Sciton Microlaser Peel

I am happy so far. I was not expecting the first...

I am happy so far. I was not expecting the first treatment to do a whole lot..It definitely helped the large pores on my cheeks, helped small lines and shallow acne scars.. I had a micro laser peel set on 8 for my forehead and 10 for the rest of my face. forehead probably should have been set on 10 also.

First day hurt like a really bad sunburn, really not that bad though, no pain after first day..I had a driver so I could hide, but I usually don't leave the house without makeup.

She blew really cold air on my face, it stung a little, not bad, numbing cream and Vaseline after. I had peeling for 7 days. I was kind of talked into a $100.00 small bottle of lotion. I think a good 30.00 lotion at a health store would have worked. I think I will get another one, or maybe try another laser...(30 years old, female)

I just got my second Pixel lazer peel. I guess it is a fractional lazer. The first one improved my skin but didn't get some of the scaring. I just went back for a touch up around my templs and jaw. It was a lot more intense. Even though the section is smaller I feel like I am in more pain now. The terms I hear were that they ran it at 1800 and stacked it at 5. So it was 5 quick shocks rather then the 1500 and 4 shocks that I got last ime. So it was more, it hurt a lot more. My body was shaking when it was done.
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She was very good at taking the time to talk to me and explain thing. They offer a lot of different treatments. I like that they are into natural healing...I am considering going to them for my hyperactive thyroid, as the doctors have offered no treatment other than killing off my thyroid leaving me on life long medication. I really think they could help my hormone problem,as my main problem is monthly break outs.

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