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I was not going to do it, but I did :). I had the...

I was not going to do it, but I did :). I had the botox on the same day that I had Radiesse injections below my eyes (not in the tear trough ;( ) along my cheek bone. If I remember correctly I had had 25-30 units. I think that the most uncomfortable part was the icing! The injections were not too bad. I had my appointment after I worked a 10 hour night shift, so once I got home, I was ready to sleep...Ice and sleep! I took a very long nap in the upright position so that the botox travel where I didnt want it to and make a big mess of my face :P ... I did wake up with a headache that I remember having for the better part of the night. But the next day I was fine. I remember waking up every morning and running to the mirror and frowning! The nurse told me that it would be at least 3 -5 days before I would see any results. But of course, by day 2 I was looking for a sign, ANY sign that the frown lines were disappearing. I believe I woke up on the 4th day, ran to the mirror and was like "YES! FINALLY!" (Then spent the better part of the morning TRYING to make a frown!) I love it! I think that I am going to tackle those lines on my forehead next, probably around the same time that I "re-up" between the brows. The area between the brows has a kind of numb feeling, but its not bad or intolerable. Occasionally I will feel a sort of "heaviness" in the area, but I usually goes away pretty quickly and I am not sure what triggers it. Overall, I am very happy! will post pics soon!

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Hopefully I will get at least another 2 months (at least) before I have to have it redone.

Going on 3 months...

I'm starting to see those lines again, but they aren't as bad. I suspect that by month 4-5 it will be time for a "refill" :)

Photo almost 3 months

Very slight lines. Pleased with my experience so far...

About another month has passed...

No change from earlier this month, which is what I want!

It's time

Surprised that it has lasted this long. Time for another round

Finally round 2

Going in for my second round on Tuesday. My first was mid May... So it's been 6 months, but I should of gone back in about a month ago... I'm happy with the amount of time it has laster $300 well spent!

Injected again today!

Looks like I'll be going in for botox every 4-5 months. Those injections hurt, but tolerated. It doesn't take long at all and it's over before I know it. Only a slight headache this time. I'll see how long it takes to kick in this time around

Almost 2 months....

Still working! Hopefully I won't have to go back until April :)
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Thanks for sharing your info. I am African American and am happy to hear the results from another. I was wondering if it would help to take Ibuprofen before the injections, to see if that makes a difference in the headache. I usually take ibuprofen before vaccines or flu shots and it make a a difference in the post injection discomfort. Anyway, will be following your updates. Thanks again.
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Thanks for sharing! Did you have any numbness/heaviness around your eyes or a something in your eye feeling? I went in for restylane under my eyes and was not expecting to get botox, but the doctor said the two together produce better results. I was not told any after care, like not to touch the area or refrain from activities. I am worried now, I am not sure if what I am feeling is just swelling or the botox. :(
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I had the heaviness feeling the first time. Not anything like that this last time
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Thank you so much for remembering to come back and let us know when you were starting to notice the lines again! Interested to hear when you decide to go back, so will be looking forward to hearing. :)

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Wow great results!
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Wow, your results are holding nicely at the 2 month mark! Please do let us know how long it ends up lasting for you. I'll also be interested to hear if you go for the forehead next time or not!

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Thanks! I believe that I will. And I hope that I won't have to go back until after September! Time will tell!
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Yes it will - fingers crossed it will last that long for you! :)

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It's been 4 months and it's time to go back again. I was hoping for another month, but I'm okay with 4 months
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