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I talked to Dr. Bigelow about a mid face lift and...

I talked to Dr. Bigelow about a mid face lift and laser resurfacing when I went in for Botox. After breaking out with cystic acne and having lost over 100lbs my skin was a mess. At 38 I had so much excess skin and acne scarring that it was making me self conscious. Dr. Bigelow listened to me, really listened! And understood my concerns. After talking with Dr. Bigelow and looking at her work (nothing short of amazing!) I took the plunge and scheduled the S Lift and laser resurfacing. I had the procedures done on March 20th and am absolutely thrilled and its only day 3! I wouldn't trust anyone else but Tuesday with my face! The nurses and her anesthesiologist Mike were the best and so comforting, at no point did I feel uncomfortable, scared or nervous. Tuesday even called me that night to check on me and Renee has called and checked in on me too! In my opinion, follow-up care is just as important as the initial consultation and surgery itself. Recovery is a long process full of ups and downs. You experience many different emotions which is why a doctor who truly cares about her patients and provides excellent follow-up care is imperative. I can't even express what a amazing person Tuesday is and what a wonderful staff she has! Tuesday is a rare find, she's not only a incredible talented cosmetic surgeon, she's caring, supportive and will always give you her honest opinion. To me, that makes her priceless!
How awesome that your doctor listened to you & you were so proactive at such a young age! I sure hope you will post additional photos, I think you are going to look amazing!!
Thank you! I've been taking photos so I will upload more. I'm amazed at the work she done, she really went out of her way to give me the best possible outcome. I have some swelling and mild bruising, but all in all I'm feeling really good right now, only some slight discomfort. I think reading everyone's experiences on here has really helped me prepare mentally!

4 days out

I have some bruising and swelling but that's to be expected, only some mild discomfort. Yogurt and soup are my best friends right now! I don't know if you can tell on the pictures but she placed the incisions on the inside of my ears and then she hid them in my hairline. I'll try to get better pictures of those!
That was the total for both. I bought a pair of compression stockings, those were $30, she had me wear them the day of surgery, everything else is provided. My insurance covered my prescriptions and they sent me home with head wrap, a bag full of bandages, gauze, sterile water, ointment, and applicators! She does amazing work! I can't tell you how many before and after photos I looked at and I kept coming back to her.
Best wishes for a great result when all the surface healing is complete. I looked up your ps and she has some good b4 and afters posted. Is the cost you listed just her fee or the total? What additional costs were there? thanks, grace60
You look pretty amazing only after a few days. I would love to see a before if you have one. It helps the rest of us see what is possible:))))) Congrats!!!!!!!

A before photo

Here is a before photo that shows some of the scarring on my face, it got worse around my mouth area, I'll look for more. This photo makes me cringe.

Day 6- follow up

I went into today and had some staples and a few stitches removed! I have minimal bruising and swelling, I'm just in awe..my face already looks 100% better, even the lasered areas are already healing nicely. My face and ears are itchy and I have a hard time sleeping but after reading everything on here I know that's par for the course and it will get better!
Wow. Your swelling went away FAST! Great job by you PS. Congrats.
Thanks! I was expecting a lot more swelling but it has been very minimal, there is some more noticeable swelling under my neck where she did some lipo and on the sides of my neck, I'll try and get some pictures of those areas.
Wow, you do look great already! Thank you for sharing your story so far. Please keep the updates coming. :)

Mild swelling and bruising on sides of neck

The swelling and bruising is really so minimal that it doesn't really show up good in the photos I've taken. I added a picture where you can see some slight bruising on my left eye, I didn't have any eye work done but I'm thinking its probably just from the incision in my hairline. She did extra work on my neck to give me the best possible outcome. My cheeks and jawline were the areas that were bothering me the most. Once she started and got everything loosened up and could tell exactly how much excess skin I really did have she said she wanted to pull my neck tighter so it would match. I'm so grateful that she went above and beyond what we discussed!
Hi ShellyAn.. Read ur review n saw the pics u look so amazing wow.. Can u pls show me some more of ur post op pics., m 37 and exactly with your skin story.. But i look way too older than my age.. I m deciding to go for some kind of lifting.. Unable to figure out which one is best.. Mid? Mini? S-lift? Thread lift? Confused..
Thank you! I had a amazing Dr!! I was confused too because there are so many different names. For me I had the s lift (smas) it addressed my cheeks, jowls and jawline and my dr also addressed my neck to give me the best possible outcome. There are so many different names but the bottom line is that a procedure to rejuvenate the cheeks and neck is a FACELIFT period. A good Dr will tell you this, mine has it on her website. I knew my face and knew that fillers was not going to help. I talked to Tuesday and we agreed on the SLift and laser resurfacing, for me it was the best option! The thread lifts I wouldn't bother with, I haven't read many great reviews on them. I'll post some more pictures for you! If your skin is like mine then you'd definitely benefit from a lift, I'm so happy I had it done and I've had very minimal bruising and swelling.
I feel great! I've been walking my dog for a couple of weeks now and we're back up to five miles a day/seven days a week. I'm going to wait until the six week mark to lift weights, but I feel like I could do it now. I had the swelling you're talking about from the liposuction under my chin area. It's all gone now. I think it only lasted about a week or two at the most. I don't notice the incisions in front of my ears at all. I don't have to cover them with makeup. I'm still numb in front of my ears for about an inch to inch and a half. I don't notice it though unless I touch it. I feel all healed appearance wise, although I know healing is still going on.

Before photo

Here is another before and this isn't my face at its worst, the last year I really avoided cameras.

Day 12

I still have some light swelling but nothing like I thought it would be! Just some slight bruising on the sides of my neck, it's faded a lot! I'd say the scarring has improved a lot, it's still there but not nearly as deep. Maybe down the road I will do another laser treatment or continue with the Dermapen treatments, but for now I'm happy with the results! I took a close up and I can see such a difference in the quality of my skin and the shape of my face!!
You are healing nicely. I am always afraid of laser treatments --- just looks so scary. But, for many they love it! Looking good
Thank you! I was terrified of lasers and did everything but for 2 years with hardly any improvement until I started the Dermapen treatments. I had 3 of those and could tell a noticeable difference. After looking at Tuesdays work I decided to go for it and am really happy that I did!
You look great!!

Week 3, Already?!

I've healed so quickly I can't believe it! I still have some swelling but it's hardly visible, no bruising and while my acne scaring is not gone it is greatly improved! Today I put on make up and couldn't believe the change! My neck is still stiff but that's normal and it gets better everyday. My scars look good, I rub rosehip oil on them everyday and Tuesday placed the scars inside my ear and hairline so the only ones even remotely visible are the ones behind my ear going into my hairline. I'll continue with the rest of my Dermapen treatments(3) and we talked about adding some volume in my cheeks to fill them out some and help with some acne scaring on my left cheek and fill out my right cheek so it matches the left one,..Seems I'm a little off, ha! I'll update photos soon!
Hi ShellyAn, you look great...healing so fast! I have similar issues and I having consult for a facelift in a weel or so...what laser did you do? I am in the middle of a series of Fraxel treatments and not seeing a ton of improvement in scaring. Have you tried Fraxel Restore in the past? Are you getting Dermapen treatments from Dr or at home?
Thank you! It was the Erbium laser and I've seen a lot of improvement in the scaring! I looked into the Fraxel Restore and was not impressed with it or the reviews. I get the Dermapen treatments at Dr. Bigelows office and just with three treatments there were noticeable improvements in the scaring and my skin texture! I love them so much that I'm going to continue with them. I'd definitely recommend them. Keep us updated on your consultation! That's so exciting. It's one of the best things I've done for myself.
Omg! You look amazing! I can't wait for more updates and to see your after pics when you are all healed up! You have great bone structure and cheeks btw!!


Time is just flying by! My face is healing and the scaring looks great!! It's barely visible! I still have some slight swelling but I know that's normal. I'm still seeing changes in my face and skin everyday, and couldn't be happier! I can't really say that I've had a day yet where I thought "what have I done?!" Reading all the stories here helped me so much and Dr. Bigelow and her staff have just been amazing with the follow up care! I can't wait to see what changes the next few weeks bring!!
Congratulations! You look gorgeous!
Beautiful!! :)
Thank you! I've seen our photos and you have had stunning results!! Your smile will get better too:) I felt the same, I've always had a very big smile and the first few weeks it looked odd to me but its getting better! Yours will too.

Checking in!

I took this today! It shows the minor swelling I still have underneath the chin and the lighting shows my skin better! My skin is still improving and I see slight changes everyday. There is still tightness in my neck but I'm okay with it! I just remind myself that this to shall pass, lol!
It's been a couple of months. Still happy?
Yes! My skin looks even better now and the tightness in my neck is almost completely gone. The swelling under my chin is pretty much gone. I still have some numbness around my ears but I don't even notice anymore. The scars look great too! Who knew scars could look great?! lol! I'm beyond happy with the results and am still noticing slight changes. I'll probably do one more laser treatment on my skin in Nov/Dec and I have continued doing the dermapen treatments, those have made a huge difference in my skin too.
Very nice!!!

Swelling gone!

The swelling under my neck is gone and I no longer feel the tightness! Every so often I have some tightness around the back of my ears but I've noticed that's more on days where I've had more sodium. I'm still seeing improvement in my skin, between the dermapen treatments and laser, my skin has really improved, far beyond what I even hoped for! Everyone who has seen me has been complimenting my hair, asked if I'm losing weight, and what I get the most?...What are you using on your skin?! My scars look fantastic! And I've even been wearing my hair up! I'd do it all over in a heartbeat! I couldn't ask for a better Dr.
I am looking at the same procedure as you! How are you doing today? Please send us an update :)
I'm doing great! I'm still seeing improvement with my skin from the laser resurfacing. I had very little bruising or swelling, and recovery has been fairly easy. I'd do it all over again! No questions asked. Have you seen anyone yet?!
I haven't a seen anyone yet. I have two consults 3 rd week of sept and I have been researching doctors like a mad woman! The hardest part is knowing who to see. I'm going to get at least 2-4 opinions. People have such mixed results and I am a believer it's really dependent on the skill of the doctor. Anyways, I want your result!! Lol. Wish me luck and I will keep you posted. After I decide on the procedure I will post my before and after too :)
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Dr Bigelow did an amazing job on my face. She and her staff were both professional and sensitive to my needs throughout the process. Dr. Bigelow's artistic eye is what truly sets her apart from other doctors. The gratitude I feel toward Dr. Bigelow is difficult to describe in words!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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