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After having breast cancer in 08 and a biliateral...

After having breast cancer in 08 and a biliateral mastecomy. I had 3 different breast implant surgerys due to difficults problems for 3yrs and never was satisfied with the results and things were not getting better so i decided to take a chance of finding another doctor for a second apenion.

I did my research and found Dr.Turkeltaub so i made an appointment to see what he would tell me. From all my other surgerys and how i felt unhappy with my implants and when he told me all the things wrong that he could do to make them better i knew i had found the right doctor who really cared about makin you feel your best and to do the job correctly. 

I did have the surgery and i must say out of all the 9 surgerys i had just this one time surgery with Dr.Turkeltaub has made me amased with the progress he has giving me. My breast has form and are round and the same size and they are beautiful, he did alot of work on me with fixing and redoing everything even my stermun had to be done now my breast are not one whole breast but i have 2 breast which looks like they should from day one, before breast cancer.

So there is hope and there is a doctor and his name is Dr.Turkeltaub who does care and is wonderful. Thank You Dr. Turkeltaub your the best and so is your staff. You have made me whole again... I have picture of me before Dr.Turkeltaub got to me which the pictures are about almost a year old and after Dr.Turkeltaub redid my implants which is only been 3 weeks now, what a difference much more happier now then ever...

Well its been 8 weeks now since the surgery that...

Well its been 8 weeks now since the surgery that Dr. Turkeltaub has done and I feel AWESOME! He has made me feel so great about the new breast he has fixed from the last ones that I am so positive of myself and my breast then ever before, they have curve and roundness and fullness they look awesome in a bra , now all I have left is to have some contouring done on one side and lipo maybe for some nipples and tattooing on them and I will be set and done I am so very happy with them and his work he has done on me and ever since the day one of the surgery I have felt really good and was able to get around and no pain or pain pills. I am really amazed on how well this surgery went from the very beginning of all of my surgerys from the bi-lateral mastermony if I had only found him that day I wouldnt of been threw so much horror and so much pain and feeling like there was no ending to this or even thinking my breast wasnt ever going to look like breast and be all scared up and as you can see with the new pictures how good they look and how much cleaves I have from before I look and feel more sexier than ever before I must say if you are in need of a good plastic surgeon please check him out and at least go to him and let him see and let you know what he can do for you , you will not regreat it and infact I think you would be glad you did go to him and the care is out of this world with him and his staff they are wonderful people who really care about you...:))
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

Dr.turkeltaub has made me feel like a woman again after 3yrs of pain & suffering of 9 different surgerys to get my breast correct, his care and his office care are awesome I am so glad I found him and his work he did to me is wonderful and I must say from day one of my breast cancer surgery only if I had found him years ago I would not of gone threw the horrible surgerys i had of what my other doctor did which as a patient you trust your doctor cause you know nothing else, so after the ongoing surgerys and not getting well or the satisfaction i wanted. I did my research and I knew Dr.Turkeltaub had to be the one, when I saw him the first time and he told me all the things wrong and he could fix them thats when I said yes I trust this doctor and felt very confident in him and I was right my new breast looks so much better and I didnt go threw all the pain and long drain tubes of months in me, by 7 days they were out and in 3 weeks the stictches cames out and I have had no problems or any pain with this surgery and as its said it all goes to the surgeon and as God as my witness he is the perfect doctor to go to and if i had to do it all again for some reason i would put my life in his hands. I have gotten all excellent care from Dr.Turkeltaub and his staff what awesome people who really care about their patients and thats a plus in my books.

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Your review is very helpful - thank you for sharing your experience! I am so glad you are happy :)
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I am so pleased to hear how happy you are with the changes Dr. Turkeltaub was able to make for you, and that you now feel your breasts are beautiful. What a wonderful story you have shared with us!

Are there any tips you would give to women looking for a good surgeon that don't live in your area?

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Be sure that when you search for a doctor that you look throughly at his credentials and see if they have any before and after pictures of clients they have worked with and any testermional that makes you feel interested in that doctor, you will probley see bad ones but not all people's bodies or are the same, and always see more than just one or two doctors and be sure you get all the facts of what you are wanting and make sure that you get the information you need for your body, cause you could be different. I went online with the first and yes i was confident in him cause of his being top class of his schooling and chief of plastic surgeon which that does help in some cases, but its not always the best. My new doctor he had 27yrs of experience and the other one did'nt and he was younger, which i looked at a few others in that area and still found that Dr. T with 27yrs experience and had an office of strictly business not trying to have one of these offices that makes you feel he's high expensive and will do a better job. Its the doctor on how he knows whats best for your body and how the implants will fit your body and what size, contouring,and nipples, and tattooing should all be done within 6months apart not 6weeks. Also be sure to ask about the card of the implants you should also get with the size of cc's, the surgery, the doctors name on it. The first doctor never gave me one or mentioned it to me, and how long the wrap after surgery will be on shouldn't be no more than 2 days, laying on your back for weeks, really do some studies on these things to make your surgery and your implants last and look natural and not just like grapefruits stuck in there and also if want smaller theres stuff called alladurem they can put in around the implants to help make the pocket smaller theres alot of things i didn't know before i do know now and thats from researching and talking with doctors to see who know what and how much they know,, or u could even ask someone like my doctor if he knows of any doctors in your area they could give you a referral to. But by seeing pictures of the doctors work of the before and afters of other clients and how many has he done will also help you make a very positive decission. Dr. T has alot of his work online and funny how i found one picture that looked alot like mine and what he had done to them after he fixed them made me happy so i downloaded that picture and took it into the office with me to show him what i expected to look like which helped.
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I think you are right that asking to see before & after pictures of patients that doctor has actually performed the procedures on is a very important step. It is clear you have learned a lot. Thanks so much for being willing to share!! :)

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