Day 5 - Scottsdale, AZ

Hi, I thought I'd write brief updates since...

Hi, I thought I'd write brief updates since reading other's reviews have been so helpful to me. Today I still sore, tight and moving slow. I am taking it extra easy because I had super thin blood during surgery which means I have a higher chance of developing a hematoma if I over do it. I still have the same compression bra on and it had a built in strap on top- very uncomfortable but I get relief when I ice. I must say I have been sleeping great. I think it is because I usually take a Valium at night and also because I worked out my back for 4 months prior to surgery. I think having those strong an developed muscles have helped me so much. I'm supposed to start work tomorrow.. Not sure that will happen. I've only looked at my new boobs twice! I want to keep my bra on for safety I guess and just haven't felt up to it much.


Congratulations! Did you make it back to work on Monday?

Here is a link on how to post photos to your review. Keep us posted as you heal!
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Who was ur PS?
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I went to Dr. Robert Cohen. How about you? Also, the picture I added isn't me. It was my wish pic and I can't figure out how to put captions with the pictures!

1 week post op


I am having trouble finding anything about my BTW and how to measure that. Do u know what BTW stands for?
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Oh my gosh, so sorry it's bwd!! Band width diameter or you could call it just width. Measure the outermost part of your boob to the innermost part. You can do it yourself to get an idea... But is have your PS give you your official measurement next time you go. And thank you for the compliment!!! I'm 9 days post op today. :)
On phone, sorry for spelling errors! Ugh
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Day 11 post op

Finally starting to feel like I'm getting my old self back both physically and emotionally. I didn't realize it would be such an emotional rollar coaster ride! Loving my new boobs but impatiently waiting for them to drop and fluff, which probably won't be for a while because they are textured. My right breast is a little higher and more swollen than my left. I think only I can see the difference. The picture looks a little distorted due to the lighting.


Looks good! I have my preop with him this week. I wonder how I'm paying $1k more! Oh well I felt the most comfortable with him. Did you get smooth or textured? Happy healing!
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To be honest it was probably more... I can't remember it was 4 months ago. I am 4 months post op now. I decided to go with the round textured implants-435cc. What are you going with?? Good luck! You are in iOS hands. :)
I meant 'Good' Not ISO!
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