I am 40 years old and have had cohesive gel...

I am 40 years old and have had cohesive gel silicone implants since 1999. I have always been self-conscious about my body and after many years of my boobs (or lack of) being the butt of everyone's jokes and the breakdown of a relationship, I decided to give myself a boost! I have loved having my implants and have had no problems until recently when my left breast became painful, mishapen and hard. It was making me feel dizzy and nauseous so I phoned my clinic for advice and they advised I was so post-op they would have to see me as they didn't have my records but they couldn't see me for 3 weeks. I decided to get some advice from my GP who suspected, just as I did, that I had a rupture. She arranged for me to have a scan which also confirmed that my left implant has ruptured and that silicone has leaked into my lymph nodes - removal was recommended. I have a holiday booked for early July so my surgeon suggested explant the week after I return. I have been terrified about how I am going to look after explant. My left implant has now settled down again and the demons have been at work as to whether I should go ahead with explant or just see how things go but this site has helped so much and I have decided to go ahead with explant after reading all of the encouraging stories posted by others in similar situations. Fingers crossed I stay strong! I will keep you posted of my journey.



Thanks guys. Looking forward to getting away. Not worried about the op, more worried about the psychological aftermath! Hope all went well today Aunaturale. Will be on holiday at time of your op but will be thinking of you and will be in touch. X

How are you feeling now Andi, physically and mentally? X
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Hi Lainey, hope you can relax and enjoy yourself on holiday. And try not to worry too much about the surgery (says me who cried before!), seriously it is going to be fine :) x
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Thanks aunaturale. I'm off on holiday next week and then straight back for my op. I really don't know how to feel, I know they have to come out but because they look and feel ok at the moment it makes it harder to get my head round if that makes sense? Thanks for your post, I really appreciate the support. X
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Yikes! Just worked my last shift before I go on...

Yikes! Just worked my last shift before I go on holiday. Op not for another 2 1/2 weeks yet but my stomach is doing somersaults. Next time I'm back at work it will all be over. I am so nervous!


Hi just wondered do you have pip or was that before they sold the toxic bags thanks for putting up your pics mine look very similar to yours except mine is ruptured on the right can't wait to get them out just hoping I don't have to get lymph nodes removed too please put up after pics and good luck x
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I am good thank you. It is still a bit of a shock seeing small boobs when I get undressed but I like them!

It's strange really because I wanted bigger breasts for years before the implants and I didn't particularly want rid of them (although I admit I no longer loved them and it worried me a lot thinking of having to have replacement surgery in next few years) - it was just when I heard i had PIPS I knew i had to get rid of them.

Now I prefer my figure without. I looked at photos of my implants the other day and I think actually they looked kind of gross, although I didn't think so at the time - tight skin and they were always cold! I dont know if other women get this but it was a strange thing, being warm all over with cold boobs!

Have you heard of massaging after surgery? some people say it can help from about 3 weeks onwards to get a good shape. I use almond oil. I still have tape on my scars (it minimises them, so the surgeon says) but after 6 weeks I can take te tape off and start using rosehip oil on the scars).

Have a great holiday x
I am the same I am always complaining that my implants are cold too!!! how strange is that eh!! Must the the implants - it just goes to show that they are not meant to be in us! I was the same, I was relatively happy with my plants although I felt I was too big and when I heard I had PIP's I knew they had to come out and it was time to be just me xxxx

Just a wee update. Had my Pre-op this morning and...

Just a wee update. Had my Pre-op this morning and all went well. Have to be at hospital for 8am on Monday. Explant will be done under general anaesthetic but I should be home in the afternoon. The nurse didn't mention anything about needing a sports bra so not sure if I will be strapped up or what, will phone tomorrow and check. Still anxious as to what I will look like and how I will cope with small boobies after all this time. I'm counting on all you strong ladies to keep me strong and positive. Will keep you posted. Thanks again for your support.


Thank you Laineylou, I'll be thinking of you tomorrow! Hope it goes really, really well :) xxx
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Thanks guys. I've got blooming big butterflies in my tummy, feeling sick with nerves! This time tomorrow it will all be over thank goodness.
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Thinking of you. Good luck tomorrow!!
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Well that's me home from hospital, had my explant...

Well that's me home from hospital, had my explant today. I was a bag of nerves last night and didn't sleep a wink but was somewhat calmer today. I arrived at hosp in plenty of time and luckily I was first on the list. With paperwork completed I was taken to theatre at 9.15am. Once back on the ward I was aware that I wasn't strapped up and I had a peek at my new shape (something I'd told myself I wasn't going to do for fear of being upset) and what a pleasant surprise. Yes they are deflated and flat but fingers crossed this will improve. I'm surprised at how little pain I am in and how unrestricted movement is. I have no drains, yippee, but there is a puddle of blood in the left hand dressing which will remain until the stitches come out next week.

Unfortunately I didn't respond well to the anaesthetic and was as sick as a dog. I was all dizzy, shaky and the sweat was lashing off me and I kept nodding back off to sleep. I was given an anti-sickness injection but that didn't work so they tried another one which made me feel a bit better and after another sleep I was able to stand up without my legs giving way or vomiting so I was allowed home this evening.

I've had another snooze and something to eat and am currently sprawled on the sofa but I'm feeling so much better. I will take some photos tomorrow and post for you to see.

Many thanks once again for all your comments and encouragement. I have found this whole experience really difficult but speaking with others in similar situations has been a great therapy. X


Please try to take it easy and listen to your body. Happy birthday to your little one. Get some rest and we'll talk tomorrow!! XO
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Hi Kat

If I'm honest, I'm pretty sore, it's been a full on day with my wee girls birthday. My hubby was back at work so I was on my own and straight in at the deep end. I know I've overdone it and I'm suffering for it. I've just taken some painkillers and climbed into bed. Hoping to get a good sleep and will be taking it easy from now on.

Other than the pain and bruising I've noticed a sloshing noise coming from my left boob which has a blood puddle in the dressing, it's weird. How are you keeping? X
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How are you feeling today?
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Still feeling pretty nauseous today which I could...

Still feeling pretty nauseous today which I could do without! Still a bit sore but it's manageable, think I overdid it yesterday but been taking it easy today. I've posted a few after photos, these were taken a few hours after I got home from hospital, a couple with a crop top on and a few of my rather sad looking boobies, fingers crossed the fluff fairy visits soon! You will see what I mean about the blood bubble in my dressing, anyone had a similar experience? X

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Some photos didn't upload, here are some more....

Some photos didn't upload, here are some more. Can't remember if I mentioned before but I've got a sloshing feeling in my left boob and it seems quite a bit bigger than the right side, no doubt due to excess fluid/blood. Anyone got any advice re this?



I'm back at work next week, boo! Start back on the 7th then got my post op on the 8th. I've not had any painrelief today and feel ok, also the nausea has eased up thank goodness. Am currently sprawled on the sofa with a bar of chocolate (could get used to this!). Not sure if people will think I look slimmer if I keep this up tho! Take it easy. X
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Lol, Your quite right, chill with chocolate while u can!!! Glad your feeling better, wish you fluffiness xx
I'm Feeling great thanks, still abit tender but feeling a stone lighter! The amount of people asking if I'd list weight!! Very chuffed and love my boobs! How's u, are u back at work soon? X
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1 week post op update - I'm doing great but can't...

1 week post op update - I'm doing great but can't believe I'm still feeling nauseous. Had to go to the pharmacy today and get anti-sickness tablets so fingers crossed they work, apart from that though all is healing well. I'm slowly but surely getting used to my new look and actually like the softness and warmth of my boobies. My left side is still larger than the right and is still "sloshing" so I hope this settles down soon. I'm surprised to find that I have more discomfort now than earlier in the week, more of a skin sensitivity issue, my breasts and nipples are really tender but I'm putting this down to things "knitting together" inside. All in all I'm doing fine but need to learn to take it easy. Looking forward to my post-op on Thursday and hopefully get my stitches out.

Thanks again to everyone for their continued support. Happy healing. X


Thanks Elle.

I've just posted on your review! Thanks for your kind comments. I'm slowly but surely getting used to my new look and I love how they feel soft and warm, even though I didn't think I would! You don't have long to go, my stomach was upside down before my op as well. Keep strong! X
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hope you start feeling better soon,your breasts look great . My surgery is Friday and im a little freaked. you give me hope on how good your breasts look.I hope you start feeling better soon
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With my explant taking place next week I went to visit my general practitioner and she discussed the op with me. She said that when I have had the drain out I may get a squishy feeling in my breast in a few days. Her advise was to go back to her and she will drain the fluid out of my breast with a needle. Apparently it's common and she has done that procedure a lot .
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Had my post op today and got my dressings off. My...

Had my post op today and got my dressings off. My surgeon told me there was quite a large capsule on my left side which he took out. He told me there is still quite a bit of fluid in my boobies but that will settle down in time. I mentioned that I constantly feel sick and he said that was nothing to do with the anaesthetic, that would be out my system by now, so strange. I have to go and see my GP of it persists! It's only been there since the op! Has anyone else had similar symptoms? I will post new pics tomorrow hopefully.


Oh Brissy---we have not talked on this site but i really do feel for you--- i have my implants out (under the muscle) the 4th Sept and as you rightly say this site is great to get you through it. Reading everyones input --yes they will look deflated for a while BUT from reading other comments they will fluff up. Gosh here i am talking as if i have had mine out!!! I am so scared about hating my body after the explant i have already ordered from silicone sally (breast cups) just to put in my bra for a while so that i can gradually get used to the new me. You have done the right thing--- but you have just had them out so you are bound to have good and bad days. Dont forget the anaesthetic and the discomfort will drag you down--Take care and thinking of you xxx
Hi Laineylou i still look at this site daily. You have really helped me with all your comments. I told my mum and siter on Monday--- there were yet again some tears but i am moving on and my mum came shopping with me to help me find swimming costumes that will suit me after. I am lucky she could help me. I told a couple of friends but they were not that interested-- i think their inpression was why did you have it done in the first place! It is hard for me as i live in spain past 8 years-- even talking to the doctor is hard in a different lanuguage and my true true friuends i grew up with are in the UKI. Now my mum and sister have left BUT i read this site daily and it help me. I am now having a laugh with my 13 yr old daughter as i am sure my breast after the explant will be the same size as hers. So i am getting prepared but so scared at looking at them after it is done. Also i dont have complete confidence in the surgeon--so that does not help--but the price is good--hope i am doing the right thing. My husband seems to think she knows what she is doing so gotta go with it. So glad you are recovering well and the fluid in your breast has that completeloy gone now? By the way i think you would be a great agony aunt!!! xxxxxx
Hi Reed

He he, can't quite imagine me as an agony aunt but thanks for the compliment. I had my post op check today and dressings taken off. Been told my boobies will contine to change and settle down over time. I'm going to update my review and will post more pics with dressings off, it looks much better without the blood bubble! I'm just heading to work but will speak with you later. X

Here are my latest pics taken 10 days post op. To...

Here are my latest pics taken 10 days post op. To be honest, there's not much difference in size from when I had the implants as they are still holding quite a bit of fluid but they are lovely and soft and warm My surgeon says they will get smaller over time as the fluid disappears but this suits me as it's not a drastic change. You will see that the left side is still quite a bit bigger but my surgeon said this is because he found a large capsule and had a lot more work to do there. They have not touched the silicone in my lymph glands. My boobies and scars are still very sensitive and tender but other than that all seems to be good.

On the downside, I am still feeling sick and have started to have dizzy spells. My surgeon has assured me that this is not linked to the anaesthetic so I will need to make an appointment with my GP next week to try and get to the bottom of that.

As I've said before, this site has been a God send to me and I hope my story and pictures can re-assure other ladies who find themselves in a similar situation to me. I am very happy with the outcome of my explant and wish everyone all the very best and a speedy recovery. X


Hi Louloubear

Thanks. Yeah they look fab and are still pretty big, am making the most of it as surgeon said its just fluid and that will go in time, I'll be back to pancakes before I know it, lol! X
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Ah I think I have fluid & swelling too that is likely to be temporary. Still, we have to remember the advantages of having our ops. Going through it together is helping me enormously xxx
Pleased to see your recovery going well. You look great! And have retained a good amount of tissue too :)
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Hi everyone. It's now 18 days post explant and...

Hi everyone. It's now 18 days post explant and thankfully I am now feeling fine, the nausea has finally gone and no more dizzy spells or blurry vision. My boobies are still pretty tender but they are settling down nicely, they are more or less the same size as each other now. I bought a couple more sports bras yesterday and was surprised that I needed a 34C as I feel a lot smaller now that some of the fluid has drained (still more to go!). I'm pretty much back to my normal self but just have to be careful not to over-stretch when getting something out of a high cupboard or bending down for something. I've found I'm putting weight on as I'm not as active as normal so I've started to do a few light sit-ups, nothing too strenuous and walk as much as I can. I'm going to fire the Wii Fit up when the kids are at school next week and see how that goes (concentrating on lower body just now). I've posted a few more pics in the hope that they help/encourage others (I found pictures really helpful). Wishing everyone all the very best. x


Hi monalisa

Good to hear from you. I felt very alone as well before I found this site but i can assure you that you are definitely not alone! I would speak with your surgeon and ask him/her what to expect in recovery. My surgeon told me at my Pre-op that there would be no drains and I would be able to function as normal but with care straight after explant. At my post op I was told I could wear ANY underwear that I felt comfy in (including underwire). If this were the case with you, you could go ahead and wear your dress. Some other ladies on here however have had to wear sports bras etc for a few weeks and have other instructions re recovery. It really depends on what you're having done, removal only, lift etc. Hope this helps. Keep us posted. X
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You ladies are very inspirational. I have felt quite alone and doubting the explant. The regular worries, what they will look like, feel like etc. I have read all of what you ladies have shared and I thank you for the positive and truthful comments. I am scheduled for early Oct but my son is getting married at the end of Oct and not sure the sports bra is gonna go with my dress!! so I may have to change the date. Anyway I am so thankful for all the information, what a blessing!
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Hi yogamom

Thank you for your comments, it's great to hear that I'm helping someone the way others on here helped me. You've not said how long you've had your implants or why you're explanting but wishing you all the best for Wednesday. Let me know how you get on. X
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Hello ladies We're now just over 3 weeks post...

Hello ladies

We're now just over 3 weeks post explant. I think I've taken the idea of eating chocolate too literally as I'm disgusted to see that I'm starting to look like a "pear". Defo going to the gym on Monday!

Not sure if it's op related, the weather or what but I am absolutely shattered, so much so that I keep nodding off. I fell asleep on the sofa after dinner 2 nights ago and again this afternoon (unheard of for me). Hoping the gym will energise me.

On the boobie front, boy have they shrunk, am really praying they don't shrink anymore as I don't want to go back to hating my body again. On the upside, I wasn't planning on wasting money on "nice" underwear until I knew what my final size was but I came across a lovely bra and pants set, can you believe, for £2 in a sale today. I couldn't resist of course, it fits a treat and has cheered me up, just hope it fits for a wee while! X


Sounds like I'm going to need a 36 when I order :) so does it have padding in the front??
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Yes it does. I might keep it and extend the straps myself as it'll cost £6 to return it. It's a good bra.
HI Loubedoo, did you find the shock absorber bra too tight. I´m a 34 but i wish i had ordered a 36. they seam small but i still have my implants so it was difficult my me to squeeze into mine. I am really looking forward to trying it on after!
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Well guys, that's me just back from my first trip...

Well guys, that's me just back from my first trip to the gym, boy am I glad that's over! Talk about starting from scratch. I was a good girl and took it easy and concentrated on lower body but even then I was sweating buckets and didn't stay as long as I normally would. I did run a little on the treadmill to see how I felt but stopped as I didn't like the "jiggle" so will leave the running for a little while yet. Will stick to abs and lower body for now. I'm just glad I'm getting active again, been sitting on my backside for too long!

On the boobie front, they have got a lot smaller since my last photos. The scars are healing nicely and although they look great, they look so small in comparison to the rest of my body (or the rest of my body looks big in comparison to them!). I'm not quite used to seeing myself in the mirror and I think this will take some time. I got a bit paranoid in the gym this morning as there were some ladies with amazing bodies working out and there was me in a big baggy t-shirt and running pants - didn't have the nerve to wear my normal gear! Not to worry, I've taken the first step in (a) going back to the gym, and (b) going public with my new shape (even though it was under a baggy T!). Onwards and upwards. X


Thanks for update Lainey! I can't wait to work on my tummy especially as my appetite has returned! I bet you feel great and energised after going. I'm sure you'll be happy with your size when you're back in the routine, as you have a lovely shape to your new boobies :) xx
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Thanks Loubedoo

I think I've been pretty lucky with the shape and size considering how small I was beforehand and how long the implants were in. It's just my body looks so out of proportion now! I do feel better after the gym, I think it's more because I'm finally able to do something about the excess weight that has attached itself to my ass! Why does the weight go on in a matter of weeks but takes flipping months to shift? I'm in the zone! X
I´m envious about the gym bit! I bet you feel great after that workout. Do your breast sore after trying out the jogging bit. I am wondering if your body will tell you when it is ok to jog again? I will feel exactly the same when i do boot camp again as i used to wear all the tight stuff which showed of my large breasts. They will be in for a shock when i return-- baggy t-shirts n all! LOL. well done for taking those steps-- I´m right behind you xx
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I've just had a look at my photos from start to...

I've just had a look at my photos from start to finish and you can see the ridge in the photos just after explant - weird!


Hi Naddy

Thank you for your kind comments, I still have a long way to go. Please be patient, it's early days for you, your body will change daily. I am finally getting used to my new look. Wishing you a speedy recovery. X
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Hi lainy
Wow ur removal does look great. I just removed mine on Sept 6th and they look awful, I really hope and pray they get better.
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Hi Elle

Oh holiday, where are you off to, wish I could come too? How did you get on at the docs? Hope all went well. X
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Well I am gutted. I've had an allergic reaction...

Well I am gutted. I've had an allergic reaction today, the first one since explant. I started having anaphylactic reactions about 2 years ago and was kinda hoping they were linked with my implants and the leaking Silicone and that my reactions would calm down or stop after explant - wishful thinking! :(


Thanks guys

I didn't make work last night. Not one of my worst reactions, didn't need my epi-pen but phoned doc and got another inhaler and tabs. Still a bit short of breath and feeling rotten and tired but defo not as bad as yesterday. I was really hoping my reactions were linked to implants as they started approx 2 years ago which cud have been when implants ruptured. Fingers crossed things improve and my reactions are fewer, who knows, I still have Silicone in my lymph glands so that may have something to do with it. Time will tell. Thanks again. X
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That's a good point, if there's still silicone there. Hope you're ok soon Lainey xxx
Hope you are feeling better soon hun x
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Hello ladies. Well that's me 8 weeks post explant...

Hello ladies. Well that's me 8 weeks post explant today, doesn't time fly! I've posted a few more pics by way of an update. The crease and the ridge seem to be sorting themselves out, they're not as prominent anymore. I'm feeling great, life is back to normal. I'm hitting the gym 3 times a week and have started lifting weights, albeit small ones. I still miss my old silhouette at times but other than that I have adjusted pretty well thanks to gel bras!

Once again, I would like to thank all you lovely ladies for your support over the past few months, you have been my lifeline through a turbulant time. Wishing you all a speedy recovery and a lifetime of happiness. Hugs to all. x

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This is a previous post that appeared in the wrong...

This is a previous post that appeared in the wrong place for some reason - confusing.com!

Hey ladies. I'm now 5 weeks post op and things are generally okay apart from my left boobie having a mind of its own. I've posted some pics that I took today and hopefully you'll be able to see what I'm talking about. My nipple looks creased and there seems to be a ridge under it. The right side seems to hang naturally but the left side sits higher on this ridge. Has anyone experienced this or have any idea what it could be?

Other than that, I seem to be back in the swing of things. I'm hitting the gym three times a week and using my Pro Ab in the house. I've been able to cut the grass and do the garden. I started painting the fence today (it's a big fence) and I did hurt myself bending over some bushes but a hot shower seems to have helped, I should get it finished tomorrow, weather permitting.

Wishing all you lovely ladies a speedy recovery. xxx


Hi...just viewed YOUR results. You look fantastic! You must be OVER THE MOON HAPPY! How terrific that you still give support to others with less optimal results! VERY caring & appreciated,I'm SURE!
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Thanks Brooklynbabe. I am well chuffed with my results but I couldn't have done it without the girls. Everyone on this site has been really supportive. I was a nervous wreck pre explant. We all have the same fears and need to be there for each other. I've been taking a backseat recently but still reading everyone's posts. X
Yes....I do,as well.Having been down that VERY rough road,myself,I KNOW how very important this forum of support really is! ALL these loving & very courageous women BLOW ME AWAY!

How time flies! It's hard to believe I am 15 weeks...

How time flies! It's hard to believe I am 15 weeks post op. I have posted some updated pics but I don't think there has been much change since. All in all I am happy with the outcome. I have put on a bit of weight since my explant but I'm putting that down to not being able to exercise as much over the past few months but I'm sorting that out with regular trips to the gym! My scars are settling down and I don't feel as self conscious as I thought I would.

I feel that all things happen for a reason - If I was given the option 15 weeks ago, I would have opted for replacement implants without a doubt but due to circumstances that option wasn't available and I was forced into explant and couldn't have been more terrified. Now I feel it's the best thing that could have happened. Funny how things turn out huh?

I hope my story has helped some of you with your decisions and the recovery process. Happy healing ladies! x


WOW Lainey!! You really do look amazing in your latest pics! And as you say, so much better than having more implants. You look perfect! So pleased for you :) xxx
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Thanks Loubedoo. I'm feeling great. I've left a reply on your page. X
Hi Lainey :) just stopping by to say hello :) haven't been on much, my life revolves around my putting my house back together :/ it was totally flooded and we've been living in a hotel, but hey, I have a roof over my head and food in my belly LOL!! So no complaints here LOL!! :) just wanted to stop by and check on a few of my friends :) hope all is going well with you! Your Boobies look Amazing!! :D mine are looking better YA!!! :D come February doc and I will make a final decision in what's my next step to perking them up LOL!!
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Hello ladies. It's now 7 months since my explant....

Hello ladies. It's now 7 months since my explant. As I have said previously, I wouldn't have chosen to explant but I believe certain things happen for a reason and I can honestly say that I'm happy with the outcome. My scars are fading well and I am wearing 34b bras which I am more than happy with.

For those of you facing explant I wish you all the very best, try to be patient and don't be too hard on yourself. I hope this site helps you as much as it has helped me.

For all of the old timers, we have come a long way together, thank you once again for your support and friendship, it means so much. Xxxxxx


You look fantastic!! Glad that everything has settled and you are happy. I was wondering why they didnt remove the silicone from your lymph nodes? X
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WOW look at you!!!! You look gorgeous!!and I Love the Bra!!! :D
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Thank you Elle. It's great to hear from you again. It seems our litle group are all doing well. It's hard to believe its been 6 months! X

Hey ladies. I've uploaded some recent pics. ...

Hey ladies. I've uploaded some recent pics. Don't think there is much of a change though. My scars still seem quite prominent but I think that's because my skin is so fair, well almost blue actually (I am Scottish lol). All in all I'm still over the moon with the end result. Hope everyone is doing well.


Hi Laineylou, at 8 months out are your breasts still somewhat sensitive/ tender or are you feeling completely back to normal?? I'm only 4.5 mos post, and still feeling a bit of tenderness (not pain), especially in my incisions and wondering if this is normal?
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Hey. They feel pretty much back to normal although I would say they are more sensitive than post explant but I'm thinking that's because there's no silicone padding now lol. Scars can be a bit tender on colder days but that's about it. Where are your scars? Mine are more towards the armpits than normal as I had a lump removed at the same time as implant so my underwire bras sit right on the scar which doesn't help either. Could it be your bra that's annoying the scar? X
Maybe you're right and they seem more sensitive due to less stretching! They just seem 'bruised' in certain areas when I press on them. My scars are IN my boobs, about 3 and 4 cm respectively, so the bra doesn't reach them. I have developed the dreaded puckering in the higher one, and that's the one that seems more achy. I had wondered why your scars were on the side- so they weren't the original incisions? If cold weather makes them tender, I guess I'm lucky to be living in SoCal- you must have quite a few 'tender days' over there in Scotland! xx

Hello ladies. I can't believe how time flies, I am...

Hello ladies. I can't believe how time flies, I am now 9 months post explant and life is good. I am back to my full pre-explant workouts with no problems (thank goodness as I have gained some weight lol). There are still days when I miss my old silhouette but I have adjusted to my new shape much easier than I ever thought possible, I don't even bother with my silicone Sally's unless I'm on a night out and need a bit more cleavage lol! I'm still a bit self conscious in a bathing suit but to be honest that's not just because of my boobs! Hope all you lovely ladies are recovering well, or if you're still looking into explant, I hope my story can help you decide. Hugs to all x


Thanks for all your posts! You look wonderful :) I'm so happy for you!!
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You look great post explant!!! :o) If you are still struggling with allergic respinses it might be worth consoderong a detox & lymph node removal if they have silicone. See Dr Kolb's book "The Naked Truth about Breast Implants". xx
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I can't believe it's been a year!!!

Thought I'd pop back to give you all an anniversary update! Life is great. I'm loving my little boobies and even bought myself a bikini to wear in garden during the unusual heat wave we're getting in Scotland (defo not complaining lol!). Funnily enough, nobody has noticed, or should I say dared comment on my little boobies. I think it's finally sunk in that nobody ever really cared about how I looked or the size of my boobs other than me. The comments people made meant nothing to them but obviously touched a very raw nerve with the younger, more insecure me! We live and learn. Anyway, onwards and upwards. This will be my last update as I can't see much more happening now so I would like to thank all of my Real Life friends for their support and wish them and all future explanters all the best. Big hugz xxxxx


hi, just wondering please, how were your scars at 1 year? Thank you xx
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Hi deerhunt. My scars have faded a lot but are still quite prominent. I swim regularly and because they are at the side they are sometimes visible. All in all I'm happy and can live with it. Hope this helps. Laineylou x
Thank you for sharing! I am 4 weeks post explant. I was wondering if they removed the silicon that leaked into your lymph nodes?
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