5 weeks down..having some areas of trouble ;(

I have been considering a breast reduction since I...

I have been considering a breast reduction since I was 18. I am currently 30 yo, 5'7" and weigh about 190 lbs. My breasts are 38 DDD or E. I believe I grew breasts in 3rd grade.

I am scheduled for a BR on 12/12/12(Hopefully this...

I am scheduled for a BR on 12/12/12(Hopefully this is my lucky day?!?). Since my early 20's I have known I was going to do this. I always thought I would wait until after I had kids. However, I am halfway through nursing school and just about to get married and we do not plan on having kids for quite some time. And in the meantime, my heavy breasts are KILLING me! I like to mountain bike and do aerobics and my breasts get in the way! I have a lot of mid back pain from studying and standing at work all day. Everything has came together and we decided to do it on my winter break from school. I have a very supportive almost-husband and friends and family. I am nervous but excited. I worry about if I will regret this? Am I going to have major complications? This was a very hard decision to make and I hope it is the right one.

I am really freaking out today. I have been so...

I am really freaking out today. I have been so excited until now. I am very anxious and nervous. Hard to believe I am putting myself in a position of pain.What if the doctor messes up and I regret ever even thinking about this? I am usually very active, how am I going to handle being down and out for weeks? Nevermind the fact that I am paying ALOT of money to get this done...........Anybody else have these pre-op anxieties? I could really use some more support right now....

Less than 24 hours to go....EEEEEKKKKK! I am ready...

Less than 24 hours to go....EEEEEKKKKK! I am ready though...scared but ready. Not as anxious as I was on Friday, thankful for the support on this website and in my life. My last day of work was Sunday and my one of my co-workers got me a "Thinking of you" card with money to purchase a new bra. It was so sweet and made me tear up. I am so blessed to have the friends and family that I do. I am in nursing school and I had a final exam monday morning...which I did amazing on! So I am halfway to being an RN! So I am happy that I am going into this with a success under my belt. Today I have just been relaxing, doing laundry, cleaning a little house. Really taking it easy today. I havent had much of an appetite since I am pretty nervous. Got a call from the Surgery center confirming that I need to check in bright & early at 5:30 am! Wish me luck!!!

I am day 4 post op and feeling great. This morning...

I am day 4 post op and feeling great. This morning I got up early, made my coffee, took out the dog all by myself! And I let my almost husband sleep in. Surgery was Wednesday at 830 am, I woke up in very little pain, the only problem was my heart rate was extremely high. They sent me home anyways. Around 600 pm I had extreme pressure and pain in my left breast and it began to swell to double the size. I am posting a picture, **WARNING-GRAPHIC**. We called my PS right away, and she has my honey text her the picture. We ended up having to do an emergency surgery for hematoma evacuation that same night. So all in all we spent about 23 hours at the hospital, I was severly dehydrated and stressed. I could not have gotten through this day without my wonderful fiance, family, friends and my amazing surgeon who picked that phone everytime we called.
Yesterdy, post op day 3, I saw my surgeon changed the dressings and bra. She also removed the drain she put in my left breast after the hematoma evacuation. Everything is looking good, and I am on my way to fully recovering!!!

Just want to say that I FINALLY pooped today! Yay!...

Just want to say that I FINALLY pooped today! Yay! And even through all of this I never regreted my decision to do this. !I feel like 10 lbs has been removed from my chest!! Totally worth it!

Post-op day 6-I got to shower for the first time...

Post-op day 6-I got to shower for the first time today! Yay. I love my man but he just doesnt wash my hair and other things like I do. I was a little nervous but it honestly felt great! We scrubbed my boobs gently with hibiclens, and dried them off real good before putting them back in the bra. I was beginning to look and smell homeless, walking my dog around in a full set of pajamas with greasy hair.Good day though!

2 Weeks down!! I am healing very well. I took some...

2 Weeks down!! I am healing very well. I took some tape off the other day...OUCH!! I think that hurt more than the surgery!! I can see why my PS said to do it while in the shower!

Went back to work on day 11 Post-op. It was really hard, maybe shoulda taken a couple more days off. But I made it through the day. I have been slowly getting my strength and energy back. Every day is getting easier. I am no longer walking like a 100 year old. Pain is pretty non existent, though I am quite sore. I have no nipple sensation at all. I think I am going to be fine with this because prior to surgery my nipples were SOO sensitive I couldnt stand it. I usually wouldnt let my fiance touch them. But my PS thinks wiith time it will come back..so we will see.

Been a little emotional this past weeek(Maybe time of the month??)...Been having some minor thoughts of regret. Been trying on some clothes and still struggling with my stomach sticking out ;(. I need to work on that. My breasts are still pretty big, I am not sure if it is because they are still swollen? Anyone else having some post op emotional issues?

Well hope you all are healing well!!!

I am 4 weeks post op. I am feeling great. There is...

I am 4 weeks post op. I am feeling great. There is very little that I can't do. I am almost back to being completely normal. I am anxiously waiting to be cleared for real bras and excercise so I can work on this belly. My T-junctions are opening a little bit, and this is expected at 4 to 6 weeks per my PS, but overall I am healing very well. I re-tape my incisions every 5 days, and keep gauze on the T-junctions that I change daily. My PS says I am still a little swollen, they feel alot bigger now than they were after surgery. Only time will tell what my final size will be. Still almost no pain, however if I overdo it at work I seem to swell and get sore. but all in all I am loving the size and so on. Hope everyone is doing well!

Well my sweliing is done. I am liking my size and...

Well my sweliing is done. I am liking my size and shape. I have NO pain and I am doing very well besides my trouble spots. My T-Junctions have opened more and the other day I was soing a tape change and took of a layer of skin with it. So I now have a new wound;(. Nothing hurts, it is just difficult to look at. I thought I would be active and wearing regular bras by now. I am tryin to take it easy and hoping this allows my wounds to heal faster. Any of you other ladies had this problem? My PS said this is expected at 4-6 weeks, just a tad frustrated as I though things were only gonna get better....
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Dr. Daiza is amazing. When I had an emergency, she picked up her phone right away every time. Answered all our questions, She is a godsenend!!!! She was very personable to both me and my husband. She is truly one of a kind.

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Hi tobyfire30, you may want to consider switching to a tape that is easier to remove. I am 7 weeks out and will be taping for 3 more months. I quit using the paper tape because it was so hard to remove and was also causing tiny little tears in my skin. I am using a silicone tape from 3M called Kind Removal. It is pricey, I paid $25 for one roll, but because it is wide you can cut it to make it go further. It also has a tendency to curl up at the edges but this only happens on a couple of the pieces around the nipple. My PS says the silicone is no more effective than the inexpensive paper tape, but it is definitely gentler and removes very easily.
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Thank you very much for the suggestion! I am so scared to remove my tape again! I assume this is something you can get at walgreens etc.?
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I got mine at a PS office. I doubt that they will have it at Walgreens. If you cannot find it, try online or perhaps the pharmacy can order it for you. Good luck.
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U look great and don't worry u may heal slower due to the second surgery. I was still healing as when I was at 6 weeks. I still don't get how some are back to normal activities so soon lol. I was still not feeling normal until 8 weeks lol. Just hang in there ur wounds do not look bad. They will heal !! Happy healing xxx
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You look great! My gosh that swollen breast made me cringe! That must have hurt like crazy. Your healing is coming along wonderfully. Take care!
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Ha! your post just made me crack up.. i felt the same way. Hating hating the greasy hair until i was finally able to wash it myself this morning. What a relief.... baby steps feel great! here's to another week of recovery!-- but boy am i itchy!
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very happy for.you.cant wait for my day!
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It is so worth it. Even with my complications I knew I did the right thing. Best of luck to you! Let me know if I can answer any questions that come up for you. As others have said, the waiting was the worst part!
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Thank you. I'm sure as time draws near I will be panicking and asking everything down to who wants to go with me.lol
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Thanks! It's the little things that I get excited about!
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lol. those are big things!! i.wish you a.speedy recovery.love your sense if humor!
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good luck for tomorrows we will be waiting for ur update and hope ur surgery goes well!
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your feelings are totally normal. the waiting and anxiety is worse than the surgery. your doing a major thing to ur body and its not to be taken lightly. its life changing. ur allowed to be a bit anxious. if u can try to spend a few hours with some funny friends and relax with family. maybe a good pj party with girl friends will help a bit. we are all here for u as we know how it is before ur big day!
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Thank you!
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Anxiety is common.I haven't heard anyone yet say they didn't have an anxiety before hand. Sometimes I just think about it and my heart starts to beat so fast but if I change my mind I'll be so mad at myself and regret canceling over anxiety. OK tell myself they have good anxiety drugs and all of us do just fine? Good luck. We will be waiting to sear your great news
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Thank goodness I'm not alone...Thank you for sharing!
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Never alone around here..... *****hugs ******
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You are absolutely not alone - exactly the same feelings and anxieties I had preop and I paid out of pocket myself too. I can vouch for most of the ladies here, there is a lot of fear and anxiety leading up to the big day and that's natural. I couldn't believe I was actually choosing to do something like this and worried about size outcome...But I took the plunge and didn't look back -Now 7 weeks and its been the best thing EVER with no regrets - you too will feel this way. Expect the unexpected bumps in your healing process and give yourself time and patience to heal!!! Ask questions and vent here along the way - you'll have fabulous support and you'll get through it. Plenty of time to exercise when you are completely healed - take no chances. Its an exciting time and you'll do great and feel amazing!! Best wishes.
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Thank you so much!! It is good to know I am not alone! Thank you thank you!
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Welcome and thanks for sharing ur journey with us !!!
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Welcome to the community.   12/12/12 will be your lucky day and you will feel amazing.  I am very happy you joined us and I look forward to following your journey.  

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