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I wanted to do this review because I had issues...

I wanted to do this review because I had issues that I couldn't fine anyone else having and wanted to share my experience. I had saline Textured Under The muscle Implants. I really had never had any problems with them til one day I woke up and My right side breast looked swollen and felt like something was under my arm. The pulling of my muscle was so bad, it was making my shoulder blade and neck hurt.It was to the point I was feeling tingling down my arm, like it was going numb.If it wasn't for a friend suggesting trying a muscle relaxer, I don't know how I would have made it to my surgery date. I went to one consult and He basically told me that I had cancer and need to go get ultra sound cause he thought I had fluid behind my Implant.Then He proceeded to ask me not once, not twice but like a dozen times why I want them out and basically I'm crazy for wanting this.Then he asked me this question" after I remove them what do you want me to do?"Basically saying, my breasts will look so bad, he wont be able to do anything.Again reminding me that he couldn't comprehend Why i wanted them out. I'm so glad I was emotional strong that day because I would have been crying my eyes out. He was soo insulting.I can't believe Dr's can be that insensitive. My next consult was DR Jonathan Weinrach and I cant say enough kind words about him. Anyone in Arizona needing or wanting this done., Go see him. I got the implants out and I had capsular contracture on both sides. One side actually pulled the valve open and implant was leaking. The other side was so attached to me(the side that was pulling)Had hard time getting it out.I'm so relieved there gone. If anyone has any questions, please let me know. Im not posting pics cause I don't want pics floating around of me.
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Very personable & Knowledgeable. Made me feel comfortable and easy to talk to. Answered All my questions and followed up with me and my husband after surgery.I can't say enough great things about this Dr. and The Greenbaum Surgery Center.

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Thanks for sharing your story. I had a similar experience with my left breast last month where my breast was so painful, like I pulled a muscle. The pain has since subsided, but my neck and shoulder area is still tight. Wow, can't believe your initial PS consult about this problem said you had cancer! I have worked with hundreds of breast cancer patients as a medical massage therapist. There is typically no pain with breast cancer tumors; furthermore, no right minded doctor will outright say you have cancer, or lead you to even think you do until they run a panel of tests. How scary for you! Good for you for getting a second opinion and acknowledging that this was not the PS for you. My surgery for removal is September 11. I became very emeotional and did cry during my consultation. The PS with my Kasier insurance group was very supportiive, took the to listen to my concerns and helped dried my tears. It's a freighting time for those of us who have complications...and for those that don't as well, but thank goodness we have each other to help! Good luck with your journey.
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Thank you so much for your comment, It is frightening to go through especially when you have pain from the implants. I spent A lot of time crying about it and SO glad I got them removed finally. I also had the capsules taking out too.Wishing you a smooth surgery & recovery!
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I'm glad you were able to find a supportive doctor! Thank you for sharing on RealSelf. What was your recovery like?
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Im on week 2 recovery and I still need the drains. Im having some very mild pain in my chest but feels like I worked out and I'm sore from that.I have 2 toddlers so I am lifting them all the time. I also had started my monthly cycle the day of my surgery, All I have to say is what a pain in the butt that was. Im also dealing with sinusitis at this time too,so im sure recovery would have been so much smoother without my friend showing up early and my sinus.
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I wanted to add if anyone here in Az is looking to have implants removed and going through this process of finding Dr, I will readily give you the drs name that was horrible to me. I don't want anyone to go through what I went through & waste your time, money with this Dr. Just message me.
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I have noticed that you had a capselectomy... So : NO local anesth. My implants are under the musscle so the capsel can be stuck to my ribs. There can be a lot of blood. I also need drains afterwords like you. What is your experience after the surgion? Did you have a lot of pain (I had so much pain when I had the implants put in : they were to big)? Recup after : how many days, weeks (drains 2 weeks so....3 weeks recup?)? Thank you so much for a short answer. Ilse from Belgium
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I did have capsulectomy, so I was completely knocked out for surgery. I had drains for week and half.I was in a lot of pain after surgery. It was comparable to when i had them put in, for me anyways.I had D cup, now an A cup. Im in week 2 recovery and feeling pretty good. Some low pain in my chest.Have to continue wearing wrap around chest to press everything back down, so fluid wont build up. I hope this helps you!
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thank you so much x I wish you all the best :-D
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What a blessing you stayed strong AND found the right person to remove them. Thanks for sharing your story & best to you! (mine will be removed on August 13th...
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Thank you for the support! I hope your surgery & recovery go smooth!
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Thank you & I hope you quickly recover. Can't imagine caring for two toddlers during recovery. THAT BEING SAID, I will think of you as I consider complaining during my recovery. Quickly, I will realize I have nothing to complain about. The best to you & thank you for the valuable insight.
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