Cheekbone Augmentation with Radiesse (Male) - Scottsdale, AZ

2 issues: I had lost alot of weight (20lbs, went...

2 issues: I had lost alot of weight (20lbs, went from 170-150lbs) in 2 months so I had lost significant fat padding on my cheekbones essentially hollowing out my midface.
My cheek fat pad had also dropped off my cheekbone slightly (malar ptosis) hence further hollowing out my cheek.

Solution:I had radiesse injected both on the lateral cheek and the anterior cheek on 2 separate occasions about 2 weeks apart. Totaling 2 syringes (1.5cc each)

Let me tell you something about radiesse your cosmetic surgeons (for some reason) might neglect to inform you: You do not see a stable result until 3 months post injections.

Radiesse is 70% carrier molecule and 30% product (CaHa). The carrier molecule dissipates over a 3 month period leaving you with a more stable (CaHa) look, which itself will dissipate but much slower than the carrier molecule hence gives a better mental illusion of stability.

Immediately I liked my result due to the swelling, then the volume went down significantly in the first week or two. I expected the results to somewhat stabilize by then, but no, it kept decreasing very noticeably even after 2 months. Now its been about 3.5 months since the injections and finally it has stabilized more.

Another thing about radiesse is that it is a VERY hard filler. If you do not already have significant fat padding on your cheeks, you will end up looking very bony once the swelling subsides. During the course of the first 2 months I was unsure about how I felt about the filler, it certainly added much needed volume but seemed to add skeletal volume which looked kind of unnatural because it was shaped very rounded (who on earth has round cheekbones with little fat padding).

At the same time, I realized that I should gain some facial fat hence I went up by 15 lbs. This did wonders to my cheeks as it gave me the natural fat padding over my hard radiesse filler. This gave me an optimal appearance which I loved. But the satisfaction in my appearance went away after about 2 weeks as the filler had further dissipated leaving me with a rounder face (due to my fat gain) without much cheekbone.

My best advice is that if you are getting radiesse for cheekbone enhancement, you had better have a good amount of fat padding otherwise it WILL look odd.
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I totally agree that it dissipates over time (almost too quickly). I was thinking of getting more myself because I too liked the look of it when it was a bit swollen. I had 1 syringe in each cheek and some in the NL folds. I am wondering if I should wait the 3 months or go ahead & get it sooner...? It's went down to the point where I can barely see the difference and it's only been 5 days. I have fatty cheeks, which is why I really liked the lift, it gave me nice definition...
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Thanks for providing so much detail.  So you gained the 15 pounds after you saw the stable results 3 months post injection?
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First 2 months I did not gain any weight, but within my 3rd month I regained my weight. So the changes in the first 2 month can no way be attributed to weight gain. Maybe for the 3rd month weight gain played a role. Mind you if you put fillers in a convex area such as your cheeks, any dissipation in volume is very noticeable so putting radiesse in another area of the face such as the nasolabial folds may have resulted in less noticeable decrease in volume
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Thanks for clarifying.  That is a good tip about having some fat padding in the cheek area to help make the filler look more natural!  Glad you are happy with your results.  Keep us posted as to how long the Radiesse lasts for you, it seems to vary greatly so I'd be interested to know your experience.
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