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I am only 41 years old and have noticed that the...

I am only 41 years old and have noticed that the area under my eyes has aged over the past year to the point that it was really bothersome. Wanted to get something non-surgical that would have good results and little downtime.

Had it done yesterday afternoon. The Aesthetician was very good and there was minimal pain. When she was done, there was lot of redness-sort of like a bad sunburn and rawness around my eyes, as well as a small amount of swelling. Slept upright last night and woke up with eyes so swollen that I look like a different person! Was told to expect this by the aesthetician that did it, and from reading this blog, this seems to be normal.

Will keep posting to give a day by day experience.

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Here I am on Day 2. Much less swelling than...

Here I am on Day 2. Much less swelling than yesterday. Swelling worse first thing in the morning, but got better as the day goes on. Still waiting for swelling to go down to determine if it was worth it.


Hi Scottdale,

Welcome to the Active FX community. I'm glad thus far everything is going so well with your procedure. Also, very happy she told you your eyes would swell up. So many community members didn't know that and they freak out. Is this a procedure that you think you might have again? Please keep us updated and thanks for the pictures we would love to see final results.

Thanks so much for the review,


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Day 2 of having the Ultrapulse Fractional Lumines...

Day 2 of having the Ultrapulse Fractional Lumines treatment around the eyes. Had some lines under the eyes that were bothering me a lot, wanted something with little downtime and non-surgical. Woke up very swollen, but a bit less than yesterday, where my eyes were almost fully shut. Swelling lessened as the day went on yesterday and even this morning, a lot less swelling than when initially woke up. Took a lot of Ibuprofen, Vitamin C and Vitamin E (Orally not topical) to expedite healing. Skin looks very red and raw, can't cover up with make-up yet. Not nearly as scary looking as yesterday. Will post again tomorrow am.

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Just wanted to follow up from my experience-My...

Just wanted to follow up from my experience-My eyes took a bit longer to heal-had a week of "downtown" where my eyes looked scary. The ointment to soothe the eyes caused a breakout in my cheekbone area, which took another week to heal. I can say that the results are good. The fine lines smoothed out and my eyes look brighter and younger. I would recommend this treatment, just be prepared for the downtime. :)


I'm curious how you are doing now. Did you get the improvement that you hoped for? Would you recommend this treatment to people with similar concerns? How long was the downtime?
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Paradise Valley Plastic Surgeon

Sunshine at Dr. M's office in Scottsdale. Dr. M has experienced Aetheticians that do the procedures and also have the treatments done on themselves, so they are gentle and good references. So far so good.

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