SOFTGIRL...taking a poll: Do you think I'd look ok in a bikini? Or...should I just forget honest ladies..

I'm 50+, had 3 kids, nursed em all, and now a...

I'm 50+, had 3 kids, nursed em all, and now a deflated 36b of some kind. I hope to get 394 Allergans, style 15. I was barely an A cup for most of my life until I had kids, during breastfeeding it swelled up to about a D cup and I was in heaven! I want to have that feel and look again. I will fill out more once I get the rest of the fee. Can you believe that they wanted me to provide COLLATERAL for a measly 1500?? I'm appalled.

I forgot to add, since they won't let me change...

I forgot to add, since they won't let me change the previous review... I'm 5 2, 128, 36B [kinda]. I will have to take some before pics here shortly and figure out how to load them up without asking my teen sons to do it [gah!!!]. My motivation is several things: I think I don't look too bad clothed, but really want to rock it naked. I feel 'ho-hum' everytime I take my bra off and see my poor limp another poster said-they did their biological job well. I like most of the rest of my body and feel I've done a pretty good job staying in shape, considering I had 3 kids. I'm just plain tired of feeling 'less than' since I was a teen and now that my baby days are over, why shouldn't I do something for me? I put it off for good reasons, but those concerns are gone now.
I am great at penny pinching, almost "extreme" couponing, making sure our family is fed/clean/dressed/civilized, why can't I have a treat for ME? My spouse is not too thrilled over the idea, but it's not about him, it's about my own body image. Both my BFF and my sister have recently had BA's, and are happy and thrilled with their results. I want my turn now! I am pinching pennies for boobies now!! LOL!! and pass the free shampoo, thank you very much...
This website has been a godsend for me, I have picked up really great pics for my 'boobie folder' to take to my Dr., and giving me courage to follow through! I might add that I've had a TT 8 yrs ago and although it didn't turn out perfect, I'm still glad I did it. My BFF had a TT first and reported that the BA was much much easier, so that helps ease my nerves too.

Ok, the PS office called and put me to the 27th...

Ok, the PS office called and put me to the 27th instead. Apparently another Dr. is assisting and she couldn't be there on the 26th. No problem. Called my sister today and she promised me she is coming that week for sure. She will drive me to my BA as my hubby has to work. She just had a BA herself in August and will make an excellent nurse. Yay! Christmas boobies!

Ok Ladies, I popped into my PS's office and made...

Ok Ladies, I popped into my PS's office and made another deposit. My pre-op is next weds and I then be all paid up and ready to go.
Does anyone here take HRT and did you have to go off of it? I researched it and found that about 50% of the women taking HRT or birth control pills did not have to stop unless they were having really long multiple surgeries. I have my blood levels tested and my HRT is bio identical, meaning it's exactly the same stuff my own body used to produce. However, my levels are just enough to control menopausal symptoms, and are WAY lower than what a normal woman would make at like 35, so why it would be an issue, I don't know. They don't tell healthy 35, 40 yr old women to stop having periods, do they?? lol... ok now i"m rambling...

Oh my God....Had my preop today and my head is...

Oh my God....Had my preop today and my head is swirling. I'm sure all of you can relate. I loved the way the 371's looked, so the gal ordered 397's due to the compression factor. I tried them on and asked everyone over and over, "Are you sure this is not too much?" They all said it's 'perfect. perfect, you can even go more', but it was the stopping point for me, lol.
The Dr. came in, [between surgeries] and assured me everything will go fine, that it was a good size for me, not too big for the 24 hr recovery technique. Then he threw me a curve ball and wants to do a peri areolar incision, which I did not ask for. He insists it will not reduce my nipple sensations [which is really important to me, I have sensitive nipples that make me VERY happy during, ummm, intimate moments, shall we say]. My hub got very upset [??] at the mention of going through my nipples.... so they agreed to let me tell them the morning of the surgery which way I want to go. I'm torn, because I actually do think that the BA's I've seen going thru the nipple were really great looking, but my hub has this idea that I'll be left with big ugly scars under my nips... Girls...what do you think? I'm more concerned about loss of sensation, and hubs is upset about scars. UGH.

Ok Ladies, trying to add a pic... I think this is...

Ok Ladies, trying to add a pic... I think this is the 397cc sizer, so should be smaller once it's in. I pray this is not too big. The blonde gal on the left was helping me with sizers and she insisted this looked great on me.

Why am I not on the calendar for the 27th? Who's...

Why am I not on the calendar for the 27th? Who's in charge of this?

For some reason I couldn't see the price in my...

For some reason I couldn't see the price in my review like I can see others, so I added it.

Hey gals, had one last pre op today. Thank God my...

Hey gals, had one last pre op today. Thank God my sister came out to help me, I need the emotional support. I suddenly got a case of the cold feet/whackos/wth's over the weekend. My Dr. also gave me a pep talk and smacked me verbally upside the head, too. He's a real, no nonsense sort of guy. In my defense, I'm without hormone replacement right now. Normally I'm fairly steady... but I figured you all were familiar with all the pre op and post op crazies too, so I can let my hair down with you gals.
Thursday the 27th is coming soon, wish me luck on the other side! Here's to better boobies!

LADIES! I'm done!! And WOW, the insuite surgery...

LADIES! I'm done!! And WOW, the insuite surgery center was topnotch. Extremely clean, modern, and the entire team at Dr. Gitt's office was warm, empathetic, professional. Dr. Heidi Regenass was assisting, and she came in and was so kind and supportive, it was exactly what I needed, as I was just wigged out from nerves the past week! Dr. Gitt was great and didn't make me feel bad for not going with the aerolar incision, extra points for him [i know he would have preferred it}. Everything went smoothly. But since I have tuberous constricted breasts, I had extra pain below my breasts, as he had to approach that differently to try and get the pocket just right.

This afternoon/evening i was very very sick from the effects of the anesthesia/ pain, but part of the problem was that I didn't get the dosing sequence right. Thank God my sister was here to help me get back on track and now I'm ahead of the pain. I took a quick peek at the girls and WOW, I hope they stay on course like this, they look AMAZING. I couldn't be happier. But even if things take a not so good turn, I will deal with it then and see what the Dr. can do for me. So far, so good!! OH!! and my right nipple still has good sensation, the left not so much, but it's all good! I got 397 cc's in both sides, Allergan moderate profile, style 15. PS my fav part was the heated, hot air balloon type 'gown' and blankets.
Happy New Years and happy healing to all my BA sisters here!

Day 3 and a few words: took my first post op...

Day 3 and a few words: took my first post op shower, and I think my boobies look amazing! Of course I'm still sore/tight/high, but I think these 397's are the perfect size for me. .Ok, time for more pills and a NAP. Eventually I'll get a pic on here that won't freak my hubby out. He's so worried about my body being on the 'interweb'!! LOL! OH and my sister is here taking care of me and marshalling my kids to clean house too, she has been the best sister ever. Can't thank her enough!

Added some post op pics...trying to get some...

Added some post op pics...trying to get some better ones! these are the 397 cc, Allergan, style 15.

Ok here's a couple more pics, day 7.

Ok here's a couple more pics, day 7.

I added a pre op pic of my tuberous constricted...

I added a pre op pic of my tuberous constricted breasts. Hubs thought they were 'perfect'.. haha...

When i first came home, he seemed happy and...

When i first came home, he seemed happy and excited. Now he won't look at me and says he wants my old boobs back, that this doesn't turn him on. My old boobs were little flat tuberous lumps. It's a good thiing i have strong sense of self. I reminded him I did this for me and not anyone else. This makes him angy.

Hubs stayed home today and is being nice and...

Hubs stayed home today and is being nice and helpful. Maybe he wants something??? lol....thanks girls for all your continued support.

I an now able to get myself in out of bed. so...

I an now able to get myself in out of bed. so after kids get sent off to school i can go back to bed and snooze a little longer. This helps a TON as far as healing goes! I will try and get some new pics up! not posting a lot as my cursor is bouncing a lot lately.

Fooey on asking someone else to size me. My mom is...

Fooey on asking someone else to size me. My mom is a retired professional tailor, and she measured me at 36D. My band under my boobies is 32 [plus 4=36] and my boobs at the fullest part is 40. So 40 minus 36 = D cup. Sure enough, in nearly every better brand in better stores [not counting Walhell or Ross or TJ Maxx], I am exactly a 36D! I'm still, at 6 weeks, not comfy wearing a wired bra, as my fold/creases were lowered a lot and are still sore as hell. I'm living in Bali style #3484, in a Medium. Found them dirt cheap on Ebay from a gal in Florida for $11 shipped! Go to a Kohl's and try em on, no wires and you'll be shocked at how comfy they are. Then order from ebay! I'll get some more pics up in a few days.

Gals [and guys for you transgender types, lol],...

Gals [and guys for you transgender types, lol], based on what you've seen of my pics, do you think I'd look ok in a bikini? I've been very bikini shy since having kids, but my friends and even my 13 yr old teen girl think I'd look good in a bikini. In the interest of science and not wanting to blind anyone with my not perfect body, what do you think? I got the boobs to balance me out and am tired of the tankini's and one pieces. See, I've been trying on swimsuits like mad and find that anything over a C cup is very dowdy, fugly and 'minimizing'!! I paid over 5 g's for boobies and dam if I'm going to 'minimize' these pups!! Thoughts please. Thank you!

How are you all doing shopping for swimwear? Post your finds!

Well, ladies, I've been shopping some more and discovered that I can fit some brands of 34DD bras and swimwear. The most comfy underwire bikini tops I've found is Tommy Bahama, which surprised me. I stumbled across this brand at Steinmart lately. I should've bought it right then and there but was not wild about the color [odd green shade]. I then came home and looked it up online and they have sizes 32c to 38DD...pricey at 97 each but I can pair it with some solid color bottoms I can buy cheaply anywheres. Sorry it's not largest sizes but the quality is very very good. Hope this helps someone out there!
Otherwise, how you ladies doing?

Hey Girls, new pics! 34DD-36DD bras!

I finally found some bras that don't pinch, pull, poke, scratch! There's a great sale going on right now at Kohl's, buy 1 get 1 50% off, plus i have coupon for 30% off on top of that. Very hard to find anything in DD, but I did manage and then came home to look onlin at as well. These are don't have pushups, the pushups [including VS] that I've tried so far actually cause me pain, digging into my sutures on my ribcage [I had quite a bit of crease lowering due to constricted breasts]. So it's a challenge to find the cut that will enhance me! I spent about $35 for the 2 bras, panties on sale too so total bill was $45 with tax.
I now realized that the balconette, balcony styles work the best for my shape! Which was the exact opposite my entire life. I used to avoid balconette for so long that when shopping I didn't even reach for them, until yesterday, and WOW was I surprised and very happy. Had admired them from afar my entire life! yay for boobies!!

I am being viciously stalked online, shocked by who it is.

Dear friends, I have found the source of my husband's malcontent regarding my boob job. I have gone into his FB acct and found old anonymous messages dating right back to 9/2012, exactly when i started going for consults and starting my whole implant process. Each message was sent by a 'stranger', from all over the US. The last one contained information that identified the sender to me. It is a 'friend' that I've had for 25 yrs, that was kind to my face but apparently turned against me once I decided to upgrade my body. The malicious messages said that i was cheating on my hubby and that the boobs were not for him, and a few other things i won't post here. I was gutted, hurt, aghast, appalled. I called and confronted her, but she merely laughed it off, enjoying the damage she has inflicted upon my marriage and family. She is cut out, and I shut everything out and down on both mine and my hubby's FB acct. She does not have the balls to contact him in her real name.
So the old saying goes: Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer ...if u know who they are, lol.
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon

He was referred to me by another Dr. that I know. These Drs. are amazing and I think they should join RealSelf.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Bikini definitely yes!!! You should be proud of your body you look fabulous!!!
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Why thank you Jenni! I have 2 so far...i should take some pics and post them, i'm all tanned now...!
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Communcation with hubby is key! I have one of those shitstirers in my and hubby laugh at the absurd crap she says. Your boobs look great--dont hold back--enjoy them!
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Wow I'm glad I don't have friends like that . I hope all is ok now for you . I say bikini yes !
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a bikini, def!!!
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Oh my! Sounds like a former friend of mine!! She would stir shit all the time because she was so unhappy with her own life and was jealous of mine! Luckily my husband knows me better and knows she was full of shit! I can hardly wait for all the drama to resurface once I have mine done...especially since I will see her quite often after I have it done since both of our daughters are in cheer leading!
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Looking fabulous. I love that lace bra. How are you feeling? Wishing you heal fast. Have you hit the bikini stores yet?
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Hi Mina, actually i found a Becca brand at TJMaxx, D cup top, and it was on sale for $30. It has a fun pink paisley pattern, halter top, tie back. I will get a pic up of it soon.
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Looking beautiful and those bras fit you very nicely :)
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Thanks Mini! Hubs eyes popped out when I showed him the bras, then he scowled and said "cover em up". Party pooper. But I like em and even my 13 teen girl said WOW mummy, you look great! I take her shopping sometimes with me now...she's honest and will tell me if something is too much or not the right look for me, even tho her style is a little different than mine.
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you are looking awesome!!! those balconettes definitely look hot!!! :-)
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Thanks Lilac. And how are YOU doin?? Find any good bras, swimsuits or clothes lately? post your finds!
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yup I did.. vs just had a semi annual sale not too long ago and I had so much fun!!! :-)
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Omg! You should def rock bikinis. Your boobs are awesome with your body proportionately. Go for it! I need to work on working out and toning my flabs to rock these new body of ours! Forget what husbands say about them, he will def be possessive about them after seeing you in bikinis. Lots of eyes will catch them new addition. Lets be proud of them and own em. We deserve this new happiness.
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Amen sister!!!
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Hey girl you look amazing and you should be proud to get out in a bikini. It was great to read your post about your husband's reaction. Mine is a fake boobie disliker and I think it's going to take a big emotional adjustment to come around. I over heard a phone call to his mum and he said they look f..king ugly. Then the other night I tried to get him to kiss my boobs and he said thy were just bags of silicone. So looks like I'm in the same boat as you!! Hope he comes around after they settle down a bit lol x
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Bags of silicone? that's just plain spiteful. Wasn't he at the Drs. office helping you pick the size? Mine tried that, even tried to call me names like 'jugs', etc., and guess what, he got cut off. BTW, your pics look great and once they drop you will look really great. Tell hubs that you don't need him to like it.
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Thanks girl. I told him how upset he made me and he says....oh you just reacted badly because of the drugs im on. I said....I don't care, drugs or not, you telling me that my new boobs are just bags of silicone was a pretty shit thing to say!!!! I stuck up for my self xoxo he'll get over it.
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Drugs? oh boy, that's lame...well just stick up for your fine self and leave him alone. Pamper yourself, get some new tops/bras when you feel well enough, post some new pics for us here!
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Absolutely!! I just put a new pic up before. They change so much during these first few days lol x
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50 years old and perky boobs I'd say go for it!!!! Be proud. I find that if you were a bikini that ties on the side it looks better. Good Luck in your new summer bod!!!
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Thank you! I did discover that the tie back ones can fit well too!
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Looking good girl! AND yes!!! You should wear a bikini!!!
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love that you too call them pups! I think a bikini would be fine....there are people way way way worse around always....and still in a bikini....that is what my husband always tells me and always makes me feel better cause you then start looking around and realize he is right! Yours look good! Can't wait til my day finally comes!
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Thanks! I will be getting a spray tan soon and plan to take pics after that!
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