Update: Post-op day 4

I'm exactly 10 days from my new boobs!!! I am so...

I'm exactly 10 days from my new boobs!!! I am so excited!! I've been waiting for these for about 5 years now.. When I was 20 years old a friend and I went and had consultations done because I thought that I was financially capable of paying for them. HA! Wrong. So here I am 4 days from my 25th birthday and finally able to pay for a new rack. :) I am currently living in Colorado, but am flying to Scottsdale, AZ to have my breast augmentation done. I had a couple girlfriends to there and their results are outstanding so I was sold. I felt comfortable from the very first time I visited Dr. Lille's website and talked to his assistant on the phone. She was awesome. Because I have had consultations previously I knew what I was getting myself into, so I will have a formal consultation with my doctor on the 12th of March and my surgery is scheduled for the 13th. I've been going back and forth and back and forth on sizes. Here are my stats:
Athletic build
I've recently become very fit and in turn have lost a lot of my breasts. I think that by getting this surgery it will enhance everything else I have going on. I am considering either 425 cc's or 450. I will be getting silicone cohesive gels sub muscular. I will post some pictures as soon as I figure out how. :/ Every single person I've talked to has always said they wished they had gone bigger.. I don't want to go TOO big but I want to be happy. I am getting extremely anxious & a little bit nervous. I think I'm doing too much research on the bad things that can happen and I'm really freaking myself out!! Now that I know what can happen, I've been focusing in the size & shape that I am looking for! I am extremely lucky to have a very supportive boyfriend, mother & grandmother. My grandma lives in AZ and was more than willing to take care of me. Thank god! She took care of my mom nearly 10 years ago when she had her boobs done. :) I will be flying to Phoenix on Saturday the 9th and flying home the following Saturday the 16th. I'm nervous about the flight home.. Luckily it's only an hour and a half flight. I should be okay, right? In the meantime, the countdown is officially on!! 10 days and counting!!

Glad to hear it's a quick flight and that you have your grandma to help take care of you! We look forward to your pictures. Have you decided on your final size?

I'm thinking between 400-450 cc. I can't decide! Everyone always says they wish they had gone bigger, but I don't want to go TOO big..

A week from tomorrow is the big day! Holy crap!...

A week from tomorrow is the big day! Holy crap! I'm really starting to get the pre-surgery jitters now! I have been doing soo much research that I am feeling pretty good about my surgery, but still freaking out a little bit about complications.. :/ I am so excited though! I am finally able to post pictures because I'm actually on the computer instead of just my iPad. For some reason it doesn't want to let me post pictures! Anybody else having surgery on March 13th?! I need a recovery buddy!! (:
You already have very nice breast so I bet you get amazing results , best of luck you will do great looking forward o seeing results and hearing how it went :)
That picture I have is what I want mine to look like . I don't have any rite now.
Thank you!!! Wednesday is the big day!!! Getting excited! :)

I have officially touched down in Arizona! Pre-op...

I have officially touched down in Arizona! Pre-op appointment is scheduled for Tuesday! I think I've got all my stuff I need for my surgery! I have picked up some arnica Montana pellets & cream for the swelling and bruising. I heard its essential of surgery. I've got a couple zip up foam Danskin bras from Walmart that a couple others have suggested. I also picked some scar gel to help the healing of the scars. We've got I've packs all ready.. If there are any other necessities that I need please let me know! I'm getting some pre surgery jitters & nerves, but I think for the most part I am excited. I was talking to my mom earlier today about my nerves and about me getting these feelings that I shouldn't do it, but she keeps reassuring me that I'm going to love it and I've wanted it for so long that it's finally happy and that I'm doing it for me and not to be worried! I just love her so much. now if only the next couple days would just fly by. :)

Tomorrow is pre-op & final decisions day! I am...

Tomorrow is pre-op & final decisions day! I am having soo many emotions! I'm excited, scared, anxious, getting feelings of doubt, selfishness, and everything in between! Ahhh! I feel like I'm going to drive myself crazy! I think after my pre-op appointment I'll feel a lot better.. I hope. I really wish I had my boyfriend here to help me. He had to stay home & prepare for his new job he starts 5 days post op! He's such a hard working dedicated man, I just love him! Plus even though he's 400+ miles away he still makes sure I'm doing okay and that he supports me and is there for me! I can't even believe that in less than 48 hours I'll have new twins!! Anybody else that's having surgery around the same time getting pre-surgery jitters?!! Help me feel better about it! Also added more before pictures! Going a little crazy on the before pictures, but just wait til I start posting post-op!! Haha! :) I can't wait!
I'm getting my surgery March 14th! My stats: 22, 5'3", 120, 34A/32B...going for 375cc High Profile Silicone unders. We'll have to share our progress! I'm getting so nervous. I think I have everything--same supplements as you mentioned, just need to get a post-op sports bra in case I will be allowed to take the surgical bra off in the first week or two. Are you doing the crease incision? Have you decided on the size you want?
Yes we'll definitely have to share our progress!! :) My PS doesn't make us wear a surgical bra, just ace bandages at first then a comfortable supportive bra after that! I've bought 2 Danskin foam zip up sports bras. They are so comfortable, and there has been a couple other girls that have the same bras that love them! Check them out! I'm thinking about doing 450ccs in my right, and 425ccs in my left. My pre-op is tomorrow morning and my PS & I are going to finalize size! Yeah I'm doing crease incision! I'm also using the Keller funnel which will hopefully help my crease incision be a little smaller! :) I'm also torn between high profile & moderate high profile.. I think ultimately I'll go high profile! I'm actually starting to get more excited & less nervous! I've been a nervous wreck all week, but FINALLY getting more excited! :)
I still think it's funny how different everyone's PS seems to be about surgery and recovery. You would think there would be just one best way to do things haha. Everyone keeps talking about the Danskin foam zip up sports bras so I think I will have to go pick up a couple after work today. Is the Keller funnel where your PS slides the implant through? Mine showed me what it looked like but I thought that was only if you were getting saline, or doing peri-areolar. I will definitely have to bring that up to mine again because I'd like as small an incision as possible. My PS told me I had to go HP or else I had to do a lot lower of a cc, like 304cc moderate I think. It looked like it would be "natural", but I don't want to go through all of this and not have them be considerably bigger, so I think I'm definitely going with HP. We talked about 375cc, but I might even do 400cc--won't know until I wake up I guess! I've had surgery before and it has never been a big deal, but I'm a nervous wreck right now lol. I keep double-checking that I have everything ready and taken all of the supplements, etc. SO EXCITED though for both of us, and anyone else who is a March 14th BA :).

Pre-op appointment down! I freaking love my...

Pre-op appointment down! I freaking love my doctor! He's the best. Finalized on 450ccs! My doctor said that because my implants only come on 25 cc increments that my size difference isn't that much & he feels better doing them the same size. He's the professional. I'm soo excited! My nerves are pretty much gone! Now I'm just really excited! I'll post again tomorrow! :)
Eek! Here we go! Good luck tomorrow and thru the whole journey!
Thanks!! It's been very exciting! I love them already!
Good luck tomorrow !!!!!! Can't wait to see pics :)

I finally have them!!! I had to be at the surgical...

I finally have them!!! I had to be at the surgical center at 9:30am, we got there at 9. Filled out all my paperwork & went back to be prepped for surgery around 9:35. I waited and waited and waited and it seemed like I was back there forever. Probably because I was sooo hungry & sooooo thirsty. Dr. Lille came in about 12, (my surgery was scheduled for 11:30) got my anesthesia wheeled me back, made some jokes & next thing I knew I was in recovery feeling like I'd been sucking cotton balls!!! My mouth was soo dry!! I tried to keep myself awake through recovery, but I could not keep my eyes open! I was in recovery for about an hour and a half then they sent me on my merry way!! I've been resting since I got home & having a hard time sleeping cause its not comfortable! I haven't seen them yet cause I have an ace bandage all wrapped up, but Friday I will! I think I am going to be extremely happy with the size!! :)

Now about my doctor & staff. Holy cow!! I am absolutely blown away with how amazing he is!!! Soooo nice. Extremely thorough and funny as hell! I felt like I'd known him for years. I genuinely felt cared for! He even called me from his home this evening around 8:30pm to make sure I was doing okay! Amazing bedside manner! I can't say anything bad!! I would recommend him to EVERYONE!!!

Really tired and a bit loopy from medicine! Pain level about a 3. Feel like I have a 10 pound plate sitting on my chest after doing the most intense chest workout ever!!! Other than that, everything has been fairly easy! I'll update tomorrow on my recovery! My post-op appointment will be Friday!

Sorry for the spelling, punctuation, grammar or any other errors. My iPad is difficult to type on in the recliner! Yay for new boobs!!! :)
Good luck!! We're both going to look amazing after tomorrow morning!!
Yes!!! I'm so excited for you! :) good luck! I'll be waiting for your update!
Ya good luck!!!

So I've made it through most of post-op day one! I...

So I've made it through most of post-op day one! I feel like I have a 10 pound plate just chillin on my chest. I'm pretty sore too! I've been taking my pain meds every 3 1/2 or 4 hours! I've been trying to just take it super easy!! I haven't gotten out of my recliner except to go pee. Otherwise I'm doin' okay. Trying really hard to just take it easy so I don't overdue it! Going to try and rest some more! I'll try and update tomorrow. :)
Congrats! Take it easy and rest :)
Thank you!! I've been taking it super easy & have been in my recliner all day except to get up to pee! Feeling pretty good though!

So post op day 2 already seems to be better than...

So post op day 2 already seems to be better than yesterday! Yesterday was tough! I felt like I couldn't take enough pain meds to help! I've been sitting in my recliner this whole time only getting up to use the bathroom. Still haven't had a BM, but hopefully today! I've had my cup of coffee and I drank a glass of prune juice so hopefully it'll help! I am having my post-op appointment later this afternoon! I can't wait to see them! I'll update again after I get back from my appointment. Hope all my recovery buddies are doing okay today! :)
Woke up today feeling really good. I finally slept for 4 hours straight and spreading pain meds to every 6 hours now. I tried on a t-shirt today with no bra and WOW..I loved what I saw. It felt good to take off all the bandages even if it was just for 15 minutes. I'm really really bruised but not much pain. Glad to see you're feeling better too. Happy healing!

Congratulations! Glad to hear you got "some" sleep and can manage the pain with your meds. Take care and feel free to post some before and after photos in a review. We'd love to see your results!

I haven't tried on any shirts yet, but I'm dying to! :) I totally understand about taking the bandages off! I unzip my bra and just say "awwww"! Haha! Have you tried using the Arnica Montana? I used it and I don't have any bruising at all! Try it and see if it helps! :)

Sorry I've been slacking with the updates! I've...

Sorry I've been slacking with the updates! I've been really trying to rest as much as I can, plus I had a whole day of traveling yesterday which completely wore me out! The good news, or the TMI news, I had a BM today! Finally! It wasn't anything spectacular, but I'm just glad my BM are starting to get back to normal! I've posted two new pictures! The first one is from my post-op appointment which was Friday, and the newest one is today in my bathroom! I absolutely love them! They are changing everyday, and everyday I fall more in love with them! I'm glad I chose the size I did, because I think after all my D&F they will be the perfect size! It's crazy cause they don't look nearly as big as I thought they would! I was freaking out the morning of surgery wondering if I should go smaller! I'm glad I didn't! They look bigger without the surgical bra on too! I can't wait for new swimming suits! Yes! :) I've slowly been getting off the pain meds. I didn't take any last night, and slept comfortable throughout the night. I think I've been really lucky cause I haven't had any problems sleeping through the night! I've gotten really used to sleeping on my back too! I haven't had any bruising and my incisions look great! I seriously couldn't be happier with my results so far and I know that it just gets better! I've had constant ice on them, just in a ziplock baggy wrapped in a pillow case and I think it's helped so much with the swelling! The pain is slowly starting to subside! I was originally supposed to go back to work Monday, but I'm going to wait til Wednesday and that will be a week post-op and even then I'm a little hesitant! Luckily my managers have been so understanding with my whole situation! How are all my other boobie recovery friends doing?!!
K- u look great! Congrats on the new girls! I had dr Lille too and loved him! Keep us posted!
I'm getting mine done in two days! Your blog has made me feel much better! Are you able to post some recent pics? I'm curios to what 450cc's look like after they drop
You look great! I told you he's a good Dr. lol. BTW< since you are out of town, what happens if you have any questions or complications? Do you have to fly back down?
Sean Lille

I've had a couple girlfriends come have surgery by him and their results were fantastic!! I am sure mine will be just as good!! He is one of the nicest doctors I've ever had to deal with! His bedside manner is out of this world!! I am extremely impressed!!! I would definitely recommend him to any and everyone!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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