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I am 38yrs young, I have had these toxic tits for...

I am 38yrs young, I have had these toxic tits for 6 yrs and found out a month ago they are PIP I don't know if they have bled or ruptured but I intend to have them removed and having read about the ill effects of medical silicone I am not having replacements. My body may already be struggling from the result of the industrial grade silicone that is in my body, I have had problems with general illness and every 2/3weeks my glands in my neck swell I am not sure if there is a connection.

I wish I had found site like this prior to my implantation although I would probably have thought it won't happen to me! However now faced with the PIP scandal and knowing that's in my body has made me re think all forms of implant! Lied to by surgeons about the safety and life of an implant my trust in the "cosmetipro industry has been severly damaged and I am now choosing my health over the media and cosmetic industries advertising of what I should look like!

I will be keeping an update of the progress I make unfortunately it is slow because I think the surgeries here have thousands of women wanting a medical silicone replacement, I am not swapping one poison for this space. E

Please ignore cost as I could not post without a cost.

Please ignore cost as I could not post without a cost.
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Ok, day 2 and no pain or discomfort. I took my sports bra of yesterday as that was the only think hurting me as was digging into the stitches. Going to buy a bigger size so as not to dig. Honestly golden1234 it has been so easy so please don't be worried about the procedure. I have a padded sports bra for going back to work as don't really want people to notice so thought I'd gradually reduce haha. X
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Hi suzie2012,

Well done for getting your out quickly. I bet ur feeling relieved from those bombs in u.

I hope u have a speedy n quick recovery. Keep posting yur progress pls.
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Im in scotland as well but got app very quickly. Had mine removed yesterday. At my first check up they said no ruptures but seeminly my right one had a gel bleed. My ps told me when i was in recovery room when i was to groggy to question it and he went home after that so will nd to wait until my 6 wk check to find out more. Anyway hope u have had a date by now. Im day 1 and very mild pain. Had mine 6 years also. Bit droopt but not at all as bad as i expected. Let me know how u get on. X
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Wishing you all the luck. You won't be sorry. Holding thumbs for a quick and painless recovery. xxx
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Hi, I agree wholeheartedly with your reveiw. Its such a shame that we have all been subjected to the medias view of what we should look like, and then given our trust to surgeons who are really just making money out of our youthful insecurites. My breasts were small but perfectly formed originally, shame someone couldnt have just helped me to recognise that. I think it was down to postnatal depression.

anyway.... really happy for you that you have made the decision to have your implants taken out

keep pushing the clinic for a date - I was given mid march for a consultation and ultrasound and was told I would have to wait until after this to book my op, which would have meant another long worrying wait. I emailed them with all my concerns and also told them I didnt need an ultrasound as didnt want them replaced and was given a cancellation date for earlier - I had them removed yesterday!
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Hi I have spent weeks waiting but finally I have spot on 28th feb I'm desperate for it all to happen but if there's no rupture I hope to have on end of march cos I have less work on then but if there's a rupture I will punch myself to knock me out and he can do it there n then hehehe I will have a look at ur pics now too hope everything went well and ur recovering E
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Hi crucified, how is your consultation going on, any dates for explant yet? I had my explant yesterday n am very happy with the overall. I have posted my before n after pics on my profile. Pls keep us updated on yur progress. Good luck.
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I was looking at bras too there's much more choice and really nice push ups that will do me oncei get these out E
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Sorry posted on my original thread golden1234.
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Im feeling very positive, went to see some sports bra today as to what options I'll have afterwards. Didn't buy any though as its too early but.the smaller cups looked so cute. Very determined and waiting eagerly for the surgery.
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The end of February for consultation then need to fit it in ASAP hopefully but it's gonna be a nightmare I don't know when to clear space in my diary till after the consultation. Great news u have a date that must be such a relief to know its gonna happen. How r u feeling about it? Hope u keeping positive and keep in touch! I think it will be worth it E
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Hi crucified, how are you getting along with your appointments? Any luck with dates?

I got mine, seeing the nurse this sat and hopefully explant maybe on the 23 of Feb, keep you posted as I get to hear anything.
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hey uk ladies; same here decsion finally made too. See surgeon agin tomorrow. Plz keep posting. Maybe we could help each other through this. Reasons why it's the right decsion.

1. Might eleviate health issues
2. Run better at the gym
3. Cuddle my husband and children properly
4. Sleep on my tummy
5. Not look like a freak when laying sunbathing
6. Weight less lol
7. Not look like a road map(skin stretched over implant-veins)
8. Clothes fit better
9. No more torpedo nipples when taking my kids swimming
10. Learn to be beautiful from the inside

Good luck and lots of love to you inspirational women!!
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Hi crucified,

Im in the same boat as you, decide that I want to take them out and awaiting for the clinic to get back to me which will take time I guess, unless I'm feeling lucky!

Hope your call comes soon and you get the results you wish. I believe we all on this 'removal' forum/review have one ultimate wish, that is to explant, no matter what..... for a healthier & freedom future.
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I'm glad you feel at peace with this decision you've made! It seems like very sound judgment. I'm sorry you were given the PIP implants.

I WILL be watching this space! :0) Keep us posted.

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