My BA journey:)

I've enjoyed reading everyones stories and...

I've enjoyed reading everyones stories and experiences so I figured I'd document my journey as well:) About me: 5'2", 95lbs, 32A(barely).

So far my Dr and I are planning on 350cc HP silicone under the muscle. He said he would bring sizers from 325-375cc into surgery too see what looks best. Going in to the consult I definitely wasn't expecting to try on anything past 300cc (I'm aiming for a small/med C) I am really more concerned with the shape. I want them to be round and full with good cleavage not sticking out super far! Anyways I think the 300cc max number was stuck in my head because a close friend of mine who is a similar body size had hers done with 275cc and ended up with a full D cup( I don't want to be quite as large). I know everyone is different but I wasn't expecting that big of a difference. The Dr did say she had more breast tissue to start with so apparently that really changes things?... He said this would probably take me to a very full B or C, obviously depending on the bra since they all vary.

Over all I'm really excited but just concerned they might be bigger than I'd like... It's hard to not keep comparing cc's with other friends.I think I will spend the night looking at 350 silicones on petite girls! :)
Hi hun, Just wanted to Invite you to my profile so you can look at my pics of before n after. Im very small also but I love my results. Im 25yrs, weight 90lbs and Im 5'2. I went and got 375cc HP Silicone under muscle. Its been only 3 days so I really have to wait how I end up n what cup size I will end up with. But for my small frame they look perfect, not too small,not too big. Let me know if u like the pics of my breast if u see them. Good luck on ur journey. xoxo
Thank you so much for commenting, it really helps to see someone who is a similar size as me. I was very worried about looking huge and fake but yours look perfect!!:) especially for only a few days after surgery. I hope you are healing well and I can't wait to see more pics, you definitely help me feel comfortable with the size I'm choosing!
You are very welcome sweety! Thank you for your good wishes and I am having an amazing recovery, i expected something worst. But Im lucky I been having it pretty smooth because I was very positive and I wasnt afraid I reserached and read a lot for years and I was prepared mentally n phisically for this. Sounds scary might look scary the process but its not at all with the proper care. Im here to help you in anything u need and answer any questions u have sweetheart. Like I said Im small like u and Im pretty sure Im smaller then you, so your size will be perfect for you! You will love it and if u like u can even go for 375cc like me! :) I will post more pics soon. Now is a little complicated for me because I dont have a computer at home but I always find a way to post them dont worry. Today is only my 5th day and I feel amazing and I loe how they look even do they still swollen n pretty high. I wish you the best of luck and smooth recovery as well I will keep track on ur story. And remember Im here if u need me. :) I also feel very happy to find girls that are small like me that way I dont feel lonley or weird. Lol :) im glad I found you girly. Talk to u soon and God bless you. Xoxo

Telling the family...

Has anyone else gone back and fourth about telling their family/friends about their upcoming ba? I'm not very close with my mom and it would be such an awkward conversation to have with my dad or in laws!! I've had a surgery in the past that was medically necessary and my dad, uncle and grandparents all wanted to be there even though it was a routine procedure. My family is fairly religious so I know they worry and like to send prayers about something like a surgery. However, I feel like this is something I'm doing for myself and I really don't feel like hearing everyone's opinions and/or judgments. I guess I just feel guilty if I don't tell them and I know it's something I won't be able to hide. I'm very petite and flat chested so I'm sure it will be obvious especially since my surgery is during the summer! Yikes:)

Telling your family and loved ones can be a tough hurdle. I agree with Goldie8361, if you feel guilty about not telling, it's probably important to share with your mom at some point. You might have to deal with her being upset, but you'll have a clear conscience the day of surgery...and most likely her prayers for you too!  ;)

Thanks Beth! I think I will being going with the text route :) not very personal but its easier for me and I won't feel bad about not telling them!
Hi. Check my profile and tell me what you think of mine. I am very petite too, 49 years old, 5.3" and hardly weigh 98p. I went with high profile, that is what my doctor suggested for me because when you have a narrow chest the base of the implant has to be smaller too. High profile has a smaller base than moderate. I think he used moderate plus which is the same thing as high profile if I am not mistaken. My size is 175cc, tectured cohesive silicone, over the muscle. You do not lose any cc's when going over the muscle and I think they look good for my size. That is the breast I had before breastfeeding and I feel very comfortable with them because I am used to this size. My advice is , do not go bigger than 250cc, you also have more tissue than I had before surgery. I will post pictures of my chest when I was young. Unfortunately, I only have one picture pro-op which I will also post. It is your decision what you want to do with your body, but I think your breasts look good the way they are now. Post more pictures showing the side so we can see your size better.

Pre Op

Went to my pre op today and I'm feeling much better about the size! Will be somewhere between 300-350cc's depending which looks best on me during surgery. I'm really happy that my PS uses the sizers, I've read about so many women going crazy deciding an exact cc amount before surgery. I feel like its such a hard decision to make because one size will looks so different on different bodies, even women who are similar in size!! Ahhh!

I tried on the sizers again today but this time with my own shirt on and no friends/hubby to distract me. I felt much more confident with the sizes today, I think there were too many nerves and excitement at the initial consult so I didn't absorb much! We confirmed that 300-350 would give me the best size that is proportionate to my smaller frame. I'm usually pretty type A and like to make my own decisions but at this point I'm feeling relieved that the exact choice is out of my hands! I know I will have the best results with him choosing the size based on how they actually look when they are in. Finally feeling excited and not as nervous:)
Being indecisive over the sizes are totally normal! I am 5'0ft also 95lbs yay, finally, someone on here with the body type :) Hope you figure of what you want soon :) best of luck!!!
it's such a hard decision for sure! I am glad your PS can kind of make that final decision and get you the best look for your body. Yay good to hear you are feeling more excited then nervous =) it's not too far away now!
Can't wait to see your post op and here about your story!!(: I'm small too and worried I will end up too big, which is wierd bc I'm also worried about not going big enough! Lol. Ahh. Anyways I don't want to look like hugeeee I just want a lot of upper fullness and cleavage! Absolutely can't wait!!!(: goodluck to you! Your wish picture is perfect!!! Hope you have a great experience!

I did it!!

Sorry haven't posted much lately not a whole lot going on until today :)

Checked into the surgery center where I had to do the usual change into a gown and ugly hair net!! My IV wasn't bad at all and I tend to pass out easily. They numbed the area before she put it in so that made a big difference. Then before they wheeled me into the operating room they gave me some meds to relax me and I don't remember a whole lot after that! Just someone putting a warm blanket on me then I was totally out. I don't remember getting dressed, talking to the Dr.(if I even did lol) or the car ride!! And I was only under a twilight anesthetisia so I was glad to not remember anything. My hubby said I kept asking the same questions like how many cc's I got (350 btw) and I guess I made the nurse who helped me to the car swear that they looked good. Haha who knows what else I said because I don't remember a thing!

So far the pain is not too bad as long as I keep up on my meds. Mostly feeling tight and achy. Tonight should be interesting though, pain meds give me a headache and keep me awake so I have a feeling I won't be getting any sleep:(

Post op is tomorrow so hopefully it's not too bad, I keep hearing from all of you ladies that days 2&3 are the worst. Ill keep you posted! I'm super excited to see them even though I know they might look weird at first:)

Oh and sorry for spelling/grammar errors I'm drugged up and on my iPad.
Congrats on your new additions! Hoping a happy and smooth recovery for you!
Hey just looked at your pics and you look fantastic! Just had my surgery today and went a lot easier than I expected. So far anyway... I ended up with 350 and will get to see them tomorrow. It's nice to your progress since so you're so tiny too:)
Yay, can't wait to see them :) happy healing


So in my last post I was only a few hours out of surgery and wasn't hurting much at all. That night was when the pain hit me, I was hurting pretty bad and the pain meds and ice packs didn't seem to give me any relief! I think I maybe got 2 hours of sleep in 15 min increments lol Not so fun!

The next day day at my post op I was feeling a little better but asked for a different pain pill because there was no way I could have another night like the first! So honestly that was the worst of it, I took the stronger pain med the second night just in case but I don't think I needed it by that point.

Luckily I only had one bad night of hurting and the rest was surprisingly easy. Yes I was sore and needed ice packs, meds and rest but nothing as bad as I've heard. I had surgery on a Monday and I was done with pain pills by Thursday afternoon.

I think the hardest part for me has been sleeping at an angle on my back. For me it's just so uncomfortable and keeps me up a lot at night! I just want my 9 hours asleep again on my side!! :) I see my ps again tomorrow so that will be one of my first questions...

Now for the results so far.... I LOVE them already which I was not expecting! I thought they would be a lot crazier looking at first like some of the pictures I've seen. Of course they are still high and tight but it's getting better every day with the massaging. I'm so happy I trusted my Dr and didn't chicken out hearing the 300-350cc range ( I was worried they might be too big and make me look heavy). I feel like I look much more feminine and my waist is finally accentuated vs. the same size as my chest lol. I'm very thrilled with my results and it's only been 7 days:) I'm sure it will only get better from here on out!

4 days post op couldn't wait any longer to compare:)

=D you look fantastic! super glad to hear you only had one major rough night and the rest is getting better.. you are right it will get easier and easier!happy you are healing well=)
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