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I am a newbie on this site I just decided to do...

I am a newbie on this site I just decided to do this four months ago, for me and other reasons, I am 5'4 at 160 lbs I am able to lose weight quickly but always lose in my but also. I live in savannah didn't do much research on doctors, seen a patient of dr shanklin and loved her butt and decided to go with him, he was really nice during my consultation on 5/15/2014 he offered to fix my c- section scare for free. My pre op date is 9/11 and surgury schedule for 9/25/2014.

I am nervous about my decision

So I had a lot of questions about what's going to happen at my pre op appointment ? Did I choose the right doctor? So I called the office and spoke with Jessica she was very good at explaining what was going to happen, I live right across the street from the surgury center I will be there overnight after the surgury. I was getting really confused about all the stuff I needed after reading the post on here but guys you just have to wait and speak to your specialist about it before wasting money, the procedure already cost enough.

Pre op appointment

Yesterday I had my pre-op appointment it went very well, am very excited dr shanklin came in to see because I had some questions, he was very nice as usually, I told him I changed my mind about getting my inner thighs lipo, he said he would add it in for free, his nurse is nice. Got my blood work done and HIV testing at the lab right next door......can't wait for day of surgery very excited. Got my list of things I need not as much as listed on this site and got my proscription for the pharmacy.

Excited, and counting down!!

Got my pre op pictures emailed to me by Jessica Dr shanklin told me I can have them yo post on the site, I will be posting after pictures as well.

Surgery day!!!!

At the surgery center getting prep for surgery!! My nurse just started my I my veins didn't want to corporate but she got it! She is very nice and gentle. I am also having a facial peel done while under anesthesia with Donna she is awesome!!! Will post later
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