Sclerotherapy Procedure Made my Leg Veins Worse

I had one treatment - doctor said to start...

I had one treatment - doctor said to start injections at hip (this was done) and move down leg in 6 or so more treatments. I see no improvement. In fact, injecting the hip veins seems to have made the veins in my legs much worse!

Why close all those veins when they don't bother me? Is this the way it is commonly done? It seems like others I have heard about just have the veins injected and see immediate improvements.


i have gotten sclerotherapy injections about three or four times and the veins disappear right away, but mine kept coming back...i should have stopped awhile ago, because now they are worse than they began with too...makes me really angry
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I agree I have had two sessions of scleratherapy and my legs look worse then they did to begin with. I am so upset as the dr said I would only need one session
why not name the doctor? I'm thinking of getting this done and live in Alexandria VA -- sure would like to avoid the doc.
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