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Hi . I went to Dr Shapiro in Scottsdale Az for a...

Hi . I went to Dr Shapiro in Scottsdale Az for a consultation in July 2012. At the time I was pretty much sold on having the procedure done for cellulite on my outside thighs. Like many on this site , I'm fit - work out daily either running 5 miles/day or weight lifting w my personal trainer. I'm 48 and 5'3" 115 lbs.

After the consultation, I asked for a referral of someone who might be willing to share their experience with me. They connected me with a woman who had it done in May 2012 -who they felt was a relatively close match to me in terms of lifestyle, severity, etc...I will refer to her as Audrey for the sake of this post.

Audrey was not too enthusiastic about her results - we exchanged emails for nearly 5 months. I will continue to watch her progress as she has post pictures taken in late Jan so I will be able to see those to form my own opinion. Not one to give up easily , I called and stopped into Dr Shapiro's office again ( about 3 weeks ago) explaining the situation and asking for another referral, but to date I have gotten no reply.

My concerns/questions- are there any other patients that have used Dr Shapiro? Right now he is the only Cellulaze choice in Az. If so, would you be willing to share you experience? I've actually considered even going to another state however I feel that follow up appointments could be challenging.

Any advise is appreciated .

Thank you

Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

The only Cellulaze Dr in Az

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I went to Dr Shapiro in Nov 13 and I am more than dissatisfied with the results. I have another friend that went as well and she is also dissatisfied. My legs look worse I have lost the elasticity in my skin. I would be happy to share pics. ***email removed**** He doesn't listen to his clients and I would wait over an hr each visit to be seen. He never took before and after pics. My legs are also discolored. He is not someone that should be doing the treatment.
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Sorry - posted before I was finished! Check**removed website address ***, etc. Don't just go by reviews on this site and Google - if you notice, the great reviews he has on this site come from people who have only posted once on this site - only to review this doctor. Just my word of caution. Good luck with your choice! I wish you the very best!!
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Hi - thank you for introducing me to this site. The biggest problem is that Dr Shapiro, it seems, is the only dr in AZ that is authorized to preform cellulaze :(
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Srwanner, please do more research before you choose this doctor. Look him up on the AZ medical boards and other websites available for background
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The problem is that Dr Shapiro seems to be the only Cellulaze authorized doctor in Az which is where I live.
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I know. It's really sad what what choices we have in AZ. (I live here too). I'm so sorry to intrude on your decision and I hope I don't sound like I'm trying to sound really negative. I've decided to travel for my procedure - not my first choice - I'd much rather stay local but if I'm going to spend that much money on an elective surgery I want a doctor that has a solid background, which Dr. Shapiro does not have. With any procedure it's the doctor who does it that makes all the difference. I don't know much about cellulaze but it's such a new procedure (I want it!! But I'm not totally sold on it just yet so going for fat transfer at the moment). Anyway, if I were you I wouldn't choose a doctor because he's the only choice but ultimately it's up to you. I can PM you more info if you want...I really wish you the very best of luck and a GREAT outcome!!
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Hi - so sorry for the delayed response. For some reason I'm not notified of responses. I'd love to chat more. Would you mind emailing me? I can be reached at ********@cox.net. Thank you.

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Who did you end up going to? How do you feel about your results?
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Hi ANewImprovedMe, I'd love to talk more about your cellulaze experience. Is there a way for us to talk off line?
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I just looked through Dr. Shapiro's reviews and the only one for Cellulaze was yours. I'm glad to hear you are doing your research and weighing your options before deciding on what to do.

If "Audrey" feel comfortable sharing her experience on here, we would love to hear about it. :)

Please let us know what you end up deciding to do.

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