Still Waiting Since Mid of January for Some Results

Like everyone else on here I was interested in...

Like everyone else on here I was interested in getting that stubborn muffin top pouch reduced on my abs. Im psysically fit, run 5 miles a day, plus the gym 4 days a week, as well as eat healthy meals, no sugar ever, cake, cookies etc. If I do "indulge" once in awhile, it's always sugar free stuff.

So, had it done in mid January and basically the only side affects I had were extreme bloating (like some I've read on here) and for some very odd reason, alot of gas! It took a good 3 weeks for the bloating to subside but the gas still happens occasionally. I've never had gas like this before in my life. The bloating was so bad that I felt like I did when I was in my early pregnany a lonnnng time ago.

I never got any of the itching or dry skin feeling at all. However, the only complaint I've had about the whold procedure was that when I first went for my consultation it was the doctor who examined the area in question and mentioned how he would attach the area of fat to the machine and so on. But when I got there the only time I saw the doctor was when he circled the area in question, and then had his assistant, a young girl who looked no older than 20 come in an take over.

The girl was very small and had a hard time getting the fat all squeezed into the machine, and after much pressure and applying she finally succeeded. After she did my two sides I was up and out of there, never even saw the doctor afterwards. They have called me back twice for follow-ups but we've had a bad winter up here with too much snow so I wasn't able to get there, but I will now.

In all honesty, I don't see any reduction or change in that area as of yet. I was told it could take up to 4 months for results so now Im still waiting, which should be mid May sometime. Im on a fixed income and had save up really hard for this, so I do have alot of hope for it, but I guess only time will tell....hopefully not too much time!

Also forgot to add that Im 50 years old, (don't...

Also forgot to add that Im 50 years old, (don't know if age should matter with this procedure or not)
Thank you Whirly for commenting. Wow, that sounds great that you had good results. I never knew there was one large applicator? They used the smaller one for me, doing each side of the abs seperately.
And I believe you're right about the good grip. I had recently went back to view my photos and both the assistant & I saw no results. I was so disappointed as I had high hopes for this. The doctor wasn't in so she said she'll talk to him and see what they can do.
Carrie Anne .. maybe they can redo with the large applicator. Just to let you know if you get a good grip on abs, you may also get pain/pringling sensations a few days after procedure. It may be painful, however, for me it last about a week and the results seems to outweigh the days of pain. Good luck & let us know how you do !!!
Carrie Anne ... I am very similar to you, physical fit but with a muffin top on my lower abs. I had my lower abs done three months ago with one large applicator (new from Zeltiq) and definitely saw good results in two months. The large applicator got a really good grip. I think that is key to getting good results. I had other areas done that probably did not need it since applicator could not grip any fat. Recently I just had it done again (lg applicator/good grip) hoping to get rid of the last bit of muffin top. Hope that helps !

Well, I had a complimentary procedure done on June...

Well, I had a complimentary procedure done on June 1st and now Im waiting once again for results. The only problem is now Im having much more pain this time around than I did in January. It's about 7 days now and Im so bloated and crampy. I was feeling fine the next day so decided to get back to my running routine. Had no problem with that. I then started going to Yoga (skipping the high intensity gym routine I've been doing to wait until abs feel better) well, what a mistake that was! I was doing fine in yoga and then all of a sudden the cramping came on in full force followed (once again) by the awful gas pains! Am I the only one here experiencing these terrible gas pains. I had to get up and leave the class because of it. Now Im in pain and feel more bloated. I don't know if it's because it's the summer time and Im more active or what? When I had it done in January I continued my running routine and skipped the gym workouts (wasn't doing yoga then) and of course being the winter time didn't do much else. Now I wish I would have waiting until September to get this one done! Between the high humidity here and heat it makes me feel more bloated and sore than ever.
i hadsimilar thing happen to me in va. doctor was not in the room when applicator was applied but a little girl that doctor said was "trained" was the one to do the 900 dollar results seen yet at week number eight. doctor is in glen allen va
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