Catastrophic, Devastating RESULTS by Dr. William Leighton Scottsdale, AZ

After having a lift and implants done in the past,...

After having a lift and implants done in the past, I had 5 different consultations with surgeons. All said I needed the surgery done in two procedures, one to have the implants changed out, and one to have the breast lift redone, EXCEPT Dr. Leighton who assured me he could do it effectively in ONE surgery. Why I didnt listen to all the others is beyond me BUT why would anyone want to have two surgeries if a confident well established surgeon says he can do it it one. Initially, it appeared to be a good experience until issues occurred, then I was talked down to, was yelled at which was very unprofessional for a surgeon of his so called caliber. I ended up with a large hole in my breast due to skin that died and in the end my nipple died also. I am left with NO NIPPLE on one side and several plastic surgeons said that with all the scar tissue they CANT make it any better so I am left with the only option of having a tattoo for a nipple. Although plastic surgery is not a perfect science, Dr. Leighton should have been more upfront about what things could have occurred, had I known what I know now, I never would have gone in for the procedure. Besides the $12,500 I spent its nothing compared to what kind of number it did to me mentally and physically. My husband and I are both in the medical field, well schooled and not "stupid" my husband tried to speak with him from one professional to another and asked for a refund as I need to have the work redone but am not comfortable going back to someone who gave me the results I am left with, his response was "the money is better spent on burn victims" I would have had so much more respect for this man had he handled me differently. He did pay to have my nipple tattooed but those results are not good at all because the skin is so thin. I did my homework, but I didnt dig deep enough, listen to your instincts, find out how long his staff has been with him, and NOT a office manager but the nurses that work with him on a day to day basis, are they really RN's or are they just beautiful woman that look the part? Find out if there are gaps in the surgeons history and WHY....then get a list of questions and make sure he or she signs them just as you are asked to sign papers. Be pro active, question question question the surgeon. Ask what happens in a worse case scenario about your procedure...If I can help one person NOT go through what I will have to live with for the rest of my life because of my surgery with Dr. William Leighton I will have felt I made a difference.


I can definitely understand how you can be terrified of any other Dr you see. I really do not have experience with this but I am in need of an explant and have had consults with 3 Drs. All of them told me I NEED a lift and 2 of them told me that they could do the lift and explant at the same time. I felt the same way as you and want the surgery done at the same time. Thanks to this site Ive learned so much. I dont even know that I will need a lift once everything is taken out. I am thankful for your post and also sending you love and a whole bunch of light in hopes that the healing process takes a dramatic turn for the best and you are able to lay your head down at night feeling you are on your way to a better you... Hugs...
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@Znikie I wish you all the best with your procedure, please keep me updated and let me know how it goes, I care. PLEASE check and double check state and medical boards records and reviews on the dr.'s. If I can assist you in any way, please contact me. G-d bless you and thank you from the heart for your post...Hugs, love and lots of prayers to you dear sweet friend. PLEASE keep me posted......
Terrible! I feel awful for you! Your outrage is understandable. I am hoping you filed a complaint with medical board. Sooooooo sorry!
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15 months later-breasts look terrible...Regret having the work done by Dr. Leighton

The tattoo HAS NOT HELD the pigmentation and my left breast is severely deformed, I have lost so much volume due to the nipple necrosis. Prior to Dr. Leighton doing the surgery if he would have taken the time to throughly review my chart he would have found that I had a larger implant in my right breast, as my breasts were different sizes. He put the same size implants in both breasts, so now not only am I a whole cup size smaller (I was to go larger than what I was before) but one breast is considerably smaller than the the other. I still have so much (hard) scar tissue and my scars are awful.. they are so long and so visible even after using Mederma advance scar gel. I am so disappointed the way my whole situation was handled and these results are devastating both physically and mentally.


I'm so sorry. I've never seen pictures like that, I don't understand why he was suturing necrotic tissue. If he is as imbalanced as he sounds he shouldn't be practicing medicine, and it's not just you who has experienced this. You've been through so much, it's awful.
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Dear Allie I appreciate your time and your heartfelt comments....I thank you sincerely...if I can save one person from experiencing what I have it will make it all worthwhile. My hopes and prayers are this...I am not taking away any of the good things this dr has done and I am sure there are many, he has received many accolades however on the flip side, responsibility must be taken when a patient has been wronged, one must step up to the plate accept responsibilities and do what it takes to make the patient feel whole again. For's too late I am damaged beyond repair but I am a genuine caring person and feel this needs to be brought in the open. It shouldn't matter who someone is or what their financial means are....although in our society money is associated with power...there is also power in numbers. I am speaking in general terms....please research, question and then question some more don't ever just accept a surgeons answer as gospel as they are no different then you or I are merely have a degree...they are not g-d but will have to answer to the higher up one day and although not a religious person...very spiritual and when that day comes for certain individuals they will live in their own h*ll. until that time...we can all do quick as we are all as human beings to share negative issues...focus on the positive...communicate and don't be afraid to tell things the way they are so we can help each other..we have to be our own health advocates it's our bodies...our minds..and unfortunately I will never be the same but I can help others and be the voice for the ones that don't want to speak.....hugs and love to you all
dr del vecchio has some good articles published in the plastic surgery and reconstruction journals,,think he is a pioneer in fat grafting
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Additional photos from my devastating surgery from Dr. William Leighton


I think you should put you pictures back up so that the viewing public can better appreciate your characterization of your results.
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Still thinking of you and praying for a good solution!
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What really bothers me was his attitude and justifications about this after it happened.
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PHOTOS from Devastating surgery with William Leighton


My heart goes out to these women. My husband had a different experience. At first I thought Dr. Leighton was marvelous. However, after numerous surgeries which left my husband more deformed, my opinion has greatly changed. I read about Dr. Leighton's work with a well known burn victim in the Phoenix area and talked my husband into going to Leighton to have oral reconstruction. He had mouth cancer (no he did not chew), and it left him with a "deformed" mouth/nose. One surgeon told us that he did not understand why Leighton performed one of the surgeries he did -- Leighton had used tissue from my husband's "upper lip" to "pretty up" his nose. This destroyed any hope of creating a lip for my husband. Dr. Leighton also created a mouth way too big. Now my husband has difficulty eating and almost never goes out in public to eat. He feels he looks like a monster and says he scares little children. I very much would like to do something but don't know what. Like most of you, this story continues (with Leighton's attitude as time progressed, etc), but I don't want to bore y'all.
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My family member is a mess due to "the boob fairy" she is a young cancer patient and was told from the beginning she would look great. I found him abrasive, arrogant and unwilling to answer her questions honestly. He seemed to forget what he had done or the issues from visit to visit. It's bad enough for a young women to have Brest cancer, but this has taken its toll on her physically and emotionally. She has had two surgerys so far and is looking at more, she has been on antibiotics all summer. This man should NOT be practicing medicine. I am aware that a form is signed absolving the physician of liability, but malpractice is malpractice. A patient unhappy with a result is much different than neglances or incopitance. I thank you lady's for coming forward telling a story that needed to be told.
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Please see your email :)
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

When I tried to question dr. Leighton and suggested seeing a wound care specialist, to confirm what he told me I was basically in no uncertain terms told absolutely not, he informed me he was a wound care specialist, and they dont call him and I quote "the boob fairy for nothing". Although I wanted to try some of the products for wound care I represented being a sales rep in medical field he told me to my face they didnt work and werent effective. Although, at the beginning he was attentive, and kind after issues occurred there was a dramatic change in how I was treated and spoken to. I was disrespected and talked down to as well as my husband who is a Dr.(although not in the plastic surgery field) I always brought my husband with me when I went to the appointments as I never knew what to expect or how I would get treated. It was a devastating experience with devastating results. Had I known then, what I know now, I would have had it done in two procedures as all the other experts informed me.

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