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Full Tummy Tuck and Vaser Liposuction for 64 Yr Old with Bulging Belly, Heavy Thighs, Flanks - Savannah, GA

Hello, I am attempting to follow the lead of...

Hello, I am attempting to follow the lead of another author here who called herself Blubber Belly No More (BBNM) who carefully documented her entire pre and post op procedures, the physical changes, emotional ups and downs, and included the incredible photos of her surgery for several months. I doubt I can come CLOSE to providing the clarity BBNM gave us, but I am certainly hoping that someone somewhere will find my experience helpful.
So, about me: I am a 64 yr old mother of four children all born vaginally 33 to 42 yrs ago, during the period where the "Lamaze" method of childbirth was the best way to go. My first labor was 39 hours. During the last hour I was given a "caudal injection" because it appeared the 8lb13oz baby was simply not going to be born without it! After 24 hours I sincerely wanted a Caesarian, but this hospital was very "forward thinking" (or so they thought). A C-sect was the absolute LAST resort in the early 1970s, so I labored from 10 pm July 3rd 1:30 pm July 5th. I had so wanted our baby born on the 4th of July! I gained 22 lbs with this baby, and just one week later I'd returned to my pre-pregnant weight of 105lbs. (I am only 5'1" tall.) At this famous university hospital, where I trained to be a physical therapist, they did not use fetal monitoring, nor ultrasound at that time. So my baby's heart rate was monitored only by Doppler sound and stethoscope. During the birth, I had an episiotomy (surgical cut through vaginal wall) to ease the baby's passage. From that day to this I have endured bladder problems: initially stress incontinence, worsening steadily. Following that prolonged birth, and four more pregnancies following, one ending in miscarriage, I was genuinely unable to exercise, not just due to having 4 small kids, but mostly due to unhappiness of wetting my pants lightly every time I moved or bounced. My next three babies were all 7 lbs 8 ozs, even though I did not vary my "perfect" diet from one pregnancy to the next. I didn't gain over 25 lbs with any of them. I didn't restrict my eating in any way except for eating only whole grains, an egg each day, 3 -4 glasses of skim milk, no coffee or tea or alcohol, and lots of fruits and vegetables. I had never been interested in sweets, but I did like salty chips so I kept them out of the house for decades. But the stress incontinence plagued me: no more running, jumping; no riding a horse (every bounce caused a leak) , or using the wonderful trampoline we had for 20 yrs. I leaked after every sneeze and many times after just a small cough. So of course, after 25 years of basically being unable to exercise, I gradually gained weight... after the 4th baby's birth when I was 31, I did not return to 105 lbs as I had after all the others. I kept about 5 extra pounds (to my dismay) and then gained about a lb every year until I weighed about 140 lbs, far too much on my small frame. I knew there were surgeries to repair my problem bladder, but none reported good results 5 years out, and that seemed too brief a period for me to go to so much trouble. At 47 yrs old, following a few months of severe vaginal bleeding, daily, I underwent a vaginal hysterectomy. The ObGyn at that time (1996) "corrected" a cystocele and rectocele caused by "bulges into the vaginal wall " from the weakness that began with my first child's birth. For six weeks I had no bladder leakage at all! I even went running. For six weeks I blissfully had full control of my bladder. The doctor said I could begin to run, so I used the treadmill in the PT clinic where I worked. You have to understand I had been totally unable to run or jump for 25 years. It was HEAVEN to run again, and for two more weeks this continued. Sadly, the stress incontinence returned after just a few weeks of freedom.
). Falling asleep at 2:00 am. Sorry, I'll interrupt here and resume tomorrow! I'll take some upsetting "before photos" so that you can see the situation I am in.
Congrats on your decision! Welcome to this wonderful forum. As you have already read and seen, the women here are supportive, helpful and encouraging...not to mention a wealth of knowledge. Look forward to following your journey. Best wishes, HappySuzy

Getting Really Close-- all my preparatory items arrived today!

Sorry for falling asleep! LOL Today all the things I believe I'll need, thanks to my research on this site, arrived. Most from online Wal-Mart. I regret having to buy everything from "China" (who knows where it's really from???) but a potty chair at our local pharmacy is $139, on Wal-Mart online it was $39.88. Seriously, I'm pretty close to everything I'll need, even clothing in MATERNITY sizes as so many folks talked about so so much swelling, nothing I currently own could possibly fit if I am bigger than I am now!! Fortunately, I have one daughter and 2 dgtrs-in-love who MAY be expecting in the next few years, so I figure they could come in handy for someone!! (Always expecting I will not be a LARGE OR XL MATERNITY size in six months!!! :-O
I went for my one-week pre-op visit on Wed the 25th. Overall nothing to that, except for one miserable event. The worst moment (so far) is a pathetic loss of self-esteem when my surgical RN told me to buy a MUU-MUU to wear to and from surgery. I know that is crazily over-reacting. But I could have put my head down and bawled. I have never, ever worn a muumuu and certainly have never needed to. If she'd told me to buy a hospital gown, I could have tolerated it. But a boldly, brashly colored muumuu with snaps all down the front? Nooooo! But, I duly stopped at Target on my way out of town (I live on Hilton Head Island, which is 45 miles from Savannah where the surgery is to take place) and looked for a snap front gown. I asked the attendant -- she said to look in the gowns for older ladies (mortification now complete) and guess what? There were no muumuus or however you spell it. I shopped for about 20 min, then put it all back and walked back to the car. Thinking...there HAS to be a better way.
My sweet husband tried to pick up my pre-op Rx where he gets HIS Rx. Hopeless. Thankfully (God bless him) he drove to Kroger where I usually get mine and they've already called to say the Rxs are filled. Have to stop again, off to pick up Rxs.
Thank you so very much for the warm welcome! I think this is the most worthwhile site I have found on Google!! Nothing like reading others' experiences! We women are so sharing and helpful. I'm loving it now, and just took (horrors!) my current photos. I won't say "I want to die" but I will say posting these is the most difficult thing I've ever done! Can you believe people EVERY SINGLE DAY say "YOU'RE not overweight!!!" ? They really do, and quite honestly, dressed properly I can look "okay". But unfortunately, THIS is what I have to look at every day, and I cannot take it anymore! Thanks to all of you on Real Self for the wonderful support. I hope I can help others on their journey! xo MVPT

Well, here are the photos....ahhhhhh: this is horrible.

Good luck! July 2 is a very good date...my birthday! I know all will be great!

2 days to go--CAN'T WAIT!

For some reason the upload for photos asked for comments, but I don't see where they're posted? I put a photo of myself in 1964 (at age 14!!!) bc that is the weight I remained until my 4th child was born in 1981. I was 5lbs up after his birth, and I gained about a lb per yr until about 5 yrs ago, when my profession changed, and my wt really zoomed up to 160-165. In March it was 175 and I wanted to throw myself off a bridge. I have been a physical therapist all along. But through the years, with Medicare reimbursing practitioners less and less and less, the PTs basically SUPERVISE the PT Assistants, and ALMOST ALL our time is writing progress notes, doing diagnosis and evaluations. So, SITTING ALL THE TIME. I used to run up down 6 -12 flights at the hospitals where I worked, which kept my wt around 135. Not great, but bearable (I am only 5'1".) The photo in the RW&B is when I was 42, still able to wear long shorts. In the yellow suit we were on a cruise to the Bahamas, I was 52 and felt very obese, but my husband thought I looked "sexy" so he convinced me to pose for these photos. I covered my thighs in my photo albums! In 2004 (54 yrs) at my son's wedding, my ex's family said I looked 10 yrs younger than I had done when they last saw me in 1997. They were nice photos, but I of course wore a floor length dress to cover my obese legs. (Probably weighed about 145 lbs then. The last to horrific photos I just took, two days before my TT/Lipo sched for 7/02/2014, at 64 yrs. Wish I'd had the $$ before. We really SHOULDN'T be spending it now....my salary has dropped by 2/3 and no benefits (healthcare today is HELL) & my husband lost 2/3 of HIS job also, just one week after he had the cardiac bypass surgery! But my dear man knows I just might jump off a bridge if I cannot get a "head start" on losing the fat by doing this surgery. I think my appearance is affecting my work. PTs are supposed to look "fit" and not "tired looking" as my face now does. I'll see if I can find a photo of myself with CLOTHES on so you can see how I can "pass" as not looking outrageously obese.
Can't wait to see how the new you turns out!!!! You're going to be fabulous!!
There you go!!! Another positive sign!!! Thanks for your support. I feel like I have a wonderful new group of caring friends.

One more photo: at 165 lbs...I CAN look presentable...but it ain't easy!

With clothes on I do not look so appalling.

Sorry, I am so insecure about posting those photos of myself today in my bra and panties....because I look so appalling you will wonder WHY it took me so long to decide to do this. Anyway, I could get away with looking "okay" by wearing the right clothes...so that's what this photos are. Has there ever been anyone so vain, and so ASHAMED on this site before? Well, here I am, warts and all. The despair at my body so great that I'll endure several months of pain just to feel I am "me" again. As the title of the website: RealSelf. There are 2 photos from a big reception for one of my dgtrs: #1 is both dgtrs and me and sweet grdtr 6/2014. #2 is me & tall dgtr out for lunch 2013. #3 is my husband & me at reception 6/2014 #4 is an undisclosed friend with me in 2013.
I just started to update--- wrote it all, then went to "look for" some photos I'd take...came back, NO REVIEW. Undoubtedly I'd neglected to "post comment". Have to get ready for 2nd post op visit this aft. I'll write again & post photos when I get back, probably not till after 6pm EST. Thanks to ALL who have sent such positive vibes. I have been really feeling low, and seeing your friendly faces with upbeat comments has GENUINELY made all the difference in the world to me right now. xoxoxox Maggie
I am eager to see your photos! Keep smiling and telling yourself how pleased you're going to be when you're done healing!!!
Thank you for sharing! It means a lot to me because I will be having my TT at age 66 and it is encouraging to see there are others out there with the courage to do this at this time in our lives! How is your recovery going? Please post some pictures!

Well, I'm up and on my feet!

Finally able to upload photos successfully. So here are two post-op photos of my TT/Lipo. The surgery apparently went really well, but it was 6 hours. I have no recollection of ANY of it!! I woke up in the post-op recovery with 2 very kind and helpful RNs, Julie and Marcia. They stayed with me the entire night, until Randy picked me up at 6:30 am. He has told me since that Dr Huntly called him immediately after surgery to tell him it had gone well. He said there was only 300 ml blood loss, and he removed 2.5 lbs of fat and skin, and 3 liters of fatty liquids (melted by the ultrasound)! From the photos, it looks as though I have many, many more pounds to go. But I am hoping sincerely to be really effective with my workouts from now on. My goal was to lose enough of the belly and "saddlebags" to be able to don workout clothes and get outdoors!
The nurses removed the urinary catheter at about 5 am, and assisted me to walk over to a padded wheelchair. The pain of straightening my belly almost brought me to my knees!! Very, very severe, felt like my insides were ripping open, or being ripped open by a bear! Second time I stood up (to walk to the car) I felt the same thing. They were glad to get rid of me, I'm sure! From then on, I have remembered to bend forward to avoid the ripping pain.
Congratulations, I had a fleur de lis tummy tuck and an arm lift on June 30th. It's a rocky road and honestly I just started feeling decent 1 week PO, which was yesterday. Good for you. Happy healing!
Congrats, you made it thru and are doing good. Your daughter has a good sense of humor. I definitely think this surgery helps with working out and getting fit. I'm almost 6 months PO from my TT/MR and started Jazzercise 7 weeks ago and the workout is MUCH easier, movement etc is good. Best wishes and keep posting. :-DSuzy
Glad to see you're up and posting! Hang in there, this is the worst part and you'll be through it in no time :) can't wait to see the final result!

First days at home:

We drove directly home...I was worried since Randy was making the drive for the sixth time in 2 days! Getting into the house was very tricky, because living on an island means all homes are elevated at least a few feet from the ground. We chose the side entrance with only 2 steps, then a 25 ft walk to the 4 steps with a rail to the main floor where I had set up my "recovery nest". By then, all I could do was FALL into the zero gravity lounge chair I had had 1-day delivered from Amazon. ($56 +$12. shipping.) It was a good thing I had done so. Because my legs and arms are too short, I am unable to lie back and lift the recliner portion of a reclining chair, and horrendous twisting of the trunk (Nooooooooooooooooooooo!) is necessary to reach the side controls. In retrospect, I think those of you who've rented a hosp bed or an automatic lifting recliner made the best choice. The zero gravity chair, thank goodness just barely allowed me to lift it with my feet, as long as I was wearing flipflops. (Bare feet wouldn't do it). I placed sofa cushions on the chair, and with the 2 Percocet per 6 hrs, I slept well in it, and was able to get up to go to the bedside commode I placed beside it. It has a nice little attaching table that was extremely useful, and Randy worked hard to set up everything I might need at any time within reach. By the third day, I'd had enough of it, and we pulled our usual recliner back into place.
MVPT, thankyou for your kind words on Zenbodygodess's review, I just had a read of yours so far. I love it when I see women older than me and especially into their sixties, who take the plunge and get repaired. I still want to feel sexy then and it's sad that women let themselves think that part of their life is over, ever. I don't want it to ever be over. Those blooomin kids, do tear us women up some more than others I know mine did. Four big whopping babies. I was all into childbirth, breast feeding, Lamaze, Leboyer and ala natural birth when I was in my making babies phase of life. I loved it. They were all around the nine pound mark, then I lactated for 10 years with two on the breast at one time, even though I didn't have twins. Needless to say, I was stretched to the limit and horribly scarred by it, in every dept. I'm so looking forward to watching your recovery and how it makes you feel when the sore part is over. Congratulations. Now, eat like a healing machine, won't you? You sound like you are coping really well. How is your pain? :-)
Wow! Your 2 days post pictures look great. Really not much bruising and the improvement in your tummy/torso is amazing. How are you doing today? I think it's been 2 weeks now-? Loved the pictures in clothes to show us your "camo" abilities pre-surgery- I've always said that before kids I could look good naked but after, I felt that being able to look good with clothes, is the new "bar". At this point, I'm spilling out of my clothes, so unless I resort to all elastic waistbands and the like, its time for the TT! Two weeks from tomorrow!!
dallasMOMx4: boy do we understand one another well!!!! LOL (re: camo ). I'm way overdue posting. I'll see if I can readily get photos from my phone to the laptop! I am at disadvantage bc while I've been married to one and am married to another computer whiz, that means I haven't needed to be a computer whiz. Add to which I learned calculus and trigonometry using a slide rule (like saying an abacus nowadays!) so switching from one device to another is not elemental to me!! LOL Let's see what I can do. I'd like to get the photos OFF my camera, anyway!!!!!!!!!!!! (yes, worried about grandkids running into these photos. Whereas, posting on an internationally viewed WEBSITE??? Piffling???!!!)

DAY 17 -- had to look at calendar to figure the date -- weird world surgical recovery leads to....

Hi Jlynn.. please don't feel ignored but I've been a bit overwhelmed with trying to help (from my chair) my adult kids--- I have my own four and Randy's two (who may as well be mine from birth I love and care for them so much -- plus 5 D-I-L/S-I-L & 3 grkids. It's a lot of people to care wholly for. You'll laugh bc BELIEVE me I haven't forgotten when I had 4 under 9 yrs. It was hard but rewarding to the nth degree... I felt as though I was continuously treading water and water level was just at my chin..when someone got sick I felt like a giant hand came from above my head and just PUSHED ME UNDER. I'll never forget that feeling. I know that you know it, and I suspect any mother has had this feeling before. Now I knew my mom (who had 2, plus DIL & SIL whom she adored), plus MANY awful illnesses (arthritis, heart disease, mac degeneration, fractures) and ACTUALLY WENT back to school to earn her BA in Theology at age 62! felt this feeling of being overwhelmed, too. She became a priest at age 65 (Episcopal -- it was extraordinarily unusual in the early '80s when she did it) and had 100s of friends and parishioners to care for as well. Personally, I do not know how she did it, but I can tell you her love for me and my brother and our spouses and her six grandkids STILL felt as though we were adored and cared for, and she was always there for us. How DOES one do that? ! Well, I don't have the answer, and cardiothoracic surgery was not in 1989 what it is today in 2014, and she died at only 67. I am trying so hard NOT to do the same (my 65th is in 3+ months) but having 11 adult "kids" and 3 grandkids and my dearest darling husband, Randy in THIS economic climate it has not been easy to be anywhere near as wonderful as my mum. I do still work (only part-time now, and I'm off during this surgery & re-coup) but so did she with her parishioners. Oh and her house was way cleaner than mine and I have a team that cleans every two weeks. (sort of, but it HELPS!). I think since 9/11 this country has never been the same, and since 2008 (caused by 9/11, to my way of thinking) we have all battled to keep our heads above water in the workplace in the way I did with the four small kids. God only knows why I am posting this on a Tummy Tuck review

Correcting prior review...

First, you can see I was writing to another Tummy Tuck survivor (!!) jlynn 32 when I started this posting, but as I carried on, the letter turned into a crazy THESIS so I am hoping Jlynn will understand why I instead posted it under my Review. If there were any way to do so, I would delete about half of it. But when I hit "post" for the photos, it posted the unfinished and raw review also. Oh well. My daughters tell me (correctly) I write FAR TOO MUCH but that is who I am. Dgtr Kim (not her real name) says (very lovingly, to HELP me) this is one of the reasons I have some of my colleagues truly love me and other who detest me (talking and writing too much) so I am trying to fix this. Not easy but I WILL win this battle! I'm going to re-read the unfortunately posted review and try to finish it appropriately. So sorry all that was posted. I'm not even taking drugs any more! but that is not to say my mind and body aren't still pretty messed up!! LOL Oh, and half the photos I transferred from cell to laptop are missing! Have to look for those, too!!!

Continuing this extended, extensive, and totally not what you are looking for TT review--TRYING!

Back to the real review of days past that you need to know before and while you are enduring this lengthy surgery and recovery. I have found despite having 7 or 8 prior surgeries that NONE (including craniotomy -- brain surgery-- and a partial knee replacement) have been as difficult a recovery at the TT/Lipo. Even now, while I actually DO look slimmer, and despite still having heavy thighs and lumpy bumpy flanks/hips, I feel as though the compression garment is STILL ON when I don't have it on! By that I mean as though stiff cardboard has been inserted all around my tummy from hip creases to under my rib cage. Very odd sensation. Most of the re-absorbable stitches from the lipo have finally broken off or worn off in shower. They were VERY irritating and kept me from sleeping during week 2 and part of week 3 (which is where I still am: 17 days post-op.) It's fairly certain I am going to lose my bb which is all weepy and wrong colored-- I have to rinse with peroxide 2x day and pack w/ gauze and polysporin & cover with paper tape. The gauze is always soaked but thank goodness it's not smelly, so I think it's clean, dead, but not infected. Not nice. However, being "dead:, the bb is not painful. Thankful for small mercies. I no longer need any pain meds. Not pain-free but certainly insufficient pain to warrant using meds. Still some difficulty getting to sleep but better since the extruding stitches finally disappeared. I see the doc on Mon (day after tomorrow) and wonder what he is going to suggest about the dead bb. I read elsewhere on this site that someone else lost their bb and her PS repaired WHILE SHE WAS IN THE OFFICE. Not quite sure I fully understand that! I think my bb is too high but figure gravity will take care of that! Also, at 64 and still considerably overweight, I have no intention of bikini wearing. My dgtr the trauma surgeon says the dead bb is what is keeping my body from releasing all the extra fluid volume that is keeping my body swollen, and that when it is dealt with and I am healed, I should lose ALL of that midriff swelling. Hope she is correct. I am 163 lbs now which is still far too high, (only 5 lbs less than original wt on my short frame) but since we KNOW he took off so much fat, skin, and liquid fat it will be a lower wt in the future. Happily I can wear my sz 12 pants again instead of the 14s. (I should be size 8). Still of course not as good as I was hoping, but quite honestly, just not having the saddlebags, over-fat thighs, and belly with an apron of fat is worth it. I know this WOULDN'T be good enough for most. At 64 I'm not looking for miracles! I am still seriously vacillating whether to go ahead with the planned brow lift, chin lift, face lift, bletharoplasty (eyelid tx) and chin implant. A little more scared now that things can go wrong. I have NEVER liked having no chin (it is a set-back genetic inheritance -- alas, our genes rule!) and I have learned just recently it is the reason I have had sleep apnea (tho I didn't know what it was called) since I was 18! It stops me from having an uninterrupted sleep every night of my life, causing sleep deprivation. This means I can fall asleep whenever I relax -- such as during a lecture at Univ of Mich at 18 when I ADORED what I was learning, sat in front row center. And miss the second act of every wonderful play, movie, symphony I've ever attended, causing my first husband incredible frustration. I couldn't blame him. And have to pull over and sleep for 30 min every hour I drove. (Kids were incredibly patient!!!! I have GREAT KIDS -- that's why I had four!!!) But I also could NOT change the problem bc no one knew what the heck it was. When my kids were toddlers, thank God they were never injured when I had to sleep on the sofa with them playing at my feet for 30 to 45 min each day. Fortunately, all the kids inherited their dad's handsome bone structure so none have this problem. Also fortunately, 3 of the 4 took 3-4 hour naps daily until age 5! It was heaven!!! Well, I set a timer for 90 min for this project (such a rattle trap am I) so it's time to move on. I know I will be writing again, and want to say, overall I am glad I did this bc absolutely I like my body better now. But it is certainly not (at 17 days post-op) where I hope it will end up. I am so grateful to have the pain end, and will be a lot happier when I do not have this draining BB. Chins up, everyone...we all know there is a light at the end of the tunnel --- right now only a little flame but I am hoping for a lantern to light the way soon! Thank you for tolerating my loquacity and over-verbosity. I am trying, but not too hard on this site, bc I know you can skip and scan!!! Love and prayers to ALL OF YOU I care for so much -- hoping we'll make it to the place we all wish to be!!!! Love, Maggie.
PS I'll try to find the missing photos.
You are looking great. Good job for doing something for you.
Hi there! I finally got to read your review and see ur journey! I hope ur recovery is going great. Did u find out about your bb? I think ur doing what u want to make u happy. It is a hard recovery so take it easy. Boost ur vit c and protein and get lots of rest! Plus u have a great ps so he will take care of you!
Just wondering if you're the same person as MAGVIT who had surgery on July 2nd. I had wanted to follow your journey but couldn't find anything new under that identity.

DAY 22 Wanting to show off my new body that isn't even through swelling yet!

Bonus: my taut belly feels like an inside girdle and my posture has improved.
Bonus: my ankles and feet used to swell but they are slimmer than I can remember. He did NOT lipo the calves and ankles...I don't understand but I'm telling you, they look BETTER!
Bonus: weight loss was not a goal nor guaranteed. However, I lost 10 lbs between Xmas and July 2 when I had the TT/lipo. Since then I've lost another 13 lbs. So my BMI is now well under 30 ("obese"). I did not look obese, but the BMI said I was.
Bonus: I'm wearing clothes I haven't fit into for several years, AND I can put two fists between my belly and the waist bands. My thighs now readily slide into size 10/12, instead of 14...and it's only been 3 WEEKS. I am ecstatic. I think it will improve a great deal more (it's supposed to continue to improve for 6 months to a year) but if this is as good as it gets I am still thrilled. I feel so much healthier with all those fatty cells out of my body.
Still a nuisance: belly button hasn't healed...nuisance cleaning and dressing it 2 times daily. Also wonder what it's going to look like when the skin sloughs off.
Still a nuisance: for some reason I just have more trouble falling asleep immediately at night. This has never been a problem so possibly there is some minor discomfort lying straight that I can't really figure out??? Just don't know.
THAT'S IT! Tiny problems remain, but still VERY early days. Overall I could not be happier and best $11000 ever spent. My husband can see the difference in my happiness (and my appearance, but that is only for me...the happiness is good for US!)
So happy to see that your recovery is going so well!
Thanks for the details- you are correct that those of us still waiting need details!! My TT is a week from today. I noticed in one of your posts that you are considering other "work"- my aunt, in her mid-60s at the time, had the "triple play" (eyebrow lift, eyelids and under eye bags)- LOVED IT and looked great- very natural. The cost was not overwhelming- part of it was covered by insurance since her eyelids were interfering with peripheral vision (but she had not realized that until doc told her). She said she stayed inside for about a week then could cover up well enough with makeup. Her friend had a Lifestyle Lift to lift neck/chin area and that was an in-office procedure, no significant recovery time, and HUGE improvement- so my aunt is doing that next. I'm still able to do botox and fillers, but planning ahead for the "lifts". Of course, you may decide that your new tummy is enough, at least for a while :-) Keep us posted on your recovery, sounds like you're doing great, and you look fantastic!!
The BB seems to take the longest to heal. I know mine did and it took two months for it to be completely healed. I totally understand that feeling of total happiness! Amazing how such surgery can make us feel. Now I'm thinking about having more work done.


Still REALLY happy to have had the TT/Lipo done. I feel incredibly better about myself!! Fri 25th I noticed a lot of red bumps around my navel and generally more swollen belly below it. Called the doc and we texted a photo; he also called in Rx for antibiotic & asked me to come in the next day (Sat) at 7:45! (I am a night owl---7:45 I'm generally still asleep. And his main office in Sav is one hr 10 min drive from our house!) Nonetheless, he was there waiting for me. He did a little more surgical debridement of the old bb. No pain, of couse. Looks neater now...let's hope it heals soon! I see him again tomorrow w/ my husband so we can all talk about proposed facial surgery. Hubby isn't home and he usually helps me to dwnld photos. Promise to do it this afternoon. Right now wt down to 155. Big deal for me. Back in sz 10/12 instead of 14! Yaaaay. Posture even more exciting. Look like I used to bb (before babies: 42 yrs ago!! about 50 lbs heavier but the point is my belly looks NORMAL!)
Looking forward to seeing more photos. I particularly want to see a recent belly button photo as I seem to be obsessing about mine and like to compare to others'! Almost a month for you since your surgery! How time does fly!
sounds like you're doing great can't wait to see more pics
I'm so glad to read you are feeling so great and loving your results! That is wonderful :)

4 Weeks and 2 days post-op-- I don't remember feeling better than this!!!!

Once again I started writing to another TT publisher ad then realized I was summarizing my own journey and didn't need to think it through TWICE! So, this note originally written as gratitude to Yogagirl444, and I have instead placed it as my review. Sooooo.....yogagirl444 and ALL TTers: Your story is just so very helpful...I am about 4 weeks after you (not anywhere NEARLY as athletic as you are... but I'll give myself a little break in that I am 13 yrs older than you. However your back and neck problems add so much more to what you've had to cope with. What ever, it has truly helped to have your inspiring words. I especially appreciated how you stopped BLAMING yourself for your body condition. You have done everything as "right" as anyone can possibly do, yet STILL genetics will have its way with us! No one in my family has EVER had PS, and a TT (as it is blithely called-- being a PT I call it what it is: MAJOR surgery: abdominoplasty with muscle plication and vaser liposuction...which makes the recovery period of 6 months sound more realistic than a "tummy tuck" which sounds like a very minimal procedure, which it is NOT. I think possibly this that you wrote in your very first post was the most meaningful for me. These are yogagirl444's words, not mine, but express my feelings so much better than I can myself:
"Although being active has helped, I am very healthy and I was able to 'camouflage' most times, it was getting harder to do and the results weren't there. We won't even go into the naked business yet.... My profession also added to my belly self consciousness, especially as I become more mature and my contemporaries become younger, "flatter" and more fit. I know that we shouldn't be all wrapped up in our external appearance, but dang it I guess I am! And so with the support of my very understanding and loving husband I made the decision to do this for ME. Wish I could have/would have done it 15 years ago instead of beating myself up over it! " Now it's me, MVPT, talking again. It's been 4 weeks & 2 days for me, and no doubt I still have a weepy belly button (that thankfully does not hurt, and for which I am taking Levaquin for a week-- just in case) and there is still considerable tight swelling in the lowest portion of my abdomen, but overall, I look and feel like a "new woman". Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will undergo facelift, chin lift, brow lift, blepharoplasty, chin augmentation, and other assorted procedures to make my face less saggy, baggy, and "frowning". I am generally a happy and readily amused person, but with brows falling into my orbits I have a bit of an Ebenezer Scrooge look that I can well do without!! LOL Anyway, I have not been nearly as forthcoming with the photos (taken them but have a little trouble downloading from cell to laptop to website.) Nothing looks better or worse than everybody else's photos. I just feel SO SO GLAD THAT I DID THIS THING FOR ME, and like yogagirl, my husband supported me financially, with his caregiving, and emotional support EVEN THOUGH he genuinely had no complaints about my appearance. He just said to me now, "If getting your face done makes you as happy as the tummy tuck, it's worth every penny." (BTW I work full time too-- so we BOTH paid for it.) I'm very excited about the improved appearance -- I doubt I'll ever be "skinny" -- not even seeking that particular look; but with the muscle plication after 5 pregnancies and 4 big babies on a 5'1" frame, I now look active and healthy and fit, instead of full, flabby, and forbidding! A MUCH improved first impression for patients seeking physical therapy!!! ;-) Thanks to you all for your support and prayers. It makes all the difference, doesn't it???
Not quite sure, but hopefully later this week, or in the next few weeks. !!!!
Thank you for posting such a detailed review. Everything you post helps others. Congratulations on your transformation! Happy healing.
Thank you, Lithiumflower. I have received such an increased knowledge from this wonderful site and the hundreds of authors who report their experience. I'm so happy if my comments can help others in the same manner!

Well, I got a couple of photos downloaded. I don't look "glamorous"...but I do look more "professional" which is exactly what I

Update above... photos finally added.

Photo of Dr Huntly from his advertising literature

Love the pictures!

Better photo of BB

Posted photo was immediately removed.

Sorry, I posted a photo of a photo of Dr Huntly but perhaps that is not allowed by website without his permission. He has a warm and friendly face, thought it would be okay to post. Do not want to violate his privacy or break website rules.
What a wonderful and thoughtful review! Thank you so much :)
Final comment: the BB is still not completely healed over but it looks "okay" and I can tell it will be closed in the next few days. I'll never win a BB contest but then, who does? There's a dip there where everyone has one and I'm perfectly happy with it. If you can handle more of my loquacious style, I started another journey regarding my facial surgery occurring 8/21/14. Thanks for your comments and prayers. You ALL helped so much!!
Thank you ALL for the sweet compliments. Reality is, I am the beneficiary of liking myself a lot more. Crazy to have a false view of one's appearance, I really do know that no one thought I was ugly...but it's nice to be a little more trim, especially in my field of work. Very best wishes to all and prayers for those going through the surgery this week or soon...

8.5 weeks post

Hi again--just a brief note as I have posted more than enough, AND I have another thread going for my 2nd major surgery on my face on 8/21/14. But I just took a few photos in my bathing suit and I am delighted. Keep in my I started out rather overweight and I am only 5'1", but my weight is down 20 lbs since the surgery, and having slimmer thighs and flat tummy has really improved my outlook on life! It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WORTH IT!!
I just realized you had commented on my review so thank you. You look great!
Thank you, Dsail!
Wow, you look great and cute swimsuit. Congrats, I know that you must be pleased.

The whole 9 yards: TT/Lipo, FL, brow, neck, chin lift, U/L eye lids, fat transfers changed my life.

Exactly MY reasoning! My eldest dgtr really gets it, now. She saw me in a dress for the first time in many years, with a tiny waist (which I had until 4 babies later!)...my facelift + chin, eyes, brows is only 19 days post but already looks sooo nice....one look at me and she said "You SO did the right thing." I cooked dinner for a large group (have not enjoyed cooking for years) and my happiness bubbled over into pleasure even cooking!! I feel like my life is beginning all over and my husband is so thrilled for me...not because of my appearance (he is one of those dears who loves me for all good reasons) but because he can see I am happy IN MYSELF again. I cannot recommend dealing with mild deficits and genetic fat placement enough. Everyone knows to correct serious birth defects. But the recessed chin, overbite and low brows...that's just YOU. Well, no. These are from my dad's genetic background (he gave me a TON of wonderful genes, too.) He suffered with a "weak chin" probably more than I did. The saddlebag thighs, flanks, and bulging abdomen are from my mom's side: she suffered anguish for life -- at 115 lbs she still "looked fat". I weigh 150 lbs now and am only 5'1". I look fit and curvaceous. Because the deficits have been corrected. I am going to quote Writerwish: "All women should look on the outside what they feel like on the inside." You are so VERY right, Writerwish. It has changed my life at almost 65 yrs. If I only live five more years with this new body and face, it will have been worth it to have brought back my self-confidence, self-esteem, and changed my life. So many thanks to Dr Huntly at Coastal Empire PS in Savannah. He is an artist and his team could not be improved upon!!!!
Great review!
You look awesome!  and you have a Bengal cat!
Wow ... Great success story and recovery ... YOU ARE LOOKING AWESOME !!!
Savannah Plastic Surgeon

I have been asked to add more to my review -- I don't know how I can say MORE about my outstanding experience with Dr Michael Huntly at COASTAL EMPIRE PLASTIC SURGERY. He has a team dedicated to him and his patients. Dr Huntly will call me personally if anything made me uncomfortable. He is highly professional, and a gifted surgeon. His ability to visualize how someone's body should or could look is quite astounding. I'm sooooo happy after only 4 weeks so it can only get better than this. I am thrilled to wear shorts again. Thrilled to look fit with a curvy figure that my husband is so delighted with, although he had in no way found problems with my appearance before. I did this for ME. It was worth every penny. The entire team is so dedicated and I believe it is through Dr. Huntly's deep dedication to his patients and the achievement of the very best outcomes. We are THRILLED!!! Actually looking forward with excitement to the next phase of my makeover: correction of some aging changes in my face and eyes, and most importantly for me: trying to improve my profile which has always upset me with a set-back chin and seeming lack of distance from chin to neck. Dr Huntly feels he can make the necessary changes and I would trust him for any aspect of my care, especially knowing his team is 100% with him!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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