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I thought I was the perfect patient. I am a 48...

I thought I was the perfect patient. I am a 48 year who has worked out for 10 + years. I am 5'4" and 125 lbs. I am in great shape everywhere except my tummy. I could not seem to trim the waistline. The longer I stayed on the treadmill, inches came off elsewhere, not necessarily where I wanted it. I thought I would be the perfect person, with only a small area of concern, my tummy. I paid $2400 last Aug/Sept. They told me I would need 6 visits. I completed 5 visits and saw "0" results. I still have the extra belly fat. I will tell anyone who asks me that it is not worth it and I want my money back as it stats, "Guaranteed Results". I am sure it will not be easy.
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I would be more than happy to come in for after pictures and measurements, but FIG has shut down. No matter how you measure my abdomen, the only results you will find is how much larger it is than before I did the lipodisolve. I have gained 35 lbs from doing lipodisolve and after a year and a half I still can't get it to come off with diet and exercise.
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I work for fig. and have found that patients who complete the course of treatments, have their measurements taken again and get after photos taken are dramatically surprized by the results they see.
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