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I had 300cc silicone breast implant put in on the...

I had 300cc silicone breast implant put in on the 18th of October 1998. They were always a bit on the big side for me but due to having breast fed 3 kids there was plenty of skin to fill.

Initially I was quite pleased the the results after the pain subsided and the implants settled, but they never really softened, they always felt too firm but I had nothing to compare it to so thought it was the norm.

Life went on and before I knew it I'd had the implants in for 13 years, it always niggled at the back of my mind that at some point they were going to have to come out but I realised that not only were they firm they were solid, they didn't move like breasts and started having the impression that the nipples were pointing in different direction. I spoke with the PS who had advised that indeed there was a severe capsule constracture. After discussing removal and replacement I decided to have the implants removed with replacement of lift.

Surgery took place 16/01/13 and I woke up with huge pressure bandage and a couple of drains... I was in a bit of discomfort which was managed with pain relief. I kept the drains in for 4 days until the output was less than 50ml per breast.

I was surprised when I looked at my natural breasts. Granted they were a bit swollen but they looked like breasts not completely flat but not the great tennis balls that had previously been stuck to my chest.

I'm now wearing a 34dd bra with a little help of silicone bra inserts. It will take a bit of time to get used to life without the implants, but I am so glad I had them removed. I had them put in to try and recapture some kind of pre children ideal of what attractive was. I know my ideal was seriously warped. I'm a 43 year old woman with 5 children... I will never regain the breasts I had when I was 19 years old. I realise that this is the way God has intended me to be and it's took me a long time to realise this....

I have unveiled the natural me to my partner and he loves them. He loves the fact that they are soft and that they are warm ( they were always cold before explant) and this gives me some confidence.

I know wish that I had more information before I had the implants to make me realise that I would require possible surgery and of the complications.

I've now gone back to the way I was before I had the implants and still have some healing to do as I am only 4 weeks explant.

For my fellow explanters to be... Stay strong ladies it will all be ok in the end... lots of love J x

Im 57 and post op 6 mo. Healthy, happy, pain free at last. Everything you said is so true. Mine were always cold- 20 yrs of that! I couldn't excercise right. They were just never part of me and not just because of the pain I eventually had, I just wanted to feel the warmth of my own body again. And the pain ruined my quality of life- literally had to decide which arm to use when doing a simple chore like vacum the rug. Over the life span of the implants health issues will develop unless they are replaced, they don't last a life time. Mine ruptured & became deformed because of hardened capsule. Like you, I thought attractiveness included big breasts. And I also was never informed that I would need surgery again down the line. Even though my doctor puts them in, he never suggested putting them back in! Give that some thought, right? I am soo so happy with my natural, soft warm breasts. You sound like u r doing real well 4 wks in, about where I was 4 wks in. As time goes on you will absolutely be 1000% happy they are gone! I hope messages of post op patients encourage other women to stay on top of their health and implants if they choose to keep them. Ultimately, it comes down to, remove or replace. I hope more women read forums like this before putting implants in. It is a life altering surgery, not a life saving surgery. May I quote you, j? "Stay strong ladies, it will be ok in the end." Love kdm
Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me Cathydmm. I am happy the implants are gone and so happy that I dont miss them. They still ache a bit but I think thats down to the removal of health tissue that was stuck to the implants. I never thought I would be happy with the results and feared i would return to that fearful young woman who lacked self esteem but i see now that my breasts are now in proportion with the rest of me. Its true that wisdom comes with age and hindsight is a wonderful thing. Lots of Love jcax

What a hopeful message. Thanks so much for sharing on RealSelf!


Week 6 post explant and having a kind of low day....

Week 6 post explant and having a kind of low day. confidence and self esteem are pretty low. Is this normal? Probably. I still don't regret the explant, I'm glad theyre gone but the breasts I now have will take some getting used too.. Onwards and upwards I hope ;-)
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