wanting a bbl for so long and i think ive finally got the courage... - South Carolina, SC

I'm new to this and I've been stalking a lot of...

I'm new to this and I've been stalking a lot of reviews. I've researched and researched and I am trying to stay under 4500. I would really like to stay in SC for this procedure but if I have to ill travel. I'm just really scared and I need a partner and tips to help me through this journey. I would love to have this thing done and healed by the ending of may. I just have a lot of plans and need to get on the ball.
It's really hard to stay within that price range in the US unfortunately. But if you find someone please let us know!
Indeed, its very hard to find a GOOD doctor (in the US) in that price range. The most trusted and experienced doctors start around $10K. If you are willing to go to GA, I have a recommendation.

Dr.Fisher I'm hoping!!!! Ugh...

Well ive decided to make Florida my mark.It's the closest ive seen so far with great work...Looking to get a date in mid April lets keep our fingers crossed...
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