I'm bringing SEXY back!!!

I'm a 38 year old woman, who up until last year...

I'm a 38 year old woman, who up until last year was pretty pleased with my overall physical appearance. Everyone in my family kept warning me about the "shift". As I was growing up, I saw this "shift" in all my cousins. I am the baby of the family, and I mean they ALL shifted! Over the past year, guess who starts to shift? I'm still ok with the fullness I see now, but that tire has GOT to go. My lifestyle has never mirrored any of my family's sedentary ways. I was an athlete growing up. I ran track for my JHS, my HS AND the US Navy. I'm not in the gym (stopped going after my lines started looking masculine), and really don't see myself getting back in there like that. My job is physical, and I do walk. I have ALWAYS been thick in my mid-section, even as a teen, primarily due to my short torso. Gain a pound and THAT is where you're going to see it. This is procedure(abdomen and hips)is something that has been on my mind for at least a decade. Now that I am closing in on finalizing my date and paying my money, I am SO nervous. Believe me, I have read every story here and on other sites. I have researched the facility and doctor. I have watched this procedure being performed on various other patients. I have listened to the good, as well as the horror stories. I actually gave myself an additional month after consulting the doctor to reconsider, to really DIG and see if I couldn't find a solid reason for me not to do this. After all this, I'm still having it done.

But these nerves of mine...... I would love any calming words of inspiration from anyone that has gone through similar feelings.

I will post some before, BEFORE pics (before the shift.

Eventually, I will post my before surgery pics, just as soon as I can tolerate looking at it.

I'm sooooo not feeling this mid-section spread.Updated on 10 Nov 2011:Was scheduled for the 22nd but my original hopeful date was the 15th, so we are off to a good start!. Nerves have my insides knotted up.Updated on 15 Nov 2011:OK, 30 days and counting...... Palms sweating just thinking about it. I really feel this is what needs to be done, just a big ol'fraidy cat, I suppose. :) I have read some fabulous ratings, and some not so fab. Seems my jitters are common though. My expectations, I believe, are realistic. Have done SO much comparison on similar body types, ages, and even ethnic backgrounds. I'm READY(but secretly would like some words of encouragement, or just maybe your story)

If anybody is having a similar procedure done soon(or just had it done) please contact me. Especially if you're just as nervous as me! :)Updated on 17 Nov 2011:Bad day at work, but my excitement has kept me going. Four weeks from today!! Not nervous today for some reason. I keep visualizing my new midsection. Hopefully everything will be fine by April. I was unhappy last year in my bikini. Would NOT take that cover up off! Really don't want to relive that.Updated on 18 Nov 2011:Even worse day today. My beloved cat of 11 years has some sort of neurological issue. All I can do is make him comfortable. REALLY started to postpone my procedure and invest this money into my cat. I was told it probably wouldn't help though. My heart is so heavy now.Updated on 19 Nov 2011:Laid my cat to rest today. So sad. I was looking forward to recovering and having my BooBoo there with me. Gotta stay strong. :(Updated on 28 Nov 2011:Rearranged my room. Picked up my arnica and vitamin C and plenty of gauze. I am praying for a smooth recovery afterwards. Preparation is key. Am I really doing this?? smh. Wow. On a disappointing note, no one from the Realself team has even said hello. Odd.Updated on 5 Dec 2011:Pre op is at noon today. Excited and nervous. Will post afterwards.Updated on 7 Dec 2011:Ok....... Finally got the nerve to post some of my before pics. Official farewell to the fat, if U will. Don't know what made me do it today, but here goes...... Be kind :)

Updated on 9 Dec 2011:Ok, Picking up scripts today AND bloodwork. This is really happening, huh?Updated on 12 Dec 2011:3 more days!!!!!Updated on 15 Dec 2011:Just returned home. Feeling great so far. In the kitchen cooking. Leaking like crazy! Trying to prepare myself for the pain afterwards.

Total of 9 adits, 3 per hip and 3 for ab. Have to leave my garment on until tomorrow, but then they say I only have to wear it 7 days. Im sure Im going to wear it longer tho. Will sneak a peek tomorrow.

Good luck stephanie!!!!!!Updated on 19 Dec 2011:Check out 4 day post op pics!Updated on 19 Dec 2011:I had approximately 2300ml removed. 750ml from left hip and 760ml from right hip and 770ml from my abdomen. Today is my first day back at work and I feel fine. I kept the Vicodin routine up until last night. Wasn't in significant pain, but wanted to make sure I slept through the night. Brought Tylenol just in case pain kicks up today.

Personally, I don't think that he took enough out, but time will tell. Still have numb spots on my bum and soreness on my hip adits. Recovery not as bad as I thought it would be. I can sort of understand why they call it a "lunchtime procedure", but it would have to be a LATE lunch on a Friday, and whatever your job is, it probably shouldn't require a lot of thought. Now if this is YOUR job, then YES, it is a lunchtime procedure. If not, then I would consider it like any other medical procedure and advise thoroughly resting before resuming ANY activities. : )Updated on 21 Dec 2011:Went bowling last night. Everything was good. But THEN I got that call. Oh yeah, it was ON! No pain. Body didn't look as good as I hoped it would, but I was satisfied. HE was dumbfounded. Couldn't figure out what got into me. Lbvs! My CONFIDENCE IS BACK!! He's REALLY in trouble once this swelling goes down! Just thought I'd share a lighter note.

Stay lifted ladies!

I'm great. I was up last night trying on clothes. It felt good. One dress I just wore last week to a party was crazy tight on my upper abs and now fits good. I'm still trying to stuff the belly in my jeans too! But with this swelling I still have a bit to stuff lol.
I have 3 dresses that are total bags on me not now, but yet I still won't rate it as Worth It yet. So long as I see swelling and uneveness I'm Undecided. Not saying that I'm not happy tho! Hope u had fun playing dts up! I did!

; )
Dress up

Omg! My gown fits again! Celebration begins in a few!

Omg! My gown fits again! Celebration begins in a few!
Hey back to me, I just did an update and finally got up the nerve to post a couple of pics! Check em out and let me know what you think! ;o)
I do feel much better. I can't believe that we will be 2 weeks post op tomorrow!! I still haven't gotten up the nerve to post pics yet! What is wrong with me? I know its all this swelling and I know its a part of the process but I just can't stand it!
I'll post some soon though. I'm like that about my binder-I only have another week to wear it but I'll probably continue to wear it because it just makes me feel so secure.

AND I'm 3lbs lighter! Yay me!

AND I'm 3lbs lighter! Yay me!
3lbs! That's great! You make me look forward to next week. Did you gain any when you swelled? Have you eaten differently or is that all from the procedure?
Yes I did gain a pound or 2, I think because I still wasn't regular yet. My diet was lighter, but that was because I wasn't sure when it was gonna come out. I was still having BM issues. I had to take the laxatives everyday between days 6-10 I believe. I can not be blocked up more than a day or so. I become very mean. lol. So serious tho. I still take one or two on occasion. Especially if I'm not sure about what I ate.

Um... Have U gone yet??
OMG back to me! You are looking sooo good! And its only going to get better from here! I love that red bikini--hopefully I'll be that confident this summer in my stank one piece--lol. ;o)

Feeling particularly LARGE today. One of those...

Feeling particularly LARGE today. One of those days where I look worse than I did before I went in. Ughhhh! Whats up with the big ass crease in the middle? This better be ALL kinds of bloat and water weight I swear! Ready to scream today! Man I hope this feeling passes.
Hang in there. This too shall pass.
Still early so dont panic! I'm not completely happy either but I've been looking at other patients results who are 6-12 months out & I'm hopeful! Honestly you look great, it just looks like your still swollen :)

Ok, so Hotwings make me swell up now, huh? Who...

Ok, so Hotwings make me swell up now, huh? Who knew. Very rough evening. U woulda thought that every laxative I took since the procedure all of a sudden decided to work! Omg, I'm glad that's over! I share EVERYTHING! : )
You make me want hot wings now damn it but hell to the no!
Please don't!!!! lol!!!!
Lol I had some hot wings & beer on Monday & haven't felt right since then! I guess I know why now

OK...I got the clearance from the PS to start...

OK...I got the clearance from the PS to start tanning. Adits healed up nicely. Yes, I tan. I get ghostly pale in the winter months, and it feels good to these bones!! lol
First time going in over two years. I am a lobster. Only did 20 minutes? Not really tripping on that, the red will die down quickly. This was the first time since the procedure that I was able to thoroughly massage my areas. That UV lamp must've loosened up that meat. I massaged all thru the session. I feel FANTASTIC!! Was soooo much looser. Got a chance to REALLY get in there. Felt phenomenal!!!! I'm so relaxed now. I won't go around recommending tanning for everybody, but DAMN it did my body good. I felt those lumps loosen and move. I even got that weighted hula hoop around a bunch of times. I think I'm really healing.

I switched to a full slip garment for nighttime. That crotch was kicking my ass last night! No more of that!

Happy Healing All!!!!
Aha! Is this a pattern I'm seeing?? Kai, go ahead and get the hotwings. Consider it research?? C'mon, take one for the team! If U get ill too, then we will KNOW to stay away from them. : D


....And the lady at my job complimented my slimmer...

....And the lady at my job complimented my slimmer torso!! This is the only the beginning!!!
I just realized that all of U are so much smaller(weight-wise) than me. I think I have U all beat by at least 20 lbs. I WISH I could see some of those numbers y'all are throwing around!! lmao!!I think I weighed 140lbs when I was 13. Red bikini I was 155. I'm trying to come down from 175 now. Down to 169 I think. Would actually be ok at 160-163.

We are gonna make our summer goals!!!
lol after my workout I came home and fixed some fajita's. Now as far as the weight, I'm roughly at around 176-177. But my goal (at least by the spring/summer) is 140 though. I USED to be 140. Hopefully,now (with this extra skin gone) I can focus on getting the rest off with a strict diet and exercise.
We ARE gonna make our summer goals, if we just put our minds to it--I know we can do it! ;o)
I'm trying not to be so focused on the scale because honestly it doesnt truly reflect how a person looks or their level of health but its so hard. lol 125 used to be my goal (I am 5'3 on a good day according to the air force I'm 5'2 1/2 lol) but now I just want a lean muscular look. I think the flatter tummy has me more focused about healthier & working out. I know we all will reach our goals cuz we were strong enough to go thru this procedure so we can do just about anything :)

I saw FLATNESS today, if only for a brief second....

I saw FLATNESS today, if only for a brief second. Oh, it gave me so much hope!! I can only speak for myself, I'm always a little leaner once my cycle starts. Feeling stronger in my core. Maybe it was the skating? IDK? I'm just gonna enjoy this feeling today!! New bowling league starts tonight and I'm ready.Didn't bother with that scale today either! Hope u ladies are feeling and healing good too!!!

lol..they were good actually-hadn't had 'em in a while. 166? wow! That's good! I can't wait til I get there..one day at at a time...that's my new motto for 2012!

OK.... The pressure is on! Just bought that St....

OK.... The pressure is on! Just bought that St. Thomas ticket today. Trip is in late April. Been doing alright. Hate that end of the day swollen look. Still in my garment, even though I was told I could stop a while back. Have I become dependent on it?? Naval is still hard to get into, unless I'm laying on my back. No real updates, but I was missing y'all. Have a great wknd!

OK.... I'm going to attempt to NOT wear my...

OK.... I'm going to attempt to NOT wear my compression garment for a lil bit. Can't say I won't put that shaper on, but I'm going to give my torso a break. Pray for me! :O
looking good Back to me!
I did the same thing yesterday evening for dinner! I only wore my shaper & I wore an actual bra (not a sports bra) for the 1st time since dec 5th lol it was ok but as soon as I got home I put my binder back on & today I'm feeling crampy. May not have anything to do with it but I'm wearing it all day today just in case. Good luck to you mama, it did feel good without it :)

Yay! My ridge is starting to go down! I have this...

yay! My ridge is starting to go down! I have this ridge above my pubic area that was looking like a little shelf! Starting to even o Lllllllut now! Little over 5 weeks. Might take pics this wknd!
You sound JUST like me. I told my girlfriend that I'm $3000 worth of satisfied , not $5000 lol. Its only been 3 weeks since my second one so I'm not complaining but I thought it would look flatter. I look much better in my clothes. Even looks like it is flat but bucket naked I'm not there. I have my 1 month follow-up Feb 10. He says we'll talk touch up after 3 months. So it is what it is. I'm very confused about this swelling process though. I can see it goes up and down depending on the day but it doesn't look or feel like swelling. Just like there's more fat there to take out. I mean do u just wake up one day after the swelling has stopped, flat? Glad you're doing OK.
It's amazing how we can put a dollar amount to it, huh? lol. I said I felt like $4100!! Too funny. Like U said, I look BETTER in my clothes. Not quite perfect, but better, But once those clothes are off, WHOLE NUTHA STORY! No accounting for how I'm gonna be swollen that particular day. Still crooked (and I can see it THRU my clothes now, thank u very much), my right side is larger than my left. Still quite jiggly, to tell the truth. Not to mention that shelf. I STILL have to get into a bathing suit(notice how I said SUIT, not bikini, as I am doubtful right now) in April.

I need good news quick. On a lighter note, I DID get a great deal on my airfare to St. Thomas this year! Caught a CRAZY sale and discount. Roundtrip under $300! Snatched that up REAL quick!
One less thing to worry with. I am gonna need a SERIOUS vacation after this rollercoaster ride.

Aren't U goin somewhere too??
How are u feeling about swimwear right about now?
How's everything going??

6 weeks post op..... Scale said 161 this...

6 weeks post op.....

Scale said 161 this morning! 2 weeks until dr. appt. Good and bad days. More good than bad tho! Bra size went up to 36DD from 36D. Odd. Not a bad look tho. Just now starting to have an interest in shopping. Might do some this weekend. Keep ya posted!!!

Hey ppl! It's been a minute since I've...

Hey ppl!

It's been a minute since I've checked in. This is the longest rollercoaster ride that I've ever been on! These ups and downs are ridiculous. Weight loss seemed temporary. Maybe, IDK. Swollen, definitely. Bathing suit shopping was horrendous. Two month check-up is next week. So serious about a touch up.

Lighter note, I DID behave for the SuperBowl party. And the food was so good and plentiful. I am proud of me for that.
Stay up ladies!!

First Post Op bikini...... Be kind :)

First Post Op bikini......

Be kind


8 week post op pics up!! Today was a good day, I...

8 week post op pics up!! Today was a good day, I must admit. Not exactly where I thought I would be, but a damn great distance from where I USED to be! I'm in good spirits and I hope it's contagious!! I still have swelling, and a little ropy feeling in different places, from time to time. Nighttime can still be absolutely HIDEOUS, but I digress. TODAY, I'm satisfied.
Thank U!!!

I've got my 2 month check up today, so we'll see what the PS thinks.
Hey back to me! Girl, I haven't been on in so long...I just checked out your pics and you look amazing! I love the black bikini! I actually can't believe that its been 8 weeks already! I hope to post some new updated pics real soon myself. Girl, you are off the chain!!

OK, BACK on the rollercoaster. The after pics were...

OK, BACK on the rollercoaster. The after pics were HORRENDOUS!!!!! ABSOLUTELY AWFUL. I KNOW he can't have any intention on using THOSE pics to showcase his work. I was actually BIGGER in one of them! WTF??? So now I have an appointment next week for slim shaping. HE says I'm healing fine. WTF ever!! Still have 9 weeks til vacation, but at this rate......

Will keep U posted

Treatment wasn't bad. It started off cold, but then got much warmer. The suction feels funny. The laser stimulates and loosens the fat and the suction moves it so that it can be absorbed through the lymphatic system. My aesthetician said she could still tell I was swollen. The vacuum drags a bit over the hard/swollen areas. It can be a little uncomfortable, for a minute, but then it's kind of like a heated massage. They told my I should be able to see a difference after 3 or 4 treatments. Wish I would've chosen a PS a little closer to my house or job if I would've have known I would be making multiple visits. Not complaining though. Overall, adding the Smoothshape to the lipo, the price isn't all that bad then.
I'm checking out some of the Smoothshape posts here, and they are costly on their own!

Hope this helps!

2nd treatment of Smooth Shape and 1st laser hair...

2nd treatment of Smooth Shape and 1st laser hair removal treatment for lip and chin. Half off on Wednesdays!! I LOVE these people!! Next appointment for both treatments is in two weeks, but it won't be lip and chin, it'll be bikini!
Ok thanks...so is your PS in Schaumburg or you? I'm still searching for a PS and am in the area for work for the next few months. I would appreciate the info, if you don't mind.
Hello back to me...your post is titled "not worth it", do you still feel that way?
Hey Lady! Thx for letting me know that. Not the first time it's happened. Sometimes when I update this thing, it moves from thumbs up to thumbs down. I wonder if it has to do with the going back and forth that I did with it in the first month or so. I really wasn't sure if it was worth it or not back then. I really am pleased with my results though. : )

Ok, it's been a while since I've checked in....

ok, it's been a while since I've checked in. Overall, I'm pleased with results. I think I might have a little more removed, but I'm gonna give it until the end of summer. Getting QUITE a few compliments these days too!

U look amazing! Did u get hard lumps in ur stomach. My upper abs are nice and soft. But my bottom abs are swollen and hard
Thank u! I didn't get any lumps that I can remember. I was never really happy with my upper abs though. I do remember an overall tightness. How long ago since your procedure?
M. Jafer Joffrey

OK, I'm really starting to love this now. I have HIGH hopes for this. Pleased so far. Good and bad days, but I'm becoming ok with that too. This has not been problematic at all for me. Smooth procedure, followed by typical recovery. My PS is GREAT! So easy to talk to, and accompanied by an awesome staff. I hope I am not one of those people who can't stop having procedures, but I think I will return for future work.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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