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I lost 60 lbs and have 3 children, leaving me with...

I lost 60 lbs and have 3 children, leaving me with a deflated pitiful A cup. I would say I definently would get implants again but I would caution anyone considering to get more than one opinion and use a board certified surgeon!!!! stress exactly what it is that you are desiring to acheive and when working with cc's...don't try to make your body do what it cannot. It will look unnatural and eventually girls, they sag just like the real ones do. (;

Still reallly dissatisfied with my implants. They...

Still reallly dissatisfied with my implants. They look terrible and feel terrible too. I would love to have a revision soon. I'm scared to death to have another outcome like the one I have now...) :

An update, these are mod profile, saline implants...

An update, these are mod profile, saline implants 300cc's overfilled to 350cc's, was told he was placing them in "subfacial" plane, but I don't think they are. Do I have grounds to ask for my money back from this MD???!
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Just use a surgeon who is certified by the AMERICAN BOARD OF PLASIC SURGERY, otherwise, you COULD just be getting an MD who spent a few weeks in a seminar to get licensed to cut on you. Ouch!

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I am very sorry this happened to you hun. I pray that this will be resolved in a timely manner and hopefully he gives you a refund. I wouldnt go back to him if i were you even if he will do it for free. Please consult with other Board certified surgeons. Please do a lot of research as the second time we hope for it to be perfect! You will be fine my dear....Best of luck and will be checking up on you soon. Take care.
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Was your doctor board certified?? I'm so sorry he did this to you. I can not image the emotional anguish you must be going through!!! I hope he offers some sort of solution to fix your issue-Take Care!
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Hi Bubble, am wondering if you've had any updates?
I am wondering how you are.....
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My mother had her implants put in almost 10 years ago and at that time they were only putting in saline. She hates them as well, 10 years later. She still does the exercises and they still feel like water balloons on her. She is a very small 5'4" 120lbs and got a full C (recommended by her PS). She is planning on replacing them with silicon and bringing them down to a full B (she was a very small A before). I would suggest that you ask for him to fix them, maybe even replacing them with silicon. I am looking to have mine lifted and augmented but am really torn to what PS being I don't really know who to trust. Good luck!
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I live in Ga also. I am 1 month post op. The PS I used was/is amazing!! He worked at the Mayo clinic for 18 yrs. I am so sorry you are not happy with your girls. It sounds to me your PS was not very good at what he does. I listed my PS on my page if you wanna look him up and maybe give him a call. I know how much of a let down this must be. I know how excited and nervous I was. Now just being 1 month post op I am crazy excited about my new girls. I also have pic on my profile if you wanna check out my PS work. I hope everything works out for you. I would love to help you anyway I can. Good luck hun.
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I'm so sorry you're not happy with your results! Please make sure to go to an ASPS/ASAPS board certified surgeon for your revision. Looks like you're a petite lady with not a lot of breast tissue to start with.

Here's RealSelf's Breast Implant Revision community. You might want to filter through some reviews to get an idea of what's in store if you go that route. If you decide to get them out without getting new ones put in, check out our wonderful Breast Implant Removal community.

I don't know if you'll be able to get your money back or not. You're probably more likely to get the doctor's fee returned rather than the whole enchilada (facility fee).

Keep us posted. Virtual hugs!

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Hi Bubble!
First off, let me say that I am sorry to hear that this happened to you!
At 3 weeks, they look pretty good, but the pic with your arms over your head and the fact that you say they are hard, makes me think you must have capsular contracture also. =(
Be careful, they can become painful also!
I dont know if massaging will help them much at this point, but it make them worse. Try massaging them 3x's a day.
Once you get a revision, make sure you massage to try to prevent this. From what I understand it is a lifelong thing! And is an issue we all fear! I also hear that once you get CC you may be prone to get it again, so you will have to stay on top of the massaging!
When you get your revision, they can put multiple rows of stitches on the inside tissue, arm pit side to make the implants more stable, so they don't fall into your armpits. There is a Dr. there in GA - Dr. Pound who is very informative and does that sort of surgery to repair from others. He seems like a great guy and is very active on one of the other forums I visit. One of the girls on there went to him with a repair and was very happy with the results. I hope you consider him or at least consult with him.
Again, I am so sorry to hear about this! And I hope you are able to find a solution soon!
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Sorry, let me clarify. Massaging can be a lifelong thing- I was not meaning CC. But CC is what many of us fear. Sorry, wish I could edit my post. =(
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Oh, and would you mind putting the Dr. down so others could be forewarned? You said he wasnt certified, right?
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I hope all works out for you and you find answers.
Sorry this happened.
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Wow! Did you do your exercises daily?
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He never told me to do ANY exercises daily. ) : I had no idea
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Oh so that is probably why you have capsular contracture. Look at this link:
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When did you start to notice a change?
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they never have been "right"...I'm not sure exactly when they started to get worse...maybe about a year post op...I had them done Aug of I'm about a year and half post augmentation now.
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I think they look fine. Do you have any updated pics?
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yes i do have some, they are worse now ) : They feel like hard balls to the touch also, I really hate them. So devastated. I have rippling on the top and sides too and they now fall into my armpits awkwardly...
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