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I have had my implants for 4 years this month. I...

I have had my implants for 4 years this month. I always had naturally largish breasts but after breastfeeding 2 kids they were saggy and sad. I decided to get implants. I wish now in hindsight I would have just had a lift, but no going back right!?
I have 320cc silicone overs. About 2 years ago my scar tissue thinned out and the implant poked through the top of my left breast (right at the top center of my cleavage!) its been so annoying and embarrassing to try and hide this little lump/bulge thing. I spend more time being self conscious about my boobs now than I did before my BA. I also find them to be painful and annoying almost all the time. I feel like something under my right is like tearing if I move the wrong way. They are hardening and not as soft and nice as they once were. I first considered getting them replaced with under the muscle implants because thats what most PS's said I should do. But truthfully I just want them out. I dont want to be on some surgery merry go round forever. I feel like my body is screaming at me "get them out!" . So thats whats Im doing! Surgery schedule for this Thursday!
Of course im a little scared about hos they are going to look afterwards. Especially since I have a lot of stretch marks on them and I know those will look worse. But overall, I'm excited to be natural again. I cant wait to feel soft natural breasts again! Ill let u all know how it goes! Thank you to everyone who has come before me and shared your stories! It has made this experience easier for me.
Peace, love, and natural boobs.
Have faith Naturalmama that your body/breasts with care and exercise down the road will go back to a more natural state.Believe! I am 2 days post op and just grateful I never had problems. From reading on this site I hear other women say that with time they fluff back. I am still feeling very emotional about the whole thing as it is only 2 days but all I can do is encourage. I am still in awe that I am back to myself!
Thanks for the support!
Those do look really uncomfortable. It's great that you're listening to your body and doing what you feel is best for yourself. You are going to feel so light after this!

Toxic bags are out!!

Hi all. Well its done! Went in for the procedure at about noon and was getting loaded into the car by 1, its 6pm now and i just woke up from a long nap. I feel pretty good, no pain so far. I just had conscious sedation and local. I didn't really feel anything after the nurse but the sedation in my iv. I have no idea how they look yet because I am wrapped in a tight compression wrap which I have to leave on for 2 days. Even though I know they are going to look sad, I feel great about it. My body feels like its saying "thank you, finally!". I am so grateful for this site and all of your support and stories.
Ill take post op pics in 2 days when the wrap comes off.
Thank you for sharing such a personal journey. Its actually helping me make up my mind. I want mine out so bad and i dont think anyone who hasn't experienced it could understand. I just want to tell you i am inspired by your story. You have a great attitude! Thanks again. Can't wait to follow your progress
Naturalmama88, Congratulations on your EXPLANT!! I needed to do a capsulectomy because my silicone implant had been leaking for some time and we needed to remove tissue that most likely absorbed silicone. You are going to be very pleased with how they come fluff back! Good luck and keep me posted:))

Implants in my hand instead of in my body!

Here they are! Its do weird to hold them here in my hands. I am sad that I put my body through what I did in the name of "beauty" or at least what society tells us is beautiful. As u can see the left on has a big crease in it. Thats what was causing that little knuckle/bump on the top of the breast. The doc who removed them said he has never seen thar before. Of course id be the one lol! Either way though maybe it was divine that it happened that way because it really helped me in my decision to get them out which is what I wanted regardless of the lump. But I did hate that knuckle thing and am glad to not have to look at it or feel it anymore!
I peeked under my dressing and say the incision and a little bruising on my right breast. I originally had them placed in through the nipple (another bad choice!) but i didn't want to mess with my nipple again so I had him cut under the crease. My skin heals pretty well so im not too worried about the scars.
They def look deflated and have alot of skin but its only day one and I am hopeful that skin will retract some over time. It still looks like i have a good amount of my own tissue im hoping the will be maybe large b's or small c. Who knows, only time will tell. Im still not in any pain but i think that might be because of the local anesthetic. Maybe they will be a little more sore by tomorrow when it wears off.
So far the most uncomfortable thing is the tight compression wrap because it makes it hard to take a deep breath. Looking forward to taking this thing off and going to buy some new sports bras to heal in.
I feel overall really great about my decision. I am looking forward to healing my relationship with my breasts. I mean they did nourish and nurture my two kids which is why I was made with them i. The first place! They have served that purpose well and I have two beautiful healthy kids.
I only wish I would have been wise enough and loved myself enough 4 years ago.
I am so grateful to have my yoga and breathing practices to bring me back to the present moment and be grateful for the body that houses my spirit. I am a yoga teacher and hoping I only have to take a week off from teaching!
I am also taking natural supplemts and herbs to help my healing process. I am using arnica for the trauma, bruising, and any pain and so far so good. Nurturing healthy foods to eat, lots of water and herbal tea, and plenty of rest on the agenda for the next few days! Let the healing begin!
Sending you strength and wellwishes for when you take your bandages off. You will be pleasantly suprised I reckon! And they will continue to heal, rebalance and get better over the next few weeks. Imagine the big hugs and yoga stretches! Xxxx
Thank you all for sharing. I'm 54 and have had my implants for 24 years. I'm so tired of having these giant things on my chest! I've had 2 consultations with PS this week and both gave very different options so reading everyone's experiences is helpful. I think I'm going to see at least 2 other PS before I decide which route to go.
It sounds like you are taking good care of yourself. It's so interesting to see the implants outside your body!

First post op look!!

LIBERATION!! thats the word that best describes the way I feel right now! Took off my compression wrap and had my first real look at them today! And my first shower, hallelujah! Yes, they are saggy and theres alot of extra skin but I feel like they look better than I thought they would! I am hopeful about how they will rebound after time! I love how soft they feel. My body is so happy right now. Going to buy some new sports bras today. :))
You look fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing.
Girl...you look amazing, and its only two days post-op! I am learning so much from you and others who have taken this step. To talk to most plastic surgeons, they make me feel like its impossible to take them out without re implantation or further surgery. I am re inspired by your story! Way to go!!
Yes girl yes. I have gumny bears and I do like them, but I don't love them. Sometimes I wish I could take them out too. And the sagging you have isn't too bad. I bet you feel tons of relief. I feel like mine give me bad posture. Anyway. If the sagging bothers you, maybe there's a non invasive treatment for tightening of the skin. I'm almost 100 % sure there is. Cutting people up is really a thing of the past now. And wuite honestly. I'm over women being sexualized. I sometimes feel like a hypocrite since I have implants too and ten I ask myself why I got them. Good for you for making an awesome decision! Men like real tits, that's for sure. And now you can lay really close to your mate when you have sex and not feel like you have two stupid things in the way. Did society make me think that I needed them or was it something that I really wanted? So many women on tv ruined their perfect tits to have bulbus boobs that look terrible. its,like, "excuse me ma'am, i can see your implants." Either way, I hope more ladies follow suit. Your boobies look great! Implants are over rated, right?

5 days post op!

Kind of obsessed with my new (old) boobies lol! I feel so so good! I wish I would have had the courage to take those things out sooner! I love how soft and squshy they feel and so does my hubby ;)
They do look a little sad naked but I realized who cares!? Me and my husband are the only two peoe who are ever gonna see em naked so why was I so concerned before with their appearance naked!? I got a super cute new bra from Victorias Secret Pink and they look great in it and with clothes on!
If you are reading this a d considering getting yours out, GO FOR IT! Your body will thank you!
I am so incredibly grateful fpr this forum and all the women before me who posted stories and pics. It really helped me and I hope my story helps others who are considering explant! Best decision Ive made!!
Hi - today is July 3, 2014. I am currently scheduled to interview a few plastic surgeons to have my implants REMOVED! yea! I am in the Scottsdale, AZ area and I see that you are too. I tried to look up Dr Meager on a google search and could not find him. Do you have a website for him, by any chance. BTW, you look GREAT. I hope my experience is as satisfying as yours.
I'm getting so excited just reading your positive posts! I can't wait to get mine out too. You look beautiful. I don't know why we do these things to ourselves but maybe, just maybe, the silver lining is that we really learn to appreciate what we have and what we are born with. Good luck healing!
Amazing result! Truly! I get mine out and a lift on the 2nd....nervous..but so ready for this to happen! Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

1 month post op! Feeling great!

Again, I cant say enough how absolutely amazing I feel being implant free! My confidence is back, my body feels light and happy, my mind is more clear and less concerned with my boobs all the time! I am so so happy I decided to explant. The girls are rebounding nicely. The skin has firmed up already. I am using an essential oil blend everyday to help them along. It seems to be working great! I am so grateful for this forum and all the ladies who posted before me. It is my hope that I can be an advocate for other women considering explant. In health and healing~
I think you look fantastic! You are very blessed (and smart) to have had them only in for a short time of 4 years compared to some of us who waited much longer. Thank you for sharing your story and I'm going to steal your line - "Peace, Love and Happy Boobs!" Namaste
I just got super excited reading your update! I can't wait to get back in my push up bras. I only had my implants in for 4 months so I still have my bras. I agree with you, my husband and I are the only ones who see them naked, so even if they don't perk up that much, at least I can still make them look awesome with some good bras!! After all, I could do that before implant surgery, I'll do it again!
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