is enough to bring back life to the skin though. I use to do the majority of my exfoliation with scrubs, and things that physically remove the skin, but lately I have been preferring the idea of peels.

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Hello, I had a 15% salycyic (sp?) A few weeks ago, my first peel, though I do not have acne and those r more for acne so next time I'll try the lowest glycolic w someone else. I was not asked ant questions other than did I have makeup on, and read n another post that they should know all meds n any disease, including herpes or cold sores. I was prepped w an alcohol solution, (I could feel n smell it), and started peeling on my cheeks the first or second day after that n it lasted for two days but worked out, so plan to peel over the weekend. I was also sold a retinol after but a professional seemed shocked at that. I since tried obagi n retina n it was a disaster. I have been recovering from 2nd degree burns on my face and since could only wear bare minerals and the brush to apply it even hurt. (Two days ago I started using a "ssi cream" and have had miraculous healing since.) Today I am able to open my mouth about half way wo pain which is a huge step. I was given this by a practitioner at a derms office n told I did not ned to be monitored. I wrote emails that went unread for the most part until I was severely burned and was sold this w no info except I would turn red n peel like a sunburn so I kept going, after seeing ppls pics online that were using it but I was way worse off than they were n didn't know it. I'm doing prretty much the last of my flaking this weekend so tyhank God I'll be healed by xmas, or at least look good w makeup.
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