Quick history of my breasts: 2000, had my...

Quick history of my breasts:

2000, had my first child and nursed her... well of course it's the pregnancy that wreaked havoc on my boobs, not the breastfeeding itself. I went from perky pink nippled 34Bs to huge saggy, dark dinner plate aerolas. I wore 34D while nursing. After weaning, you can imagine how shrunken and deflated they were.
Had another baby in 2001.

2002- breast lift ONLY.. almost got the implants, but decided to be "natural" and just go with a lift. They looked AMAZING! Was very happy with the lift. Full anchor mastopexy. THEN, I got pregnant a few months later (we weren't good about using birth control in my first marriage lol).

2003- have a baby, breastfeed successfully with the lift.
.. after weaning I decide I want to bring back the fullness, and since I had considered implants in the past, the yearning for big round boobs never really left me. My husband at the time was a "boob man" so that was also a huge influence.

2005- 350cc smooth round saline implants placed under the muscle. I am 23 years old at this point. AND I get pregnant within a few months LOL
go through pregnancy, and breastfeeding with the new implants.. do manage to breastfeed successfully w/ the implants. But now they are just downright ENORMOUS! This is the first time I consider having them removed.. but I figure when I'm done nursing they will shrink back down and I'll be happy.

So they do shrink back down to 34D.. and I'm starting to like them again.
at this point I'm about age 25. I have divorced the first husband and in the midst of meeting my future husband. We fall in love and do what I do best, make a baby! lol

2008, have another baby, I nurse him the longest of all my kids 23 months.

2011, we have another baby, I nurse her 15 months.
So all along the last 5 or so years that nagging feeling of wanting my implants out has been hitting me. My daughters are getting older and I don't want them to have unrealistic expectations of how their boobs should look. I recently told them that my boobs were fake and they had NO idea.

I am now a 32DDD or 34DD.. so I don't know if I've grown or what? I haven't really gained much weight over the years. I give my implants credit that they never gave me any serious issues.. I have some wrinkling, and they are annoying at times, make me look bigger overall than I really am in certain clothes, and garner attention I'd rather not have, I miss laying on my stomach.. I haven't been able to FULLY enjoy a massage in over 8 years because it's so uncomfortable to lay on them.

I just want to be natural. I want to set an example for my children, that you should feel comfortable in your own skin. I want my sons to have realistic expectations of what boobs should look like.

Our society is perpetuating this facade of what "beautiful breasts" should be.. most of us don't have the "perfect breast" we're expected to have. So we get surgery to live up to those expectations.

I think things are changing though. I've struggled to buy attractive clothing the last 5 years because it seems a lot of fashions are now being made for smaller chests. I hate to say it, but I perused the "breast implant" review section and I felt the women just looked so silly. I am just SO over having big boobs. SO over it.

Ok, so if I have them out, what will I be left with? Remember, I've had 3 kids with these implants, my boobs have ballooned to letters I didn't know existed in bra manufacturing and then shrunk back down to D range. I have loose skin, I have stretch marks.

I don't think it will be a "pretty" sight lol. And I don't really care.
I plan to rock it, swing low sweet chariot!
If they really bother me in a year, I will get some kind of lift.
But I'd really rather not if I don't have to, haven't my breasts been through enough?
A mastopexy, then implants a few years later, breastfed 6 children! I just want to nurture these poor things!

I will probably get up the courage to post some pics soon. I have a consultation in 2 weeks. I've spoken with a couple other surgeons through email as well. When I have it all decided then I will put the info in. I am in Phoenix, AZ area.

I really want it to be done under local anesthesia and the surgeon I see in a couple weeks is cool with that. I've had other surgeries related to other things and I'm sick of being put under general anesthesia. Especially if I plan a lift in the future, obviously I will need to be put under general for that. So if possible, I'd like the removal process to be as smooth as possible. Just cut and slide it out. My skin is so thin under my breast (more so on the left side) I can literally feel and pinch my implant bag.. my husband says it feels like a grocery bag LOL

He's being pretty supportive.. he just wants me happy, and he's never been the "boob man" type. So I am thankful for that.

Ok, I will update as things progress :)

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I wish I could edit my first post lol, I think I...

I wish I could edit my first post lol, I think I said almost too much, I hope it's not offensive. I don't mean to sound like implants are grotesque, just that I no longer find the look attractive as I used to. Sorry if my first post is crass.

Ok.. so I'm adding some pics. Can't wait for my consultation the 8th!

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Why are my pics upside down? LOL they aren't...

Why are my pics upside down? LOL they aren't upside down on my computer... oh geeze.. let me try this again lol


I also have a consult with my PS on the 8th! So excited and nervous at the same time. I nursed 5 babies myself, 2 BA's but no lifts, but I believe mine could use a little pampering as well lol. I'm really scared tho cuz mine are 500cc, most girls on here are in the 300cc range, I'm afraid they will cave in like some of the pics I've seen. But I'm still gonna take the plunge. Fingers crossed.
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Eeek! I know, even though mine are *only* 350cc, my skin is already so stretched from the 3 pregnancies I've had with these.. So I feel like I can't compare myself to any of the pics I've seen on here. I guess anyone's result is a big surprise- lets just hope for a good surprise! If not, there are always lifts!
Well no matter what I do my pics are upside down.. even if I turn them sideways in my computer, they upload upside down. I will probably just take my pics down if I don't figure out how to fix this, grrrr.
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2/8/13 had my consultation and was not feeling...

had my consultation and was not feeling this dude. He seemed distant, monotone, best way to describe.. he was just "whatever" about everything. It was weird and I am not sure I can feel comfortable with someone going into surgery with a "whatever" attitude.
So I have another consult with someone else next Thursday, Valentine's Day!
Hope I find someone I'm comfortable with soon!

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Had another consult today. It went GREAT! This PS...

Had another consult today. It went GREAT! This PS made me feel so much more comfortable and empowered with my decision to explant. I felt at ease and the whole staff was great! He's 2k more than the other PS I saw, but I think it will be worth it. Not sure if I want to check out anymore PS's, this guy was fantastic! Now to talk to the husband about the price lol


What's the name of the surgeon you went with?
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Hi there! My implants made my boobs saggy, I have stretch marks (also courtesy of the implants-too big!), and I could feel the implants on the sides and bottom through very thin skin, just like you! A grocery bag does feel a lot like older saline implants through thinned skin, lol! I was sure I would be an empty, floppy mess, but I turned out fine, sure a little saggy, but nothing offensive! lol I am sure you will be beautiful. Good luck to you!
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Thank you so much for the comment! I'm def worried about my outcome, but so sick of the implants that I'm ready to embrace whatever I end up with! Your story really resonated with me, I hope to have results like yours!

Still waiting for my tax return.. getting so...

Still waiting for my tax return.. getting so impatient, I want to schedule my explant! Now that the funds are taking so long, I won't be able to schedule during my Spring break as I hoped. Next best option is to schedule in May after spring semester ends, before summer semester begins. Hubby wants to go on a mini cruise mid-May.. I was hoping to be implant-free for the cruise.. we'll see.

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I want to add more info about the consultation I...

I want to add more info about the consultation I had with the 2nd PS and why I want to go with him. The first surgeon kind of crippled my confidence in going further with explant. The 2nd guy was great, and he informed me that the reason one breast sits higher than the other is because of scar tissue, so I can't just have a simple removal with out removing that scar tissue or it could cause some distortion in the breast as I heal. This made a lot of sense and I was impressed with his thoroughness, vs. the 1st PS I saw who was like "Sure, it's your choice, I'll take them out." but did not address the scar tissue.
The staff at the 2nd PS was very friendly, everyone was great.
the 2nd PS also feels my nipple is in good position so that I may not need a lift.. I'll probably have "pseudoptosis" but my nipple will most likely remain in a good position. So that made me feel real good!
My skin is stretched, and although you can't see the stretchmarks in my photos, I have them! I am very concerned about that. I'm 31, am I young enough for my skin to retract? My belly has done alright contracting after 6 kids! lol should that give me hope?


Hi. I read your whole profile and I just love your personality. Your strong and funny you seem to have a keen sense about people and your own body. I am so happy that you are not going with the first PS. I got the creeps just reading about what you wrote about him. The second PS sounds like a winner to me as well. My surgen told me the same thing, that the scar tissue or capsules had to come out. He also added that sometimes during mamograms that they can be misread for a tumor or just harder to read. He added just like your surgen that they can deform in time as the tissue hardens or start twisting. Your sweet breast have nursed your babies and have stretched back and forth so much, but there is a very good chance that because of your youth your skin will pop right back. At 31 your still a very young woman. If you are Italian or olive skin toned you will have a much better chance of your skin rejuvenating. You are so right about big boobs being so 90's. I started feeling like my boobs just didn't fit me or my personality. I also didn't like spilling out of a cute sundress and looking somewhat vampy. I wasn't sure what I would feel like when I first saw my breast without implants, but to my surprize it felt like I was saying hello to a long lost friend. I am so happy to see my small breast again and I will never be anything but happy that I took them out. Keep me posted and please realize that when you post your pictures your are helping so many other females with their decision. This site is how I came to my decision almost overnight. Sending you good vibes. :)
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thank you so much for your comment songbirdie! I hope my skin still has some elasticity to it... but I just keep telling myself that if I come out of the explant looking like a woman who breastfed 6 kids LOL well I guess I'm ok with that! They've been through a lot and I will just appreciate being natural. If things really don't take shape nicely after a year I'll look into some sort of lift. Thanks again for your warm words and good vibes! I finally got the tax refund notification and it should deposit next week - so I'll update next week when I have an official surgery date- YAY!
Wow, your boobs look a lot like mine did! But you are less droopy, for sure! It's great that you found a PS you are comfortable with. I was comfortable with mine, and knew that if stuff didn't look good, she wouldn't give me the old "I told you so" routine. Hope you are able to get your surgery booked soon!
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Ok ladies! Everything fell into place, I was able...

Ok ladies! Everything fell into place, I was able to call and schedule my surgery. March 28th! I'm SO excited! I honestly don't think I was this excited to get implants in.. I remember being just a thing to do.. but removing them feels like this great liberating journey I'm about to embark on LOL! I woke up feeling a bit nervous and really asking myself if I am ready for this.. again my skin elasticity is not so great, I'm already covered in stretch marks, yikes! But whatever, I know I don't want to live with implants, so I will accept whatever outcome I get!
3.5 weeks to go!


Hi gliese, just read your profile---loved the read. Made me chuckle---when you put ---swing low sweet chariot!!!!---. Not long now just wishing you all the very best. I am sure you will sail through this. Having SIX kids----this will be a walk in the park xxx LOL. On a serious note i really do wish you well and so agree about the decisions you have made about wanting your children to feel good about themselves--no added on bits--to love the skin your in xx
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Congratulations on getting your date. Not long to go. Excited for you and your 'textured boobs'...that comment made me chuckle. I think ill be using that;-) x
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Awwwgood luck love, thanks for the photos...its always good to see lots of breasts. Hey what kind of lift did you have before, i cant see any scars at all. xx
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Well I found this to be interesting. I was looking...

Well I found this to be interesting. I was looking at my Mentor Implant ID card, it's been kicking around for 8 years and scruffy looking lol but anyways, I looked up the model # for my implants on the Mentor site and saw that the nominal fill is 300cc and Max fill is 325cc, I always thought I was 350cc, I can't remember if I thought that because I was told by the surgeon or if I assumed because "350" is in the model number. I know my implants are not overfilled so I am def

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Oops it cut me off lol. I know my implants are not...

oops it cut me off lol. I know my implants are not overfilled so I am under 325cc... it's not really a big deal, the difference from 300-350 is quite small, but I just find it so interesting that for 8 years I thought I was 350cc, but I am probably closer to 300cc. Hm.

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Ok, going to add some more pictures! I managed to...

Ok, going to add some more pictures! I managed to find my pre-BA photos taken the day before my surgery! And then my immediately after BA photo, my how they have changed after 8 years and 3 nurslings! lol


I just read your posts...I am scheduled for March 22 and am very excited!,it has been a long time coming and all of the ladies stories have been so helpful I read them all the time...it keeps me going as the wait has been 5 weeks since I made my appoint. I will keep up dating with pics. Hurray for your upcoming date
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Thank you! I just read your profile, I think you will look great after the explant! So soon!!!! Good luck!
I agree with you about implants looking grotesque, mine, not yours. I get it though, I feel like I have elephantitus of the boobs... ewww! I started out as a 34D/34DD, but am now (and have been for a while) a 34DDD/34G. Same thing here, no weight gain other than the usual 2-5 lb fluctuation. Maybe its hormonal. I went through early menopause... Best wishes on your procedure. .. remember, I'm right behind you on the 4th of April :)
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Surgery in 8 days! Ok so for the past week I've...

Surgery in 8 days!
Ok so for the past week I've been using this boob tube cream, yes I still have my implants in but my skin is thin and loose with stretchmarks so I figured it wouldn't hurt to start the cream now.
I might be crazy but after a week of using this twice a day I really think I notice a difference. It's subtle, but it's convinced me to use this lotion after my explant! I'll take any help my skin can get! lol


Not long now! Good luck :) X
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Commence freak out! lol We moved over the weekend, I feel so much stress to get things unpacked before Thursday. Of course my husband says dont worry about unpacking, just focus on my school work and the kids.. But I want to unpack too! lol Ah, too much going on at once. I will rest after Thursday though.
only one week to go! nice 'boob tube' cream. ;)
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2 more days until explant day! I have been SUPER...

2 more days until explant day! I have been SUPER busy this last week we've been moving! I have so much unpacking to do before Thursday! Ok so my surgery is at 12:30 in the afternoon so don't expect my update until late evening on Thursday (pacific time). I'm really excited! Scared about going under and all that but mentally ready to get rid of these implants!
Ok back to unpacking.. I added a pic with pens under my boobs inspired by Nervous Girlie's pencil pic lol


oh gosh ladies- I am away from my computer for a bit and look at all the well wishes- you ladies are awesome!!! Thank you! Yes, I've been very distracted with the move, and today I had a speech for one of my classes that I was CRAZY nervous about.. so now, the eve of my explant, I can finally start to feel nervous about it LOL. But after the stress and anxiety of the last week, I look forward to the 45 minute nap tomorrow during explant LOL! I will be sure to update as soon as I can! My surgery is later afternoon so I prob won't have an update until evening/night. Thanks so much for the vibes and well wishes!
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Good luck tomorrow! :)
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Good luck tomorrow! I hope your day goes wonderfully!
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What kind of shirt did you wear? I think I...

What kind of shirt did you wear? I think I remember wearing button down stuff to my other breast surgeries.. but I don't have any button down shirts now lol argh! What do I wear?

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Ok picked up a shirt at Kmart, leaving in a half...

Ok picked up a shirt at Kmart, leaving in a half hour.. I'll update after the surgery! Thanks for all the support ladies!!! You're awesome!

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On my way home! I feel really good! The incision...

On my way home! I feel really good! The incision area stings but no pain otherwise. The drugs are still in my system cause I feel goooooood lol
I already feel lighter! I added a pic of the implants!


So glad to hear your surgery went well!! I got home from work and remembered you had your surgery today and had to get online to see how it went!! Wishing you happy healing! Like nervousgirlie said.. I also can't wait to see your boobs!! Ha! You will look great! Happy healing to you :) ( isn't that a cool feeling to be holding those implants knowing that they are no longer a part of you!?) yay :D
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Yay! So excited for you! You are an inspiration to me. Hope to explant in june! Happy healing!
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Wow ..You look amazing, and you have had 6 children??..I can't wait to see the new you either. Shall look for the posts. I know they will look fabulous. I am with you on fake big boobs. I think they are soo ugly. Natural is beautiful..whatever the shape :)
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Well I slept about 4 hours last night, it was a...

Well I slept about 4 hours last night, it was a challenge to get comfortable in an upright back position. And my 2 and 4 year old still sleep with us and I was paranoid of a limb smacking my chest.. Tonight we'll have to get them in their own beds cause i had much anxiety with them next to me, even though I love them lol. My throat is sore today but other than that I feel great! I have only taken Tylenol so far and that was over 12 hours ago so my pain is minimal! Hubby has done great, cooked us an amazing dinner last night and caring for the house (unpacking since we just moved in). He is in good spirits which helps me, so far he approves of the new look lol. He said I'm still sexy and beautiful and.. So skinny! Lol says he never realized how skinny I was with the boobs lol.
Ok so I weighed my implants and will add a pic, almost 2 pounds!

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I've been feeling good today. Tomorrow is the big...

I've been feeling good today. Tomorrow is the big reveal, around 3 or 4 pm I will take this bandage wrap off.. I've been trying to sneak peeks and got a lil peek a second ago and it was quite wrinkly lol oh man I don't know if I want to look tomorrow! I'll just wear this bandage forever! lol
I just have to remind myself that it takes a good 6-12 months for the skin to retract!
Ok so anyone experience a sloshing/popping sensation? It's weird lol
Also, everyone keeps talking about "compression" bras and such. My PS wants me to just wear a cami top (the kind that does not have a built in shelf bra), and just that for a month, then I can wear a bra. When I asked the asst lady about compression she said the tissue is all attached to the muscle and since my implants were under the muscle there's no need to try and compress the tissue to anything cause it already is. Does that sound ok?
I know all PS's do things differently but I feel like the only one being told to just wear a plain cami top as a bra for the next month and no compression.
Thx for the comments ladies, I really appreciate it! We'll see if I get up the courage to post pics of the reveal tomorrow, eeeek!


Congrats....looking really good.....so slender!
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Thank you.. It's amazing how nobody realizes how many pounds implants make you look like you put on! Once they're off, the body instantly looks sleeker!
I'm so glad you feel so great! LOVE the Picture of the Scale and the implants Brilliant!!!! Happy Healing!!
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Ok, my first look finally.. well about what I was...

Ok, my first look finally.. well about what I was expecting. They are empty, wrinkly, squishy, vulnerable lol.
The pics I'll post are immediately after removal of the bandages. 48 hours post-op. I will take more pics in a couple days, try to get the surgical markers all washed off.
Hubby hasn't seen, but he's seen me in the cami top and says I look hot and he's very impressed so that's good! lol
I will prob wait at least a week before I show him, I don't want to traumatize him lol


I wanted to ad that Roseyjam had sent me an article on messaging methods that encourage the breast tissues to fill in. Please write her and ask her to send it to you. I have been doing it and I really feels it works, but first ask your surgen when you can start messaging them. :)
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Congratulations!!!! You look fabulous in that cami top...I'm envious ..lol huggzz
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awww thank you :) !!!!!!

Finally took a shower.. Tried to wash away the...

Finally took a shower.. Tried to wash away the nastiness and surgical marker. I'm ok with my progress, one thing that disturbs me a bit is the sunken-ness... Like if you ran your hand down my chest you can feel a very obvious indentation. I'm hoping that fluffing will fill that in a bit.
I am still badly bruised underneath, I've been taking my arnica Montana religiously so hopefully the bruises fade soon. I don't think I'm too badly swollen at this point. The surg asst was sure to tell me I'll be swollen at first so don't get too excited lol.. It's confusing to me, how can they be both swollen and squished flat needing fluffing. Such a strange experience but I'm happy to be implant free! Emotionally I feel really good! Physically I've been feeling tired, haven't been sleeping too well and it's catching up to me. Can't wait to be healed enough to where I can roll around during the night lol.
I took a pic with my bathroom light off and I don't look so bad in the dark lol.. Maybe I'll show both light on and off pics lol.
Ok then no more pics until these bruises go away!
Thanks for the support and comments ladies, I really appreciate it :)


You look great! Every doctor is different. I had compression bandage for 3 weeks. It wasn't fun. They change and get better all the time. I went bra shopping today and had a lot of back fat haha! Good luck to you!
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You look lovely all ready, and really cute in your cami top! Happy Hugging!
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You look great!!!:)Take care
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Thanks for all the sweet words ladies.. My...

Thanks for all the sweet words ladies.. My computer is acting up and just replying with my phone so my replies may be slow. I hope my pics don't scare anyone off, remember I nursed 3 babies with them implants.
I am still happy to be implant free and I love the way I look in clothes. But I admit I am hoping for some fluffing and wrinkle smoothing :)


Looking great!! Thanks for sharing your experience and your pictures!! :)
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I think you look seriously great!
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Hi Sweet Girl, I really believe that the sunken indentations will fill in. That's from where the implants were sitting up against your chest. I would say get a really good compression bra and wear it all the time. Talk to your doctor about messaging and when it's ok to start. You look beautiful and you can tell that you have absolutely no body fat, so it might take your body a little longer to fill in and fluff. No matter what you look beautiful and it's very cute how you talk about your boobies. Give them a chance...your right you had lots of babies, breastfed and implants. They'll come back just be patient. You have a wonderful attitude and you have an excellent outlook and from the sounds of it, your hubby is awesome! I ordered a really cute compression bra yesterday it's called ''Marena Surgical Bra with 2" Elastic Band (F5 Certified Compression Garment) (M, Beige...it cost around 37.00.I got it on Amazon.com. It looked like a really good one so I got it. I'll wear it riding and running. Maybe that would be a good one for you too. Keep me posted. xxx and remember your a Hottie. :)
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So obviously my boobs aren't the most flattering...

So obviously my boobs aren't the most flattering in clothes without a push-up bra, I patiently await for the day I can push these ladies up! But I was too anxious to wait and see how I look now with cami top supported boobs under a shirt I took pics in the morning of my explant. I rarely wore tight shirts with the implants because I just looked obscene as evidenced in the above photo. I just look more like a normal person now!!! I love it!!!


You look beautiful. Don't put pressure on yourself, they change so much with each week that goes by! You have a fab body on you, go girl!
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You just look wonderful! Maybe it's just me, but you look so much better without implants - your Hubby should be very proud of that little shape that you have sister!
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Thx ladies for the support and comments! I am feeling good! The husband and I made love last night lol 5 days is long enough to wait right?! Anyways! My hubby said he loved that we can be so close now without the big implants in the way. Just wanted to share and give ladies hope that husbands can and do react positively to explant! I know some guys are not very nice and that makes me sad :( I just appreciate that my hubby is loving natural me.. Even if he hasn't actually seen them yet LOL
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1 week post op! Feeling good! Anxious to buy bras,...

1 week post op! Feeling good! Anxious to buy bras, PS said to wait a month. Had my post op yesterday. I'm healing well it seems.. I still hear/feel some sloshing in there so I know there's still some fluid but not much. He said he cleaned me out good lol, no troublesome scar tissue left behind. Still hoping for fluffing and less wrinkling but I'm SO happy to be implant free, and I look good in clothes so it's all good lol Hubby is still sweet and loving, so glad he was never a boob man, his continued support has made this journey much easier. When I had implants and would pass other women with implants I felt I was "keeping up" with them. Today I passed a lady with implants and I just smiled thinking "glad that's not me" lol. Ok 1 week photos posted! I'll update again 2-4 weeks.


thanks ladies for the comments! I am still feeling good and the boobs seem to be improving a bit.. though I think I have been gaining weight too LOL.. I can't wait to work out!!!!!! I will post pics tomorrow! 2 weeks post op tomorrow!
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wow!!! what a difference--your breasts look so different already. So pleased for you. xxx
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I see the ladies are movin' on up! And a big yay for hubby! Anytime I pass a lady with implants (or just naturally large breasts) I also feel no envy whatsoever! Happy to be small!
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2 week post op photos.. They seem less flattened.....

2 week post op photos.. They seem less flattened.. So I think there may have been some fluffing. I no longer hear or feel sloshing so I think the fluid is gone, swelling down, if this is what I'm left with then I'm pretty happy!
Can't wait to wear a bra- 2 more weeks maybe! I'll update again at 4-6 weeks when I have new bras!


Hey g- I responded to your PM! (aka check your inbox, missy!) ;-) lol.
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Your looking amazing! They have fluffed up since week 1 can't wait to see what they look like in a month :)
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Omg, you're boobs look awesome, I am so jealous! You definitely made a good decision, you look great au natural. I hope your healing goes well, thanks for sharing.
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Ok it's been exactly 4 weeks! My 1 month post op...

Ok it's been exactly 4 weeks! My 1 month post op is Monday and hopefully I will be bra shopping next week!
I wish my pictures could show the true changes my breast have gone through! I know they look the same but if you were able to FEEL my boobs you'd be wowed by the difference! The first week they felt so thin and soupy (someone else used that term and it sums it up well). But now they are feeling so much fuller and firmer.. I can cup a nice handful and they just feel like awesome boobs, not soupy pancakes lol.
I'm seriously blown away by how happy I am with them! I'm used to the stretchmarks and the wrinkling is insanely improving!!!
I can't believe these same boobs nursed 3 babies while stuffed with implants- I think they are wonderful!
I can't believe I had implants for 8 years, I feel SO good being natural, I'm so glad I decided to do this!


Who was your doctor in Scottsdale? I am thinking about an explant now! Thanks....
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awww,.you look really lovely.xx
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Looking great! Good for you!,
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BRA time! Ok, had my 1 month post appt. yesterday....

BRA time! Ok, had my 1 month post appt. yesterday.. he said all looks great and no restrictions, it's bra time! We also discussed a lift, it's something I am considering for like a 40th birthday present to myself, I don't think I'll do it in the near future because I have a lot of kids where that money could be better spent (5-6k is a lot of money y'all).
Bra shopping has been weird. I don't have the funds to buy a bunch of 60 dollar bras. So I started at the basic stores like Kmart, Walmart, and Target. I grabbed a bunch of 34B's as that was my pre-implant size. Nothing seemed to fit right and I couldn't figure out what was wrong.. my boobs just wrinkled up and looked AWFUL in the bras I tried on. For the heck of it I grabbed a C bra... IT FIT! Ah, so that's why those bras weren't looking right on me, wrong size.
At this point I decide to get a proper fitting. I go to Dillard's and asked for a fitting, I explained my situation and she took me to the fitting room. Does measurements, then comes back with bras, the size... 30D. Umm, no thanks! lol
As she put them on me she warned that the band will feel snug but that is totally normal as they will loosen up with time. I felt I was in some weird bondage experience as she fastened bra after bra tightly around my body lol. They didn't look or feel right to me, and they were 60 a piece. She said I should get 2-3 bras.. the next chance I had to run, I did. Sure, I felt bad to not buy a bra, but they were just not fitting right and she insisted they looked great.
I have a 34C bra that I am wearing right now, I do clasp it on the tightest loop so I imagine I would probably do better with a 32 band. So I am thinking I am a 32C.
I'm going to venture out sometime this week and look for 32C bras and see how they fit.
I am thinking I have always been a 32C even before my implants, but I always wore the 34B because that is the more easily accessible size in most stores. I've always worn bras on the tightest clasp, I guess that should've been a sign that I needed a smaller band as you're supposed to wear the band on the last clasp so as it stretches over the years of use you can tighten it down to the next clasp.
Bras are complicated.
Makes me want to get the lift so I never have to wear a bra again lol.


Hey Gliese, thought I'd check in and see how you're getting on? Hope all is well. I only have 2 1/2 weeks to go now :o) Come on! X
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Did you do anything for compression?
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I forgot to ask - did you go with local or general anesthesia? Thank you!
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3 months(ish) post op!

Ok, sorry I haven't been on this site in awhile, believe it or not I just haven't been thinking about my boobs much lately! Lol I know what a shocker! What once consumed me is now something I just really never think about. I feel just so myself and normal and GOOD! My boobs are not perfect but I feel they look WAY better now than with the implants! My skin has finally firmed up enough so that I look cute in a bikini and not just wrinkly skin smooshed in a suit!
I don't know if my boobs look much different than my 1 month pics but they feel much firmer and fuller! I wear a 34C or 32 depending on the brand. I haven't been active yet since the surgery, very unlike me.. I am getting squishy though my weight hasn't gone up more than a few pounds I feel out of shape. So I need to start working out again.. 3 months is plenty long enough to wait lol.
I don't know what else to say, I love my boobs, I look great in clothes, I look great naked lol, I just don't even think about it anymore, I'm happy in my skin :)
Hope all you ladies are doing well, I'll find the time to check out updates, and ill try to add pics in my bikini top and some bras in the near future.
Take care!


I really love your review !!!! you have a great attitude, and LOOK VERY GOOD !! thankss for sharing.
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Awe! I've been thinking about you wondering how you are doing. So glad to hear you are happy and healed nicely. 34C seems to be a popular post-explant size :) that is what I am rocking now as well. Congratulations!
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Thx for checking in and reminding me to update lol. Your surgery is super soon! Smooth sailing surgery vibes your way! I'm so excited for you!

3 month pics

So a visible difference isn't really noticeable but if you could feel them you'd feel a difference lol


Looks great. Hope mine look as good after explant which I'm hoping will be before Christmas x
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I am happy for you they look great :)
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Look perfect period!!! :)
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7 months and still ecstatic!

So here I am! Well let's see, in the last month I've been working on getting back in shape. It seemed to take a full 6 months for my pec muscles to heal, every time I worked out they would hurt. So I took it easy, and got lazy lol and gained weight. I just did a month of Insanity and I'm starting p90x on Monday! So ready to get fit!
Oh yeah, I'm supposed to be talking about my boobs huh! Well they are good! I do once in awhile think about getting a lift someday in the future, just so I can wear a tank without a bra and not flop around lol. But for now, push-up bras work great too lol
And I'm not ashamed of sagging since I've had 6 kids, I can't complain!
I haven't had a second of regret about the explant. I really don't think about it much at all except in the context of "look at that woman jogging by with her big heavy boobs, I do not miss that at all!" or "ooh all these shirts fit me! Even the button ones!" or "it's so nice to no longer wonder if something is leaking inside me."
Speaking of which, I left an intact implant in my dresser drawer and that thing is nearly empty! And there's stuff floating in it. Weird! lol I guess the saline evaporates out when it's not in our bodies.. Anyone else have a similar event?
Ok well I took pics even though I don't think they changed much and I decided to add the dreaded side shot! I just feel good about my body, even if it's not perfect, it's mine and I love it!

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Oops updated too soon, here's other pics.


Thank you for the pics and follow up... you look amazing. Hope my results will be even half as good and I'll be happy.
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Look great! Have you used the cream through your recovery? The firming cream?
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I have loved reading your story. It was so wonderful to read how confident you now feel about yourself. Your first post was in no way offensive...it was honest and exactly how you feel and that is how your whole story has come across. You have had six children and to be honest I would be counting my lucky stars if I had a figure like yours...and something that surprised me is just how your figure looks so much more petite and young without the implants. I wanted to ask you a couple of questions, hope that's okay.....you said your boobs have got firmer over time (and they have certainly changed from the first few weeks to how they are now from what the pictures show), would you say they feel as firm now as anyone else's who had never had implants would . Also did you end up having the scar tissue removed that you spoke about ....and lastly...I have never told anyone at work of my implants and am scared if the women I work with find out (there are a couple of very unpleasant ones) I will get seriously mocked. Do you think that If after surgery I were to put the chicken fillets in a bra, combined with the natural post implant breasts, do you think I would be able to produce a look similar to that before I were to explant. I am hoping to wear fillets if I decide to have a removal with no replacement....then hopefully loose weight and reduce the size of the fillets until I no longer wear the fillets and explain it away as weight loss. Do you think that would work and fool people. I just wanted to say, I know it's your choice as to what you do in the future regarding uplift....but I think you look absolutely amazing as you are...:-)xx
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