Breast Augmentation (375cc/425cc HP) - Very pleased with my overall results! - Savannah, GA

03/18/13: Exactly 3 weeks from now... I will...

03/18/13: Exactly 3 weeks from now...

I will be having my surgery. It's also the same week I turn 31. My husband said that'll be his birthday present for me this year. I have his full support for he's seen how much nursing has affected my confidence when I lost 2 cup sizes. I have no issues about every other part of my body except my saggy, one-bigger-than-the-other, deflated breasts - and this is only after nursing one child.

I am 5'4", 123 lbs. I wore 36 B before pregnancy (roughly 4 years ago). I've worn 38 C during nursing, and now I'm down to 34 A or 36 A/AA.

I hope to see a support system on this site, as this is what brought me here the first place. I'm a few weeks from surgery and I am already feeling jittery about going under the knife; I worry more about not being able to fully take care of my 3 year old for about a week since I will not be at my 100% strength to attend to her needs (between driving to/from school and bathing her)... I am though, fortunate enough to have 2 good friends to visit for 3 days to help out here and there.

I have done my research; I will be cleaning the house for the next 3 weekends. I will stock up the pantry with food and so's the freezer with TV dinners (not my first choice but I know my limits). Even though I intend to be out of work for only a week (I have a 8.5 hour office job where I sit in front of the computer all day), I've already completed most work requirements through mid-April as of last week.

I just need to prepare my emotions for the actual surgery day and beyond. I'm not quite there yet... For now, all I know is in less than a month, I will look more of a woman that what I look like today. I have been selfless for quite a while so this time, I'm doing this for me.

03/19/13: As promised, here are more of my...

03/19/13: As promised, here are more of my pre-surgery pictures.

03/22/13: Throughout the week I had more questions...

03/22/13: Throughout the week I had more questions I'd like to get answered so I went ahead and seen another PS locally (Charleston, SC). I pretty much know the answers because I've been researching online but it still helps to get a face-to-face confirmation from a doctor. I tried on some sizers and I'm sticking with 350 CC HP for my right breast and 400 CC HP for my left breast. I may and probably will go up by 25 CC just because it's going under the muscles. I bought a 36 C underwire bra last weekend and brought it with me and used that as my guide to achieve a 36 cup C breasts.

I'm getting more and more antsy everyday. Between the sleepless nights, continuous cleaning so I don't have to clean as much on and after surgery, I'm just getting exhausted. I have 2 more weeks with 3 weekends total... I'm training my 3 year old to do more and more things on her own and reminding her not to hug mommy too tight for mommy has "booboos on her boobies". I'm fortunate to have 2 girl friends to stay with me for 4 days in a row after surgery day - they can help me bathe and dress the little one.

The list continues. I got the labwork faxed over this morning and my results looks great. I got the Hibiclens anti-microbial soap in the mail today. I'm getting my armpits waxed tomorrow. My prescriptions, well I tried to drop them off this afternoon but they told me it's out-of-state so they'll have to make phone calls and the offices are already closed - so I'll wait for Monday. I've purchased 5 bras so far. Once or twice a week I'd play "dress up"; I'll place my "rice test paddings" on my 36 C bras, put some clothes on and take pictures. I'd wear a dress, t-shirt, tank top, night gown, anything I can think of - just to help myself evaluate if it's 'too big or too small'. It may be shallow but It's fun and exciting.

I also managed to lose weight within the last couple of weeks. 2 weeks ago I was as 123 lbs and I decided I would like to be no more than 120 lbs come to surgery date. With a little cut backs here and there and staying more active than normal, I was able to lose over 2 lbs. I'm at 120.8 lbs this morning.

Got to go for now. Floor scrubbing is next on my list... Ugh.

03/25/13: Exactly 2 weeks from now... I will be...

03/25/13: Exactly 2 weeks from now...

I will be gifted with boobies. =)

What I've done today:
* Paid my BA
* Picked up my prescriptions. 5 different meds costing me $15 (I love Wal-Mart!)
* Made my mind up on the size of implants: Mentor 375cc HP (R) and 425 cc HP (L)
* Bought Palmer's coco butter products. I used these 2 months before pregnancy and I have no signs of stretch marks
* Bought more 36C cotton sports bras (I think I'm up to 4 sports bras, 3 regular non-padded bras and 1 surgical bra)

Over the past weekend, I've done some major house cleaning, waxed my armpits for the first time and separated some really old clothes to donate.

I think I'm done looking up breasts photos. I spent too much valuable time doing this. I know what I'm going to end up with. I am and will be happy with a perky 36C. =)

Now it's just a long, 2 week wait...

03/26/13: I goofed... Just like 80% of the...

03/26/13: I goofed...

Just like 80% of the women here in US, apparently, I have been wearing the wrong bra the whole time. I went to a professional bra fitter today and long behold - I was not a 34A nor 36AA. The bra that fits me the best are the 34Cs. My right breast is overflowing on the 34Bs, and fit perfectly on the 34Cs while the left is a tad bit loose. Oh dear... Looks like I may end up with Ds...

04/01/13: I'll have my large Cs/small Ds in 7...

04/01/13: I'll have my large Cs/small Ds in 7 days!

OMG I am so excited I'm breaking out! Literally! Whenever I experience extreme emotions I break out, My chest has rashes everywhere. Ugh... My husband decided that he will take over the guest room and I get to keep our bedroom all week next week. Everything is pretty much set up the way I wanted it. My hubby will be with me that Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday my bestfriend Hillary, and Thursday, Friday and Saturday my bestfriend Stephanie. I think I am covered. =)

My butt still hurts, and I still have to sit on this cushion to relieve pressure on my tailbone after fracturing it over 3 weeks ago. I can imagine the pain of sitting in bed for several days to properly position my boobs, and putting all the pressure on my butt the whole time... I'm terrified now. I can see myself walking around more than staying in bed.

I am bloated too. I don't know what to do with this. I've been eating healthy meals as usual, drinking plenty of fluids, taking my constipation meds, but this bloating won't go away.

My 3 year old will not be babied next week. I already feel bad about it. My 15, 9 and 7 year old will be ok and will understand but the littlest one won't. She's mostly independent but she does have her "tote me mommy" moments every once in a while. I guess I'll have to explain to her that mommy's booboo on her boobies are just very very painful and I will not be able to carry her for a few weeks.

Lastly, I did mention I got sized professionally. I was told that I should be wearing 34C bras, even if left breast is really considered a "B". With that being said, I may end up being a large D which I do not wish to be. I'm getting 375cc (R) and 425 cc (L) which are 2 cup sizes up and I'm sticking with it. I loved the way it looked with the Mentor sizers and the rice test. It did fit in the C bra that I used while sizing so I will trust the sizers.

04/02/13: I just changed my profile pic. It's me...

04/02/13: I just changed my profile pic. It's me wearing a 350/400 rice sizers. this is my ideal look, not too big and not too small. =)

04/03/13: Do I have to wear a specific underwear...

04/03/13: Do I have to wear a specific underwear for my BA? Can I straighten my hair the night before the surgery? The doctor's office told me no hair products, so I'm not sure if I can use my heat tamer or not. Slip ons or sneakers?

04/05/13: Last day at work! Woo hoo! Final day...

04/05/13: Last day at work! Woo hoo!

Final day to clean up my work desk and I'm out! Grocery shopping after work then home. I WILL NOT leave the house this weekend for I refuse to catch anything and get sick. It's been raining in Charleston, and I'm glad it has been for the pollen has been making me sick with allergies. My super clean and shiny black car (thanks to my stepkids and husband) turned yellow again this week and I do not appreciate that at all... The community pool was opened on April 1st and my 3 year old's been bugging me to go swimming. I feel bad for I won't be able to go with her for several weeks. Thankfully her dad can take her on weekends.

I've been sleeping good every night, which is so not me, but after a whole day work, over 2 hours worth of driving, attend child's needs and nonstop house cleaning - I'm wore out. Next week would be my turn for I WILL NOT DO ANYTHING but heal, heal and heal. I've read too much horror stories about overdoing and messing up their boobs and I will not be one of them.

Back to boobs... I really do like how the 400/350 sizers look on me at the PS's office, but that doesn't factor in that I'm going unders. I'm set to 425/375 but will that be enough to compensate for the subpec placement? I've read about losing 10% so I'm a little torn at the moment as to whether I keep my 425/375 or go up to 450/400. Both will be .5 to .8 cm wider than my BWD and I'm sure that's ok.

Update on my coccyx. Yes, it still hurts. Although I can drive for over an hour now without the cushion. It's been about 3 weeks now since I fractured it and it's slowly getting better. I assume within a couple more months it should go away. Everyone here at work knew "Jeannie broke her ass so be nice to her" but they're just a bunch of mean people... They'd come to my office to make me laugh knowing it hurts soooo bad to laugh... There's about 20 fulltime people in my office and 7 are women. We have about 80 men who works in the field but would come in every once in a while. I'm one of the youngest woman here (contractor/military facility) and I tell you what, these MEN SEES EVERYTHING. They gossip 10 times worse. I don't want to be talked about so within the last 4 weeks, I gradually wore bigger cup bras, just so they won't notice anything when I come back from vacay. We'll see how this will work..

04/07/13: No more anxiety, just pure excitement....

04/07/13: No more anxiety, just pure excitement. Final cleanup day. My husband's already playing black ops 2 at 7 am while keeping our daughter entertained. I did say I wasn't going out this wknd but didn't happen. Woke up early to replace our broken cable box, then went to the boat dock to play with my daughter and watch people fish. Headed to Tanger Outlet and did more shopping for the family. I bought my daughter a scooter so we played outside yesterday, it was a beautiful 71 degree weather by the way. then I played volleyball and kickball with the neighborhood kids for about 2 hours. Got dressed and had dinner in olive garden with our good friends. Got home, showered, soaked my boobs with Hibiclens antimicrobial soap twice. Will do it again tonight. Will also take my Ativan. Will get my button up pajamas, warm socks, slip on shoes and prescriptions packed and ready to go in a few.

Will be up and about at 4:45 am tomorrow. Have to drop our daughter to a friend's house at 6 then 2 hour drive to Savannah from Charleston. 8:30 is my final pre-op and I should be on the table by 9 am. PS said it'll take 45 minutes so I should be waking up between 10 to 1... You'll hear from me in the afternoon! I hope everything goes well and I get just enough to gain the woman in me again! =)

04/08/13: I'm home from Savannah, just woke up...

04/08/13: I'm home from Savannah, just woke up from a 3 hour nap an I feel pretty good! I'll post more details tomorrow... I finally made it to Boobieville!

04/09/13: Photos taken a few hours after surgery...

04/09/13: Photos taken a few hours after surgery.

Yesterday, we left home at 5: 40 AM, dropped our daughter to a friend's house (her school doesn't open until 6:30 AM), drove to Savannah from Charleston - took us exactly 2 hours to get there, and got to the hospital where Dr. Finger's office is located. Waited from 8 - 8:40 AM, one nurse took 5 photos, then went back to the waiting room. I got called in at 8:50 AM, they made pee but I couldn't for I already went to the restroom as soon as we got there.

Nurse Terry made me change to paper drape top, clean bottoms, support stockings to avoid blood clot, and slip on shoes. I left my underwear on. I sat on a recliner, hooked me up to this enormous IV, took 2 Percocet (pain) and Flexiril (muscle spasm). I got to talk to Dr. Finger one last time. He still have 2 visits he needs to attend to before he can cut me open. Anyway he looked at my breast, mentioned that the right one is far more saggier than the left and told me he will do his best to make me it symmetrical with the left without doing a lift. I asked him if I need to go up in cc to achieve my desired look, and he honestly stated that my chosen 375/425 is just perfect for if I go bigger, it would not look natural and would be less manageable as I get older. I love the way he looks out for his patients. Anyways, when the IV was about done, I finally went to the restroom. Got urine collected for preg test. Went back to the recliner, and I met the super nice anesthesiologist who gave me a little bit of whatever it is that made me feel drunk and Benadryl. It was around 10:15 to 10:20 AM.

Next thing I know, they were calling my husband to come in to the recovery room. This was about 12 noon. I remembered being wheeled to the car, and barely remember anything on the way home. My husband said we got home at 2:30 PM. Took some pictures then I went to bed with the TV on. Took another Flexiril and Tylenol XS. So glad we were home for WWE Monday Night Raw but it sucked that I was so sleepy I keep on passing out while watching. Hubby and I decided to go to bed at 10:00 PM for we were so tired.

It's almost a PAINLESS surgery - I admit. I feel really good. I'm able to grab toilet paper with no problem, drink from a 24 oz water bottle and walk around the house. My boobs aren't hurting bad at all. Once in a while the sides feel sore, but then it goes away. I was up at 1:18 AM and 3:30 AM this morning, not because of boob pain, but because my poor fractured coccyx is hurting from being in bed for so long.

Also, Dr. Finger called aound 8:30 PM last night and spoke to hubby. He's basically checking on my condition. Told him a few things we need to remember.

For now I have to wait for 48 hours before I can have a sponge bath. I can also remove the gauze pads or whatever they are when I do my first sponge bath. Hubby took another day off to care for me, then my girl friend gets here at 5 PM to assist. PS also mentioned no massaging until Friday. He's going to show me how.

So far I think overall I had a very successful surgery. My breast is just perfect for me. Not too big and not too small. It hasn't been a full day post op and they are already beautiful, for me. It's 8:30 AM now and I'm feeling no pain. I can bend over, reach things about me and walk around with no issue. Also I have no bruising, or redness, or anything unpleasant. Mainly I feel heavier on the top, it's quite obvious why, and that's about it! I hope this great feeling continous! I'm very happy so far!

04/12/13: Post op consult today. All went well....

04/12/13: Post op consult today. All went well. Learned how to massage my boobs. 10 minutes a day should be plenty per PS. The only complaint I have is that left breast is not dropping as fast as the right breast, but realistically, it's too soon for me to complain about it. Went to Forsyth Park in Savannah GA to take pictures before we head back to Charleston. Was able to do some shopping at the mall today too. So glad I could still fit on an XS at New York Co, only the chest area is fuller. =) This tells me that I should be able to fit on most of my clothes, which is awesome! I'll be back to work on Monday. I'm so excited. Staying home and not doing anything all week is annoying. I'll continue updating status and pics!

04/13/13: 5th day post op and day before my 31st...

04/13/13: 5th day post op and day before my 31st birthday...

My husband threw a surprise birthday party for me. Friends and families showed up and had Jim N Nick's BBQ served for dinner. Yumm.. Then hubby baked red velvet cake as dessert. I'm one lucky woman/mother/friend. =) Needless to say, I'm a little tired, bloated again due to overeating (no regrets!) and had to take a Percocet and Flexiril twice today.

My breasts are slowly dropping. I massaged it 3 times today and the left one is slowly catching up with the right breast in terms of dropping. Nipples are symmetrical and size looks very identical. I'm very proud of my PS. I was told to wear surgical bra until my 1st month post op appt, which I don't mind at all, but it may not work with most of my work blouses/tops so I will do some shopping tomorrow. Nurse Terry suggested not to buy bras yet (ooops) for it may not be a good idea at this time. My breasts hasn't fully dropped so the cup size may still change and bruises and stitches aren't completely healed yet.

I'm still waking up once or twice in the middle of the night: either I have to pee, or my butt is hurting from my injury. I will continue sleeping propped up for as long as I can, I just hope my bottom will work with me now that I'm sitting on a cushion made for broken coccyx!

Most of my clothes still fit, better off they fit better now that I have a fuller chest, although the juniors/small tops has to go. I have a 9 and 15 year old stepkids who will benefit from it. =)

All is well on my end! I hope all of you gals are healing properly and best of all, liking what you see in the mirror! The best thing that happened to me so far from this entire experience is gaining the woman in me again and having a group of people supporting me thoughout the whole process. I can also proudly say that I'm one of the 25% who is happy and satisfied with the outcome of the surgery.

04/15/13: First day at work today. I'm going to...

04/15/13: First day at work today. I'm going to shoot for a day shift with no pain meds. I'm glad no one has said anything at work.

Also, nipple sensation started coming back yesterday.

04/17/13: 9 days post op and still doing...

04/17/13: 9 days post op and still doing marvelous!

Been off of pain meds and muscle relaxer since Monday, started driving Monday and working 9 to 10 hour shifts daily. Doing better and better each day. Breasts are slowly, slowly dropping. Typical "morning boobs" occur when I wake up at 6 am but the massages gets rid of it.

Went to Wal-Mart for lunch and bought 5 pairs of Hanes bandinis in mediums (thanks to luvmyhuskies' suggestion!) They are the bomb! Super comfortable! The only downfall is I have to wear pedals/dimmers/nipple covers on certain work outfits which is no biggie. I have a set of 3 I bought from eBay for a couple of dollars - they stick very well and reusable/washable!

Also lost the bloat and extra weight - I'm back to 120-122 lbs and this is where I'm staying! I got addicted to P90x last year and dropped down to 113-115 lbs and boy I looked sickly! I mean I felt the strongest then but I just did not look right so I'm staying where I'm at!

I love my breasts, I love my figure and best of all, hubby's loving every inch of me more and more. lol... He can't resist looking at my boobs when I'm talking to him and touching it right before we go to sleep!

Only dilemma with this whole thing is how/when to tell my stepkids about the BA. We see them every 2 weeks, they stay with us Fri-Sun. It's almost summer time and we all go swimming every time they're with us. My poor 15 year old who's 5'7, 108 lb and 32B has been complaining about her small breasts and would like to get a boob job just like her biological mom, so yeah, wait until she finds out about mine.... Any advise ladies?

Happy healing to all of us and may we all love ourselves more and more each day. We certainly did this for a reason and I hope it's all worth the money and pain!

04/25/13: Just posted a photo 2.5 wks post op. I...

04/25/13: Just posted a photo 2.5 wks post op. I started walking a lot on top of 10 to 12 hr shift. lost weight from 123 to 118 lbs (technically I'm around 116 without the implants!) and loving my boobs everyday.

My sad news is that I can no longer wear my medium bandinis. Boobs dropped significantly and they're now tight and very uncomfortable. Sucks for me for I bought 6 pairs... ugh

Hubby felt bad about my case so he took me today to Bali and bought 3 bras, no underwire, just enough to support my boobs. ALMOST had a heart attack when I got sized.. 34DD!

04/30/13: 3 wk and a day PO. Doing better everyday...

04/30/13: 3 wk and a day PO. Doing better everyday. we actually went to an all day rockfest event on sunday with my 3 year old and I didn't hurt or got tired.

I have 3 highlights on this post:

first and foremost is my confidence level is soaring high and it's making me more cheerful, positive and productive. I hope it does the same to you ladies.

secondly, take cherie29's recommendation on those Hanes bandinis. Purchase big ones!! I don't care if you already have an anticipated size in mind that matches the bandini on the sales rack - it doesn't mean you will end up that size! get a size or two bigger!

With this being said, I was a 34 saggy B prior to BA. My left one is actually way smaller. you'd think getting an average of 400 cc would make me a D... Wrong! I'm a 34DD / 34DDD in VS. I went to the mall last night and holy crap it scared the bejesus out of me when the lady said I'm not and will not fit in a 34 DD. Man she was right! Worst part is ALL the VS stores in Charleston area doesn't carry that size and can only be purchased online. Bummer!!

Lastly all you women out there, please do not freak out about the initial look of your boobs: they're too high (or one of them is), they're off, bruised up all over, too far out, blah blah... Just chill out, REST, REST, REST,, and do exactly what your board certified surgeon tells you. It will all get better. Worst thing you can do is overwork yourself, over massage those puppies, and next thing you know you have complications here and there.

Happy healing everyone!!

05/10/13: 1 month PO appt yesterday. All went well...

05/10/13: 1 month PO appt yesterday. All went well. Dr. Finger suggested to come back in 3 mos if I have concerns, otherwise, I don't have to. A few things we discussed yesterday are as follows:

* I can now do ANY form of workout, including heavy lifting, as long as I'm not hurting my pectoralis muscles (very excited about this!)
* I can wear any kind of bra
* I can now go swimming, my 3 yr old was thrilled
* The slight discomfort on my sides/below my armpits was due to the muscles being pulled so they could place the implants under the muscles.
* Left breast is still a little swollen and will still drop a tad bit.

Few things he reminded me on:
* Continue massaging. He suggest 3 times a day for no less than 5 minute at a time (I've only been doing it twice)
* Silicon sheeting. I'm light olive skinned and prone to keloid. Start applying the silicon sheet ASAP.

I congratulated him for making my surgery almost painless and doing his best to keep them symmetrical. I love my breasts. I'm on 4th week and they feel like they 'belong' to me now, as if it has always been a part of my body the whole time.

I'm now shopping for support bras so I can start doing HIIT and calisthenics again. For now, it'll be 85 degrees in Charleston tomorrow, so I'll be rocking my new bikinis to the beach with my 3 yr old. So much to look forward to!

Thank you so much for Dr. Finger, his wife, his entire staff, this website, and all my buddies from Boobieville! I love this site!

Before I forget just so you ladies know, I got...

Before I forget just so you ladies know, I got sized at 2 bra stores in Tanger Outlet and I'm a 34DD. I'm a 34DDD at VS. It surely does not look that big but that's what fits the best.

Happy healing everyone and enjoy our tatas!!!
Savannah Plastic Surgeon

I found Dr. Finger through the web. He has one of the best reviews; his office pioneered cosmetic surgery in the coastal region, he's 2 hours away from my home, and best of all - he's very sincere and honest with his thoughts about what you want to achieve. It is not just how you want to look and feel now and the next 10 to 20 years, but also how you will be handling your well-being 30, 40, 50 years from now.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Jeannie u said u got measured correctly at a 34C so 400 CC would make you s DD or higher. Have they both dropped at the same rate right now, r u still wearing the surgical bras, do u have any pain or umcomfortableness anywhere?
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hey caribmama, yes 34 C from VS initially. I can't believe it's that big so I went to maidenform and playtex/bali and they got me at 34 B. left breast was actually closer to an A. I'm still dropping but I don't have much left. they will never be even but close enough to where I wanted them to be. I threw away those surgical bras in less than 2 weeks! they're horrible, tight and painful. along the sides, underneath my armpits, are still somewhat sore. other than that, I don't feel a lot of pain anymore except the morning boob. how have you been?
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Lmao. I am still wearing sports bras that are tighter than what my actually bra size is and yes they are beginning to make under my boobs sore as hell. My R breast is not dropping as fast as my left, I think its healing slower because thats the most uncomfortable. My ps didn't tell me when to stop wearing sports bras or even how long to massage and I didn't ask either.
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I was advised to massage twice a day, about 5 mins each. I did massage the left a lot and pushed it down but since it dropped significantly, I stopped it. if the surgical bras aren't comfortable anymore, I suggest not to use it. mine got to a point that it was waking me up at night. I bought 3 34 D no underwire bras to replace the surgical bras. of course they're super tight now. post new pics! :-)
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I will. Im happy I decided to get hp. Gonna take a visit to a bra store. Walmart in nyc is boring. Nothing nice without underwire and im so sore I need something soft.
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What size are you wearing now?
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36 D according to VS. IM getting remeasured by another store
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That's for letting us kknow about true bandinis being too small now! U have no idea how I appreciate that. I went our and about two packs in medium and as if now they fit just fine and comfy. I actually have on the lime green on on:-) my boobies are pretty big(I think) and they still have much dropping and fluffing to do- PS told me that it may take me longer than most to d&f due to my specs being so tight. She really had to work my right side to get the 450 in. I'm still quite spread well. When does the exhaustion end. My husband and frinpends have been godsends and kiddos have been such sweeties but MAN, I am solo exhausted! I even just qikw upbdeom a nap. Bleh You look super cute and congrats on the weight loss:-) Sorry for typos.....wicked tireed
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The way the bandinis fit you can get an XL and be fine. That's what I got. I am 32 or 34 usually and wear small shirts or size 4. I bought the XLs and they are very comfy and not loose at all. I really don't think they would fit someone that was all that big. I think they run pretty small.
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Hey! How's the healing going? Did you tell your step kids yet? I can imagine that it would be a bit difficult to figure out the best way. Hope all is going well with your recovery.
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Hey Cherie! You're looking great! isn't it amazing how our boobs dropped between the second and third week? I'm healing well! you look like you are too. We're supposed to have the girls, my step kids, this weekend but they're having a car wash to support their summer camp so they didn't make it here. I'm sure she'll understand, my 15 yr old. she'll just feel bad about herself for not being as big as she wishes... how's your little man doing?
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It is awesome to see them look more normal :) are you experiencing any of the weird tingling feelings? I am getting the feeling back and I get some weird feelings in random spots all day. It freaked me out a bit at first until I figured out what was going on. I am also trying to figure out how to dress these massive boobs I have now lol. They look amazing in little tshirts, but I certainly don't want to wear tshirts all the time. I guess I am really anxious to clothes shop!
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Lookin good!!!! You got a medium in the bandinis? I almost bought some yesterday at kohls but couldn't figure out what size. The felt comfy:-) As for your stepdaughter, I haven't a clue on what to say. She's "at that age" too so on top of the BA you've got all the other lovely teen issues. Maybe tell her before u actually see her? Or have your husband break the news? I wish I could help more...
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Thanks!!! Yes, I bought a medium. The label says Medium - 34C/34D/36B/36C. It is very comfy indeed. My stepdaughter's a typical 15 YO; doesn't want to eat to stay skinny (oh if you wear size 3 juniors, you need to start loosing weight type of thing), all about hot young boys, wears all fashionable neon outfits. I'll have a good talk with my husband before we see them again. I just don't want her to feel "more deprived" if you know what I mean...
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Oh boy, do I EVER!! I do NOT miss those days. I call the period from 6 grad to 10 th grade "the dark days". Its as if aliens invaded my sweet baby girls body...mine was the opposite. She was painfully skinny(as I was growing up) All her friends were curvy and developing. I thought that since I had the same experience growing up we could bond over it...nope. Ay yai yai. I will tell ya it gets better with time. Just be there, be consistent and love them. Its the toughest job ever being a parent. You really do look great BTW!
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If you can, buy them from walmart. I went to kohl's because my walmart was out of the colors I wanted. They were the EXACT same bras at Kohls and more than twice what they cost at walmart. I couldn't bring myself to buy them at Kohls knowing I could get the exact same bras for 11 dollars for two at walmart. Just a suggestion.
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I just got two packs of the bandidmis from Walmart along with plunge front clasp bra:-) I also picked up a tube top one of the other ladies suggested here...thank u!!!!!
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They are looking gorgeous jeanniebee! I hope I'll be as happy as you are in my first week. My left side is a little numb but I have sensation on my right. So hopefully the left will come when the numbness wears off. i'm bummed that i can hold my toddler right away but it'll pass soon! I'll be looking forward to your updates.
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Can't hold*
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Thank you and congrats, girlielese!! The numbness will fade. I'm 9th day post op and I'm just slowly getting the sensation back. I called my PS about it and he said it may take through 6 months. I'm so sorry about not being able to hold and play with your toddler. I think you need to give yourself 2 weeks and have to use leg muscles to carry the weight. I have a 3 year old. I've been carrying her since last week - back rides - so I can still have some fun with her while mommy's healing. Try that - it's still fun and you don't have to work your chest muscles at all. =) Happy healing my dear and you take care of yourself and the little ones!
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Oh my me too. Left side is still kinda numb after a week, perfect sensation in the right
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Hey woman, mine's a little different. The whole top of both breasts are no longer numb, including nipples, but the entire bottom are numb! PS says it'll take some time. How are you doing? Still taking pain meds?
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Sorry not u jeanniebee, I meant like girlielese. I switched to percocet. Just got home from a kickboxing class, where I kicked ONLY.
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You look great! I have to say it has been pretty rough for me having an 11 month old. Worse for me than him though because I am so used to doing everything for him and its hard to let other people do things. The good thing is he is bonding more with his dad and learning to trust other people. I haven't been able to take any pain medication because it made me really sick, but Tylenol is helping. The muscle relaxers make me really drowsy, are you on them four times a day too? I like my results so far I am just hoping they drop and look more natural in the weeks and months to come. I am glad you are happy with your results! Hope your healing stays going well. Happy late birthday!
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I can relate to your grief. I do everything at the house too, on top of taking care of my 3 year old and working 10 hours every day. Don't beat yourself up. :( I hope you're not pushing yourself too much with house work and caring for the little one. I did not take the pain relievers and muscle relaxers as prescribed - I took them as needed. Today is my 7th day after BA/first day back to work and I'm off of all the meds completely. I probably took just half of the Percocet, Codeine and Flexiril. Have you started massaging your breasts? I started last Friday and it helps out a lot with the pressure and tension... Thanks for the birthday greeting. =) Stay in touch and I hope we continue to heal well!!
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