So it's canceled!!!

So, I've always considered bigger breasts since...

So, I've always considered bigger breasts since probably high school and now I have the means to do it. But I also just moved and joined a new competitive gym. They offered me a spot on the team a couple months after I put down a deposit and now I feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. If I push my surgery date too far back I potentially lose my deposit or I go through with my scheduled surgery date and wait til next year to compete in the annual Crossfit Games. I'm also just worried about the surgery in general since it'll be my first time under anesthesia.

Plus, there's the obvious questions, size, pain and possible outcomes of the surgery. I mean, who wants to wake up from the table looking like frankenstein right? Haha!! Anway, I'm 22, turning 23 and I know I have time to grow physically, I'm justhoping that while regaining strength after surgery that I can still exceed the intensity I currently endure during training. I don'tw want people to get the wrong idea here, I'm not a body builder or super buff, but I am a fit person who just has never felt so feminine because of my breast size. I'm wondering if any of you ladies have had a hard time exercising even after a few months after surgery? That would be greatly appreciated if I could get some opinions on that please! So my scheduled date in in March but I have a consultaion thi sWednesday so hopefully after seeing the surgeon again I can definitely decide when the date will be. Updates on that in a couple days!

BTW, some stats about myself: half Korean and half...

BTW, some stats about myself: half Korean and half Colombian, 5'3" at 135lbs roughly! I guess I have a slightly narrower chest so my dr recommended hp instead of mod+ which I though was originally recommended. I had my 2nd consulation today and still can't decide on what size! I want a small c or full b and so I'm deciding between 300cc/325cc or 250cc/275cc. I guess I will have to decide on my pre-op! I just think the team will have to wait for me to compete next year because I live in Arizona and I can't imagine suffering through recovery during the blistering heat! I'm sure March will be hot enough! So I will be rescheduling my surgery sometime tomorrow. I'm really scared honestly because of how many mixed opions I've gotten. Many of you say you love it, but personal opinons from people I know around here have said otherwise. But then again I think they're older and I'm sure surgery was conducted differently years ago haha! I just don't want to lose my strength and the ability to do the things I do now. I wish you didn't have to have surgery and that it could just magically pop up! Everyday I come on this site and read everyone's stories, most which are comforting, and after my 2nd consultation I do feel a little more confident about going through with it. More on this later, time to actually work. ( I'm sitting at my desk at work, bleh!) Post "before" pictures soon!

So my boyfriend and I got into a little spat over...

So my boyfriend and I got into a little spat over my surgery but only cause I was talking so much about how worried I was and he said to not get it lol I guess he was tired of me complaining! Of course that didn't change my mind but now not only am I still deciding with what size I'll end up with I'm deciding what date in march. I want my boyfriend to be there but he has school and runs for their track team basically having a race every weekend during the season so I'm trying to schedule it around that. My sister and possibly my parents might come down too so it'll be nice to have help lol. I moved to Arizona last June, I'm from California originally and I miss it a lot! It hasn't been too long since the last time I saw them though fortunately. I just told my dad about my surgery today too which went ok. It was via text haha but he seemed ok with it aside from the commen of being "beautiful the way you are" spiel. I told him to tell my mom I know she's going to freak out! Not in a bad way necessarily, I was blessed to have supportive parents throughout all of my crazy decisions and impulses :) I also talked to one of the trainers at my gym and he's agreed to do personal training with me after a few weeks of recovery. Thank goodness! I'll be doing some major walking and dumbbell curls (attempting anyway)! I'm grateful for this website too since I had no idea what people did to prepare for the surgery! I have compiled a list from the tips around here so thanks in advance girls! My Internet coincidentally went down a few days ago, someone is supposed to come fix it tomorrow so I can put pics up jeez. Til then, have a goodnight!

As I do enjoy reviewing this website, I'm a little...

As I do enjoy reviewing this website, I'm a little disappointed I haven't gotten any feedback from anybody except for the community manager! Probably because I don't have pics, but I've been busy... oh well.

So, it's been forever since I've posted but I...

So, it's been forever since I've posted but I haven't changed my mind. I saw my PS yesterday for my 3rd consultation and my bf finally came so I could get his opinion with the sizers. It went pretty good I think I know what I want but the PS said that either profile that I'm deciding on (HP and mod plus) would look nice. Umm.. that doesn't help! Since my last consult his assistant told me he recommended HP so that's all I've been comparing myself to and now that he said mod plus would look good lately the pics I've been looking at with that profile aren't as appealing. Maybe the first set of sizers I tried, which were the ones I liked the most will be the way I go (275/300cc HP). I've been thinking of how when its in you you lose some cc's so go the next size up and I tried those sizers and even though its only 25 cc's I do not like the projection compared to the ones I liked! Unless it gives me that end result going a little bigger but still I think it would be too big for my lifestyle. My bf of course likes the bigger one and that isn't too much help either.. I feel so lost. I just had the surgery planner call me and said that she will have my coordinator call me so we can further discuss this lol. Maybe mod plus would look good but maybe it won't look as perky? Ugh.. a month away and still nervous. LIke I was saying in my previous post about contemplating competing with a team at my gym, the owner has asked several times to talk to me about pushing my surgery date back to do this and has consistently flaked to do so, so screw it I'm doing it now!This way if I want to compete nextyear I'll be able to. If I did push it back and I wasn't guaranteed a spot and didn't make the team at tryouts I would be so pissed that I lost my deposit and know that I wouldn't be healed enough to do it next year. I guess I get jealous sometimes when I see some people at my previous gym in California catching up to my strength levels since I haven't been able to train like I used to after I moved out here. But I guess I just gotta focus on me and not be a grump. I think the surgery will definitely boost my confidence. Here's to hoping!

Posting some more before pics.. any...

Posting some more before pics.. any recommendations of hp or mod plus for my frame? My breast width is 11 but I can do mod plus since it's within 1cm longer than my natural width. Thanks girls!

Hello ladies! I'm such a procrastinator when it...

Hello ladies! I'm such a procrastinator when it comes to updating sorry lol! But a lot has happened. I just came back from California to visit my family since my dad was getting surgery for prostate cancer. The surgery was about 5 hours long and we were all at the hospital for 10, not including my dad who stayed overnight. Long story short, he just has a catheter til tomorrow and we'll see what kind of treatment he will need if so. He's doing well otherwise! As for me, I'm riding the emotional roller coaster more than ever. Yesterday I was feeling so excited and then this morning I feel unsure. Even in California it was like this every other day! It's so frustrating. I just haven't been through surgery and the pain to follow is something I'm tremendously scared about! Still going through with it, hoping I WILL NOT regret this! I actually don't feel that guilty spending this much on myself, I just think sometimes that there are other ways to use that money lol. I'm pretty excited though, my pre op is this Thursday and I will finalize my size and profile, hopefully! My ps will be in surgery I was told so I will be seeing his assitant instead. I still have to get my blood work and EKG done so I have to do that today, but I still have to enroll into tricare since I'm only enrolled in Callifornia. I'm hoping that I can see the doctor today as well because where my hospital is out here is like an hour away from my house and I really don't feel like driving there again tomorrow! With all of the stories I've read on this site, I see a lot of ps's ask for pictures so I've made a few collages of my desired results, but my ps hasn't asked to see anything like that. I plan on showing him anyway and if need be I'll let him make the final decision with the size and profile, giving him a range of cc's of course. I want to emphasize that I would strongly prefer something smaller than bigger. I believe that my frame is just not fit for something too large. I have a nice butt, but other than that I don't have a very curvy torso just slender. Looking top heavy would make me feel fat lol especially if it was bigger than my butt! I went to Costco yesterday to see if they had any of the vitamins I've been making a list of and they don't! Except for Vitamin C but I already have that. So Walmart or CVS is where I'll be going later on today to pick up arnica, zinc, cocoa butter, and a few other things not to mention that arm pillow! Oh, btw if anyone wants a cheap neck pillow, I was at Marshall's the other week and saw some that were $10 and they had different materials they were made of from beads, polyester, and gel! Happy healing to the girlies who have made it to the other side already :D

So pre op is tomorrow and I'm really hoping that I...

So pre op is tomorrow and I'm really hoping that I can make up my mind on what implant I want! I went to hi-health yesterday and picke duo some vitamins...
Arnica gel and tablets
Cocoa butter

The dude that worked there was helping me out and he said that te bioflavanoid would work better than bromelain for bruising and such since it works with vitamin c, which I've already been taking, and it also helps with joints. I also bought those little MTW pill things and plan on getting a scrubby with a handle attached. I'm so glad I've had you ladies give little tips and such makes me feel good to know that there are so many others going through all of the stress as excitement! I haven't bought a neck pillow or backrest yet, maybe tomorrow. I'm so excited I can shop for me since I haven't spoiled myself since I moved out to az. My sister is coming down the night before surgery too so it'll be nice to have family along with my bf to help and support me! And even though I have post poned competing my gym mates have been very supportive too. Wish me luck for my pre op! Lol :)

So I went to my pre op yesterday along with my bf...

So I went to my pre op yesterday along with my bf and finalized the size, well kind of lol. I tried on the 275/300 and 300/325 cc but in MOD PLUS and had decided on the smaller size. I also decided how to pay. Since I was approved for care credit at my initial consultation I owed 1500 up front and now owe 3400 on care credit. I'm doing the year with no interet pay and the payments are pretty small so I'm happy with it. My bf was making jokes, not harmful in anyway but I stress out really easily and he was saying that he liked the bigger ones since he's a guy but that doesn't help when I'm trying to pick something proportional! Ugh, that's just the way he handles stuff and I'm a worry wart so I took pics in both sizers, signed all the paper work and then we went home. I sent pics to my sister and she said the bigger one didn't look too bad. If you do lose cc's once they're inside you then the smaller implants are my goal size so I picked up the phone and called the office to switch the size to 300/325! I just don't want to look top heavy where my boobs are bigger than my ass lol!! So a couple things different than some of you girls' ps' recommended, have to stop all vitamins as of today and I don't have to wear that strap til a week after my surgery. No working out til after 6 weeks was horrible news too! I was hoping it would be sooner but don't wanna risk wasting my money by ruining the implants! Haha. Ill post pics later of the sizers I tried on. I'm starting to get more excited now instead of just stressed which is nice cause everyone else is! Now I have to buy some zip up sports bras, haven't stopped by Walmart yet but so far Marshall's and Ross don't have them. Got a memory foam neck pillow at Marshall's though for $10! Super soft. I never really shopped at bargain shops before I moved out on my own but whatever Saves you money I guess! Can't rely on my parents for everything lol. 14 more days!!!

My surgery date is coming up quick and it still...

My surgery date is coming up quick and it still does not feel like it is happening!! Everytime I go to the gym I get a little more sad knowing that ill r out I commission for 6 weeks ugh! I just want to et it over with so I can go back to my routine. Everyone seems more excited than me lol. I am, but all of you must know this emotional roller coaster I'm talking about! I don't think it'll hit me til I'm at the surgical center when they tell me to change into a gown! When I went to Walmart I bought a danskin brand front closure bra in a 36c which is literally all they had but I'm hoping that ill be smaller than that so the tag stays on! Lol. Oh, and even though I had a few drinks on saint patty's day I have to quit drinking today until my surgery. Pre surgery rules I suppose! Today is my bf and I'd 2 year anniversary so hopefully I can also have at least one more drink today hehe ;)

Like my post said, there was an error when I tied...

Like my post said, there was an error when I tied to update and it erased all of my pictures but here's some more.

So all the ladies on here who claim they lift...

So all the ladies on here who claim they lift weights and workout alot do you have worries of a possible explant in the future and loss of muscle function? Or the fellow crossfitters on here that can't do a box jump, ring dip, or snatch the same after surgery? My ps said you lose 5% strength if its even noticeable but man, what if I can't do the same stuff in the gym I can now? Ever? My ba is this Friday and I'm really second guessing this. I talked to te gym owner's wife whose had hers done back in 09 and she said he just NOW feels like her implants are finally feeling like her own, she's early 30's and also has rheumatoid arthritis and I know everybody experiences this differently. Going under the muscle and just hearing the word "dissection" is scaring the hell out I me. I've read the Q&A forum on here about this and no doctors opinion is consistent. I just don't know anymore and it's frustrating to think of having 2k already spent on this procedure.

So I haven't looked on this site for a couple days...

So I haven't looked on this site for a couple days cause I needed to clear my mind although I appreciate all the girls who have given me their stories which I truly appreciate! Sunday afternoon I decided to cancel my surgery but the office was closed so I had to wait until Monday (yesterday). I didn't call until after I got off work so that lead to me thinking ok, well ill be losing a lot of money first hand but I shouldn't get this if I feel obligated. And then I started thinking that I think I would be scared shitless regardless of what point I'm at in my life. And then I thought we'll maybe ill get it and get it OVER the muscle with a smaller implant which doesn't bother me. So I called and told my coordinator that I was considering canceling this entire thing. She said that there is a cancellation fee but she wouldn't know until today since she has to talk to whomever at the hospital and my ps. Hopefully it isn't that much and honestly I didn't think I'd get any of the money back anyway I just don't want to have to pay off the care credo if I don't actually have services rendered. Before I got off the phone with her I asked if my ps did the implant over the muscles, she said yes BUT it wouldn't feel as natural and look more round or whatever. Like I said I'd go with a smaller implant so the skin/fat I have can cover it better and such, also that there is a 30% higher chance I capsular contracture and bottoming out. I think these things are less likely if I have the smaller implant and my body heals relatively well to illness although I haven't had surgery before. I'm just mainly concerned about having my muscle cut up because if I ever had to have them taken out the muscle fibers do not reattach and at the very least if I get this ba done over the muscle I can still do my Olympic weight lifting without worrying if I can feel the implant contracted. I do want boobies. I just don't know if the risks are worth it anymore. Physically and financially! I'm going to the office right after work even though my coordinator said she would call cause I need to see this cancellation fee with my own eyes on paper just to make sure, my bf doesn't worry about things like this but said that for me maybe I should wait until I'm more comfortable. I don't think ill ever be comfortable with te thought of being put under anesthesia!! So after I go to the office ill talk to my bf about it and decide from there. I know my parents and sister are supportive even though I know they're leaning more towards "don't do it!" Attitude lol. Well see, I literally only have a few days to decide!

So I finally got an answer today.. Not sure how I...

So I finally got an answer today.. Not sure how I really feel about it but I guess this just isn't for me right now. I liked my ps but it seriously irritated the hell out of me that I had paid a late portion of this and either my ps or the coordinator would call me back when they said they would and just make me wait! I'd expect to be contacted about my concerns and not having to chase them down constantly. I didn't appreciate that. But he was nice enough I credit me back Everythig except the deposit because 1) they feel I'm making a rash decision since I've been flip flopping a lot and 2) he doesn't want to do sub glandular placement. The care credit will be taken care of by them thank god so all in all I lost $500 which is alot less than I was expecting so here comes the money! Maybe I can plan something fun to do over the summer now or just save for something bigger in the future. I still want to get this procedure done later on, just when I'm more confident in my decision and especially with a ps who is better at discussing my issues in depth and not just throw out the facts and have me stew over them. So thank you for all of your support with my indecisiveness and good luck to all of you! You may see me later on :) back to competing for me!
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

I searched online for a surgeon, turns out Guerra's office was down the street for me so I went for a consultation and I was sold! His work seems pretty awesome, so hopefully I turn out to be another masterpiece!

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I commented earlier and gave you another plastic surgeon to go see (Dr. Prichard). I forgot to mention that I was a very difficult case, post 2 kids my breasts were very asymmetrical. I think I went to almost every plastic surgeon North of Camelback before being referred to Prichard. He is the 1st surgeon who fully explained why fixing my breasts and making them even wasn't easy and exactly what had to be done. Everyone else, never really addressed the issue and said it 'wouldn't be a problem' getting them even, when in reality, it would have been. A 2nd opinion never hurts, it won't cost you anything and you can see what a extremely qualified reconstructive surgeon says about what YOU want. He will fully address every concern and question you have. I was confused for a while because I couldn't figure out why you (and a several others out there) are/were stressed about the procedure and freaking out but, then I remembered the fact that the whole process of finding a good surgeon completely stressed me out. I never felt 100% confident about breast augmentation surgery (since it is major surgery) until I met my doctor. He's the only office I walked out of without question in my head and was never nervous....and I had to have 2 separate surgeries (about 10 months apart). Whether it's Prichard or someone else, go see a few others until YOU know you are confident with what you're about to do.
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Hey there! Well I'm glad that you were able to make your decision and seem like you really are happy with the decision you made (good for you). In any case, good luck to you in your future endeavors and we will be right here if in case you decide to go over the "boobie fence" :)... So for now, enjoy the rest of the summer and the extra money lol ;)
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good luck with everything and I think you made the right decision since your weren't 100%, same reason why I canceled mine. Only do it when you are ready and comfortable :)
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Oh man girly! We are going through it aren't we?! I'm scheduled for 7am MST tomorrow morning. I've been crying and so scared. I FEEL your pain and your emotions! What ever you decide to do, make sure it's what YOU want period. This is YOUR body. I really hope I don't run out the room before they put me to sleep :/
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I have read all of your posts and all of the comments. I am 100% having all the same thoughts and emotions. I'm worrying about every single detail or what "could" happen. I've had two total panic attacks and had they happened during business hours, I would have cancelled. I'm glad I haven't cancelled. Surgery is in 16 days and I just can't wait to get beyond all this anxiety and stress and get to the other aide and enjoy have lovely feminine breasts. It's stressful to say the least. I have to keep thinking positive and think of all the 1000's of these they do and really have few complications. I think you'll find lots of support here for what you are going through and with your decision, whatever that may be. I'm going to press ahead and keep my eye on the prize. Can't wait to wear a bikini or look hot in a tank top this summer.
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Hi, I had mine done 11/2 months ago and I was fine after 1 to 2 weeks. My doctor said that he places them over the muscle and even if something goes wrong and he has to redo it he would still place them over the muscle. He said that the muscle dies if you cut it because it is like paper thin. The recovery is much faster , I took no medication when at home which was a day after surgery. I was in pain , yes, but I could take it. It suddenly dissappeared after 3 or 4 days. What mostly bothered me was the bandage around the chest which was really tight. The breasts feel heavy for maybe 2 weeks or so, but you wear the surgical bra and keeps them from moving. I went to my dancing class in 2 weeks and I was fine. I had Mentor textured cohesive 2(number shows the density, very important) , 175cc. He told me that high profile is the right one for me because I am norrow chested. He decided on the size during surgery using a sizer. I told him I want something small and natural. I am 5.3" and hardly weigh 105p. When I went back for a follow up and asked him again on what implants he used he read my paper and said that I had moderate plus profile. I guess they are the same, I am not sure. Mine look perky and he said that I will see the final result in a year. The skin takes time to stretch. The only thing with me is that along with the implants he removed a big lump from my left breast that was there for about 5 years and had been diagnosed as nothing to worry about at first. Well, it was cancer and I am lucky I decided to have the implants in and had it removed because otherwise I might have waited longer to take it out. I am lucky they did not cut off my breast, so even though it is so different than the right one , higher and swollen on top, I do not worry about that. He told me it will be like the other one in time. I have read that the placement over the muscle gives the more natural look because under the gland is where the natural breast tissue is. And you do not worry about muscle movement, dying or anything like that. He said the rippling and all the other stuff with this placement happened some years ago, not now. I do not know why most doctors go with under the muscle placement, I think it is easier. If you go to google scholar and read about it you will see what doctors say about it. This is the official site for medical stuff. All the other stuff on google is advertisement and my doctor said not to look at photos there because any doctor would show the best photos if real. This site contains comments from real people. Good luck. I was freaking out about anestesia because I had a bad experience when I had my children but everything went well, you will be glad you did it. Wait for your comments. I will post photos soon.
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Thanks for the info!! When I was talking to the coordinator she said that the implants don't feel as natural or look as natural as implants under the muscle, but I don't want a late implant to begin with! I don't have much tissue which is ok cause I'd rather end up smaller too. If I go through with this I'm definitely changing the opinion I do not want them touching my muscles whatsoever! Lol and I hope you post soon I'd love to read your story :)
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In the for "what it's worth" department: Generally speaking the pectoralis is actually a relatively thick muscle, and there is enough collateral blood supply to the muscle that it won't die when cut. Scar tissue is typically very strong, and while less flexible of a tissue, the scar itself is generally stronger than the surrounding tissue once it's healed.
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Hi! You actually chose a really good surgeon but, there is actually another alternative out there for placement called sub-fascial. As someone who works out a lot, under the muscle is hard because eventually your implants get pushed under your armpits, over the muscle is hard because the likelihood of them moving is high too. Sub-fascial puts them over the muscle but under the tissue that protects the muscle. Dr. G supposedly does this but, it takes a really talented and confident surgeon to do it and I don't think he's done very many (plus it's usually more expensive because it's very time consuming). If you want the natural look, going over the muscle, consider sub-fascial. If you want/need a 2nd opinion, my surgeon Dr. Pablo Prichard (head of plastics and reconstructive surgery at John C. Lincoln North Mountain) is an excellent Dr. to go see (plus he has his own private practice). He is one of only about 4 Dr.'s in the valley that do sub-fascial and his specialty is the 'natural look'. Also, if Dr. G's office is giving you a hard time about cancelling, that's kind of BS -- cancellations happen all the time and the surgery centers don't charge a cancellation fee, he shouldn't either. Also, care credit doesn't get to decide who they pay for the surgery, you do, so if you change Dr.'s, that shouldn't be an issue. Hope this helps you.
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I feel comfortable with my ps I just wish he would be more available seeing as though my ba date is literally around the corner! He does do over the muscle placement I'm jut going to have to do an emergency size change again and pay the $100 fee for changing it so late but it is what it is. I haven't been able to talk to them today that does piss me off some so I guess I'll find out tomorrow >:(
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I think everyone has the same hesitations. I'm scared to death...never had major surgery, my wisdom teeth are the only thing I went under anesthesia for. I'm sure I will be freaking out in the days leading up to surgery. I wonder if ill even get out of the car the day of. I too have thought of calling the whole thing off....but......I have (like everyone else) I have wanted bigger no s for a while. Now that swim suit season is coming I see all these swimsuits in a different light. I have NEVER been excited to get a swim suit. I have not comfortably worn a swimsuit since I was 11 (which is when puberty started)...but I am getting excited...even with my pasty white skin. It is a very personal decision and if you cancel that is your choice. But make the list of pros and cons. I wanted you to know that you are not the only one who gets cold feet and wants to back out. Everyone is scared some to a more severe degree...if Doing Excersise properly is your only reason for backing out...then rethink of why you DO want this...go with what you want also if you want over the muscle then do it. Just cause your PS pushes under doesn't mean you have to do it. Your paying the money you get what you want.
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Thank you for your input, and you're right it is my decision! I know I'm not the only one with cold feet but of course it would feel like the end of the world lol. I'm hoping that I CAN do this!
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Hi there! Whichever you end up choosing we will be here for you as support..this seems to be a really tough time for you. Did you yry to make a list of pros and cons? In any case I hope that you'll be able to make the decision not because of pressure,money etc but for yourself... good luck :)
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Thanks and thank you again for your previous comment! I put my deposit down 5 months ago and everyday I feel like I have been an uptight bitch! Lol!! Super stressed out and when I thought I decided to cancel I felt a weight had lifted off of me! But yesterday while I was driving home I started feeling upset again because I do want it, I don't want to waste money, and I just don't want anything to go wrong! Subglandular may be the way to go for me if I choose to do this. I don't want to regret this whatever decision I make. Thank you for your support!
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You will end up choosing what is best for you. I was feeling the same way than you, worry about possible out comes, the money...everything, right until the night before I wanted to cry and cancel the surgery. Then I started to feel sad about loosing my tiny boobs that had been with me for do long lol but I'm 13 days post op today and I feel super happy. I absolutely love my new beast, I love that made me feel more feminine and sexy. I went with submuscular because its easier that way to take a look at your breast tissue when you get a mammo. I got a breast biopsy last year and I freaked out but everything was fine and definitely decided to go submuscular in case they ever find something into breast and have to get another biopsy or something it will not be close to the implant. Take your time to decide, try not to worry too much. I over think everything in my life and I was super worry about the outcome and the pain and all that and 13 days after surgery I can say this had been a really great easy experience and I feel back to my normal life except that I can't work out yet. I guess I was soooo worry that everything turned out better and easier than expect it. Big hug to you and remember we are here for each other!!!
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It's definitely relieving to know that others such as yourself feel the same way or have felt this way anyway lol. My main concern is muscle function. I don't think I can live feeling them contract or whatever lifting. I don't want to give up the one thing that makes me really happy. I'd rather have a smaller implant over the muscle as a compromise I guess lol. To have just enough and then be able to lift and all the other crazy crap I like to do without losing strength. I can deal with not working out for awhile as long as the same strength will ultimately be there. Ill keep you updated and thank you so much for our positive attitude!! :D
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Heya!! It's normal to feel this way since your surgery is coming in the next few days. Every surgery has its own risk just like life itself... Here is why I went through with it despite all the medical knowledge I know, experiences with post-op surgeries, complications etc. and my bf not being supportive of it (and currently hating me)... For the longest I have always been small breasted (being Asian and all) and the only thing that gave me a little oompf was pregnancy and weight gain. I have spent probably thousands of dollars already buying push-upbras, silicone inserts, chicken cutlets j/k to get the look that I want in certain clothing and bikinis! I've always feel an "envy" of women who has them and have battled with this for a long time but because I can do something about it now I went and did it. Despite the risks and consequences that I have weighed I am happier than ever right now (week1 and 1 day PO) giving me more confidence and feeling more feminine in my entire life... Yes, muscle dissection and because the muscle is going to be lifted you will loose strength in the area as well as tissue depletion. Ask yourself, how important is doing push-ups, ring dip, snatches to you? You workout to look good right? (besides being healthy) On the other hand, you go for this to look even BETTER :). Unfortunately one has to give but it does not necessarily mean that in the long run you will not be able to do those things. You still can but probably not like before (I'm thinking).... So, it's either you have the BA and can still do some stuff that you love or you can just not go through with it and do 100% on your workouts and no matter how much workout you do it will never give you the appearance of what a BA and will always think about what could have been... In the end, it is still your choice and what you want -- more... Make a list of pro and con and see which one has more on your list. I hope this helps! Goodluck :)
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Btw, I haven't made a physical list of pros and cons its just all the cons stick out to me way more!! Lol my bf is like, don't worry about it unless it happens. He doesn't worry like I do I guess but I don't want to be caught off guard if something wrong happens you know?
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In my experience, the cons have sticked out to me way before earlier in my pre-contemplation mode of getting a BA (and that is why the love-hate relationship of getting it or not for 6 years)... Yes, I have been thinking about this for 6 years and this time it just felt right... Like, there were no more hesitations, once I decided and look at my finances (at least my tax return) it was on. And that is why probably my bf was shocked and felt left out of place because he thought that I rushed into it... little did he know (or even noticed) that I had been "dwelling" on this for a long, long, long time... Like I mentioned earlier, there will always be risks (in anything) and if you feel that it is not the right time then, do not go for it... I felt that now was the right time and moment and had never felt so sure about it that is why there were no more hesitations... some minor setbacks when I do go to the internet so I stopped "googling" the day off surgery and just went for it :) your bf is right, why worry for something that has not happened yet? Although it is good to be prepared but there will always be the 50% chance of everything turning out just fine :)
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This made me smile :) I know that's why I couldn't get on this site for a couple days I even turned off all of the notifications I couldn't look at any more boobs! You're right and my bf is right too. I can just imagine 10 years down the road and ill decide to get the ba done and back out again last minute! I get freaked out easily and the whole process doesn't seem real like nothing is going to happen. Even though I got my blood work done, picked up my meds after all the times I tried on the sizers even paying 2 grand STILL does not make this real to me! But ill be making my final decision this afternoon, I must! So ill keep you guys updated. Thank you for your positive thoughts.
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I'm on that same emotional roller coaster with ya!!! I'm also half Korean!!! I go on Wednesday and the fear is getting stronger each day. I've gone through the guilt, wondering what I got myself into, praying everything goes smooth, I also pray that I feel little to NO pain :) Good luck to all of us! ❤
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Yay Asians! Lol good luck with your ba! I'm hoping ill have a smooth recovery being its my first surgery ever! I'm not sure how ill react to all this friggin medication and such!
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Yay!!! Thanks, I'm excited but more scared. This is my first surgery too. I've had 5 babies (2 with NO drugs, they came too fast), so you would think this should be nothing. But I don't like pain and my mind is probably making this worse than it hopefully will be ;). Ahhhhhhhhh! Lol
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you will! From reading other stories here, those who are healthy and physically fit prior to the BA usually recover well :)
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Hi there! I just read your most recent update and wanted to reply. I almost PM'd you as I was afraid that I might get too wordy for just a comment on your page, but then thought there might be plenty of others in your shoes, too... I did a lot of research before deciding to have my BA - and even once I made my decision, I hemmed and hawed about it pretty much right up until the big day. The risks for explanation (and multiple other complications) requiring additional surgery are very real risks. Working in healthcare (and thus often only really seeing pts who've had something go wrong - injury, illness, etc) really had me questioning whether it was worth the risk. Also, re: the RA (and other auto-immune disease) "link" (I'm assuming here that your friend had silicone?), after 2 PS' were so adamant that the newer generation of silicone hasn't been shown to have any link to these issues and this is why silicone had been returned to FDA approval, I wrestled with my decision for a good long while - two separate PS' were REALLY pushing for it, could it really be such a problem? Ultimately I did additional research and decided that I just couldn't get 100% comfortable with silicone implants so I went with saline. Yes, saline has it's own risks (ie deflation in event of rupture) but no specific long-term potential links to auto-immune diseases (even the manufacturer's studies said there didn't appear to be a link BUT the sample size necessary to truly rule it out would be huge; plus, these studies are being completed - at the FDA's instruction - BY the manufacturers!!). As you've undoubtedly seen on here, a lot of women DO opt for silicone and LOVE them. Ultimately what kept my eye on the prize, so to speak, was that I knew I did NOT want my pre-op appearance any more. That was enough of a factor that, for me, it really outweighed my concerns about the potential risks. It also helped that I've got several friends who have had saline implants and love them, so I was able to ask them lots of questions and discuss the risk/benefit of BA with someone who'd BEEN there, not just the PS and his staff. The fact that each of them are 5-10yrs post with no complications was also helpful - though I couldn't help but think that statistically (and with my luck!!), I'd surely be the one to have a problem!! I'm sorry that I can't speak to the impact on your workouts. I pretty much only run (despite knowing that I SHOULD be adding in weight training...), and my PS did ok me to return to running at the 2wk mark. I gave it a little more time beyond then before I tried it - and that first time was no fun at all! I SLOWLY jogged one-tenth of a mile clutching my boobs in my hands the whole time (despite wearing TWO sports bras!). I'm sure it looked hilarious to my husband! About a week later, I decided I'd try it again - maybe see about going a quarter mile LOL. That run felt sooo good I ended up doing 3miles and only stopped then because I figured after not having run for about 5wks (I kinda slacked a little before surgery, too) I was barely gonna be able to walk the next day! I've been back up to 5mi+ now and just did a very-chilly 5k yesterday morning (for which the girls made it through like champs!). Again, speaking just for myself (though I'd say many of the ladies on here would agree), this was 110% WORTH IT and I'm so incredibly glad that I did it! I absolutely LOVE my boobs, and for the most part I'd say they feel like a part of me. i think they look pretty natural, and at 300ccs they are not in my way for any of my activity. That said, just because it was definitely the right decision for ME doesn't necessarily make it the right decision for everyone. I also won't say that it's been a pain-free journey, but in the grand scheme of things it's been relatively (and surprisingly) an easy process. I'd suggest looking hard at your initial reasoning for wanting BA. I'm guessing that you were aware of these risks when you made your appointment, and were willing to accept them? And that you had a specific reason(s) for even starting this journey? Look at those again. It's very normal to get cold feet, especially as the big day draws closer, but you should be fairly comfortable with your decision. If you *truly* can't get to that point, maybe postponing or canceling is the right thing for you. Conversely, if you *can* find that place again and decide to go through with it, I would think you'll probably be happy with your results. Hope that helps a little.... Good luck with whatever decision you make!!!
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