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Hi ladies, im 21 years of age and i am choosing to...

Hi ladies, im 21 years of age and i am choosing to get a breast reduction grow boobs until the age of 15 and i didnt get my period until 18 so i was a late bloomer but i didnt care, i was okay with being a tom boy lol but then the boobs started growing and wouldnt i am between a 36D/DD but want to be a cup size B).

Because of the serious back/neck pain i have been experiencing since i was 15 years old, i hate my breast and the pain they cause me in the mornings. I didnt start the procedure yet i am deffinitely looking into it but dont really know exactly how to go about getting it. Dont know who to call or what to say... im a little shy when speaking about personal matters to strangers. I guess the pros and cons will be smaller/painless boobs but the recovery is going to be hell. ITS ALL WORTH IT. My insurance (tricare) i believe is going to cover it since its an medical issue.

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@ mrs.cook, Hello, just wondering if your surgery was approved by your insuranceand if you had the procedure done yet? If so, are you happy with your results?
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i also have tricare prime so will i have to do anything different?
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OMG LOL ms.perry u really helped me. Thanx hun
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your welcome hun! :D thats what im here for
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Mrs Thomas.

you are sooo welcome! :D i know how it feels to not have a clue in the world about to go about this, and i would hate for anyone to have to go through the same thing.
But with Tricare Prime i believe the process does take a little bit longer because you have to a referral from your PCM to see a surgeon within the TRICARE network.
Where do you live? i can go online and find something out for you.
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Wow Thank you so much for all the info you posted Ms. Perry. I also have tricare and am looking into getting a BR I am 5'2" and have size G breast so as you can imagine I'm in pain all the time So Mrs. Cook I know how you feel. I do have Tricare prime do you know how long the process takes? thanks in advance B.
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Welcome, I am so glad you are here with us:)

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hi mrs cook

okay now that it has been a couple of hours i am going to try again and finish giving you some more tips about going about getting the breast reduction surgery.

in the comment above i listed the website of surgeons that perform breast reduction surgeries the name of the surgery center is called The Georgia Institute of Plastic Surgery.
if you scroll over to the "Our Doctors" drop down tab
it will give you a list of the doctors..
now if i were you i would look up reviews about each of the. Look at before and after pics, theyre qualifications, and patient reviews.
Once you find a doctor that most interest you
call this number ***-***-****. When someone answers
say "Hi Iam looking into getting a breast reduction and i would like to speak with Dr (whichever doc you pick) assistant to schedule a consultation, the person may ask you a few questions first and then she'll direct your call. When you get a chance to speak to the asst Repeat to her that you are wanting a BR and you would like to schedule a consultation..
He/She will get you scheduled and let you know the proper documents you will need to bring with to the appointment.

I hope i helped

if you have any questions feel free to ask!! :)

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also if you tricare prime. you will need to get a referral from your doctor to go and see a surgeon. If you have Tricare Standard then you dont have to
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>>>>> sorry that comment cut off i sent you a whole list of that to do and say
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Ooo you bout to make me mad lol. I told you if you needed any help or questions to ask me lol...
But here call this number 1-800-444-5445. this is Humana Military,call them and verify your elgibility.
Just call and say that you are looking to getting a breast reduction and you want to make sure how much of the procedure TRICARE will cover? also are you Standard or Prime?
Once you call they will tell you to go online to to find a provider, but since Iam here im gonna give you the website to a list of surgeons who do Breast Reductions in the Savannah area and they are withing the TRICARE network
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