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Made Appointment and Very Nervous - Dalzell, SC

Recently lost 55 pounds and I am not happy with my...

Recently lost 55 pounds and I am not happy with my tummy. So I decided to check out a tummy tuck, I have been thinking of doing this for years but always felt I was to heavy to have it done. So now seems like the right time. However I am very nervous and wondering if I have made the right decision. I have a pre op appointment on Oct 5th and surgery is set for Oct 21st. So I guess I better get ready. I am very excited about seeing the finished results even if I have months before seeing it. I am soon to be 47 and have two grown childern and have been over weight for a long, long time. I will keep you all posted and if anyone has any words of wisdon I am very interested in hearing them. I have not taken any before pictures yet but will update once I have.

I really like my Dr and feel he is going to do what is best for me. It would not let me post without a rating so I am going with the positive

Hey everyone. I have been spending alot of time...

Hey everyone. I have been spending alot of time doing some more research on the recovory process as to what supplies to have on hand. Is there anything that any of you found very helpful in your recovery process? I am concerned with being sick from the pain meds. I hate that feeling which I am sure most people do. I do not eat any type of processed carbs or soda so if anyone has a more natural idea please let me know, many thanks. One week from today I have my pre op appointment one more thing to be nervous about. Hoping all goes well and my date of Oct 21st stands firm. So glad I have so many people to draw experience from.

Had pre op appointment on the 5th all went well...

Had pre op appointment on the 5th all went well and ready to go on the 21st. I have been holding steady on my weight I am 5' 7" and down to 138 so I think this TT will make a world of difference.

Surgery is five days away. Such a mix of emotions...

Surgery is five days away. Such a mix of emotions. If I can just get to Friday morning, get there I will be fine. Trying to stay busy so I don't think about it. Will take some before pictures this week. Took two days off before so I could cook, clean, do wash and just get all the last minute things done so I have nothing to worry about will resting.

One week into recovery as of today. Didn't seem...

One week into recovery as of today. Didn't seem to have any major issues. Was not sick at all so that was a blessing. Went to my first follow up on Wednesday he left the drains in and everything seems to be fine. I have a small spot under my belly button that is very red and he is not sure what that will bring, he seems to think it will be alright. I am going to take a shower today which should feel so good. I was not expecting to be able to shower since the drain is still in but he said it was fine. The compression garment is uncomfortable at times but I know it is very important to keep the swelling down. Hope all of you that followed me by a few days are doing well and I will post pics once I am up to sitting at this computer for more than a few minutes. So glad it is over now I can't wait for it all to be healed and back to a new normal.

18 days post op, drain came out on day 12 which...

18 days post op, drain came out on day 12 which was great. The spot under my bb is now healing and starting to peel. Everything looks good. I have not returned to work yet which is a good thing, I feel ok but not sure I am ready to be running around the office all day or sitting at a desk for long periods of time. I still have a tearing or ripping feeling when I move around alot the hip area is the worse. Hope everyone is doing well out there. I just never knew so many people had tt's. Will try to submit some updated pictures in the next day or two.

Post op day 22 and really starting to feel better...

Post op day 22 and really starting to feel better now. I have slept in my bed for the last two nights I have been on the sofa this whole time. But we have a water bed and I could get in but couldn't move or get out on my own. I have a follow up appointment this week and will see if I can start getting out of house and maybe go back to work. Glad everyone is doing well I enjoy reading everyone's updates and looking at all of the pic's. We all have come a long way. And if this is something you are thinking of doing all I can say is go for it.

Feeling really good these days. May not feel as...

Feeling really good these days. May not feel as great once getting back to work, but I feel that by that time I will have a good 4 weeks of rest and should be ready for some light duty. I am down 9.8 lbs since surgery not much swelling at all. Took a week off of my eating plan to recovery so I am back on track, don't want to gain anything back at this point. Right now I have hit the 75 pound mark, NEVER thought I would be this size again. It is great. Thank you all for the comments and encourgement and hope we all continue to do well. Will update pics in a few days I have a Dr's appointment this week.

Well I am headed back to work on Monday please...

Well I am headed back to work on Monday please pray for me. Everything is healing well and feeling better all the time. I will let you know how work goes. I know many of you returned to work after two weeks and I feel for you all.

Yesterday was my first day back to work. It was...

Yesterday was my first day back to work. It was ok. I was sore and tired when I got home but nothing to bad. And since it is only a three day work week is even better. Everything seems to be healing well and really starting to feel better. Thanks to all of you for your input, encourgement and for just being here.

Well the first three days back to work were very...

Well the first three days back to work were very rough. I couldn't wait till Thanksgiving so I could have four days off. I work this week five days went to see my PS on Tuesday and he told me that I no longer needed my compression garment and that I could start doing all my normal activies. However by Friday I was so ready for a day off. Without the compression garment I had swelling and a bit more pain, so I now wear it during work and relax at home without it. I also wear it when I walk and run just gives some support. He said everything looked great and I don't need to see him again till February. It was a fast six weeks and I am so glad I did this. I am sure things will only get better as time goes by. I will upload 6 weeks pics soon.

Just uploaded my 6 week post up pictures. I know...

Just uploaded my 6 week post up pictures. I know there is still healing to be done and I look forward to getting dressed each day knowing I don't have to hide all that skin and fat.

Had my 4 month post op appointment last week and...

Had my 4 month post op appointment last week and everything is great. I don't have to go back. I am back to all my normal activities. Had a period of discomfort and pain around the 3 month mark but that has passed. I am back to doing all types of exercise, total weight loss 75 pounds, really enjoying my new slim body. I hope all of you out there that are thinking about having a tummy tuck do your research on your Dr and go for it. Best thing I have done for myself in a long time.

I am coming up on 6 months PO and feeling great. ...

I am coming up on 6 months PO and feeling great. Back to doing everything and feeling much more normal. Still have a few numb spots here and there but nothing that I can't live with. I can't believe it has been 6 months time has flown by. And I am still at my goal weight. I learned so much during the weight loss this time around and I am now starting to learn how to live with my new body. I still have times when I think that I will loss control and wake up with the 75 pounds back on, but I am learning to let go a bit and not be such a control freak. I love wearing my little dresses and high heels or just putting on a pair of size 4 jeans and looking good. No more muffin top, no more hanging fold of skin. I wish I had done this much sooner, but had to learn to be a thin person first and that took 20 years. But I think I will live a better and longer life now that I have learned a hard life lesson.

I really need to give a BIG THANK YOU to Dr. Dent as well he is my weight loss Dr and he is GREAT. Than Dr. Sexton came along and finished the job. Both of them are great Dr's and my life would not be at this point without them. Many Thanks to both of you and your staff. I am sure that you know you change the lives of your patients but I can't tell you just how much you have changed mine.

Reached the one year mark in October and I am...

Reached the one year mark in October and I am still enjoying my new tummy. I have been watching my weight and have not gained anything back and now love buying cloths. The scar has turned to a very thin white line and all redness is gone. Wore a bikini this summer at the beach. Still have a numb spot here and there but I don't care. Best thing I have ever done for myself

Two years wouldn't change a thing

Well its been two years. Love my tummy, still nice and thin and enjoying life. Wish I had done this in my early 30's. I swear this is the best money ever spent. For all of you thinking of doing this DO IT. If you have weight to lose work hard get it off and then buy you a flat tummy, you can not go wrong. Just remember to check out your Doctor and find a great one like I did. Wishing you all the best.
Capital Plastic Surgery

So worth it. Just not having that big flap of skin and fat hanging off the front of my body is just great. Being able to move without anything getting in the way. This is a must do.

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Wow is right!! you had a great result!! Thanks for coming back and updating as well!! Enjoy!
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Wow! I just read all your post and what a beautiful & inspiring journey!!! I am at 3 weeks now and already enjoying the results. I should have done this earlier too but hey...such is life! Had three kids & was left with excess stretched skin. Looking at your pictures abd reading your journey helps me so much in seeing that this journey is only going to get better!!!! I am going to feel like myself again in a rew months & will be able tp train again & feel even better about myself! I am alreafy fitting in my size 3 pants and still swollen can't wait to wear my bikini this summer! Thanks again fir sharing!
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Absolutely fantastic results. Good job!
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Beautiful results, amazing xx
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looka great! thanks for sharing!
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I just up loaded three for you. You can see that the scar line is thin and has turned to a white color. Can't really see it from a distance of a couple of feet. At one time if you felt the scar it had small knots under the skin, those have gone away as well and everything is just nice and smooth.
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Thanks for updating a year later. Its so exciting Do you have any pics u can share?
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You look fantastic and what an inspiring story. I am 9 days PO so it is nice to read what is down the road.
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You are going to enjoy the new you. I just feel so good and I love to wear cloths that make my body look nice. Since I am not a young person I didn't do this so I could wear sexy cloths, but I did want to fit nice into my cloths. I work in an office I wanted to be able to wear a nice dress or slacks without having to try and hide that belt of flesh. And what a joy it is to pull up my jeans and just zip and button. LOVE IT
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YES. I love it. It has been 6 months and I still see changes. I still have some numb spots but so worth it.
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you look fantastic, are you still happy with results ?
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Amazing transformation! you look great!
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Congratulations you look amazing!!!
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Hi there! You look great! Wondering when the swelling went down to almost none, and when you were able to wear jeans again? Thanks!
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After the first 5 or 6 weeks I would wake up with a nice flat tummy and by the end of the day it would be rounded due to swelling. As the weeks went by the swelling was less and less. I have no problems at all now. I wore my size 6 jeans 4 weeks after surgery and about two month later I went to size 4. I really could use a 2 now but since I did not have lipo I don't want my pants to fitted because I don't want back fat to hang over. I nice belt works. I guess I could try to loss a bit more weight in hopes of getting rid of the back fat. When I asked about lipo he said there was not really a need that we are more judgemental about ourselves. I am learning to accept all the changes my body has been through and maybe one day I will see that large roll of fat back there really isn't what I am making it out to be. I am going to head your page and read your story.
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You look phenomenal! Congrats on a successful surgery.
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you look fantastic!
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No lipo?
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No I had no lipo. Just muscle repair and skin removal. Still loving it. Dr. Sexton did a great job.
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A FABULOUS job. Could you look at my tt pics and let me know what you think? I didn't have lipo and I'm worried ill need it...
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love your new body
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Hi TMandLI, u look good and u seem to be healing very well! Continue to keep us posted! I have 4 more days to go!
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Your results are amazing! You really do look great! Congrats!
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Looking like a million bucks! Nice flat tummy! Congrats
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