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Had BA after breast feeding 1 baby. I'm 1 week & 1...

Had BA after breast feeding 1 baby. I'm 1 week & 1 day post op & I love them!! I got 490cc on my L breast & 510 cc on my right, under muscle. I only felt horrible for two days but I was on so many painkillers and somas I wasn't even really there. You should totally do it! Everything went smoothly. The staff was helpful in getting me the implants promptly.

Before & after in the same shirt :)

Love it!

More pics!! Boobs dropped a little too!!!

Yay!!! Boobs!!!!

3 weeks PO

My breast are doing kinda great. I went to the office yesterday to discuss my concerns about possible symasia (I think it's called). I had a horrible rash or breakage of the skin between my implants. Probably cause of how big I went & how much cleavage I have. My breast are still seperate but for precaution I'm going to use a "thong bra" for a month. Totally not sexy. & I'm powdering then moisturizing my wound. If it doesn't get better in 3 months or so I might need to go in and have some saline drained I guess. In all honesty... I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new big boobs! They look great! ( to me at least). Exactly what I was expecting. I have to say the dr was very comforting and he went out of his way to see me on a moments notice.

Finally got my before pics! Horrid!!!! I forgot how girl they were!

Oh and all I had was a rash inbetween my breast that simply went away! Ugh before pics!

About 4 months postoperative

I love them! They feel like mine, they are natural feeling to the touch. Scars still ache when my breast are being moved around a bit vigorously. They have since dropped a lot and feel natural to me. I am now pregnant so my nipples look different. But oh well. Not breast feeding to decrease the probability of deforming my breast again.

About 6 months post op, 20 weeks pregnant, HATE my boobs.

I'm 6 months post op...about 20 weeks pregnant and hate my boobs. My nipples are bigger & darker...I know that'll subside after pregnancy because that's what happened last time. My skin is so irritated from stretching even more with the pregnancy. I'm hopeful that everything will still look sexy after pregnancy but I'm mentally preparing myself for the possibility of me needed a lift or worse a whole other boob job. Yeah I should have waited until I was 100% done with child bearing. After this pregnancy I am 100% done! Getting myself fixed lol
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

Very professional. My breast already look great 1 week po, I'm sure they'll look better in 6 months!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
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They still look great! Congratulations!
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Congrats on the pregnancy! Yoiur boobies look great keep us posted on how/ if they change.
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Thank you! I'm excited! And I will keep updating, I sure wish I knew what my breast might or might not turn into during pregnancy
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I'm so happy I just found your post because Dr. Aldo is one of the doctors i'm definitely planning on interviewing and actually have a friend of a friend who went to him and hers look great!
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Btw, you look great!! I'm thinking of going about 400cc
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Trust me, I bet he's the guy for you! He did such a great job! My scars are barely noticeable! I told him exactly what I wanted, he even ultimately picked the size for what I was asking for and I got exactly what I wanted. I told him that I wanted them pornstarish and fake looking but at the same time not super noticeable when I'm wearing clothes and that's what I got. A lot of people didn't really notice my implants under a sweater but if I where to show them then it's like BAM! A party under my top lol! And the best thing was that before he closes up the incisions he puts a numbing solution that way when you wake up your not in excruciating pain. By the time the numbing solution wares off the pain can be controlled with pain killers.
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Oh awesome! Yea that's exactly the look I want! Yours came out very nice! How long did you have the discomfort after the surgery?
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Thank you! And I felt like a zombie for the first two days...painful but with all the meds you just feel out of it. I'd suggest getting help for the first two days, it's going to be very hard to do anything on your own that requires any chest muscles at all. The third day was ok, not horrible, and after that, I started to feel better and better every day.
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you look amazing! i love how they sit on you, thats the look im going for!
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congrats on ur boobies!!1 they look awesome!!! happy healing
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I'm not sure yet, I haven't tried on any bras, just sports bras so far... I will figure that out & let you know.. Now that I think about it, I'm curious myself
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What size did you end up with?
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Thank you! I took a look at your results and I think they look beautiful! They do look natural though but that isn't a bad thing! :) & I'm honestly not sure on the type of implant as far as brand names...but I know I got saline,moderate plus, mid range fill
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Oh wow you have the most perfect results!!! That's exactly what I had hoped for but didn't get :) what type of implant do you have?
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Yeah, the dr decided to use a bigger implant on me that way he could make it a mid range fill. Usually I guess he wouldn't put that big of an implant on someone smaller but I had enough breast tissue to cover the possible rippling that can be seen with implants that are too big. And yes, I had saline. My right breast seems a little harder & higher but I guess that's normal for now. Been massaging whenever I can so hopefully that'll help.
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They look great! Did you do saline or silicone?
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Wow...what a difference! Did you pick a size implant with a diameter bigger then your BWD? I was thinking you went High Profile bc the cleavage. I know u still have to drop and all though. I kept thinking I wanted the natural look but in my mind natural is cleavage I if I don't have to wear a push up bra to get then great ;) lol. I always thought of fake as 2 hard rocks on the chest...I guess it took a trial run on breast implants for me to realize that. Thanks for the info. Hoping Ill look like that in a few weeks :)
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I was a 34 deflated B, I got saline in moderate plus, I'm 5'4" & a curvy 123 pounds. I'll try to find a before pic to post :)
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what size were you before your BA? and do you have any before pics? Also what are your stats....height, weight, BWD? Did you get Silicone or saline and what profile? I got moderate plus 354/378cc. (Im 3.5 weeks PO) I went from a 36AA to a 36B...Im also 5'7" and 155lbs. I am not super happy about my size so I am going back for a revision. So I am doing a ton more Yours look great though so Im interested on your answers :)
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