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Dec 08 I had my inner, outer thighs, flanks, lower...

Dec 08 I had my inner, outer thighs, flanks, lower abdominal.  Love my results I am 3 months post op and i see a big difference.   My recovery wasn't as great as they say ..... "you can return to work after a day or 2"  --  NO WAY, I was hurting, sore and hard to move around first 2 days.  I am a nurse and on my feet all day, I made an attempt to return after 4 days but I couldn't...... so i recommend about a week.  

My bruising was pretty impressive, the many shades of purple and black.......  thru reading alot of plastic surgery blogs, i discovered ARNICA gel - a miracle and a must for the bruising.  After 2 days of Arnica which i started after day 9 - what an amazing significent difference.  I loved it. 

Also the first few weeks you feel disappointed and feel heavier than ever...... its water retention, don't get turned off........  give it really 4wks to see a difference. 

My advice is: follow directions, no shortcuts......  rest, WEAR YOUR GARMENT continuasly for at least a month.  If you notice some bumpy areas start massaging it a few times daily. **Women: invest on 2-3 SPANX garments @25-45 dollars as an alternate to wearing your surgical gament after a few weeks. 

Hi Barbiee, Thank you for posting your experience. I had my arms and lower abs done 10 days ago and on March 24, my inner and outer thighs, banana roll, and possibly flanks will all be done. The bruising was so minimal compared to what I've seen on this site and I didn't take the arnica. Actually, I took the arnica twice the first day that I thought I'd start taking it and had an anxiety attack within 5 minutes of taking it! I googled around and found that arnica can cause dizziness, trembling, heart racing, irregular pulse & breathing difficulties. I have a history of anxiety disorder, so to all of you who have current or past history of panic attacks, arnica may not be for you. After much research and having read so many reviews and suggestions from Drs as well as patients, I started taking vitamin k and vitamin C a week prior to the smart lipo and I continue to take them as I have read that these aid in the healing process. I have recently developed the lumps everyone has mentioned and while I'm sitting around, I try to massage my arms and lower abs (just below belly button). Does anyone have any suggestions on how one should be massaging? For how long? How many times a day? I'm not sure how much pressure I should be applying or really how to do this effectively. I'm open to everyones suggestions. Also, I'm a little anxious about my upcoming procedure because the first time out I had tremendous shakes from the epinephrine in the tumescent fluid. I found a site that has helped calm my fears a bit, but I'm still not looking forward to the possiblity of having uncontrollably shaking! I was on 7.5 mgs of valium that didn't help much so my Dr. suggested that I take my klonopin instead of valium next time. I know not everyone experiences that awful shaking because I've only read one post on here that even mentions that side effect. And notice the videos on YouTube and physician websites showing the procedure being done where the patient is absolutely calm! I just don't get why I'M the one who has a problem with the tumescent fluid. :( Barbiee, I am so glad that you said to give it four weeks before you really see results. I know it's early for me, but I was hoping to see some major improvement. I'm 5' 3" and weighed in at 124 lbs on procedure day. My arms had grown bat wings starting 2 years ago and I still see the same bat wings! I pray these arms tighten up over the next few weeks to where I see far less of these wings. The abs were done as a proactive thing so I would avoid a future pooch because I've never had a gut and I don't ever want one. So, I won't really see much of a difference in my abs. The thighs... well, that's a whole different ball game! I am hoping... have some big changes there after the procedure. Do you have before and after of your thighs? I'd love to know how it all worked out for you and if you're satisfied with the results. Thank you! ~Lisa
You look great Barbie. As time goes on you will look better each more. If you can believe that. ;-) Do you find that you swell up still at the end of the day? I had traditional lipo and it took several months (almost a yr) until the afternoon swelling went completely away. I will be retouching some of my rough spots with Smart Lipo next month. I hope my skin looks as good as your's when it's over. ;-)
Barbiee.... I think you look absolutely amazing. I just got my flanks done and I will be getting my upper and lower abs done tomorrow. I don't see any incision sites at your one month... they seemed to heal nicely. Did you do anything special? I am taking arnica pills and i bought the gels as well. Any other suggestions?

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